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Sam ran down the corridor towards the main exit to the school. He pulled on the door and discovered that it was locked shut. He looked down at the handle, seeing a small keyhole. He looked around, there had to be a key somewhere. He scanned the room with his eyes quickly, not leaving his spot beside the door.

He supposed Dean could always pick the lock, Sam had not yet been able to match his brother's speed and success rate of picking locks. He took a quick peek out the window that was on the door, straining his neck ever so slightly, to see what was going on outside. Sam's eyes widened when he saw a huddle of police men talking to three men with 'FBI' plastered on the back of their jackets. Their faces were serious but composed. Scattered between the police, Sam could see several parents: mother's with wet faces and father's standing comforting their wives, trying to hide their own worry.

Sam looked down from the window, "Shit," he whispered. He had not expected the parents to still be outside the school as the boys who had been in detention with Dean had escaped the classroom when the fight between the Winchester's and the Demons had first begun. That meant they must still be in the school somewhere. Knowing they didn't have long before the Fed's decided to enter the building he headed back down the corridor. He needed to find another way out of the school.

While searching for an alternative exit Sam began opening doors of classrooms, searching for the teens.

He found them in the fourth room he checked, they were all huddled together, and when Sam opened the door they all spun sharply around, their faces terrified.

"It's ok! We got rid of them!" Sam said, reassuring the room. "I need you to come with me, ok?" Sam looked at them. Based on their earlier opinion of him, he did not expect them to listen to his wishes, he was stunned, therefore, when his former bullies rose and came over to wait by his side, waiting for him to lead the way.

"Okay." Sam said, regaining his composure. "Let's go."

Sam led them down the corridor, back to Dean. When he got back his Dad was already there, waiting for him with Dean.

"Well Sam?" John questioned, "Did you find a door out?"

"No sir." Sam replied, his voice shaking slightly. "Dad, the FBI are outside. They look pissed and impatient." Sam hesitated briefly before continuing, "Dad, I – I think they're getting ready to come in." Sam said, unnerved by the thought of facing the Fed's.

"It's fine Sam, we'll figure something out." Dean said, always first to comfort Sam.

Sam looked up at Dean, remembering his plan from earlier. "Dean, I have a plan." He said, urgency creeping steadily into his voice.

"Okay kiddo, let's hear it."

Sam shot glances at John and Dean, they had never allowed him to invent a plan before – he was not used to leading the pack, he was more comfortable with following the guidance of his brother and his father. It was a strange feeling, but Sam found that he liked it: being treated like an adult for once.

"Okay, so, The main front door is locked." Sam began, "We could bring everyone to the front door, and Dean could pick the lock to open it. Then we move to the back of the school, while Jason and his friends wait by the door for our signal to say it's good to go – Dad, you could take us to where you came in," He continued, looking at his father, "then we call Jason, and tell him that him and his friends can now leave the school through the front door. This will cause a distraction and the police will all move towards the front door. That means that the back of the school will be unguarded, meaning we can leave."

A smile appeared on Dean's face as he listened to Sam's plan. He was highly impressed and immensely proud of his little brother for coming up with an idea that would mean they could get the remaining student's safely out of the school and also get them out of the school undetected.

John's face was more calculating; he was in deep thought, thinking about the minor details that would have to be considered in order for his son's plan to work.

"That's a brilliant plan Sammy!" Dean praised the moment Sam had finished talking. "What do you think, Dad?" Dean questioned his father who had yet to give his opinion of the plan.

John looked at Dean, and then focused his gaze back on Sam, his eyes filled with pride. "I think it's a great idea kiddo."

Sam looked from his Dad to Dean, and then back to his Dad. His Father's compliment shocking him so much he nearly stumbled back a bit. "Really?" He questioned, unsure of whether or not he had heard his father correctly.

"Yeah." John replied, a smile appearing on his face at his son's reaction to his approval. However, somewhere deep inside of him, under the many emotional walls that John Winchester had built to protect his shattered heart, hurt stabbed at him when he saw his son's disbelief at his father's approval. He knew this was not how it should be. Mary would be so disappointed in him.

"O.K, c'mon. We got to get a move if we want to be out of here before the Fed's storm the place." John said. He hesitated a moment before continuing, turning to the other boys in the classroom. "Right. I need you to listen to me very closely. When you go out, you must not tell anyone about us or were we went. Make up some story – I don't care what you do."

"Yeah, we have guns and we will find you." Dean growled.

"Ok? Now, which one of you is Jason?" John questioned.

A big, blonde boy stepped forward slightly. He had his head down and was quivering a little, but his eyes shot up while he was talking to John, "I- I am s-s-sir."

"Give me your phone number."

Once John had saved Jason's number on his phone, they all prepared to put the plan in action. As they were about to leave, John looked up at Dean, remembering that he was hurt.

"How you holding up son?"

Dean smirked, "I'm fine Dad. Don't worry, it's nothing." He assured, neither John or Sam were convinced however, and they exchanged quick glances.

John smiled slightly, "Very funny – as soon as we go home, I'm gonna patch you up ok?"

"Yes sir." Dean promptly replied.

"O.k, lets move."

The Winchester's led the group back down the corridor towards the front doors. Once they reached them, John peeped through the window on the door to confirm what his son had said was happening outside. The fed's were indeed outside, discussing their options.

Dean bent to pick the lock, grunting in pain and breathing heavily when his movements put strain on his damaged ribs. He smiled when he heard the lock click, confirming that the door was now unlocked. Sam came over to him and helped him to his feet, he had heard Dean's pain before and wanted to make sure his brother did not stretch himself too far.

"Right, c'mon." John ordered. He looked toward Jason and his friends before they left, "Remember boys. Don't go anywhere until I ring you. We'll only be another minute, then we can all get the hell out of here."

"Yes sir." Jason replied, comforted by the thought that this whole ordeal was nearly over.

John turned back toward the corridor, Sam and Dean following behind him, Dean struggling slightly but not allowing Sam to make too big a deal of it. Just before they turned the corner Sam heard Jason say "Thank You." Sam turned to him and smiled, before following his father and his brother down the corridor.

John moved at a fast pace, and reached the stairs quickly. When they were half way down the stairs however, Dean began to struggle and his pace began to slow.

"Dean." Sam called, as soon as he noticed this. "Dad! How much further?"

"It's just at the bottom of these stairs." John responded.

"It's ok Dean! Did you hear Dad, we're nearly outta here. C'mon, we'll all be fine." Sam reassured his big brother, and he continued to encourage him until they reached the bottom of the stairs. Sam and Dean eyed the fire escape door, slightly confused. Sam spoke up first,

"Dad, are we going to go through this door?"


"But, isn't there an alarm attached to this door – if it goes off its not exactly an unnoticeable escape." Sam argued.

"There was an alarm attached to this door. I disabled it on my way in here, this is how I came in." John confirmed, as he reached for his phone to call Jason.

"Ok, boys, you can go now." John said when the phone was answered. He ended the phone call as soon as he had told the teens to leave the school.

"Now, watch and listen." All three Winchester's kept their ears open, it was only about five seconds after the phone call when they heard the happy screams from outside as parents saw their children running from the school towards them. Then they heard the shout from the police men, ordering all their men to come to the front of the school so they could enter all together. When they heard this they watched as the two policemen standing outside the door leave.

John gingerly opened the door, sneaking outside, it had gotten dark and it took his eyes a small moment to get used to the lack of light. Sam and Dean followed their father out of the school, relieved to be outside again, but still slightly tense, as they knew they were not safe until they were back to the Impala.

John directed them toward the trees that surrounded the school. They circled the school using the trees as shelter to keep them hid. They moved extra cautiously when they were passing the front of the school. They could see the Impala from here.

"Yes!" Dean whispered in victory.

They made a bee-line for the Impala, stopping when they came to the edge of the trees. They waited and watched until they saw the last of the police men enter the building before moving out of hiding and walking briskly toward the beloved car.

Once they were in the car smiles broke out in all their faces. They had never been so relieved to be away from a school! John turned to them from the front seat and said,

"That was one hell of a family bonding activity boys." He teased, "but let's not do it again." They laughed as John started the car and sped towards the motel.

-SPN- Later that night -SPN-

Sam finished washing his teeth and said goodnight to his father. He entered the room him and his brother were sharing. Dean was already positioned on his bed, their Dad had patched him up good and now all he needed was rest. Sam climbed into his bed, tears beginning to sting his eyes as he fully realised what they had been through today.

"Hey, what's wrong?" Dean questioned, as he saw his brother begin to tear up.

Sam looked down, hesitating before answering his brother. "Why is it always us Dean? You could've been killed today, or Dad! And those demons will be back from hell some day – what if they come back again? What if we aren't as lucky next time?" Sam began to panic slightly, and at this stage, the tears were falling quickly.

Dean sat up in his bed. "Sammy, come here." Sam came over to him, sitting down beside him. Dean wrapped his arm around his little brother to comfort him. "Sammy? Do you think I'm ever going to let those demons hurt any of us, huh?"

"But what if you aren't there to protect us?" Sam questioned.

"Sammy, I'm not going anywhere. I'll always be there to protect you and Dad. That's what awesome big brothers are for kiddo." Dean teased to lighten the mood. It worked, he managed to get a small smile out of his brother.

"You're right." Sam said, smiling wider at the thought of always having his brother at his side.

"Of course I am." Dean smiled, hoping that he was.

The End.

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