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Andy McNally had been gone for two days already. Fifteenth division had joined up with Guns and Gangs for a week to put the finishing touches on an undercover op and they needed a woman. Andy, having the shitty luck that she did, got it, of course. She was to pose as one of their undercover agent's sister and help take down the drug ring's leader. Sam knew nothing more than that. He didn't know who she was taking down, where she was, or how much back up she had. All he knew was that she was supposed to be back at the beginning of next week.

When the Guns and Gangs guys had been in parade Sunday morning, Sam had gotten a choke in his throat. He'd thought they were there for him and he didn't know if he was ready to go back. With his luck he'd go under and when he came back Andy would be the new Mrs. Luke Callaghan. He couldn't let that happen. He was just biding his time until Mr. Wonderful screwed the pooch and if he didn't before they set a date, then Sam would risk making an ass out of himself, but only then. If he was away, neither would be able to happen and Sam would miss his chance.

Lucky for him, Guns and Gangs didn't need him back just yet. And then he heard the bad news. "They're here to steel one of our female rookies away," Best had joked. Everyone had laughed along but it was obvious the coppers of fifteen were nervous for the inexperienced rookies. Even Best had seemed a little off when he'd said it. Sam knew, from that moment, that Andy would be the one to go. It was her luck, it was his luck. Nash, Peck and McNally all went to Best's office right after parade along with the Guns and Gangs guys. The pit in Sam's stomach made him nauseous as he got in the squad car with Epstein.

That entire day had been hell. It had taken all of his will power not to call his rookie and ask what had happened and if she'd be the one to leave. Epstein must have felt the tension because he'd kept his comments to a minimum and hadn't tried anything stupid the whole day.

When they'd arrived back at the division, Sam hadn't even waited for Epstein to open his door; he'd raced into the bullpen at record speed. He'd looked around the desks; he saw Nash and Peck, but no McNally. He'd even looked in all the interrogation rooms and couldn't find her there either. Finally, he walked by Callaghan's office. Just as he was walking by, Callaghan was walking out. "Who'd they take?" Sam asked, taking both himself and the detective by surprise.

Luke looked at the cop for a second as if realizing what he said and then stated, "Andy."

Sam was amazed at how calm he seemed to be. A memory of Andy venting to him about Luke not liking Andy going undercover that night that she and Sam went under, flashed for a moment. Why was Luke fine now? "How long will she be gone?" Sam asked with less patience.

"I don't really think it's my place to discuss -"

"How long will she be gone?" Sam asked much more loudly this time. People turned their heads in their direction at the sound of Sam's voice. Over Luke's shoulder, Sam could see Detective Rosati peak out from behind her computer.

Luke looked at Sam exasperatedly and finally said, "She should be back at the beginning of next week."

Sam was furious. Andy goes undercover for one night with back up from her partner who'd gone undercover for eight months by himself and Mr. Goody-Two-Shoes throws a fit, but she goes undercover for a week by herself and he's not bothered at all? "Should be back at the beginning of next week? Why doesn't it seem like you're at all worried for her, Callaghan?"

"Why are you so worried for her, Swarek?"

"She's my partner, smart ass. It's my job to worry about her when she's in dangerous situations. As her fiancé, I'd thought you'd be the most concerned, Detective."

"Well as her fiancé, Officer, I trust her to take care of herself, since she is, after all, supposed to be trained to do things such as this, or did you fail to do that?"

Sam was about to lunge at him just as Jerry began pulling at Sam's arms and Detective Rosati slipped around Luke and put her hands on his chest. "Sam, come on, man, this isn't the time or the place," Jerry said to the cop as he pulled him away.

"Hey, Swarek, are you sure you're not this worried about her because you haven't had a chance to screw her yet?"

Sam Swarek saw red. Adrenaline pumped through his veins as he tore his arms out of Jerry's grip. Luke's laughing face was all he could see as he struggled against both Jerry and Oliver who were now trying to restrain him. He tore away yet again letting Luke's laugh fuel his anger. The officer's head pounded as, now, Jerry, Oliver, Chris Diaz and even Best had to restrain him from killing Callaghan. Sam barely heard Best's shouts and was only acutely conscious of the smile falling off Luke's face as Rosati pushed him back into the detectives' office and shut the door.

Only when Sam's breathing slowed did he notice that it had taken four men to restrain him from ripping Luke Callaghan's head off. His vision began to return to normal and only then did he realize that Callaghan was no longer standing in the doorway laughing at Sam's reaction to his own sick joke. Jerry, Diaz, and Oliver were all looking at him warily as if they were expecting him to become the Hulk any second.

"Swarek, in my office NOW!" Best's eyes flashed as he stepped aside for Sam to pass him. On his way up to the office he tried to avoid all the eyes he could feel staring at him. Fucking great; he's made a scene. Sam Swarek didn't make scenes, Sam Swarek flew below the radar and occasionally broke a rule here and there but never enough to get him called into the Staff Sergeant's office. Sam Swarek didn't make scenes, that is, until Andy McNally showed up in his life. Prime example: when Sam yelled at Oliver a little while ago when Andy had gone into the disintegrating building. Fucking awesome.

Best slammed the door behind him and closed all of the blinds covering his ceiling to floor windows. Finally he turned to Officer Swarek and glowered at him while trying to slow his own breathing. "What the hell was that out there, Swarek? Officer McNally isn't even gone twenty four hours and already you're starting a showdown with Luke Callaghan? I won't stand to have a loose cannon in my division, copper."

"Yes, sir," Sam said. He knew he had to take the beating to get out of there as soon as possible.

"Look, Sam," Best softened a little. Swarek was one of Seattle's best officers. Besides, Swarek was a great guy; he just had a short fuse. "Everyone at fifteen knows you have feelings for Officer McNally. Even me."

"She's my partner, Sir -" Sam began.

"It's more than that and everybody knows it except maybe McNally. You two are so goddamn stubborn it's ridiculous. If it didn't make you such good cops I would've put you on desk duty ages ago." Best sighed and sat down at his desk before continuing, "Look, Swarek, just, take the rest of the week at desk -"

"You're putting me on desk duty?" Sam burst incredulously. "That creep deserves to get his head ripped off!"

"Would you rather I suspend you, Swarek?" Sam shut up. He knew Best would if he said another word and knowing Andy was in danger while sitting at home for a whole week; even the idea drove him crazy. "Sam, I know Callaghan is a dick and deserves everything he has coming to him, but you can't be the one to give it to him."

Best sighed again before getting up to open all the blinds in his office. It was as if the entire bullpen jumped to life and scattered when their Staff Sergeant stood in the window. Shaking his head, he went back and sat down at his desk. "Look, Sam, I'll tell you what; while you're on desk duty I will personally deliver any updates I get from the Guns and Gangs team or McNally herself to you, ok?"

Relieved, Sam nodded. "Thank you, sir."

"You're dismissed, Swarek." Sam got up to leave feeling slightly better about the next week with McNally gone. When he reached the door Best stopped him, "And, Swarek?"

"Yes, sir?"

"It'd be best if you steered clear of Callaghan for the rest of the week."

"Yes, sir." Sam left the office listening to Best calling the blonde detective into his office.