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There was a strange sense of déjà vu that the girls felt as they sat in their room at Tamaki's house. The host had decided that it would be best for them to spend the night there and decide where they would be staying the next day. There was only one problem to that solution. It was 2:45pm and the girls were bored out of their minds. Mercy had tucked herself into the darkest corner in the room as she wrote secretively in her notebook. Faith was actually working on her scrapbook for the first time in forever. Since she didn't have any pictures, she had decided to glue different objects and things that related to them in some way. For instance, one of the things she used was toilet paper.

"Hey Mercy?" Faith called from the opposite side of the room.


"Where do you think that we will end up?"

"Hmmhm." Mercy shrugged her shoulders, not bothering to look up from the notebook.

"I hope we don't get stuck with the twins, though staying at Tamaki's house seems just as bad. I wouldn't mind staying at either Mori's or Honeys place but I don't really know them too well. Kyoya would be sure to make us work or something so I rather not go their either. That only leaves Haruhi, but I don't think I could ever step foot in their home again, on account that I hit Haruhi's dad with a frying pan." Faith was careful not to refer to Haruhi as a he/she.

"Hmm." Mercy didn't blink an eye.

"…Right." Faith wanted to push the subject, but held herself back. She fought the urge to ask Mercy why she agreed to their offer, at the price of it eating her inside and out.

'I still don't understand. This goes against everything she told me. How can she just ditch the plan and go through a new one without even telling me? Maybe I misunderstood…maybe.' Faith lowered her head and followed the tracks to her train of thought. Her perception on reality decreased as she remembered their conversation from a long while back. It was the night after their confession with the twins.

"Mercy, what are we doing?" Faith had asked in distress.

"I don't know. When have we ever known what we were doing?" Mercy replied.

"I'm serious. I feel like we are digging our graves and carving our tombstones. Mine says 'Idiot' and yours says 'Suicidal,' only you're not suicidal because you are trying to get us both killed instead of just you!"

"If I wanted us dead, I would have done something about it long ago. Besides, it's not like it even matters."

"Of course it matters Mercy! Why on else would we lie?" Faith exclaimed.

"We didn't lie per se…"

"Yes we did. We told the twins a made up past of ours. That's a lie."

"We didn't make anything up! We just left certain things out and...exagerated things a little."

"Not all of it was accurate. Why come up with a past like that though?"

"Because it's disturbed enough to keep them from asking more questions and explains why we are so cautious all the time."

"I see…..it's still not quite as disturbed as the truth though."

"I know that. If I had told them something that was closer to our past, then they would have thought it was a lie. It just seems to…..misfortunate?"

"That's because it is." Faith turned her head away.

"Who cares? Point is that soon this won't even matter anymore." Mercy continued.

"And why is that?" Faith asked, slightly intrigued.

"Our encounter with them has been nothing more than an obstacle. All we need to do is cut ties with them and soon they will forget all about us."

"But doesn't that mean we have to move again? Remember that we don't have anywhere else to go."

"We aren't going to move again. Stuff some ice cubes down your pants and chill out." Mercy smirked. Faith sent her cold glares.

"I suppose you have a plan."

"Of sorts, yes. Keep in mind that they are just a rich group of boys who found some old 'toy' to play with. After they get bored with us, they will just throw us away and move on to another. That was also a reason that contributed in telling them a 'past' or our 'history.' After all, you can't lose interest in something you know nothing about." Mercy sighed.

"You have to have a better reason than that. It's just simply arrogant to believe that it will work out that smoothly."
"True. I mainly am not putting much concern into this because, as I said before, our truth seems like a lie. If they had somehow managed to discover it, I hardly think they would have an easy time believing it. There are too many unexplained….occurrences and missing links. Even we don't fully understand and it's our lives. It wouldn't be too hard to tell them 'Got ya' or 'Haha, just kidding.' It's not safe to get to close to us, and after a while they will get tired of this nonsense."

"….Nonsense" Faith repeated quietly.

"Yes, nonsense. Our whole lives are nothing but garbage. No one likes trash and soon they, like everyone before them, will get tired of this game and leave us alone. The only reason I stay with it is because I have to live it. The second I see a chance to escape this nightmare; I am going to take it." Mercy said firmly.

"What about consequences? I know they are sort of annoying, but they are good people. I really don't want to hurt them in any way, shape, or form." Faith said slowly.

"It's always hard to hurt the people around you. The closer they are to you, the harder it is. You want to protect them, but in the end it comes down to the choice of do or die. Sometimes you have to hurt the people you love the most in order to survive. I don't know about you, but I can't do this for much longer. I need to survive."

"So…what does that mean?" Faith asked wearily. She hadn't ever heard Mercy talk like that before. Mercy was silent for a while.

"It means that you should forget about their feelings and do what you need to do if you want to survive. Who knows? Maybe hurting them is the best way we can protect them. You do know the consequences of anyone who gets too close to us, right? That's just wishful thinking though. They couldn't care less about us so I don't see how it would hurt them if we left. Anyways it's been a long night; we really should go to sleep now."

"Faith? Hello?" Mercy hollered from her corner. Faith twitched as she returned to reality.

"You alright?" Mercy asked.

"Huh? Oh…ya." Faith replied carefully.

"If you say so. Hey, we've been in here for a while now. How about we go downstairs and see what's going on?" Mercy asked as she got up from the floor and spread out into a wide stretch.


Mercy opened the door and journeyed her way to the dining room with Faith following silently behind. Mercy knew something was wrong, but she couldn't find it in herself to face the girl behind her. The moment they walked into the dining room, all eyes were on them.

"I didn't know that you all were here." Mercy said, referring to all the hosts that were present around the table.

"We actually came in here with you guys; it seems that you were just too deep in thought to notice." Kyoya replied, pushing his glasses up higher on the bridge of his nose.

"Oh…Well what are you guys talking about?" Mercy shuffled from one foot to another.

"Nothing much. We were mostly discussing whose house you would be staying at while we found you a new home." Kyoya set his gaze back to the front.

"Oh ya? So what are you guys thinking?" Mercy asked softly.

"Hmm. I thought that you would be a bit more aggressive about your temporary home or at least name some people you refuse to live with." Kyoya said, glancing at the prime suspects of his statement.

"Not at all. You guys are kind enough to let us stay with you, even though it would be nothing but an inconvenience. I apologize in advance for that, but am also very grateful for your hospitality. Whichever you decide, I will gladly accept with a thankful heart." Mercy said with a small bow at the end. The hosts were obviously surprised and even a bit flattered by her comments. Faith on the other hand, wasn't so happy. For some odd reason she felt annoyed and even a bit angry at Mercy. Something felt wrong. Mercy wasn't acting like her usual self and everything she has just said bothered Faith more than it should have.

'Overkill much? What is she doing?'

Something defiantly seemed off about this situation. That thought wouldn't leave Faiths mind no matter what she did. Maybe it was the distance she felt between her and Mercy that bothered her. They had always been so close; now Mercy wouldn't even look in her direction. Seeing Mercy be so open and social to the people she never liked and so closed and disconnected from Faith, hurt her a little. She shook her head and smiled.

"I agree 100%. I don't know how we will ever be able to show our gratitude." Faith said, smiling wider.

"Well you could do us one favor." Hikaru suggested.

"And that would be?" Faith and Mercy said in unison for the first time in a long time. Upon noticing this, they shifted uncomfortably and tilted their bodies further away from each other.

"Buy us some commoners coffee. We ran out." The twins had said, perfectly in sync. They didn't seem to mind it one bit.

"Sure thing." Faith agreed and Mercy nodded her head silently.

"While you're at it, would you mind getting a few more things for us?"

"Of course." It was Mercy who voiced her agreement this time, while Faith just smiled.

Soon after they agreed to run errands for the hosts, they found themselves in the center of a road that led to multiple stores and markets. Faith and Mercy stood side-by-side as they tried to decide on where they should go first.

"What should we get first?" Faith asked, not bothering to face Mercy.

"I think that we should spit the work and have you get half and I get the other half." Mercy suggested.

"Fine by me." Faith hadn't said that harshly, but she couldn't shake off the irritated tone in her voice. They parted ways as they went to find all the items on their split list. Mercy had entered one of the stores and was searching around them shelves.

"Toilet paper, check. Coffee, check. Potato, check. Pink rubber duck with blue polka dots, che-Hey, wait a moment. Where the heck am I suppose to find this?" Mercy wondered to herself loudly.

"What are you looking for?" A familiar voice called from behind her. At first she thought it was one of the hosts who had come to spy on her, but was surprised to see who it was when she turned around.

"Oh, hey Daichi." Mercy greeted. Daichi was wearing a vibrent green jacket that, suprisingly, suited him quite well.

"Hello Mercy. For some odd reason, I thought that you wouldn't remember me." He offered he a sheepish smile.

"Why wouldn't I? You are in my Government class. We hung out together during the tornado warning."

"Ya. That was pretty weird, wasn't it?" He smiled.

"I guess so. Anyways, what brings you here?" Mercy asked, setting down a can of beans she had taken from a shelf.

"I need to run some errands for my aunt. She said that she needed specific ingredients for something special she was going to make tonight. By the way, do you happen to know what saffron is?" He asked, creasing his eyebrows as he looked at his own list.

"I think it's a type of spice, but don't hold me to that." Mercy smiled at his confused face.

"You're probably right. So why are you here?" Daichi asked, ignoring his list.

"Same as you; just running song errands." Mercy shrugged. She had been doing a lot of that recently.

"Aren't we living the dream? I couldn't imagine anything better than running errands." He rolled his eyes, but kept a sweet look on his face. "Anyway, my aunt is probably looking for me and I still haven't found the saffron. It was nice running into you."

"You too. I will see you later." Mercy offered him a small smile as he left to find his last remaining ingredient. Mercy turned around and went off in search of the nonexistent duck.

Faith wandered along the road, searching every outside market while Mercy took care of the indoor stores. Faith glanced at her half of the list sighed.

"What the heck is 'commoner's soup?' Isn't that just regular soup?" Faith shook her head is exasperation. She looked around for a while, before gathering enough courage to actually walk up to a stand.

"Do you know where I could find any commoners soup?...or any soup?" Faith asked shyly. The store clerk gave her a strange look before opening her mouth. Faith soon realized she asked her question in vain, when the woman behind the table starting speaking Japanese. Faith backed away slowly with a dumb smile plastered on her face.

'aaaand I am screwed.' She thought sadly. She started looking around again when someone tapped her on the shoulder. She turned around slowly to find herself face-to-face with a boy wearing a viberant green jacket, who seemed about her age. In fact, he looked extremely familiar.

"Excuse me? I'm sorry, but I couldn't help but overhear your dilemma and would like to help. My aunt actually owns a small general store a little further from here. She sells on kinds of things, including soup. I'm not sure what commoner's soup is, but you might find something to suit your needs."

"Oh? That would be great!" Faith smiled happily. He seemed like a nice guy and had a very kind smile. He led her down the road to where he said his aunt's store was. When he started walking into a dark, excluded area, Faith stopped dead in her tracks.

"A-are you sure that it's here?" She asked nervously.

"Positive. Her store isn't the most popular and is rather small so she doesn't have the best location." He replied sheepishly. Faith couldn't shake the creepy feeling she got from the situation. It seemed like the part in the move where the stupid girl follows the stranger into a alley and he kills her…or worse. Faith would usually scream at the girl and tell her to not be such an idiot, but ironically found herself in the same situation.

'I don't like how this feels. It's not like this is the only place in the world that sells soup, and if it is, I don't think they would want me to die to get it. Ya, I should just turn around.' Faith took a step back.

"T-thank you for your kindness, but I realized that I have soup and home. If fact, I have too much soup. So much that I can no longer go into my bathroom, so if you will excuse me..." She tried walking backwards slowly, half expecting him for lunge out at her. He didn't move. Instead he smiled softly at her and nodded his head.

"I'm sorry to hear that; I'm sure my aunt would have appreciated the business. It was nice meeting you though, but I'm afraid that I must be going." He smiled again before turning around and walking into the alley. Faith watched stunned. He actually seemed sorta relieved in a way.

'Huh, guess I worried for nothing. Even if he was just a kid, still better safe than sorry…..or dead.' She was about to turn around when she noticed something on the ground. It was his wallet. Faith picked it up and called out to him, but he had already turned the corner. Not knowing what else to do, she ran after him. She was in pretty far when he came into view.

"Hey! HEY!You dropped your wallet!"She called after him. He turned around with a surprised expression. Faith stopped in front of him.

"You forgot you wallet." She repeated. A sad expression crossed his eyes and he looked at the ground.

"O-oh. T-thank you." He whispered softly. He looked really sad and even a bit guilty.

"No problem." Faith was about to hand it to him when suddenly she tripped. Many pictures started to spill out of his wallet and onto the floor.

"Oh crap! I am so sorr-" Faith stopped mid-sentence, horrified by the sight before her. She slowly bent down and picked one of the pictures up for closer examination. It was a picture of her and Mercy. Specifically, it was a picture of them looking around at the remains of their 'house.' She glanced down at the rest of the pictures, to discover that they were all of her and Mercy. Mostly of her: Her with Mercy, with the hosts, and even one of her dressed as a cat. Faith opened her mouth to scream but nothing came out. The picture fell out of her hands and she slowly brought her head up to look at the boy in the green sad expression had gotten even sadder and guiltier. Now Faith was really starting to get scared.

"I am so sorry. I didn't want too...I'm so sorry." He repeated. Faiths heart dropped and she wanted to scream, but it was too late and she suddenly found herself being pulled back and gagged with a rope. She tried to struggle, but it was useless. He already tied her hands behind her back and tied the gag on tightly around her head. How could she have been so foolish? She hadn't even noticed a second presents behind her until he had her in his grasp. Besides the boy in front of her and the man behind her, she noticed a third shadow appear from in front of her. Her eyes widened in realization. It was Ms. Yuri, AKA the mean teacher that hit Faith which ultimately led to Kaoru getting hit by the car.

"Hello Faith, I see we meet again." She sneered.

"AHHN HIHDFYGFYUTF YGF YUGFYUGUYF!" Faith tried to scream, tried to do anything, but found herself completely useless.

"I knew you were stupid but I didn't think that you would be this much of an idiot." She laughed. Faith couldn't do anything but stare in horror at the reality she was in.

"Aunt, please let her go. I did what you wanted; you promised me that you just wanted to talk to her!" Said the boy in the green jacket.

"Shut up Daichi! You did well, don't spoil it by disrespecting me!" Yelled Ms. Yuri.

The name Daichi echoed in Faiths head as she came to the horrifying realization. She thought about Mercy, about how this might have been the last time she would ever see her. Faith's heart throbbed at the thought and all she wanted was to rewind time and tell Mercy how thankful she was too have had her in her life. Despite Faiths struggles, the man behind her pulled her deeper into the alley, Ms. Yuri watching in delight. It wasn't soon after that Faith was thrown into the back seat of a black van. Her shoe had fallen off during the struggle and she felt even more exposed because of it. They had tied her legs together as well and even had gone through the trouble of blindfolding her. Faith didn't make a sound, movement, or even an expression. She was as blank as a board even though she felt all the emotions of the world. Regrets filled her mind and she felt as though she was drowning in guilt. One thought, however, did not leave her mind.

'Maybe….this is for the best. Everyone is better without me. This is defiantly…for the best.'

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