Ok so one day scanning fanfiction and I was looking at stories of the swan princess/Inuyasha and then I found good ones never completed or ones that made no sense. So I took this as a challenge and came up with an idea. The Black Priestess cheesy title but you'll have to see what happens. ;) Sorry Sango you get a break from being the princess.

Author's opening note

Once upon a time in the feudal era there lived four kingdoms. The Kingdom of the North, South, East and West. The Kingdom of the North was inhabited with all demons, while the Kingdom of the South was inhabited by humans. The two were at war with each other while the Kingdoms of the East and West were the peace ground where both could live together peacefully.

Now that you know the background I thought I would say the characters and disclaimers sooo….cough, cough.


Now with that out of the way here's our character list if you don't take a guess.

Inuyasha- Prince Derik/Prince Siegfried

Kagome- Princess Odette

Naraku- Rothbart

Kikyo- Odile

Miroku- Friend of the Prince

Sango- Kagome's friend/ another under Naraku's curse

Kouga- (If you saw The Swan Princess a character like John Bob)

Shippo- (Again like a character from The Swan Princess like Puffin)

So I hope you enjoy the story!