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Olive walked into the room with an almost wispy-like stride, her green eyes worriedly falling onto her friend, who was leaning over the railing of the Observation Deck. Olive was a tiny thing, exactly 5 foot with thick, honey-blonde hair that was collected in a braid that fell down the front of her body, stopping at about her midriff. She, like her friend, was wearing a long, ivory-and-gold dress that brushed her feet, which were clad in gladiator style worn-leather sandals. Olive was truly a beautiful young lady, though Olisylvia Voairie was also a calm, wise teenager.

Whereas Olive was the "Virgin Mary" type of pretty, Koresantheia Voairie was more of the rainforest, under-the-hood-of-your-new-Ford-with-oil-smeared-over-her-cheeks type of pretty. With glossy auburn curls that stopped just shy of her shoulders, K was about the same height as her closest friend and adopted sister. Her skin was tanner than her sister's, whose complexion looked much like cream or fresh-fallen snow. Her dress was like her sisters, only with pure gold strands in her hair and on her dress, as well as tattooed into her skin to match her bright golden eyes. Her black wings were folded against her back, though were fluttering nervously. Around her forehead was a thick golden band, acting as a crown that she couldn't lose by leaning a little too far over the edge she was standing on.

"K, you have an Olympian Council Meeting in ten minutes; what are you doing out here?" Olive asked.

The Observation Deck was a large, rounded platform where the members of the Olympian Gods and their families could watch over the World-Down-Under, as they called it. (Koresantheia could distinctly remember a seven year old Olive crossing her arms and saying "But I thought that was what people call Australia?" when first told that).

"Olive," K said worriedly. "Olive, I think my father is acting up again."

"What do you mean?" Olive asked, trying to sound calm, but her voice was a little too fast to give off the pretense of confidence. She quickly strode to her friends' side, hopping up to that her feet were on the bar next to her friend, her sandals barely missing her friend's bare toes. K pointed one of her tan fingers off into the horizon.

"Do you see that, Ollie?" K asked in her teacher's voice. K had practically raised Olive, being as she was six years old when her mother took in the baby. K had frozen at sixteen years, though, as part of her job as the Goddess of the Elements, so Olive had caught up.

Olive raised a hand over her eyes like a visor, squinting against the sun as she fought to find what her surrogate mother was pointing at.

"What am I suppose to be seeing?" Olive asked hesitantly. K turned her large golden eyes, usually so filled with childlike mirth, onto her friend, simply radiating off concern.

"You know those two families I keep tabs on, right?" K told her. Olive nodded; K had a thing with keeping track of families of interest to her ever since she could remember.

"Well, I think my father..." K took a deep breath to steady herself. "I think my father might have kidnapped James Sirius Potter and Alexandreia Bianca Jackson."

Ali's POV

I can barely remember what I was doing before I was taken. I can vaguely remember sitting with Chasling Di Angelo on the swings at Camp Half-Blood, discussing everything that had happened over the span of my 12th birthday, which, oddly enough, was the exact day all of the summer campers were required to go back home to their mortal families, to the day Chasling had arrived with her older brother a few hours ago. I had been animatedly reenacting my attack on a hellhound that had dare interrupt my 6th grade graduation when Chasling was thrown away from me. After clearing my mind of a dull throbbing sensation in my head, I sat up from the ground and realized that it had been me flung away from the blonde Di Angelo child, not the other way around. Chasling's perfect black eyes were staring wide-eyed at me, her nine year old face falling when she saw that I had blood dripping down my forehead. I whipped it off with the back of off-handily; blood didn't scare me anymore. Reaching for my sword, I scrambled to my feet as a thick black mist enveloped the two of us. Chasling screamed; that girl had had a very sheltered life, so it was no surprise to me that her first reaction would be to use that throat of hers.

I lept into action immediately, swinging my sword around me in wide arches and swift parries. The mist was impossible to hit, though, no matter how hard I tried to get away.

Feeling the mist wrap around my ankle, I fell face-first into the thick layer of mud covering the ground at Camp Halfblood. I could feel my sword flying out of my grip, and I prayed to god that it was re-appear in my pocket as my fingers clawed at the ground, feeling myself being dragged towards a horrible sucking noise, my hair whipping behind me like when you stick your head out of a car window that's driving eightly miles an hour down a deserted Kansas highway.

"Chasling!" I yelled at her, gripping at the dirt. "Chasling, get my dad! Hurry!" I spun so that I was lying in the mud on my back, feeling my orange camp shirt get thoroughly soaked. "Actually, Chase," I said in a normal voice. "My sword would be nice. You know, unless you plan on continuing standing there like you just encountered Kronos in Betty Boop underwear."

"Alexandreia, now is not a good time for a smart-ass comment!" Chasling yelled, dropping onto her belly and crawling towards my sword. I prayed Chasling would get it before my sword disappeared... I guess that stupid pocket charm doesn't work if you're wearing athletic shorts that DO NOT HAVE POCKETS...

"It's always a good time for a smart-ass comment, Choove!" I yelled, kicking off the mist from my ankle, which felt like cobwebs on my bare shins. Tilting my head so that I was examining her, I saw her stop crawling in front of my sword, gripping it in her hands and glaring at me exasperatedly.

"Don't call me Choove!" Chasling... well, chastised. I simply ignored her, holding out my palm in the mud as she chucked my sword at me. Praying the blade wouldn't go anywhere near my face, I grabbed the worn leather hilt and sprung up onto my heels. The mist transformed into a new monster upon seeing me standing.

The monster looked like a mixture between a bull, a newt, a wolf and a cracked egg. The body of the beast was all bull, it's coat a shinning white while the head was a wolf. The feet were green and webbed, sticking to everything that crossed it's path. I could feel the Athena side of my brain kicking in as I saw the animal's feet. I quickly assessed the area around me. Monkey bars, monkey bars... Ah!

"Hey, ugly!" I yelled, feeling my shoes sliding in the mud like a fine layer of grease. Grease, or maybe oil... Oil... gasoline! If I can just distract the monster enough, Chasling will get Dad! If he comes, surely Connor Stoll will, too, and his daughter Haylee is an amazing pyro-technician! "Think you can catch me?"

I ran quickly back to the playground, hearing the bull/newt thing keeping pace behind me. Praying my aim was as accurate as I hoped, I launched myself into the air, the tips of my Adidas cross-trainers sliding slightly on the rubber seat of the swing as it flung back into the air. I could feel my right foot giving way, and lurched forward slightly, gripping the chains of the swing as it flung me higher into the air. I took a deep breath, and, praying to every god that I had ever met, I threw my body backwards, straightening myself in mid-air so I landed lightly on my feet on top of the monkey bars, my knee wresting against the metal as my hands flew out in front of me to break my fall. I could see the monster getting closer to the swing, and Chasling running to the big house in the far distance.

Deciding that was the only amount of time I could allot to keeping watch of my younger second-cousin, I straigtened my knees so I was standing on the bars of the swingset.

"Woah!" I yelled, feeling my feet wobble slightly. "Gods, they make this look so much easier in the James Bond movies," I grumble, running across the monkey bars, which would stretch an average-sized football field. I could practically feel the monster running beneath me, the air was so thin. I ran quickly, my eyes locked on my target; the Armory. If I locked the monster in the Armory, I could get Haylee to light the armory aflame using Greek Fire.

That plan probably would have been genius, had I made it to the armory.

I was building up speed, hoping my momentum would carry me from the monkey bars to the roof of the Armory without a hitch.

But, why would that happen? I'm a Jackson! I'm like a prize on the Wheel of Fortune!

I bunched up my muscles in my back and legs, crouching slightly as I ran. Reaching the end of the monkey bars, I sprang forward, throwing myself into the air. I grinned to myself as I tumbled through the air, preparing myself to feel the thick iron of the Armory beneath me.

Instead, I was nearly choked as a hand shot out and grabbed the hood of my Camp sweatshirt.

I gagged, clawing at my throat desperately in an attempt to loosen the strings of my hoodie. Instead, my eyes fell onto the ground, quite a distance underneath my sneakers. I froze, paralyzed in fear. I could hear a deep, thoroughly accented chuckle behind me, and the hand on my shirt tightened coldly, obviously trying to strangle me. I made a slight whimpering noise, attempting to pry the cold, mutilated hands from my throat.

"Aww, is the Olympus' princess afraid of heights?" A raspy, dark voice teased menacingly. The voice was obviously British, and it sounded like he was a 60-year smoker who went through a couple packs a day. "Athena's pride and joy, my ass. Aren't you supposed to be fearless, Little Rabbit?" The voice hissed. I could feel my blood running cold at the name; Little Rabbit was an old joke among our family, a name for when your prey lets itself fall into your trap.

"Who.. are... you?" I choked, giving him my best gray-eyed Chase Death Glare. He cringed slightly, his ghastly pale faced mutilated by an array of scars and burns.

"If you know what's best for you, you'll shut up, child," He spat. I could feel my hand coming up to my face to wipe away the saliva from my cheeks, resisting the urge to say "Say it, don't spray it" childishly. I could hear him talking to another person, though I had no clue how.

"Yes, Ordway. Tell The Master that I've caught Jackson; If Caucous does his job right, we'll have two of the strongest children in the world in our clutches." I could feel his finger drag down my face as the person on the other hand spoke. I growled at his knuckle slightly. "I don't know, the little thing is awfully pretty. Jackson's black hair, curly, Chase's gray eyes. Maybe I'll keep her as my pet." I snapped at this, sinking my teeth into his finger. He hissed in pain, yanking his finger away from my mouth. "On second thought, I can tell this one won't cooperate. Just check on Coucous and report back to me."

"What are you going to do to me?" I spat, flailing around helplessly. He chuckled darkly at me, like my questions were both amusing and annoying at the same time.

"Don't you see, child? You are one of the most ingenious specimen we've ever laid eyes on." He gripped my throat tighter and I could feel my airways constricting, a black fog appearing on the edges of my vision. " The one thing no one ever thought to do was inter-breed two of the most powerful species known to man or otherwise!"

I could feel myself blacking out, my eyelids drifting closed as I heard his muffled voice continue speaking at the edge of my conscience, his monotone words fading to oblivion in my foggy head, never to be remembered upon awakening:

"A demigod-wizard hybrid!"


Keep breathing...

Keep... breathing...

"How splendid!"

James's P.O.V:

"Is that the best you can do, Al? You're gonna have to do way better than that if you ever want to be on the house team!" James yelled from the other side of the Potter's Quidditch field. Albus, James's younger brother, glared at him, but James didn't seem to notice, for his attention was on the shiny little golden snitch fluttering around him. The snitch took off towards the trees, and James zoomed after it on his new Firebolt 2. When James flew past Albus, the younger Potter boy didn't think anything about it; this was usual for James.

James zipped through the air, his jet black hair flying behind him. The snitch was fast and sneaky, everything it was made to be. It flew impossibly low and rounded tight corners, but James never lost it. Albus flew to the edge of the trees and watched his brother. it was obvious James had gotten the Quidditch skills in the family. James was just about to grab the snitch when the air was suddenly filled with a thick black smoke. James came to a stop, his vision completely clouded. He didn't know if he should stay in the air and try to fly his way out of the dark forest or land and wait for the sky to clear. James went for the second option, slowly feeling himself fall.

"James!" He heard Albus cry from somewhere behind him. That was when the wind started. The wind was strong enough to make him stumble, his clothes billowed around him.

"Albus, stay where you are!" James yelled, not knowing what else to do, but not wanting his little brother to be in this. James knew his brother would try to be the hero and make his way into the woods, but eventually just becoming lost and causing more trouble than anyone needed.

"Lumos." He whispered, but no light erupted from his wand. James swore under his breath. The wind seemed to be going even faster, and James found a tree to lean on. James strained his eyes, trying to see something other than black. He tried to walk forward, which turned out to be a stupid idea. James tripped and landed in some underbrush. The black haired boy spit out a leaf, trying to stand up again but something grabbed his ankle and kept him down. James tugged at his leg but it wouldn't budge.

"Albus? Are you still there?" He yelled, turning in the direction he thought his brother would be.

"Yeah!" He called, trying to see his brother through the fog. The fog looked sort of like a thick mist to Albus.

"Okay, Albus, I need you to go get dad! And hurry!" James said, his voice rising at the end when something gripped his other leg. Albus took off, pushing his Firebolt 2 to it's fastest. James coughed, his lungs feeling like they were being beat on with a meat cleaver. The fog/mist wasn't exactly the cleanest air James had ever breathed in. He tried to pull himself up one more time, but failed again. James let out a frustrated sigh. Suddenly, he was hanging upside down by his ankles.

"Bloody hell!" He yelled, trying to see the thing holding him up. The fog cleared up, and what James saw made him want to throw up. The monster resembled a bull, but the bull would of been a sort of lab rat because it had the face of a wolf. James didn't get to look at it any more than that, for it had started talking.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk." A raspy voice tutted at James. "Got a bit of a potty mouth, don't ya lad?" The monster growled.

"Ah!" James yelled. "Who are you? What are you!" James asked, trying to wriggle his way out of the monsters grasp, which was insanely difficult since he was still hanging upside down. The wizard suddenly noticed his wand just barely in his back pocket, and he reached to grab it.

"Stupefy!" He yelled, but the curse did absolutely nothing but make the monster laugh at his attempt. "Shit..." James muttered. He wished Albus would hurry and get their dad. He would know what to do. He always did, and James tried to take some of his dad's bravery. He'd need a lot of it now, that's for sure. Sure he was a Potter, but that didn't mean he was indestructible or something.

"Ordway, tell our Master we got the other kid. He'll be pleased." He smiled, revealing a row of browning teeth, causing James to actually gag.

"Merlin, have you ever heard of toothpaste? Ugh!" James said, covering his nose. The monster grunted and gave James a shake, sending him flying from side to side. By this time Albus had reached their father, and they apparated to the trees.

"James? Are you in there?" Harry yelled, trying to see his oldest son. James tried to yell back, but the monster covered his mouth.

"Well, well, well, here comes daddy dearest to the rescue! Ha, I'd like to see him try to face us, but The Master prohibited us to be seen." The monster grumbled, not liking his orders. Harry took the silence as a very bad thing and started to make his way into the fog after telling Albus to stay where he was. Albus stayed, but angrily crossed his 11-year-old arms and watched his dad head into the woods.

"My dad could destroy you. He will, just you wait. You won't stand a chance against him." James hissed. He didn't like anyone saying bad things about his family. The monster snorted, or did what sounded like a snort; James was still confused on what the monster was. Since the beast wasn't affected by magic, James was basically defenseless. The only thing that could possibly help him was his broom, but he didn't know where it was. James was officially screwed.If his dad didn't find him, that is.

"Well, let's just see if he can find you first." The monster growled, his accent thicker than before. James couldn't figure out how a monster could possible have a Scottish accent. It's just my luck to be attacked by a monster. And with an accent, of all things... James thought to himself.

"Well, while we're just standing here, do you think you could let me stand or something? All the blood's rushing to my head and it's giving me a headache." He asked. The monster grunted, but did what James asked him too. When James felt his feet on the ground, he slipped right out of the monsters unsuspecting grasp and made a run for it. Since part of the mist let up James could slightly see where he was going. This didn't help him much, since he still stumbled over his own feet, but it was better than pure swerved when he ran, hoping to try and confuse the monster, but it didn't. Of course, the first time James come face to face with a monster, it has to be a smart monster. James wish he picked up his Firebolt 2, but he didn't have time to.

"Dad! Where are you?" James yelled, suddenly remembering him. James could hear the beast running behind him, so he didn't stop to look around.

"James, I'm over here!" Harry said back. James turned to the direction of his fathers voice. Right when James was about to yell again, he ran right into his dad. Harry was about to say something to his son when he saw what was chasing him.

"Don't bother with magic dad, it doesn't do anything to him!" James said before dragging his dad into a frantic run. The monster terrified Harry, to say the least, so he had no problem with running. Right before the trees cleared, James did the most stupid thing he could of possible done at that moment; he tripped. Harry didn't notice this until he was well ahead of his son, but he soon stopped and started to run back. The monster had caught up to them, and he was not happy. He grabbed James, his claws slightly digging into his skin, and threw him. James heard his head smack against a tree before he actually felt it. James landed on his knees, his head in his hands.

"You stupid boy! You don't run from me!" The monster roared, causing James's head to throb. The monster grabbed him a second time, but didn't throw James again. James looked at his dad, and he knew that he looked terrified. He felt terrified. And pain. He felt that too. Harry was scared too, and James knew it. James tried to get out of the monsters grip, but he wouldn't budge. James swore under his breath and gave up his struggle. The monster sneered at James, gripping his ankles and throwing him into the air. James screamed, balling up in on himself; sure, he had flown before, but for Merlin's sake he had had a broom beneath him!

"DAD!" James yelled, flailing. "Dad, help me!"

"James!" Harry yelled, frantically trying to find a way to help his son. James could feel himself being thrown across something thick and obviously wooden, judging by the splinters he was sure he would have. A hand gripped the back of his cloak firmly, causing James to lurch his body up into the hand.

"Ordway, I've got him! Are you sure Arphenthos got the Jackson girl? I've heard she's a slippery little thing." The voice in front of him was thick and deep, slightly straggly but not not to the point that it was noticeable unless you were pressed up against his back (much like James was right now). James could hear another very small voice, obviously female, speaking back to him.

"Arphenthos is attempting to get the Jackson girl into the Holding Cell as we speak, Caucous. Knock him out so he won't put up a fight, and disarm him; if the Jackson girl gets her sword or the Potter boy his wand, or Gods forbid both of them, then we're done for, you hear me? Toast! Roadkill on the side of Highway 29!"

"Yeah, I hear ya, Ordway," The man said. James could feel his hands getting closer to the top of his head, where he had smacked into the tree. "On it."

"No, please!" James whimpered, begging him. "Please, let me go! Please, I beg of you! Don't, no, please!"

James prayed that was the last time he'd ever lose consciousness to the sound of that man's sickly laugh.

K shook her head sadly, biting her lip as she watched those children.

"Ollie, what do we do?" K pleaded. Olive sighed, resting her head on her sister's shoulder.

"There's nothing we can do, K," Olive mumbled. "Except pray that the families know their children well enough to find where they are."

"And save them," K concluded.

"And save them," Olive agreed.

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