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Summary: Albus once claimed he'd never fall in love. As he put it, he never wanted to be controlled and manipulated by the pulling of heart strings like the pulling of puppet strings. But then curses are never actually asked for, especially when dealt by a heartbroken teenager. Sequel to The Prefect and the Prankster. Albus/OC, Rose/Scorpius and many more.

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A Lesson in Love


"One day you will meet a girl who is going to turn your world around."

-Molly Weasley, 17th December 2022

17th December 2022, 4:15pm, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Gryffindor Common Room.

Albus looked at Scorpius with a disgusted expression, not understanding the fact that his best friend could be in love with his cousin. That he would even sink that low, to have fallen in love with Rose Weasley and claiming to want to be with her for an unknown period of time!

It was hardly Albus' fault that he had shouted; "you're the one who's fucking in love with my cousin, you freak!" Causing several rumour-harbingers in the room to go running off to various places in the castle. He was shocked, disappointed and not amused.

While it had taken a lot of pain and annoyance for Scorpius to be comfortable in sharing his feelings with Albus, especially considering Albus' behaviour in how he treated Rose and her growing friendship with Scorpius since that fateful day in November, when it was first snowfall and Rose and Scorpius had agreed to be friends. He had always hoped that Rose and Scorpius would never be friends, but unfortunately, Scorpius had fallen in love with her.

Albus was gawking at Scorpius, who had just insulted him, "you're the one who wants to, you want to... ahhhhhh," he said, unable to construct an ending to his phrase. "You're implying... well, you've messed me up Scorpius, you're in love with the devil, and and and, this wasn't supposed to happen. You're a fool, and I'm saying this for your benefit, this is ROSE we are talking about," he said with a huff.

Scorpius rolled his eyes, leaning further back. However it was Molly, Albus' cousin, who wasn't exactly far away that spoke. "We are all fools in love," she said with a smile, looking up from her writing.

"What the hell are you doing Molly?" Albus shouted, trying to take the notebook from her hand, "what are you writing down? Have you been writing down what we are saying?" he screamed.

Molly simply chuckled, "actually I am. It's for my new book about teenage boys. You seem to fit that demographic. Plus Albus, your inside voice would be preferred, other people can hear you first of all and anyway, you can't frighten me, you have met my father, right?"

Albus was gawping again, his younger cousin giving him a sneaky smile, though Scorpius didn't seem to be too bothered about the whole thing.

"Scorpius! Don't you see what she is doing?" Albus stated, now shouting at Scorpius.

"Leave Molly alone, she can be quite helpful."

Molly made a grateful expression and stood up, reaching Albus' height. "I agree, and Albus, I'd highly recommend watching some romantic Muggle films, then maybe your heart will grow by three times, and the true meaning of Christmas will come through."

Scorpius was laughing at Molly's allusion, however Albus had no clue what she meant. Even as she continued with the reference.

She was about to leave, after giving the annoyed Albus a peck on the cheek, but turned back to them both, she looked Albus in the eyes and smiled. "And Albus, one day you will meet a girl who is going to turn your world around, and you'll be saying the exact same thing as Mr Malfoy here." She laughed at Albus' repulsed expression and she walked off, continuing to laugh.

Like a child, Albus threw himself onto the arm chair, shaking his head, "that witch has cursed me, damn her."

Scorpius rolled his eyes, "I doubt it works like that Albus, her wand wasn't even out." He replied simply.

It wasn't a curse, not at all.

Molly just knew what her cousin was like, and knew that he wouldn't be the way he was forever, he'd fall in love eventually and she'd be perfectly happy for him. She had said what she had said with the hope that he'd fall in love soon-ish, so that their whole family could have a break from Albus' various professions of how love is the bane of his existence.

Well that was until later on, when her 'curse' turned from something light-hearted, to a desire to see Albus squirm.

17th December 2022, 7:15 pm, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Gryffindor Common Room, Around the Fireplace.

Scorpius laughed offhandedly at his best friend's words and actions. He was unsurprisingly acting like a complete prat towards the idea of 'love', though stupidly, he had chosen to embarrass himself in the company of the majority of his family members.

"It's really not that bad Al," Scorpius said, trying to placate Albus' fury at the idea of love being something desirable.

Albus huffed and laughed, he had a somewhat determined expression written on his face, and Scorpius grew sceptical at this.

He looked from his youngest cousin, Hugo and then onto Lucy and then onto Molly, who this whole tirade would be aimed at. She had a knowing expression painted on her face, and willed him with her eyes to start speaking.

Albus turned to Scorpius who was shaking his head and began, "are you implying just because you like those disgusting feelings, I would like them too!" Scorpius attempted to interrupt, but Albus held his hand up. "Love is evil, it makes people or should I say best friends do unspeakable things. It makes you unable to think for yourself, you're just like a lost puppy, and you can't go anywhere without your owner and her leash. It makes me sick, and I'd never want that to happen to me, I have a life that I want to keep to myself. Why should I care how someone else feels about me to that extent, I have to deal with you peoples' problems enough already. Why would I want to have some hormonal girl complaining to me anyway? Saying 'Albus, do this' and because I'm fucking whipped I'd do it. Are you serious?" Albus finished, a smile on his lips.

He turned to Molly with that superior smile, and she had a grimace.

"Hold me back Lucy before I jinx his face off," Molly said, her sister complied, though only half-heartedly, understanding the sarcasm in Molly's voice. "You're going to get it Albus, when you haven't got magic to save you." Her light laugh, made her seem quite menacing.

Hugo was frowning from a couple metres away, "yeah Albus, where do you get off insulting girls, hey? Lily would kill you if she were here."

Scorpius was still rolling his eyes at what Albus had said, "where does he get off insulting me? You should know much better than that Al. Remember, I know more hexes, jinxes and charms than you." He nodded and then smiled towards Molly, "I back Molly on this one, you're going to get it one day. Sooner than later, and I will only laugh at your 'misfortune', you're ridiculous." He finished and sat deeper into his chair.

Albus let out a static laugh, "how many times am I going to hear that? You're still a wuss," he sighed with sympathy and pointed at Molly, "and it's people like her, that spread the poison. I tell you now I will never fall in love, because love is for wimps and suckers." It would have been best for Albus to end his verbal diarrhoea at this point, however he didn't let up and continued, not caring about how Molly felt. "And Molly, we all know you're in love with Lysander, and because of your unrequited love, you wish to poison others with their own dose of unrequited love."

It was unexpected, Molly's actions, she wasn't one to lash out, but she did. Attempting to strangle her year-older cousin, though her sister's previous actions had halted her. "It's not unrequited," she growled, glaring menacingly at Albus.

"Denial," Albus replied simply, his face upturned and away from her.

The hurtful reply made Molly's blood burn and she pushed her sister away, lunging at Albus, her fists firing at different places on his body until Lucy had pulled her away.

The whole common room had seen the altercation, including the Seventh Year prefect and cousin, Roxanne, who rushed over, confusion evident on her features.

Lily had also arrived, though had missed a substantial part of the conversation. She stood up in front of her brother, her wand against his throat. "Albus Albus Albus, this again? Have you no soul? And you, Scorpius. How can you tolerate this? I might be younger than you Albus, but at least I am considerate of other peoples' feelings." She leaned in much closer, peering at Molly from the corner of her eye, "Molly is upset, and you've made it worse. I can't expect you to relate to that, but could you at least hold back on your insulting her and the female sex. You're even worse than James, and I thought he was the misogynist. You're both going to get your comeuppance."

Albus sighed as if bored, "and that would be what exactly?"

Lily smiled, it seemed angelic but taking a closer look you could see the menace in her dark eyes. "You've been cursed Albus Severus Potter, of course it's metaphorical, so you can't go crying to mum and dad, but cursed nonetheless. Let's say this can be a repayment for your previous discrepancies," Lily finished with a wink.

He was hiding his fear with a smirk, "you don't agree do you Luce?" Albus asked the blonde who had started to collect her work to take her sister back to their dorm room.

"Don't talk to me like I'm stupid Albus," she replied, her light voice taking an angry tone, "I might not know anything about love, but that doesn't mean I think it's anything like what you said. You shouldn't think like that Albus, it will only hurt more."

"Hurt more when?" Albus asked, but Lucy gathered her things and pulled her sniffling sister away from their cousin. Albus looked at Scorpius who didn't look amused.

Roxanne had her hands on her hips and sighed, "you watch it around Molly during the holidays Albus, or myself and Fred will make sure it's a holiday you never forget."

Scorpius had gone on to verbally abuse Albus over his discrepancies, but that was nowhere near the kind of punishment Albus would really be receiving in the future. If you could even call it a punishment.


"You've been cursed Albus Severus Potter," he heard repeated. The words bouncing around in his head, even when he woke with a start, shaking his head in annoyance.

He was annoyed, this had been probably the millionth time in 6 years that he had had the same nightmare. His sister's words being the subject. However he had happily survived these 6 years without falling in love, which he liked immensely.

Molly would often give him ugly looks, just because her 'curse' was yet to come to fruition. Even when she had gotten the person she loved, even if it had taken her a whole year more, she still wished that Albus would fall in love, and stop criticising love.

Though Albus continued acting the way he did – bringing up love, and saying everything he hated about it. Even as his various family members got married, had children and stayed happy. He was still completely against it. Though his dislike for his best friend and cousin's relationship was still prominent, the years had made him finally accept it for what it was.

Albus had even wished, that Christmas back in 2022, that when his Uncle Ron had seen Rose and Scorpius kiss on platform 9 ¾, that he would have murdered Scorpius on the spot. Though there was no such luck. Even the following weeks, in which Scorpius had been put in compromising positions with Ron hadn't resulted in bloodshed. Albus couldn't even understand why that was so.

Then it turned out that Rose had threatened her father, though he was unsure with what. Though considering Rose and Scorpius were serious, Albus guessed early engagement.

If someone had asked Albus back in maybe 2020 that Rose and Scorpius would be in a relationship for over 5 years, he would have laughed in their faces. Especially considering as 14 year olds, they hated each other. And now they were serious, super serious. Even when Rose had been sent to Africa by Gringotts for 2 years, that hadn't even weakened their relationship.

6 years had been a journey for the three of them, they were all doing their dream jobs and to Albus, life was perfect without some girl dragging him down. Albus worked in the Department of Games & Sports at the Ministry, as a junior organiser for the British and Irish Quidditch League Headquarters. He worked only four floors away from Scorpius in the Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes, where he was one of the Worldwide Muggle Liaison Officers. Rose and her best friend Lorcan had started working for Gringotts as Curse Breakers, and had quickly been sent to Africa. Lorcan had stayed, however Rose had been sent back to England, to be based in Western Europe.

However Albus was less than amused as of April 26th 2028, he had nothing to do. The Quidditch season was over, so unless he wanted to start working early – which wasn't his style – he was 80% free from any actual work. Considering Albus didn't enjoy having nothing to do, his obvious course of action was visiting his best friend and annoying him profusely, distracting him from his work and on occasion disrupting important meetings.

Then when he was forcibly removed from the Muggle Liaison Office, he'd move onto his sister, Lily, in the next room, clearly busy trying to reverse a thunderstorm of Leprechaun gold that was currently ailing South Bermondsey. She would unceremoniously kick him out when he spilled a bottle of ink on her notes, and he would then ended up on the second floor, attempting to talk with his cousin Roxanne for a few minutes, though she was charging out of the building with the rest of the Law Enforcement Squad, ready to stop a selection of riots in West London against House-elf Rights.

Albus decided against visiting his various Uncles and Aunts, who had already charmed their doors against him entering, after years of continuous annoyance from Albus during the empty Spring and Summer months.

To put it straight, Albus was a menace when he was bored. Which was known throughout the building. And therefore, everyone knew their own escape plans if it ever came to the point where Albus was in between themselves and victory.

It may have done Albus some good to know that.

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