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John Winchester sped down the smooth asphalt road, glancing repeatedly in the mirror to check on Sam, his eyes narrowed and his lips a thin line. He was pissed. Dean was sat beside him and, because Sam and John were in the middle of yet another heated argument, Dean was feeling slightly awkward. To ease the tension, he had cranked up the music playing from the classic car's stereo. He nodded along to the rhythm of the music, trying to forget about John and Sam's most recent argument.

Sam sat in the back seat of the Impala, gazing out the window. He had noticed the frequent and short glares his Dad was sending his way, but that didn't mean he cared. Sam was under the very strong impression that his anger at John was justified and therefore refused to acknowledge him.

In his silence, Sam thought over his memories of the fight he had put up to John before being uprooted yet again, the second time this month.

Sam and Dean had returned home from school to find all their bags sitting by the door and John waiting, impatiently.

He announced that he had found a hunt in Fort Dodge, Iowa. Dean had just nodded and began to gather the bags at his feet with the intention of putting them in the Impala, but Sam had begun to object, shouting that the school term was over in a month, Dean had finals, he had friends and they could leave during the summer. John had simply stated with a tone of finality that they were saving lives, that was the most important thing, and they could not wait a month.

Sam knew this, he knew of it's importance, he didn't need to be told like a small child but he hated leaving school one Friday and returning on the Monday to a school in some random town without even having the chance to say goodbye to the friends he had made. His Dad knew this but yet again he had put the hunt before how Sam was feeling.

They arrived into Fort Dodge late on Sunday Evening after having stopped at nights for sleep and at diner's for food. All three were extremely tired and in need of a good nights sleep. The boys were due to start their new, temporary school the next day and they needed a good sleep.

They pulled up to the Comfort Inn, which was due to be their new home for the next week at least. While John went to the office to get a room, Dean began emptying the car of luggage. Sam helped him, but as soon as their room had been paid for and John made his reappearance, Sam took the key and moved speedily into the room, slamming the door behind him.

John turned to Dean, a storm of anger evident on his face because of Sam's actions, Dean just shrugged and shook his head, grabbing a few bags and moved towards the motel, ignoring his Dad, unwilling to be dragged into the argument.


The next morning Dean awoke to the sound of voices.

He sat up in his bed, gazing around the room in a sleepy daze and saw John and Sam in the kitchen; John sitting at the table with his usual cup of caffeine and Sam busying himself making a breakfast that Dean knew Sam wouldn't actually eat. Sam was always nervous going to a new school, Dean had just got used to it over the years, but then, Sam was always the one who had the biggest problem with being the 'new kid.'

Dean got up, made himself breakfast and joined his father and brother at the table. The argument had not completely died overnight, and though Sam and John were talking again, it was either very quiet and subdued, or loud and sharp.

"So, Dad. What did you say you were hunting?" Dean said in a weak attempt to break the stony silence. Sam looked up at him, giving him a 'are you serious' face, and Dean returned it with a 'What' face and a shrug. John answered, seemingly not noticing the silent conversation going on between his boys,

"It's a demon, nasty son of a bitch too." He said, and looked up to Dean with a small smile on his face.

"Awesome, sounds fun! You know, it sounds like you could use some help and I was thinking -" Dean said, his own smile, albeit much bigger than John's, appearing on his face.

"No, Dean. You're going to school, if I still need it, you and Sam can help me this weekend. Now, you boys ready to go?"

"Yep," Dean said, finishing up his breakfast and putting his plate in the sink. Sam just nodded and went to get his school bag.


When they arrived at the school, John handed both Sam and Dean a small knife each for protection.

"Now you boys have a good day, stay out of trouble, Dean, I'm looking at you." Dean just grinned and nodded absently. He always stayed out of trouble, well, most of the time. "And if I'm not at the motel when you come home, there'll be food in the fridge or money on the counter."

"Okey Dokey, bye Dad" Dean said as he got out of the car.

"Bye Dean." He hesitated, before turning around in his seat, "Bye Sam."

Sam let out a small grin, apparently having decided to give up on the argument with John, before getting out of the car and waving goodbye to his father as he joined Dean on the pavement.

After watching their Dad leave, Dean turned to Sam as they walked towards the doors of the school, "O.k Sammy" Sam glared up at Dean when he used his old nickname, but Dean just smirked, "I want you to keep your phone on, and meet me during break and lunch by the benches." Dean said, concern in his eyes.

"Yes Dean. I know, quit worrying already." Sam said, exaggerated exasperation in his voice. Dean smiled, amused by Sam's act, knowing that he actually liked how Dean worried for him.

"That's my boy."

By this time they had reached the school office. Dean approached the lady at the office, the smile still on his face. Sam's eyes followed Dean, and he smirked and shook his head as he heard Dean turn on his Winchester charm, making the young pretty receptionist bat her eyelids and smile at Dean with pure lust shining in her blue eyes. Sam rolled his eyes at her reactions to his brother, he had expected them of course, Sam had never seen a girl refuse the charm that his brother had honed to perfection.

"Seriously?" Sam said to Dean when they were out of earshot of the receptionist.


"Dude! Is it impossible for you to actually meet a girl without flirting with her?"

"Hey! I don't chat-up every girl I meet!" Dean said, pretend hurt in his voice. Sam looked up at Dean with his eyebrows raised and his eyes conveying a look of annoyed disbelief. Bitchface #2 Dean thought.

"Her name's Rose" Dean said, a tone of victory and pride in his voice. He really could chat-up any girl he wanted. When Sam's face broke into a smile he dropped the subject, handing Sam his timetable and pointing him in the direction Rose had said his first class was, he sent Sam on his way, before turning on his heel and heading in the opposite direction down the long corridor, toward his first class.

-SPN- 3 days later -SPN-

The first few days of being in their new school had been average enough for the brother's. Dean, as usual, was rapidly making friends due to his confident nature. Sam, however, had always been more awkward, and had mostly kept to himself since starting school. This, of course, made him a really big attraction to bullies, who, very wrongly, thought of him as being an 'easy target.'

Dean soon found out about this little fact when Sam came out of school after being delayed in meeting him, with a bruise under his jaw and a nose that looked much too much like it had recently shed blood for Dean's liking. Dean had repeatedly asked Sam what had happened, or who did it, badgering him for the rest of the day. Sam finally gave in as they lay in their beds that night, and told him that it was Jason Crawford along with some other boys in the grade above Sam. Dean nodded and told Sam not to worry, Dean falling asleep forming plans of how he was going to get back at those boys the next morning.

Dean did get his revenge on Jason Crawford and his cronies in the morning, and although Sam was not present at the time due to Dean not wanting him to get in trouble, by break Sam had heard many different accounts of how Dean had defeated the well-known bullies, each one becoming more vicious and tragic than the previous version. And, though the stunt had no doubt earned Dean an intimidatingly powerful reputation among the pupils, it had also earned him and the bullies after-school detention for the next week.

That evening, Sam decided to stay in the library and do some homework while Dean served detention with Jason and his friends in Mr. Kelly's classroom. Mr. Kelly was Sam's history teacher, and Sam liked him very much. That, therefore, made Dean all the more relaxed about spending the next hour with him.

The brother's waved goodbye to each other outside the classroom, and once Dean was inside, Sam began the reasonably long journey to the library.

Dean entered the classroom, an cocky smile on his face.

"Hello Dean." Mr. Kelly said, looking up from his papers upon Dean's entrance with a almost-stern look on his face, meaning that he did not want to be angry with Dean, or anyone else, but he knew he had to. "Take a seat, get out some work, and no talking." He said quietly as he gestured towards one of the front row seats.

Dean just nodded, having been in enough detentions to already know the procedure. He took a seat, giving a confident and arrogant smile to the younger boys already in their seats. Dean didn't care, he was going to do all he could to take those boys further off their high horses, so he decided to rub his now-famous victory over them in their faces.

About thirty minutes in to Dean's detention, he looked up to the clock, tapping his pen impatiently on his book. Dean was bored, and if he didn't get out of this classroom really quickly, he was going to have to find some other way to amuse himself. That gave him an idea, and he started to contemplate what awesome pranks he could use for the next prank war between him and his brother.

At that moment, the door opened. A man of average hight striding into the room that Dean had never seen before.

Mr. Kelly also looked up at the man's entrance. "Excuse me sir, I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you to leave. Non-teaching adults are not-"

He stopped mid-sentence, eyes widening, as he saw the man draw a gun out of his pocket and point it at the terrified teacher. Dean started at the sight of a gun, and heard sharp gasps from the other pupils. He had expected the man to be a friend of the teacher's or something who was meant to meet him after school and had come to see what was taking him so long. As Dean observed the man, he saw his eyes turn into the black caves that Dean associated with only one thing.


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