Prison Island Break

Co-Written By Harley Quinn hyenaholic and SonicFrank

Harley: Hey there, howdy, whatever. This is Harley, co-writer of Prison Island Break. SonicFrank and I worked together to write this fanfic after I watched ten minutes of one episode of the series "Prison Break" and thought "What if Sonic was a con in a prison?". This is not your standard Sonic the Hedgehog story. Even though Sonic is still a Hedgehog and everybody else is a Fox or an Echidna or such, it takes place in a prison. The characters are all prisoners in a penitentiary. Total Contextual Realignment. But we've also tried to keep personalities just as you would expect. No "Evil Twin" crap here! We're using characters from all across the board, every series you've ever seen, from the earliest games, to the comics, to Sonic Underground. No non-canon characters here! If you haven't heard of the character, you ain't looking hard enough.

SonicFrank: And the most important thing? This story is hardcore. Really dark, from the start. Hard language. Rapists. Murderers. Rapist-Murderers. Violent beatings and humiliations. This is your childhood we're mucking about with. This is your only warning.

Chapter One: All Our Fault

The prison bus passed through the gate towards the building surrounded by chain link electrified fence, a place specifically designed to keep people in and to make the world outside of it a safer place. It was a place of punishment, of containment, and it was going to be his home for the next forty or so years. Unlike most, though, he didn't proclaim his innocence. The white-furred hedgehog with amber eyes accepted his fate. He should have known it would come to this, that his rash actions would have such consequences. This was what it had all led to, and he deserved every punishment that cruel fate sent his way.

The bus stopped, and he and a small number of other inmates stepped out and lined up. Two sturdy-looking Guard Robos marched up to the bus. They weren't smart, they weren't even particularly durable, but they were cheap, replaceable and fixable, and in a prison on an island miles from anywhere that housed the most dangerous criminals on the planet, being replaceable was a good thing. They moved along the line of new inmates, putting on handcuffs. He could also see a warden approaching from the prison gates.

Back down the dirt road they had travelled, he could see the processing station he had arrived in. Past that was an inhospitable jungle, and beyond that was the vast ocean, stretching out for miles in every direction. This was a prison for the most dangerous of prisoners, those whose crimes and skills made it essential for them to be stranded far from civilization. Turning his attention away from the island, he faced the approaching dark-furred hedgehog with dulled purple stripes and eerie, reptilian eyes.

"What is your name?" the purple-striped hedgehog asked him, his voice not quite sounding as if it came from his throat, but as if he was just moving his mouth at the same time. To either side of him, the Guard Robos each took one of his arms in an unshakable, though not painful grip.

Four words and a haunting gaze. That's all that Silver had gotten from the opposing hedgehog so far, but he was already sure that there was evil in his eyes. Evil that the world depended on him to destroy. Though he couldn't do it today... "My name is Silver," he responded finally, a heavy ounce of pride to his voice.

"Silver... Silver..." the eerie hedgehog flipped through several manila files, "Silver the Hedgehog..." he looked up sharply with an icy, ruthless gaze, "You will call me Head Warden Mephiles at all times, got that? First count of murder one. Normally that would be medium security but you... you managed to blow up a man's head with your mind. We've got something special planned for you. Follow me." It wasn't a request; it was an order, and if Silver hadn't followed it immediately, he would have been dragged right through the dirt by the Guard Robos holding onto him.

It wasn't the physical restraints that this experience particularly hard for the long-quilled hedgehog, it was maintaining his temper and allowing himself to be taken prisoner. Escaping would be too easy, with the powers he possessed. But he accepted his fate, and being locked away in the most high-security prison in the country came with a perk that really peeked his personal code; he could keep an eye on the most dangerous criminals alive today. He could maintain peace outside the penitentiary's walls. He could control the mindless violence, suffering and crime committed by his fellow inmates... He followed as close behind Mephiles as the Guard Robos would let him.

"I'm not your buddy," Mephiles continued as some prisoners, human and anthro, glanced at Silver with disinterest, "I'm not your friend. I'm not your nursemaid. I'm being paid to make your life a living hell for the crimes you've committed, and I enjoy my job..." he sounded like he was smirking, as Silver was pulled into a differently decorated part of the prison to enter another room. The room had a lock on the door, and the single word 'INFIRMARY' printed on it. Mephiles opened the door, "Doctor Blossom? Another shipload of patients for you to examine..."

A pretty pink hedgehog came out of an office and smiled slightly at Silver, taking his file, "Okay then..." she took him into a side-room - although Silver was aware of the Guard Robos at his back, "Strip," she said simply to the silver-coloured hedgehog removing his cuffs.

Silver had never been on the bad side of things before. He considered himself a protector, defender, a knight of righteous acts. So it's an understatement to say he had no idea what she was talking about. "Pardon me?" he asked, trying his best not to glare. Compared to Mephiles, this nurse hedgehog seemed nice...

"Strip," Doctor Blossom repeated, "I have to perform a full body examination to make sure you're not smuggling in contraband, drugs, sharp objects, that sort of thing... it's mandatory for every new inmate. You'd be astonished at how imaginative some of the addicts can get at smuggling in their poisons..." She snapped a surgical glove to one hand, looking at Silver, "I'm just doing my job, sweetie."

Now he did glare. But he didn't protest. It's not like he had much to take off anyway. He started with his gloves, eyes kept locked on the prison doctor. Then he knelt to remove his boots.

Amy Rose Blossom sighed. The 'fish' as other inmates referred to them, were always so reluctant, "Now... bend over," she told him. Before Silver could even comply, the Guard Robos had pulled him into a bending position, and she started her investigation, "This shouldn't hurt," she told him, and it wasn't really painful, or humiliating. But it went on for some time and also involved the fingerprinting, and taking note of any scars or birthmarks.

Nothing about this particular experience was embarrassing for Silver, only awkward. Awkward because he was usually prone to keep people away from him via what was described as a 'paranormal force'. He wanted no trouble from Mephiles, the Guard Robos, or the gentle doctor no matter how intrusive she was being. Luckily, it was over before long.

Amy's parents had never been too happy about her becoming a prison doctor. They'd always complained that it was dangerous. But she'd wanted to do humanitarian work, and had spent some time as a volunteer in the third world as well. Surprisingly, or maybe not, nothing had ever happened to her. Even murderers and rapists appreciate somebody to pat their forehead and tuck them in when they have the flu, or fix up a broken arm or stab wound, "One more thing," she added, producing a needle with something in it, "Hold out your arm... this will help you to relax a little on your first day," she hated lying to her patients, but she doubted that Silver would take the drug willingly if he knew its true purpose, and she hated forcing drugs on patients far more.

To one side, Mephiles was leaning on a wall and scrutinizing not just Silver, but Doctor Blossom too, and grinning like the devil on hiatus.

"Wait, what-" It took all the self-control he had not to prevent her from sticking him with that needle; Silver almost saw the familiar blue aura of his Psycho Power form around her hand, but he caught himself and held back. "What is this stuff?" he asked, "I am relaxed! I don't need it!"

"It's mandatory," Amy repeated firmly, as Mephiles clearly alternated between sneering at Silver and looking at Amy's breasts, which she ignored, "I'd very much appreciate it if you didn't make this difficult for yourself," she said, "This is your last warning, Mister Silver..."

"Fight it, Freak," Mephiles added, "Give me some fun..." Amy glared at him with obvious disgust in her expression.

Silver held his ground with a glare, but didn't do anything to stop her. "I don't need any drugs. I'm a grown adult with full control over my emotions," his hard gaze shifted to Mephiles for a moment, then back to the nurse, "If you stick me with that needle without my consent for no reason, I'll file a complaint to the board. I know my rights." He glared at the warned again, "ALL my rights."

"Your rights?! In here you have no rights," Mephiles sneered before Amy could speak, "Let me demonstrate..." The two Guard Robo gave a shock to Silver's back that brought him to his knees.

Amy leant forward and with an apologetic glance at Silver, grabbed his wrist, inserted the needle and pressed on the plunger, "There," she said, "That should be enough for-"

She was cut off when, apparently just for the hell of it, Mephiles had the two Guard Robos administer further shocks to Silver's balls, "You gave up your rights the moment you stepped off that boat, Freak," Mephiles grinned cruelly, "Prison Island Prison is practically a country in itself and here I can do whatever I want-"

"NOT in MY infirmary, Mephiles!" Amy interrupted just before another shock could be given, "Stop that now! The sedative's administered; he's harmless now and you know it!"

Silver refused to scream at the shocks; he had to bite his lower lip to prevent himself from doing so. Did Amy say what he thought she did? He tried lifting the needle with his mind. It didn't move. That's when he cursed to himself. They had practically castrated him; stolen his most prized possession away from him. "This... this isn't over... I'll get you for this... You're evil and I'll stop you, Mephiles..."

"Whatever," Mephiles and Amy were now engaged in a furious staring contest, until finally Mephiles relented, "Your infirmary, your rules, Doc," he growled, "We both remember that, and you'll be just fine."

Amy nodded at the mild threat, and returned her attention to Silver, "Now for your prison uniform..." she packed his gloves in a box for later storage, "This is your size and number," she produced an orange jumpsuit, and black underpants and a t-shirt from a closet, handing them to him, "And here are your shoes and socks and gloves," she added, handing them to Silver too, "And please try to stay out of trouble, Mister Silver... not all of the inmates are as well-mannered as you, and the less we need to see of each other, the happier we'll both be." She glanced at Mephiles, "The drugs will need to be administered once a week or they'll wear off."

He blinked shamelessly at Amy, who was handing him item after item while avoiding his gaze. She knew she had unrighteously hurt him; she knew she was doing something wrong. He didn't deserve what had just happened to him; both the injection and the brutality administered to force it onto him. His hands were shivering with rage, despite how uncoordinated his nerves felt. "I know you didn't want to, but you chose to do it anyway... When I report this, I'm mentioning you by name, Ms. Blossom," he warned her, though respectfully. "If you lose your job because of this, you'll have no one to blame but yourself... That's why you should have thought to choose the hard right over the easy wrong..." He started dressing.

"Silver, if I hadn't..." Amy sighed and cocked a head towards Mephiles, "Somebody else would have. Prison Island Prison is designed for criminals with your... unique talents. In this prison, among other inmates we have a psychotic hedgehog who can teleport and run at the speed of sound, an unstable echidna who can punch through walls and a kitsune who can fly and hack high-tech computer systems. Unconventional measures must be used. Mention names as you will, but I somehow think that your report, like theirs, will go unheeded... although there are many instances where I wish it was otherwise," she looked at Mephiles, her distaste of the Head Warden still clear in her eyes, "You can take him to his cell now, Warden."

Mephiles grinned, "With pleasure, Doctor," the Guard Robos pulled up Silver just as he finished dressing, "Ready to see your new apartment, Freak?" he asked Silver as he dragged him out of the infirmary and Amy went back to her work.

Silver didn't say anything for the moment. He just glared at the twisted warden's back the whole way through the corridors. Several doors needed opening; many of them required clearance. But it was all a distant memory by the time he was led to his cell, because he had his full attention on the crooked hedgehog before him. He tried to move things with his mind; anything at all, but found that he couldn't. The drugs were strong and they clouded his mind. He even managed to ignore the other inmates' cheers. Something about 'fresh meat', but he paid no mind. He barely had one, he felt.

"Hmmm... Cell 43," Mephiles grabbed his walkie-talkie and spoke into it, "Open only cell 43," he told whoever was on the other end, and the door opened, "Hey, Sniper, your prayers have been answered!" he sneered loudly into the cell, "Looks like you caught yourself some fresh fish!"

Silver stepped into the cell, and turned to give Mephiles the same glare he'd been giving him since their little stroll through the corridors began, only stronger. "You better hope your doctors are on-point, Mephiles," he made it a point to call the warden by his first name alone, refusing to address him as an authority figure in any way. "Every week, every month, year after stinking year. Because if they aren't, and I get my powers back for one second... I'll make you pay. Big time. And I'll rid the world of your malevolence once and for all..."

"Big words, coming from a guy behind bars," Mephiles sneered, "You mess me around, Hedgehog," he produced a pencil and snapped it with his thumb, "You just try..." He dropped the two halves of pencil to the ground, and walked away, "Enjoy the rest of your life in hell, Freak!" he shouted back.

"Heh..." on a bunk, a purple weasel sat up and looked at Silver even as the cell door was slammed behind him. He was wearing a filthy stetson hat and had one protruding fang. He waited until Mephiles had walked on, "Yeah, he's a real wanker, ain't he?" he asked rhetorically, "Did'ja know he used ta be a convict in this hell-hole?"

"I'm not surprised," Silver responded, watching the warden walk off as best he could through the cell's bars. "Fate's brought me here for a reason, and I'm starting to think that reason is him." The light hedgehog turned around to face his new cell-mate for the first time. "I'm Silver. Are you evil?" he asked, straight-forwardly.

"HA!" the weasel laughed. Apart from the hat, he wore the prison uniform, "Evil's not lackin' in this place kid. But it's a real skewed term, y'know?" he possessed a strong Ozzie accent, "Used to be a certified sniper. Didn't take no sides, good or evil. I guess that's why I got ratted out in the end. But evil? I just did it for the money."

Silver didn't like the sound of what he was hearing. But what could he do? He was powerless until he could figure out a way to evade the medication. Or grow immune to it. He sat on his bunk, and looked down at his new, uncomfortable, prison shoes. "What's it like in here? Are there things I need to know?" he asked, fighting off the urge to feel sorry for himself.

"Well, the name's Nack, Nack the Weasel," the purple weasel told him, "And there's worse people t'bunk with than me. There's a peckin' order, ya might say. First off, there's Vector, Espio and Mighty. Mob Boss and his bodyguards. Don't mess with them. They're right at the top. Vector can make your life hell without even layin' a finger on ya; he runs the joint about as much as Mephiles does."

"So he's a high-ranking gangster," Silver commented, "Pitiful. Who else? Anyone who does lay their fingers on undeserving others?"

"Shadow comes right under them," Nack nodded, "He's a complete psychopath and a major predator. Sometime this week, he's gonna come and see if you'll fall into line. And I seen what happens to the fish what don't. He's got him a rep to uphold and he'll knot your arms behind ya head if that's what it takes to get respect. Apart from that, he's the resident paper-pimp. Trades a lot in porno."

The hedgehog nodded. "I'll take care of him. People like him don't deserve to be on top." It was an empty promise, after having lost his abilities. But he'd find a way... "Who else?"

"Well..." Nack cracked his knuckles, "There's Knuckles and Storm. Sometime this week, one of them is gonna bust you open like a shotgun-" he paused, seeing Silver didn't understand, "You're gonna get raped. For sport. Don't bother tellin' Meph; he'll laugh. You tell the Doc, she'll try and help but then you'll be a grass and it won't be sport no more. Just pray to God you never wind up as Knuckles' cellie."

"Did you just say rape?!" Silver asked, both disgusted and mocking Nack in tone. "What kind of sick, perverse place is this?!" He stood up off his bunk to look around at the other inmates, but could see very little from his position through the bars. "I'm not the easiest person in the world to rape. They'll leave me alone or die trying. Did they ever rape you?"

"Hrrrmm..." Nack frowned, looking around, "Back when I was a fish, just some punk kid like you, I thought the way you did. Thought I could make the slammer a better place. Took about a month for that illusion to wear off. And for me ta quit limpin'. Yeah... Storm nabbed me first. Believe me, kid, between 'em there's just a handful a' cons in this place they haven't done at least once. They ain't the only ones. Others do it too."

Silver gazed sternly at his cellmate. "That shouldn't have happened to you," he told Nack. "Nobody has the right to violate anyone else, for any reason whatsoever. Evil has no place in my world. Even while I'm in prison. ...what about the humans?" he asked, before Nack could comment on his words. "Do they get along with us Mobians?"

"You stick with your own kind, kid," Nack warned him, "Sounds lousy I know, but we don't mesh well. You'll catch on when ya see the rec' areas. There's Team Human and Team Anthro. And Team Shadow of course, but even he knows he's a sub-group of us."

Silver sat on his bunk again, and laid back on it for the first time, with his hands behind his head as a makeshift pillow. He had a lot to think about. "Aren't you going to ask what I'm in for?" he asked Nack.

"Sure, why not? A good jacket might keep ya safe a bit," Nack shrugged, "What'd ya do, kid?"

"I had a premonition. And I acted on it." he explained, knowing full-well he sounded insane. "I blew someone's head up with my mind powers. If I hadn't, he'd have gone on to rape and mutilate a bus full of school-children. Some would have lived to tell the tale, and commit suicide later on." His amber eyes closed for a moment. "I took it upon myself to prevent the malicious tragedy from taking place. That's why I'm here."

"Okay..." Nack sounded weirded out, "Well, remember what I said about respectin' Vector? He can find out if you're tellin' th' truth or you as crazy as ya sound. And if he don't like you, he can fix it so it looks like ya in for fuckin' kids in foster care."

"I don't care. Vector, and everyone else for that matter, can think whatever they want of me," the hedgehog shot back, though calmly and inoffensively, "My purpose in life is to abolish bad deeds and prevent the ones that have yet to happen. By any means necessary. And when my time is up, old as I'll be, I'll pick up right where I left off; wiping out cynical denizens one after another. For as long as I may live." Silver closed his eyes for good, taking in the intensity of his situation. Without his powers, he was every form of powerless. A part of him wanted to cry for his freedom.

Nack watched Silver for a while, before laying back on his bunk. This was prison. If the kid didn't catch on soon enough that it was every man for himself in here, he'd spend more time in the infirmary than in his cell. He'd asked for advice, and if he didn't take it, Nack felt no pity for whatever he had coming to him.

He crossed himself quietly, mumbled something under his breath, and turned to face the wall and fall asleep.

Harley: Regardless of what you think, a great deal of what will go on in this fanfic happens in real life, to some extent or another. Some prisons are more corrupt than others, of course. Also, now that you've read the first chapter, review it! Tell us what you think! Right now!