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Chapter 12 – My Man

Rachel had noticed Santana pull Quinn and Brittney into the bathroom and suddenly got extremely self-conscience. Being the actress she was, Rachel did her best to keep a normal façade in front of Doris. Once the older woman excused herself to tend to some business, Rachel pulled out her phone to check her email. She noticed a text from Kurt and opened her phone.

Where is Mr. Puckerman? Go to Mercedes blog ASAP! I knew I didn't like him!

Rachel frowned. She was sure she didn't want to know what she would find on the gossip sight. When she saw the girls start to emerge, she quickly put her phone away.

"Hey, so, whatcha doin?" Santana seemed nervous and I knew that she had seen whatever Kurt was talking about.

"Just a text from Kurt telling me how the show is going. I can't wait to get back!" Rachel put on her best Broadway smile and took a sip from the Cosmo in front of her.

The girl's seemed antsy and when she excused herself to the bathroom, they seemed more than happy to see her go.

Once in the stall, Rachel immediately pulled out her phone and brought up Mercedes Jones' blog.

She felt the tears immediately at the picture, but with closer observation, Rachel noticed something.


The ride to the martini bar was shorter than Puck had hoped. During the short trip, he tried to think of all the things he wanted to say to Rachel. How much he loved the way she rolled her eyes and smiled when he said something inappropriate to her. The way she smelled right when she got out of the shower and any other time as well. How much she loved her family and friends and that she would do anything for them.

But mostly, he loved the way she made him feel like he could be and do anything he wanted. Puck felt like the luckiest man alive with her and he was damn well gonna make sure she knew that.

The place was pretty small but he could tell there was a large crowd. He heard a female singing and moved towards the door. He vaguely heard Sam ask if he was alright, but he just kept moving inside. The voice was a magnet, attaching itself to him, to his soul. He made his way through the crowd and when he saw the petite brunette standing in front of a large piano, microphone in hand, his heart soared.

Oh my man I love him so

He'll never know

All my life is just despair

But I don't care

When he takes me in his arms

The world is bright, alright

When her eyes opened, they met Puck's instantly. She had tears in her eyes but still sang with utter conviction. He noticed a hint of pain in her voice and he knew that she had seen the picture. It didn't matter, he was going to explain everything. That April had ambushed him and he instantly sent her away. He would mention, however, the words that his former bedmate had thrown at him, but assure her that it didn't matter if she was a Broadway star or a pretzel vendor. He was always going to love her and stand by her side no matter what.

What's the difference if I say

I'll go away

When I know I'll come back

On my knees someday

Oh whatever my man is

I am his forever more

Chills ran up his spine as she hit the final note. The applause and cheering took him out of his trance but he didn't lose eye contact with Rachel until she curtsied for the crowd(probably one of the cutest things he's ever seen). Puck noticed several woman and a few men (quite feminine looking) wiping tears from their eyes.

He watched as Rachel handed the mike to an older woman, "Rachel Berry ladies and gentleman! Oh what an absolute honor!"

Rachel waved to the crowd one last time and headed straight over to him.

He was prepared for a yelling match. For her to slap him across the cheek. For her to tell him she never wanted to see or speak to him ever again.

What he did not expect was her lips to instantly find his. The shock only lasted a moment until he closed his eyes tightly and wrapped his arms around her waist, hauling her up into him. When they finally broke apart, he placed her down gently and leaned his forehead against hers, "Let's go somewhere and talk," she whispered. Puck nodded and took her hand, leading her out of the busy establishment.

They made their way into a cab, not bothering to say good bye to anyone. They both knew no one would mind.

The cab ride was silent as they held hands and her head lying on his shoulder.

They ended up at her apartment and she started making coffee as he slid onto one of the stools at the kitchen counter. He watched her as she moved around, humming softly. Puck didn't really know how to start but was saved by her soft voice,

"I saw the picture."


"And," she stopped moving but didn't look at him, "I am not going to lie, it hurt," his shoulders slumped and he nodded, "but then I noticed something."

Puck looked at her curiously as Rachel grabbed her phone from her purse, "Please don't, I really don't-"

Rachel made her way and sat in the stool next to him holding up her phone, "Look," she expanded the picture with her fingers and pointed, "your hands are on both of her shoulders and look," she moved her fingers, the picture focusing on Pucks face, "You're eyes…" she looked at him and smiled, "You're angry."

Puck's eyes didn't leave Rachel's. He couldn't believe that Rachel had noticed the small but significant details. Apparently no one else could get past the fact that Rachel Berry's boyfriend was kissing another woman.

"Oh! There is an update to the photo!"

Puck groaned, "Don't show me another picture of that bitch kissing me from another angle."

Rachel laughed, "No silly…listen."

For those who are cursing Rachel Berry's boyfriend from 45th to Wall Street, please let us tell you about the numerous eyewitness reports that have flooded in since posting this picture that was sent in anonymously:

One witness says, "I noticed Puck when he walked in because he was super-hot, but he looked really tense and irritated when the blonde came up to him. He even pushed her away."

"Puck seemed extremely pissed at this woman and wanted nothing to do with her," another witness claimed.

The more Rachel read the lighter Puck felt.

Our final witness states, "She seemed to say something to him before she walked away that made his facial expression change. He went from looking angry to looking sad."

"What did she say Noah?" Rachel placed the phone down and laid her hand on his.

"She said that you were too good for me. That I didn't fit into your world," he couldn't look at her. It was too hard to say, let alone see her reaction.

"I had a feeling you may have already felt that way, am I right?" speaking softly.

She grabbed his chin and moved his eyes to look at her, "Don't ever, EVER feel that way Noah Puckerman, okay? Because it's not true! No man has ever made me feel as beautiful and special as you do no one!" She kissed his nose and smiled at him, "and besides, you are a police officer in one the biggest cities in the world and many times the most dangerous. You put your life on the line every day to protect innocent people. That is nothing but honorable and I couldn't be prouder of you for that."

Puck looked at Rachel, trying to ignore the wetness in his eyes. He didn't cry, like ever. The last time he cried was when his Nana Connie died and that was when he was nineteen.

He kissed her quickly, placing his hand deep into her hair, bringing her forehead to his, "I couldn't love anybody as much as I love you, do you know that?"

Rachel giggled, "I do now."


3 months later

Rachel Berry Spotted With New Hardware

You heard it here first folks! Our favorite Broadway diva, who is in her last few months as Maria in West Side Story, was spotted in Central Park yesterday sporting this lovely piece of jewelry (which we now know is an original piece by Neil Lane) on her most important finger. She was seen strolling with her new fiancé' through Strawberry Fields with a bright smile on her face.

A source close to the couple says that Mr. Puckerman popped the all so important question just a few days ago while they celebrated their anniversary.

We here at Broadway Babble wish nothing but happiness for the fabulous couple.