a/n: this is one of those like challenges (kinda) so each chapter is around five hundred words not including the authors note. However these are just little chapters of what could have been after Iron Man 2 :) None of these connect in any way, though they may seem like it. These are third person something I haven't done in a while.


Tony was, and no doubt about it, a genius. He could do calculations that are so complex that he could figure them out in a few seconds flat. He was the best of the best in this day of age.

But even with this knowledge of being able to do sums and multiplications that were able to create a suit that in his words – a technical prosthesis – but when it came to romance and love he was speechless.

Since that night upon the rooftop, after saving Pepper from the clutches of dying by Hammeroids, he couldn't even comprehend how he felt about her. Of course he knew that he cared about her more than the once playful sibling relationship had turned now into a full blown unknown romance. All he could fathom was the fact he loved every moment of that kiss with Pepper and nothing could change how he felt.

So as she sat opposed to him in the board meeting, their relationship still private for the time being because lets face it, even Tony didn't know what their relationship status were with each other, let alone between them. It was hard enough to try for a moment and not be able to look at her, she was beautiful as ever with her strawberry blonde hair that cascaded just above the shoulders with her oceanic eyes that sparkled.

Oh hell. Tony thought, he was getting caught up in the lovely-dovely stuff that he wasn't even focusing on the meeting which wasn't a surprise when did he ever focus? He sighed shaking his head as he looked down at his Jarvis-installed phone. No alerts nothing, but when he heard Pepper's silky voice call his name his head jerked up – eyes widen open.

"Yes?" He replied back.

"You need to put your finger print here and then sign your name." Natasha – Natalie, or was she Agent Romanoff. He clicked his tongue against the roof of his mouth and nodded, "Right, then I'm CEO again?" He glanced sympathy across to Pepper who he could tell wasn't feeling the best today. It had been a week since that kiss and they both continued like normal lives except for the fact Tony was more… well touchy when she was around.

Although there was one night when she happened to fall asleep after Tony had been sent off on a mission to help out Nick Fury, who also assigned him up with the Avengers Initiative. That night something sparked between them and that was only a week ago. He was hurt, a few bruises and a few wounds on his forehead but nothing major yet when Tony made his way to his bedroom he saw an angel looking Pepper in the middle of his bed, wrapped up in his Egyptian cotton sheets.

When he got in, everything changed. It was that moment, sitting that in the meeting he was meant to be focusing on that he realized.

Pepper was it for him, nothing could change that.