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Last time

As he looked down on her body he saw a faint glow. He cocked his head as he watched the glow flicker. He reached down for where it was hidden in her dress as he pulled it out and saw her locket. As he held it in his hand he saw the glow as from the shard in it.

"The shard?" Inuyasha asked a bit confused. Miroku and Sango looked over, their tears glistening from the light. Inuyasha remembered of when he first heard the legend of the shikon jewel. It could grant any wish and now, this shard was all that was left of it. Can it still grant a wish as powerful as to bring Kagome back? He asked himself, knowing the only way to know was to try. After all that was his only option.

"Shikon shard, please with all my heart I want Kagome back." There was just silence as the jewel's light flickered and a thin light beam pointed north. Inuyasha carefully picked Kagome up and followed the light, as Miroku and Sango followed him. The light lead outside the barrier and all the way to the palace. The lights were out as inside everyone was waiting inside with lanterns to provide their light. All were waiting silently after Inuyasha running off and how Kagome vanished into thin air.

They caught the evil priestess Kikyo was caught and evaporated into clay shards. No one knew that explanation, but right now didn't really care; they cared more about the prince and princess.

"Here comes Inuyasha!" Ayame shouted from keeping an eye out from the window. Inutaishō and Kagome's father scrambled over and looked down. And there they did see Inuyasha walking in carrying Kagome, in torn and dirty priestess clothing.

"Kagome," Her Father choked. He was afraid she was dead as Inuyasha disappeared and was inside the palace. Many hand maidens were following after him to check on the princess but once they saw they followed along with their heads down. The three scurried over quickly as Inuyasha set Kagome down on a type of cushion set off to the side. Everyone crowded around and watched as Inuyasha took her cold hand.

"Son?" Inutaishō asked as Inuyasha looked over at his father. "Is she…"

"There's some hope left." Inuyasha said in a low whisper. He pulled out the locket that he hid on the way to the palace as it pointed over to the corner in the room. Inuyasha walked over to where it pointed. As the crowd parted Sesshomaru was leaning against the wall with little Rin in tears next to him. The light pointed to his waist at where a sword hung from his waist.

"The Tenseiga?" He looked up at Sesshomaru's blank stare. "Why didn't you say that you had that earlier?" Sesshomaru just changed his look down to Inuyasha.

"You never asked little brother. And at that same reason you can't even wield the sword." He answered. Inuyasha growled.

"You're the only one who can bring her back!" He growled only to receive a punch from Sesshomaru sending him flying. Inuyasha growled loudly.

"I don't care if I have to kill you for it. I'm going to get Kagome back!" He made a move to get up and attack Sesshomaru when…

"Enough!" A louder voice yelled silencing everything. Inuyasha looked over at his father who was glaring at the two. "Sesshomaru you asked me a favor earlier and I said I would request a payment back. Now you will use the sword I passed down to you to resurrect Kagome." Sesshomaru changed his look over to his father.

"You're wasting that to help your son?"

"Think of it as getting him out of the palace. He marries Kagome, he becomes King of the East, and he leaves." Inutaishō influenced. Sesshomaru looked down at Rin and then over at his father and then over at the dead princess. Walking over to the cushion he withdrew the blade that looked the exact opposite of the Tetsusaiga. He looked down as he saw the imps of the dead.

"Think of it as getting him out of the palace. He marries Kagome, he becomes King of the East, and he leaves." Inutaishō influenced. Sesshomaru looked down at Rin and then over at his father and then over at the dead princess. Walking over to the cushion he withdrew the blade that looked the exact opposite of the Tetsusaiga. He looked down as he saw the imps of the dead, as he slashed the imps away.

Inuyasha dashed over to her side as he picked up her hand. Slowly at first he began to feel her pulse rise and the life return to her face.

"Kagome? Please say something, anything!" He begged. SLAP! Inuyasha and everyone stood shocked as Inuyasha looked down. Kagome's hand was up against Inuyasha's cheek. Slowly Kagome's eyes peaked open as she looked over at Inuyasha.

"That's for cheating on me." She whispered. Inuyasha gave a husky laugh as everyone around them was crying with tears of joy or just smiling. Inuyasha helped Kagome sit up as he gently laid his lips down on hers. Kissing her passionately ignoring everyone else. As he pulled apart he looked into her chocolate eyes.

"I hope you'll accept my apologies." He murmured in answer to her question Kagome leaned up and kissed Inuyasha again. She changed her look as she looked over at her father. Getting up and stumbling a bit from her weak legs she went over and hugged him.

"Kagome." He whispered as a tear fell down into her messy hair. "I'm so sorry, if I would have been more understanding and just except your own feelings none of this would have happened. Marry whoever you want I don't care, whoever the lucky man is will have my blessings." Kagome just smiled to herself as Inutaishō slapped his head. He couldn't get it more subtle than that and he thinks she loves someone else.

Kagome pulled apart and looked at him. "You'll have no worries Father, who I want to marry I think is in your range." As the King was pondering over what his daughter meant, Kagome just smiled. "Now I think I deserve the right to go and change what I've been wearing for the past few weeks, Sango?" She called as Sango grinned and left Miroku's side and followed Kagome back up to her old room that luckily still had her belongings.

Miroku walked over to Inuyasha and patted his shoulder.

"You did well my friend," He complimented. Inuyasha looked over and grinned.

"As did you. You freed yourself of the curse." Miroku nodded in agreement as He and Inuyasha exchanged glances.

"Shall we burst in and act like old times?" Miroku asked. Referring to how at times with maids he would burst into their rooms while changing saying the castle was under attack. Inuyasha growled lowly.

"Miroku damn it. Can't you act civilized for a few moments in life. Perhaps you need a talk to outside." Inuyasha dragged the whining Miroku outside until they were out of site. He pushed him up against the wall leaning in towards his face.

"Let's get in from the balcony." As the two rushed off to meet two angry women.

5 months later

The wedding bells were ringing as everyone in the kingdoms of the East and the West were cheering. Today they had a new King and Queen of the East and that was Inuyasha and Kagome. The two were just married as they came striding out of the church laughing and smiling. The past events of the summer were forgotten as everyone only looked to rejoicing.

Inuyasha led his new wife out onto the streets of the kingdom as they would walk their way back to the palace. A way to show their love for one another was to show they were proud to be each other's husband and wife. The people were throwing flower petals at them as they passed making a shower a sweet scent. The two walked by their friends who were smiling at them.

Miroku and Sango were there of course being the best man and maid of honor in the wedding. The two were engaged marrying after the New Year and were moving into the East and living with Inuyasha and Kagome. Ayame and Kouga? Well once Ayame was introduced to the Prince of Wolves she immediately started dating him. Ayame was hugging him close as Kouga was just waving and blushing a bit when Ayame leaped up and kissed him on the cheek.

Shippo wanted to train to become a stronger fox demon as he was on their fathers' shoulders waving. The two Kings were proud that their plan actually worked and both were resigning and just going to spend their days talking about plans for their grandchildren, which worried the two. Sesshomaru had his carination at the end of summer, and was the King of the West. But how did he become King without being married? Well that was his deal with his Father. Rin was living in the palace and even though she didn't know it yet, once she got older she would become the Queen and marry Sesshomaru, if she agreed to his proposal.

Lastly there was the old prince Hojo who just ended up marrying a Lady of the court. But he was still upset at how Kagome chose Inuyasha over him. Inuyasha looked down on Kagome and smiled, happy that things turned out they way they should be.

Later that night at the reception everyone was dancing around inside, while outside Kagome and Inuyasha were out in the villa that Kagome was in so long ago. Kagome looked up in the amber eyes and smiled.

"Inuyasha, what do you love about me?" She asked in a bit playful tone.

I knew that we belonged together

Long before I knew your name.

And the only thing I hoped for

Was for a clue that you felt the same

Inuyasha tensed up as he looked down and smiled. He took a lock of her midnight hair and played with it in his fingers. Brushing it against her cheek bone he leaned down and nibbled on her ear. Kagome moaned in enjoyment but pushed him away.

"You're not getting out of answering the question." Inuyasha groaned and took her hands.

"What do I need to do to prove to you I love you?"

Somehow I knew your every secret

Just by looking in your eyes

From the very moment I met you

I was thinking of the rest of our lives

Just say to me

"Answering the question." Kagome answered. Inuyasha's face turned serious as he held her hands up in his.

"Kagome, you're my air. I need you. Your bravery is beyond compare, except probably mine," Kagome nudged him. "Your kindness to every soul, excepting who they are, trying to help them. But what I love can't be described in any way. Maybe it was the fact how ever since we met, you weren't like any other girl. You played the games I played. When I played tricks on you, you had me evenly matched. I love that about you. I love everything about you."

I'm gonna love you 'til the end of time

Somehow two hearts have made a friend of mine

"One last question." Kagome said hiding back a giggle from Inuyasha's groan. "Will you love me, until the day I die?" Inuyasha looked down with love in his eyes knowing for sure this answer.

"Beyond the ends of time. For eternity, for as long as we're mates, which would equal forever, my Kagome." He whispered in a hushed tone.

Eternity, eternity is on our side

Kagome felt a tear roll down her cheek as Inuyasha wrapped his hand around the back of her neck. Kagome moved one of her hands around his neck, while they held each other's hands.

I'm not afraid to say forever

You've made me feel so sure

'Cause I know its everlasting

And I've never had this feeling before

Inuyasha leaned down as Kagome leaned up as they kissed with more passion and heat warming up each other in the frost setting in for fall. Kagome wouldn't have it and now that made her sure.

Caught in by the tide

And it brought me to you

And now I know that dreams come true

Kagome deepened the kiss, Inuyasha making no protest. Her dreams were coming true. And now she was for sure…

I'm gonna love you 'til the end of time

Somehow two hearts have made a friend of mine

That dreams did come true. And now and forever she would be with Inuyasha.

Eternity, eternity is on our side

Eternity, that's what how long they would be together.

Eternity, I'll love you for eternity.

The End

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