This one is a bit short and for that I apologize - let it also be known that I am terrible at writing smut, which is why this chapter does not contain it. Sorry! Enjoy, and thanks so much for all the lovely reviews I've received so far!

009. shortbread – summer, 1890

"Put the shortbread down and kiss me."

Well, after that demand, how was Helen to refuse?

Chuckling, Helen replaced the cookie back on the plate and sauntered over to Nikola who was standing on the other side of the hotel room where they were staying in New York. It was a lovely place, though somewhat cramped, but Helen was just grateful to be off the damned boat. Nikola had spent most of his time away from her on the boat, having been drawn away by various things, and now that they were together in the same room, alone, Helen was more than happy to oblige him.

Intending to tease him with a light kiss, Helen was caught by surprised when he grabbed her waist and drew her close as humanly possible. She could have melted then and there from the feelings the kiss sent spiraling through her entire body, right to her very core. The layers between them frustrated her to no end – she couldn't wait for the day when clothes were so ridiculously impractical. His hands found the laces of her dress and tugged on them sharply, letting the fabric fall away. Apparently he was being just as impatient as she was.

"Clearly you've missed me just as much." Helen quipped as he pulled away long enough for her to step out from her dress and him to remove his jacket, vest, and shoes. He chuckled.

"Quite so. My bed's been awfully cold without you to warm it up."

"And here I thought you missed me for my company."

"In every possibly way, Mrs. Tesla."

Her hands found his chest, dragging her nails lightly across the exposed skin now that the buttons on his shirt were undone. His lips found hers again as his own nails found the laces of her corset. Know full and well they were impossible to get by, he simply sliced them with a vampire nail and it too fell away. Another corset ruined – Helen would need to invest in new ones.

"I love you." He murmured against her skin, teeth now nipping at her pulse point as she pushed his shirt all the way off his shoulders. She did couldn't believe she'd married him, but the wedding ring on her finger kept reminding her of it. It was almost too perfect, but she didn't question it and simply enjoyed it while she could.

"I love you too. Always." Helen replied, her voice a bit more breathy than it had been before. Her skin was starting to become ablaze, lighting up with every touch he made and she wasn't even out of the rest of her clothes just yet. Her skin was turning pink, flushing deeper as Nikola continued his movements against her. Without a second thought she grabbed him by the waistband and tugged him backward toward the bed, reaching behind her with her other hand to undo the rest of the lacing. The last of her clothes dropped to the floor, leaving her in pale white underwear that would be far easier of a barrier to remove in the minutes to come.

"Bloody tease." Helen said, almost through clenched teeth as Nikola's lips continued a pattern down her skin to her cleavage. Her hands were still at his waist, tugging at his trousers until he gave in and kicked them away. She pulled him into bed, smirking. "Perhaps I should stay away more often."

"Like hell I'm letting you out of my sight now, let alone another country away from me." Nikola muttered. She wouldn't mention her abroad trip just yet – quite frankly it was the last thing on her mind at the moment, and she was far more occupied with the mouth that was travelling lower and lower on her body to the place where she most desperately needed it. All coherent thought went flying out the window.

After Nikola had reminded Helen precisely why she was never staying away for more than a few days ever again, she lay curled against him, sweaty, with her hair fanning out across his chest. Her breathing had returned to a normal state, however, her heart was still beating a quickened rhythm that Nikola's matched. She gave an amused little smile, looking up at him.

"Lovely way to welcome me to America, darling." She said and he chuckled, pressing a kiss to the top of her head.

"I thought so as well." He mused. "And now perhaps you can fend off all those women."

"I doubt they follow you as you say, Niko." She nudged him gently. "You should have been at the party. James had to fend off a rather odd, creep of a man."

Nikola gave a low growl and she laughed, shifting so that she was straddling his hips, hands resting against his chest.

"Don't worry, love. It's your ring I'm wearing, is it not? No one is going to take me away from you." She assured, reaching up to draw her fingers through his hair with a gentle smile. His hands rested at her waist, thumbs tracing circles there as he watched her.

"Good. I wouldn't want to have to break someone's arm for touching you." He smirked, fangs extending slightly from his teeth. Helen tapped his jaw.

"I've enough bites at the moment from you. Put them away before you get tempted." She warned. The bite mark he had given her on her neck had long since turned into a scar, but whenever he started his sexual antics it would be the second place the fire in her body would start, throbbing with need as if it sensed him. It was as if he had marked her as his, permanently – and if that didn't, the small bites he left with human teeth along her body certainly did.

"I'm serious. I get quite jealous and now that you're officially mine, I have all the right." He said and she rolled her eyes.

"Only if I get to take down these so called 'hoards' of women who are apparently after you." Helen smirked, leaning down to kiss him again, hair cascading over one shoulder like a long curtain.

"Deal." He grinned when she had pulled away.

"Good. Now, I think it's time for dinner and since I don't fancy putting that dress back on, I vote we order room service." Helen bent and kissed him again before rolling away to climb off the bed. "I'm going to freshen up. Order me something delicious."

"If you wanted that we can just stay in bed."

"Really?" She laughed. "That was awful."

"A man can try." He smirked.

Helen shook her head at him as she picked up another shortbread cookie and nibbled at it. "Did you make these?"

He snorted. "No. They were a gift. You know I hate cookies." His nose wrinkled at the very idea of a cookie. Helen giggled.

"Good thing one of us can cook, then, anyway. These are awful."