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Song Inspiration: Hold Me Now by Thompson Twins-A blast from the past!

Chapter 23: Divine Coincidence


We barely made it to her room with our clothes on. Bella was clawing at my garments, nearly shredding them as she took them off of me. I eagerly did the same with hers. We couldn't get naked fast enough.

I felt my heart pounding in my chest like a person trapped beneath the sea in a boat, hoping to be heard just in time before they were lost forever.

Our bodies began to entwine, explore and feel what came so naturally for us.

I gave a strangled groan as her fingers slowly curved around my hardness.

"I can't get enough of this." She moaned while stroking it from top to bottom.

Burying my face into the curve of her neck, I silently prayed that she meant those words.

"Is that a promise?" My voice was raspy and rough.

"I promise." She breathed.

I thought I was prepared for what would come next but it still caught me by surprise. It wasn't just what she was doing to me, but how it made me feel that made it so intense.

Her lips brushed against my nipples, my sternum, the small depression between my abs and then behold she was on her knees. Her warm, wet mouth covered my erection, sending goose bumps up and down my spine.

My fingers threaded through her soft curls as her hands cupped me with a knee-buckling touch.


Bella ignored my moans and pulled me deeper into her mouth. My eyes closed and my head fell back as the waves of pleasure washed over me.

I struggled to keep my climax at bay as she squeezed and licked me with an unrivaled enthusiasm, that I've never experienced.

I wanted this to last longer than a handful of blissful strokes.

"Bells...honey...enough." I groaned, lowering myself until I was on my knees before her.

She smiled with smug pleasure.

"Do you not like it?" she teased.

"I like it too much and you know it." I replied with a heavy breath, my hands running up and down the curve of her back until my hands located her sweet ass cheeks, giving them a good smack before circling back around to her front.

With tender care, my thumbs brushed over the tight peaks of her my fingers to savor the curves of her breast, I found myself totally intrigued by the texture of her skin.

Never before had I ever lusted over a woman's breast the way I did hers. I couldn't get enough of them. They reminded me of warm silk with a faint tingle of pulsing life that made my every instinct roar with need.

Bella slid her hands up my bare arms to my shoulders before our eyes locked.

"Are you okay Jake?" she questioned softly.

"Each moment you are near, I forget about everything but you." I confessed. "If I could lock those doors and block out the rest of the world, I would, just so I didn't ever have to share you with anyone or anything."

"Are you scared of what will happen with us once we walk out those doors?"

Her fingers slid over my shoulders and down my back.

"Not nearly as much as it should." I replied, before my lips skimmed down her slender nose and brushed over her mouth.

Unwilling to brood over this strange obsession I had for Bella, I claimed her mouth in a hungry kiss.

In this moment I was ready and willing to forget the world and the ultimate choice I would have to make outside that door. All I wanted to think about and concentrate on was Bella and me. How we felt now at this moment was all that mattered. I was going to live day by day and not worry so much about the consequences until it was time to face them.


"Wow, that was amazing." Bella sighed happily and a little out of breath.

"You are amazing." I kissed the tip of her nose before rolling over onto my back.

" I swear for a virgin you have moves that I've never seen." Bella moaned.

"Haha. If you say so. I love that you are trying to make me feel good. The only experience I've had before you was in my dreams. "

"Well, I've never known someone who learns as fast you do." Bella rolled over and ran her hand over my chest.

"Mmm...that tickles." I laughed softly.

"So no regrets?" Leaning up on her elbow she looked straight into my eyes.

"None. Being with you is like dying and going to heaven."

"Oh really! My turn to hear some flattery, uh." Bella giggled.

"I'm serious. Being with you makes me happy in ways I never imagined." I pushed a loose piece of hair behind her ear before pulling her down toward me.

"Me too." She whispered, licking her lips.

"I should order us some food. I don't know about you but I'm starving." Pulling myself up off the floor I made my way to the phone.

"What are you in the mood for?" I asked as I dial for room service.

"What time is it?" she yawned.

"Five." We had spent most of the night making love and taking small naps in between.

"English muffin and strawberry jam."

I gave them our order and then crawled back onto the floor with her.

"What is on our agenda for today?"

"Well, unlike you I'm here for work so I have to get dressed and be at the wedding by eleven."

"Oh. Too bad." Pulling her on top of me I feel the heat growing between her legs from the mere contact of our bodies.

"But I will have plenty of time to spend with you afterwards. So don't go too far." She pouted playfully.

"I won't. I will probably be passed out in the bed." I joked but in truth I probably would be. She had worn me out. I never knew that sex could take so much energy.

"How long do you plan to stay on this business trip?" I asked curiously.

"As long as you are here, I'm here." She said with clear certainty.

"I think we might never return to Forks." I chuckled, her laughter following mine.

"Maybe we shouldn't. Maybe we should start a new life for us, somewhere away from Forks." Her smile was sincere but I could see the seriousness of her words in her eyes.

"Honey, what about your family? Would you really leave them behind?"

"You did it. I'm sure I could too."

It hurt me to hear her say something so true. I had left my family many, many years ago but not one day went by that I didn't wonder what they were doing and how they were faring in their lives. She probably thought that I had no guilt or remorse for deserting the people who had raised and loved me unconditionally but I did.

"It's harder than it seems, Bells." I warned her.

"It's called weekends and holidays. We could still see them and maybe they would even come see us." She suggested.

"Let's just get through today and the next before we make any hasty decisions about our future." I saw the flicker of pain in her eyes before the knock on the door interrupted our moment together.

"Let me up woman." I rolled her over and jumped up on my feet. Grabbing the robe I had brought with me, I covered my nakedness up before I open the door.

"Here you go. Thank you sir."

"Thank you." I gave him a tip before closing the door. Turning around I saw Bella had already slipped on the customary robe that the hotel offered and was already in a chair by the small dining room table. Pushing the cart to her, I took off the lids covering our food and smiled as she nearly pounced at the fresh warm food.

"Save some for me." I sat down across from her and placed my plate in front of me and said a prayer before I scarf down my share of the food.

I noticed that Bella was awful quiet.

"Are you okay?" I asked as she sipped on her second cup of juice.

"I'm fine. I just...it was kind of weird watching you pray over your food."

"Oh. It's a habit." I shrugged my shoulders casually.

"I know." She smiled politely.

"I'm still human Bella and I've had many years of training and discipline. I can't just forget and pretend I don't know how to respect and honor God." I hoped she didn't think I sounded rude but I wanted her to understand that even if I gave up my priesthood that I would never stop acting like a man who honored his heavenly father.

"I know. I wasn't mad about it or even offended. I just...I did almost forget you are a priest." She explained nervously.

"Well, that might not be the case for much longer." I reminded her that I was giving us serious consideration. I honestly couldn't see how I could remain in a position where I was suppose to set the example of godliness when I was breaking the rules myself.

"What time is it? I really want to take a small nap before I have to jump in the shower." Bella yawned, lifting her arms above her head.

"You have time for a quick two hour nap if you like." I informed her.

"Good. I'm going to crawl up in that bed and fall asleep. Don't wake me up until my alarm goes off." Bella planted a chaste kiss on my forehead before she walked past me and climb into the center of the bed and literally passed out.

I finished my meal before curling up with her. Closing my eyes I thought about how far we had come and still had to go before either one of us could really know how much we loved one another and just what exactly we were willing to sacrifice to keep that love.


I slip my arms under her legs and lifted her up in my arms. Our lips met as we shared a deep kiss. She was so damn tasty. If the world had a food shortage I could survive on just Bella's kisses. With her arms wrap loosely around my neck we stood kissing for several minutes before I released her lips.

"I think someone missed me." Bella replied with a big grin on her face.

"Well, you have been gone for six hours." I pointed out.

"Sorry, I had to take pictures a hour before the wedding, through the hour wedding, and then stay for the reception. Lord, I was so worn out that when I came back, I went to my room and passed out on my bed." She explained.

"I was starting to think maybe you caught a flight and left town." I joked.


"So what should we do with our free time?" Wiggling my eyebrows and licking my lips I waited on her to response.

"Well, for starters you could put me down on my own two feet and then we could talk about food. Believe it or not I'm hungry." Her stomach growled on cue.

"Okay. Where too?" I placed her gently on her feet as requested.

"Well, we could start off eating downstairs and then bring our appetites back up here for desert." She cocked an eyebrow and flashed me a sinister smile causing my shaft to harden.

"I like your game plan." Grabbing her hand I pulled her out of the room and led us to the elevator.

"Jake! Woah! What's the rush?" She laughed.

"I have a serious sweet tooth." I replied.

Bella's face turned beet red, making me laugh inwardly and outwardly.

"Then by all means let's hurry."

Dinner went by pleasantly fast. We had our waitress put our deserts in to go boxes and flew up to our room.

I've never enjoyed cream pie so much in all my life.



Flipping through my mail I didn't noticed Father Michael as he entered the post office and accidentally ran into him.

"I'm so sorry." My mail slipped through my hands and fell to the ground.

We both bent down to retrieve it.

"How are you Alice?" Father Michael asked.

Father Michael often reminded me of my father. He always wore a contented expression.

"I'm good. How are things with you? I noticed that Father Jacob isn't around." I couldn't resist asking about his whereabouts. No one had seen him days.

"No, he is on a sabbatical. He deserved some rest and a little fun in his life. He works hard and I think it will do him some good to get away." He replied.

"Oh. Where does a priest go for vacation?" I couldn't help but laughing as images of priests in their robes walked about in places like Vegas or on the sunny beaches of Florida popped into my head.

"Well it depends on the priest really." He chuckled.

"Where did Father Jacob go?" I knew I was being quite the noisy body but hey Bella was my best friend and I wanted to give her some info on her man when she returned from her trip.

"I sent him to Colorado. It's not exactly the most happening place, as you young people say, but it's so serene and beautiful this time of the year."

I nearly choked on my tongue. Seriously. Colorado? Was this a sign of God's sense of humor?

"Oh wow. I sent Bella Swan to Colorado for a wedding shoot."

Father Michael looked a bit shook up when I mentioned her name. Oh man! Did he know about them hooking up? No, he couldn't or else Jake would have been thrown out of the church already.

"Interesting." He smiled but I could still see a small amount of concern in his eyes.

"It's a big state. I'm sure they aren't in the same town or even hotel." I laughed but it didn't quite go as far as I had wanted it too.

"Precisely." He agreed but I could sense that we were both wondering if we could be wrong and if this was some celestial plan of God's or just purely coincidence that our forbidden lovers had accidentally found one another far, far away from home.