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Chapter 1 – Let's Play Ball

Quinn Fabray entered her New York City apartment to find her roommate and best friend, Rachel Berry curled up on the couch, tub of ice cream in one hand and a bottle of wine in the other.

"How was your date?" whispered Rachel.

Quinn moved closer to the couch and glanced at the TV. She let out a sigh and sat next to Rachel.

"What happened?"

"Nothing," mumbled Rachel as she took a sip from her wine glass.

"Rachel Barbra Berry, you are eating DAIRY, drinking wine and watching "You've Got Mail" your go to movie whenever your heart is broken."

"I just find the idea so wonderful. You know? Woman and man meet, despise each other and then through a serious of events fall in love! It's incredibly exciting and romantic."

Quinn took the ice cream from Rachel and they watched the final minutes of the movie. Once the credits were rolling, Quinn turned off the TV and turned to the tiny brunette next to her.

"Tell me what happened, Ray."

"Jesse dumped me."


"Yes, Quinn, go ahead," Rachel stood up and drained her wine glass, "Tell me I told you so. I know it's killing you not to."

Quinn let out a loud sigh, stood and took Rachel into a tight hug, "I don't want to do that. I won't make you feel worse than you already do."

After a few moments, Rachel gave Quinn one final squeeze and pulled away, "So, tell me about your date with one of NYPD's finest."

Quinn's grin grew, "It was fantastic, Ray! He is so sweet and cute! He is a little on the slow side, but I think that's what makes him so endearing."

Rachel smiled at her friend, "Good, I'm glad you had a good time with Finn. Will you be seeing him again soon?"

"Well," the girl's made their way into the kitchen where Rachel put the ice cream back in to the freezer, "He invited me to watch him and some of his work buddies play baseball in Central Park tomorrow."

"Really, that sounds fun. Have a good time."

Rachel knew what Quinn's plan was. Take her to this baseball game and introduce her to one of Finn's coworkers.

"You are coming with me Ray! I will not take no for an answer!"

"Quinn, I am trying to rest the best I can. With rehearsal's every day-"

"Not on Sunday's and Monday," interrupted Quinn.

"Quinn the show starts in two weeks, I need to focus on that and that alone."

Quinn laughed mockingly, "Right, because getting it on with a cop won't release some pent up anxiety and stress relief."

"LUCY QUINN FABRAY that is completely vulgar and unnecessary!"

Quinn laughed and put her hands on Rachel's shoulders, "Rachel, this is the third time, THIRD" she held up three fingers to emphasize her point, "that Jesse has broken your heart. And you told me not two days ago that you haven't had sex since you got back together, THREE months ago," she once again held up three fingers.

Rachel glared at her friend, "So what! Just because we didn't have sex doesn't mean anything."

"I hate this Ray, and I know as well as you. But I'm gonna say it because it needs to be said," Rachel closed her eyes, knowing what was coming next, "Jesse was cheating, you know it and I know it, so please let him go for good! Be the Rachel I know and love and stop being the insecure, terrified girl that Jesse St. James as created."

Rachel let a few tears fall and wiped them away quickly. She smiled up at Quinn, "Okay, we'll go to Central Park tomorrow."

"You're an ASSHOLE PUCK!"

"Yeah, tell me something I don't know, here" Puck threw the angry redhead's red lace thong at her, Don't forget those. Normally I would keep them, but these smell a little too ripe for my liking," he replied with disinterest. He pulled open his fridge and pull out a beer, twisting the cap off and throwing it in the sink. He turned to look back at the girl he had just fucked senseless in his bed and took a couldn't help the smirk that formed when he saw the woman's glare, "Oh," he put his beer down on the counter, "You're still here?"

The primal scream that erupted from her mouth made him jump. She turned to the front door and when she opened it, Puck's roommate was on the other side. She pushed past him and Finn watched her briefly before walking inside.

"Dude, what did you do this time?"

Puck shrugged opening the fridge and pulling out a new beer. He opened it and handed it Finn, "I told her she smelled rank."

"Dude, you are an asshole," Finn punched his shoulder, "Maybe you should at least have sex before you insult them. Maybe you'll be nicer?"

"I fucked her, we were going for round two, or was it three, whatever. I told her that if she expected me to go down on her she may as well go home."

Finn shook his head and laughed, "Will you ever change? Maybe you should think about finding someone you can actually hang out with longer than a few hours."

"Fuck that noise," they had made their way into their living room and Puck tossed Finn an XBOX controller, "I like variety. Which reminds me, how did it go with that hottie nurse from the other day?"

"Pretty awesome. Chicks really cool."

Puck snorted, "Yeah, I should say so. You're home at 11:00. You didn't get any but yet you have that shit-eating grin on your face."

"I think she's gonna be around awhile."

Puck smiled a little. He may treat his one-night stands like shit, but he still wanted to see his friends and family happy. Finn had been screwed over a lot the last few years and Puck thought it was about time he found someone who wasn't going to fuck him up even more.

"Oh! She's gonna come by the game tomorrow," smiled Finn, "Said she'd even try to get her roommate to come with."

Puck grinned at Finn, "She hot?"

"I don't know, I haven't met her. But Quinn talked about her a lot. They've known each other since high school, like you and me. Apparently she's some big thing on Broadway."

Puck snorted, "No fuck?"

"Yep, Rachel something."

Puck choked on his beer a little, "Rachel Berry?"

"Yes! That's it, Rachel Berry, how the hell did you know that?"

Puck had walked to the guy's computer desk and he opened up his internet window, "Ma made me take her and Hannah to her show last year," he typed in "Rachel Berry" and hit the images option. Once the page loaded Puck out a low whistle, "Ain't she one hot Jewish ass?"

"Wow, yeah she's really pretty, but, she's definitely not your type."

Puck frowned at him, "What the hell does that mean, I don't have a type."

"Exactly my point. Look at her dude," Finn pointed to a picture of Rachel standing with Donald Trump. She had on a black cocktail dress with a high neck and long slit. "She looks like a girl who would call you on your shit and think you were a pig."

Puck ignored Finn's statement, "Ma's fucking obsessed with her. So is Hannah, she's got a fucking poster of her on her wall. I used it for my spank bank the last time I was home."

"You're gross," Finn started walking to his room, "If she is there, be nice, alright. I don't wanna scare Quinn off."

"I'll be on my best behavior," he saluted Finn, "Scout's Honor."

Finn laughed, "Sometimes I wonder how you ever became a cop. Just be nice."

Puck scrolled through the pictures of Rachel landing on one imparticular. He expanded it and his pants tightened. He was looking at a photo of Rachel that had obviously been taken in a studio. She was sitting Indian Style on a white table and was resting her elbows on her knees. She had her chin cradled in her hands and she was smiling brightly. Her hair was down, cascading in soft curls over her shoulders. Her makeup was light, and small light reflected in her chocolate brown eyes. "Fuck"

Puck instantly jumped from his chair. What scared him was the fact that Rachel Berry was fully clothed. She was wearing a pair of blue jeans with holes in the knees. A beige off the shoulder sweater on top with a white tank top underneath. The fact that he noticed all these little details made him close out of the picture and shut off the computer completely.

He walked over and grabbed his phone off the coffee table. He sent a quick text and a moment later his phone chirped back.

Come on over baby, I'm ready for you.


Rachel and Quinn were strolling towards the Great Lawn of Central Park, blanket and picnic basket in tow.

It was a beautiful, sunny July Sunday. Rachel was glad she chose her white and blue checkered sundress. It had thin straps and flowed out nicely at her hips. The material was thin and light which made her feel almost naked, yet comfortable.

Her thoughts went to the previous day when her and Jesse had ended things for the last time. He told her that she was too obsessed with her career and that she did nothing but neglect him. That was his excuse for sleeping with half of the chorus line in his play.

"Ray, did you hear me."

Rachel was torn from her thoughts and she realized they had reached the part of the park they would set up camp. Just to the left of them, a baseball game was in full play. She heard the shouting of encouragement as someone walked up to the plate. She took notice of the way the man's muscle's tightened when he held his bat up, ready to strike the ball. His muscular thighs tightened as he squatted slightly, feet firmly in place. He squinted for a moment, and set his jaw in a firm line.

"Crack it Puck!"

She heard someone shout.

"That was Finn! I can see him now, look," Quinn pointed towards a tall man that was clapping and shouting encouragements to the man at the plate, Puck.

She heard a loud crack and cheering. She watched as the ball soared out of the playing field and Puck ran casually around the bases. Once he hit home plate, he was greeted by his teammates who offered high fives and fist pumps.

Rachel smiled over at Quinn, "Let's set up," she unfolded the blanket and shook it out. She laid it on to the grass and smiled at the red and white gingham design. It was a gift from her father's this past Hanukah. She loved sitting in the park on sunny days. She hasn't done it a lot recently because her days off are reserved for sleeping and staying home to rest her voice. She can't remember the last time she had a truly good time and just enjoyed the city.

Quinn handed her a water bottle and the girl's turned their attention back to the game.

"Isn't he cute," sighed Quinn, "I wonder if he sees us. I feel so bad for getting here late."

Rachel looked over at the boy in question. His eyes were definitely focused towards them. She could also tell that his eyes rested on her blonde friend. She smiled at the obvious adoration he held for Quinn.

She nudged Quinn lightly with her shoulder, "I can't wait to meet him."

Quinn giggled, "Oh no you don't. I won't let you steal my man again."

Rachel laughed tilting her head back, "That was high school Quinn. Will you get over it already?"

The girls continued their laughter unaware that they were each being watched from the baseball field. One set of brown eyes on Quinn and a set of hazel on Rachel.

The crowd that was by the baseball field was slowly dispersing and Quinn sat up straighter as she noticed Finn jogging over. She stood up and met him a few feet from the blanket.

"Hi, you were wonderful out there."

Finn's face was red, but Rachel was sure it wasn't from his time in the sun.

"Thanks, we kicked their butts," he smiled at Quinn and they seemed to be frozen in place.

Rachel gave them a moment before clearing her throat and standing. She stuck her hand out, "Hello, Finn. I'm Rachel, it's very nice to meet you."

Quinn and Finn shook to attention and Finn looked at Rachel, "HI," he took her hand, "It's great to meet you, I've heard a lot about you!"

"Well, Quinn and I have been friends for so long, I'm sure I was mentioned a few times."

Finn nodded, "Yep, plus Puck told me you used to do Beauty and the Beast on Broadway, that's amazing."

Rachel faltered slightly. Puck? The man she had been admiring earlier and forced her to down a bottle of water in a matter of minutes?

Finn noticed her confusion, "He's my roommate and partner. Apparently his ma and sis are big fans. I told him you were Quinn's roommate and mentioned he took them to see the show last year."

Rachel smiled and thought how sweet it was that this man had taken his mother and sister to a Broadway show, "That's wonderful. I'm very grateful for my fans."

Puck was laying on his charms to two blondes that were jogging through the park. His eyes kept drifting towards where Finn was talking to Quinn and Rachel. He debated whether to just stay put for a guaranteed threesome or risk making an ass out of himself in front of Rachel Berry. Fuck. He mentally punched himself for why there was even a choice. He told the two girls to wait just a minute while he said bye to his roommate.

Jogging over, he noticed how tan Rachel's skin looked and that it seemed to shimmer in the sunlight. Her legs were fantastic, but the dress she wore didn't show much. She had her hair in a low pony tail and he could see the thin layer of sweat glistening on her shoulders. He really wanted to lick them just to see if she tasted as good as she looked.

"Hey pussy," Rachel gasped at the foul word as she looked over her shoulder to see Puck walking up. She stiffened at how gorgeous he was up close.

"Puck, hey," Finn put his hand on Puck's shoulder, "Quinn you remember Puck? Rachel this is my roommate slash fellow crime fighting partner, Noah Puckerman, Puck."

"Ladies," Puck smirked at the girls, his gaze falling on Quinn, "You look good out of those scrubs."

She rolled her eyes, "Hello, Puck. It's good to see you again."

Puck lifted his chin at her and his eyes fell on Rachel. He stuck out his hand, "Nice to meet ya Rachel."

Rachel held back a small whimper when his eyes met hers. The man was gorgeous and the way he said her name seemed to turn her legs slightly weak. Being the actress she was, she smiled brightly and composed herself.

She took his hand and the moment their hands were joined a small jolt shot threw her. She looked up at him and he had a look of shock, but was quickly replaced with a charming smirk. She instantly knew how the rest of this conversation was going to go. This man was drop dead gorgeous and he knew it. It was men like that that made her skin crawl. No matter how much she wanted to jump into this man's arms, she couldn't allow herself to fall into his spell.

He didn't know what it was, but the second her hand fell into his, his entire arm felt warm. She definitely was gorgeous, beautiful. Puck had rarely thought about this woman, but when he did, we always ended up having to relieve himself or have someone do it for him. He of course pictured the petite brunette as he plowed one of his nameless flings.

This woman had given Puck some of the best orgasms of his life, but she had no idea.

"I wish I could stay and chat," he looked over at Finn, "I've got two blondes over there ready and willing so I'll catch you later."

Rachel scoffed and scrunched her nose up. Puck looked over and smirked, "What's the matter princess? Never had a threesome before?"

"Dude," drawled Finn.

"No, No Finn it's alright," she smiled at Puck, "Have fun Noah," Puck's smile faltered slightly at the use of his first name, "I think I recognize one of them from the free clinic I volunteer at. She came in complaining of itching in this area," she drew a small circle with her finger pointing towards her lower body.

Finn couldn't contain his laughter and it got louder when he saw the look of shock on Puck's face. He had definitely met his match.

"Quinn, I'm going for a light stroll, you and Finn have some alone time to talk," she smiled at Finn, "It was lovely meeting you," her eyes fell on Puck who was now speechless and she nodded her head, "Noah."

She turned on her heal and headed down the sidewalk. Puck watched her walk away, still not realizing his mouth was hanging open, "The fuck?"

Quinn laughed, "That's my best friend, isn't she something?"

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