AkuRoku- It's Complicated ch2

~ Ollieboii

"*sigh* Why me?" Roxas moaned

"It won't be so bad Roxas" Axel said, while stepping forward and hugging Roxas, Making Roxas blush heavily.

"Yeah, we can watch a movie" Demyx said.

"Do you need a change of clothes Roxas? If so I'll probably be closest to your size." Zexion asked.

"Urr...Y-yeah, that would be great, Thanks." Roxas said while still blushing.

"Ok then, a party it is" Said Axel, as Zexion left to get Roxas some clothes.

A little while and some meaningless small talk later and Zexion came out and said;

"I left sweatpants and a top in the bathroom at the end of the hall".

"Uh… thanks" Roxas said, finally pulling out of Axels tight grasp.

Roxas walked through the shown door and went into the bathroom at the end of the hall; the bathroom was a pale blue colour and had an average size shower, a marble counter with a sink in the middle, a mirror that was also a medicine cabinet and the average toilet.

Looking in the mirror Roxas saw his hair was as drooped as ever.

'Damn, how come Axel's hair stays up?'

/it looked natural/

'Yeah it did'

/wow you're agreeing with me?/

'Yeah weird huh?'

Changing into the blue top and the grey sweatpants (which hung low on his hips but the long top covered it) Roxas opened a cupboard under the sink and fished out a blue towel which he used to dry his hair.

'There is way too much blue in this bathroom'

Walking back out Roxas noticed that the others had moved into the backroom which now that Roxas really had a chance to look at it looked quite nice.

It was a dark red carpet with dark wooden panels on the wall with a red sofa and red loveseat and a huge flatscreen TV which was currently playing opening trailers for a movie.

Turning around Axel noticed Roxas.

"Hey Roxas we're watching 'Quarantine' that ok?"

"Err…yeah I guess I've never really seen a horror movie",

"Well you'll be fine as long as you remember it's not real and besides Zexion's a scaredy-cat too so if you scream you won't be alone." Axel said giving Roxas a reassuring smile.

"Hey!" Zexion yelled "I'm not that bad am i?"

"Yeah" Demyx and Axel chuckled in unison.

"Don't be mean" Roxas defended.

"Well Roxas you're on the sofa with me since Demyx and Zexion are snuggling on the loveseat" Axel said making Demyx and Zexion blush bright red not that you could see though because the lights were off.

"Ok" Roxas said sitting down next to Axel eyes glued to the screen where the movie was finally starting.

30 minutes of horror saw Axel holding Roxas who had his face buried in Axel's chest.

Suddenly a flash of lightning and a rumble of thunder occurred outside and Roxas whimpered;

"P…p-p-please t-turn it off A-Axel",

"Ok, ok it's going off" Axel leaned forward grabbed the remote and turned off the DVD and stroked Roxas' hair.

"I'm gonna take Zexy to bed" Demyx said "Night Axel, Night Roxas" Demyx then picked up the sleeping Zexion and carried him upstairs presumably to their shared bedroom.

"Um Axel where do I sleep?"

"Well either in the quest room or with me I have a big king size bed so no space issues."

"Can I sleep with you then I really don't think I can sleep on my own" Roxas said blushing.

"Sure" Axel said already heading up the stairs Roxas quickly followed not wanting to be alone in the now dark living room.

"In here" Axel said, opening a door.

Looking around the room Roxas saw a pretty simple room, nothing but the basics. The king size bed with pale red almost pink (yeah Axel has a feminine side, who knew? 0.o) covers, a large wardrobe, a desk, with books and a laptop on it, and a bedside table with a little lamp on it.

"You gonna be ok? You're kinda still shaking" Axel asked, suddenly only in a pair of lose grey boxers.

'Didn't even see him change'

/Why did you wanna?/

'Shut up! Grrr… Damned inner voice'

"Err… yeah I'll be fine" Roxas said.

Axel crawled into the left side of the bed, and Roxas followed into the other side. Axel then turned off the lamp, coating them in darkness.

"You sure you're not still scared?, your shaking doesn't seem to be stopping."

"I-I'm not scared I'm cold, it's freezing in here." Roxas replied.

"Really I never noticed" Axel said, "Well if you're cold then come here"

Roxas did as told and shuffled back a bit, suddenly finding a slender arm snake around his waist and yank him back against a warm chest.

Blushing bright red again Roxas was suddenly grateful for the darkness, even if he was still a little scared.

"Better now Roxas?"

"U-Ur…y-y-yeah, your pretty warm Axel"

"Yeah I guess so, Goodnight Roxie."

Roxas blushed even darker with the nickname before replying;

"G-Goodnight Axel."

Both then fell into slumber. Axel's with peaceful dreams, Roxas' with horrifying nightmares.

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