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Later that night, everyone was at the Penny except Andy. Sam sat nervously at the far end of the bar, clutching a glass of scotch that he had yet to even glance at. Oliver had long ago given up trying to talk to him and was instead talking to Noelle and Frank. Jerry was at the rookie table, putting on all his charm for Traci, making nice with the other rookies. Jo and Luke sat at the back corner-most table with two other detectives. Sam was anxious; after Andy had walked out of the viewing room, he hadn't seen her for the rest of the day, she's requested it off. What was she thinking? What was she feeling? Was she okay? He'd called her at least fifty times and left her twenty voicemails. The fact that he hadn't heard from her at all was actually starting to scare him.

Just as he was taking out his phone to call her for the fifty-first time, the door to the dark bar swung open. A swift rush of air flew through the room and then was sucked out again as the door closed. Sam's eyes shot up excitedly, as they had been doing for the past hour every time the door opened, and this time they landed on their prize. Andy McNally stood in the dim light of the doorway looking as naturally beautiful as ever. Her hair was pulled into a low, loose side ponytail, her auburn locks hanging perfectly over her left shoulder. Her makeup was light and hardly noticeable, just like it had been at work. She was wearing her black leather jacket, the same she'd worn on the undercover operation she'd had with Sam, and her favorite jeans, the ones with the rips in the knees. She looked comfortable, beautiful, perfect, but Sam knew better. Her eyes and hands told him everything he needed to know and, to an extent, they told him what he feared. Her chocolate eyes, rimmed lightly with liner, were watery, shiny, enough to be abnormal. Her hands were hidden by her crossed arms, a sign that she was uncomfortable.

Sam had the overwhelming urge to go to her and wrap her in his arms, to take away her sadness and discomfort. But then her eyes landed on his and the urge ceased, as did his breathing. From afar he had been able to see the pain her eyes' glint held, but now, as she looked at him straight on, the pain wasn't the only thing there; a thirst for revenge made the glint a little ugly.

Andy took her arms away from her torso as she walked quickly over to the rookie table. Sam watched in near wonder as her body language morphed from uncomfortable and hurt to bold and defiant. Upon reaching her usual table, she wedged her way between Traci and Dov and immediately dove into some intense story. Sam watched anxiously as her fellow rookies' reactions changed from confused to surprised to furious; Chris even slammed his fist on the table, causing the glasses to jingle. Callaghan was going to get messed up. Since his fiancé had arrived, Luke had removed his hand from Jo's lower back, but their shoulders remained touching. The man had no shame.

Sam turned to look back at the rookie table but instead found Andy standing right in front of him. Between her appearing there suddenly and the malicious glint that was growing in her eye, he was a bit startled. "Disgusting isn't it?" she said in a biting voice. Sam knew she was talking about Luke and Jo; he glanced over quickly to the cheating detective before returning his eyes to the spiteful woman. "I'm sorry I didn't see it before; it's so obvious now that I think about it." Her voice softened a little as she reflected.

Sam looked at her sadly, "I'm sorry, Andy."

She shrugged her shoulders and gave him a small smile, "It's not even kind of your fault, Sam. You tried to warn me. Thank you."

Sam looked at her for a minute, searching her eyes and then looked down at the untouched glass of scotch. "I just wish I could've protected you from it."

When he felt her warm hand grace his shoulder, he looked back at her. Her small smile was back and she had the beautiful glint he loved shining through her intended revenge. Then she did something he wasn't expecting; she leaned over and planed her lips on his scruffy cheek. A warmth began to creep through him, causing a chill to run over his arms and spine, and he couldn't help but close his eyes and lean into her. A second later it was over but the warmth stayed with him. "You tried, and I appreciate it."

Her eyes left his and flicked over his head. Sam followed her eyes and found Callaghan looking at them with a dark look, half off his chair. Jo was glancing nervously between Andy and Luke but continued to try and stay engaged in the conversation with the other detectives.

"Hey, Sam, are you going to drink that?" When the officer returned his eyes to Andy, he found her still looking at the traitorous detective. Sam knew she was talking about his stagnant glass of alcohol. He shook his head but suddenly realized that she probably couldn't see it because she was still looking at Luke. Just when he opened his mouth to tell her, she grabbed the glass from his hands and downed the dark liquid. "Thanks," she said without looking at him and then turned to Traci who was suddenly standing behind her.

"Ready?" Her best friend nodded, sporting a deadly look as she carried a strawberry daiquiri in hand. Gail was right behind her with a mimosa and a grotesque sneer, well, more grotesque than her usual sneer. Dov came up behind her holding a Bloody Mary looking ready to go, as if he;d been given an undercover assignment. Chris looked ready to go into a rage and was cracking his knuckles, trying to add to his menace. For a guy who mostly came off as sweet and innocent, he knew how to at least try and make himself look tough. Finally, Andy grabbed a glass of whiskey from the bartender and they left the bar.

"You know how you've wanted to give it to Callaghan?" Jerry asked, sliding in next to Sam. Sam's mouth seemed incapable of working as he watched the scene unfold. Instead he moved his eyes to Jerry. "You won't have to in a minute." Jerry's eyes watched the rookies moving over Sam's shoulder, causing Sam to look over as well. Callaghan had resumed sitting after seeing Andy leave Sam and carry over a drink. He seemed not to notice the army of rookies behind her. His signature smirk graces his lips while Jo kept her head down, finding something very interesting about her apple martini.

Andy's face held a sexy smile but the vengeful spar still lingered in her eye. Sam could feel a harsh tingle jump up his spine; how could one woman exude that much power? Her lips began to move and her eyebrows arched seductively as she set the drink on the table, keeping her fingers around the glass.

Luke's fellow detectives watched the new arrival hungrily, eyeing the other two female rookies appreciatively too. Jo tried to keep up a conversation with the two men, but realized the lost cause and looked around herself awkwardly. "This is killing me already," Jerry erupted with hushed excitement.

Sam watched as Andy continued talking and Luke's expression changed. The smirk fell from his face and his features changed into those of fear and Jo's color slipped away. A manila folder was slammed on the table and some pictures spilled out. The detectives watching the scene with transpire, burst into immature laughter and stood from their stools. "You really did it this time, Callaghan," they said loudly, sounding like a group of brainless jocks. They left Luke and Jo to the rookies and left the bar laughing hysterically.

Others in the bar were starting to look now, hearing the burst of laughter, recognizing the team of rookies and observing the deadly white faces of two detectives. Andy seemed to be asking Luke a question that he didn't seem to be able to answer; he was trying, standing up and using his hands, but he was so flustered, he kept stumbling over his words. Jo tried to cut in, save him from his own babbling, but Andy's hand flew up and Jo sat back down.

Sam saw it coming before it happened. Andy's whole arm tensed; first the fingers around the glass, then her bicep and even her shoulder. And then, just like that, alcoholic liquid was pouring down Luke Callaghan's face and very expensive dress shirt. His eyes had only been able to close for part of it; his hands immediately flew up to his face trying to stem the stinging in his eyes. Jo, being the stupid blonde that she was, immediately jumped up to stop up the alcohol with the cheap bar napkins. She was promptly met with Traci's strawberry daiquiri. Her mouth flew open as the freezing pink liquid slipped down her hair and was absorbed by her white sweater.

Everyone in the bar was staring now. Sam caught a movement out of the corner of his eye and saw the bartender starting towards the altercation. The urge to stop the barkeep overwhelmed Sam but Noelle and Oliver got there first. They stood in front of him and told him it was okay.

"What the hell, Andy?" Luke shouted. The whiskey had soaked completely into his shirt and clung to his hair.

"That's for cheating," Andy's voice carried through the eery silence of the bar.

And, suddenly, the second round of drinks was being dumped. Gail's mimosa went on Jo and Dov's Bloody Mary went on Callaghan. They were caught off guard again and their faces, hair, and fronts were doused in the mixed drinks. "And that's for lying," she said this time. Callaghan's dark blue dress shirt soaked up the thick tomato juice while Jo's sweater was taking up a pinky-orange sunset hue.

Luke's eyes went wild and he made for Dov while Jo lunged for Gail. The previously idle Chris quickly grabbed Luke's arm and shoved him against the wall behind the table, settling his forearm over Luke's throat. Gail was not a weak woman, but Traci, never wanting to be out of the action, helped Gail secure Jo to the wall next to Callaghan. Dov looked a little disappointed, not having someone to shove against the brick, but tried to hide the look of relief that had flitted across his face when Luke had been pushed to the wall.

Both detectives, understandably, struggled against the holds of the rookies, before finally realizing they weren't getting anywhere and admitting defeat with identical huffs. Their eyes focused on their restrainers' until Andy stepped in between them. Again, Sam couldn't exactly hear what she said, but the look of guilt that plagued their faces told him she'd done good. With one final look, Andy turned and started to make her way out of the bar, the rookies releasing the detectives and following behind her.

"That's it?" Jo said loudly from her spot on the wall. Both her and Callaghan produced looks of relief and even a smile despite their wet-rat appearances.

Andy quickly turned on her heal and made her way through the rookies and back over to the cheater and the mistress. Her beautiful hand shot out and slapped the blonde hard across the cheek exuding a whole new power that made the beauty very frightening. Jo's head flew to the side and her gasp echoed through the bar. "Yep, that's it," Andy said smugly. Without waiting to observe Jo's pain or Luke's second attempt at mending their relationship, she left the bar, only slapping a fifty on the bar and without a glance at anyone else.

The dead silence that ensued after the rookies' departure was a first for the Penny. Everyone but Jo stared after them, while the blonde detective nursed her deep red cheek. The awkwardness was broken by Noelle's chuckle a few tables away. An uncomfortable smile spread across Frank's face while Oliver simply snorted and asked the bartender for another round. Everyone else occupying the bar slowly went back to their previous conversations, glancing or glaring occasionally at the two severely uncomfortable detectives. Sam just stared at the door, dumbfounded. Never before had he been at such a loss for words, worried, and turned on ... all at the same time.

"Are our girls bad asses or what?" Jerry exclaimed, slapping Sam on the back proudly.

That got Sam out of it. 'Our girls.' Sam abruptly stood from his stool and returned the slap on the back. "She's not my girl yet," he reminded Jerry, leaving the bar without another thought.

Five minutes later he was standing in front of Andy's house ... well Luke's and Andy's house ... what would it be now? He rang the doorbell anxiously, his heart beating faster than it had in a while. What would he say to her? All he knew was that he wanted to make sure she was okay. Well, that wasn't all, he wanted her to be his, but he needed her to be okay more than anything.

The door opened before him and he was met with the girl he couldn't get out of his mind staring back at him. She hadn't changed yet or taken her hair down or taken her makeup off; she looked much like she had in the bar with one significant difference, she looked liberated. Her face had a new brightness and happiness to it that was much prettier looking than the look of revenge she had held earlier.

She smiled softly when she saw him behind the door and stepped aside to let him in. Instead of accepting her offer, he saw a suitcase standing against the wall behind her. "You're leaving?" he asked, staring only at the suitcase.

"It's his house," she said simply. "I just live in it." Upon further inspection he saw a box sitting on the coffee table in the living room with little things that were just Andy's; CDs, DVDs, pictures, a lamp.

"You work quick," Sam commented, still not fully looking at her. Why was he here again? He suddenly felt like he was intruding.

"I don't have much stuff," she commented in the same nonchalant tone. She left him standing in the doorway and continued to pick up little things that were hers around the room. He observed her movements, keeping his mouth shut. It suddenly struck him that Luke could be coming home at any moment to plead his case with Andy, or maybe he would bring Jo with him thinking that Andy would have just gone back to Traci's instead of gathering her things.

"What are you going to do?" he asked, finally moving into the house and quietly closing the door behind him.

"I thought about continuing to stay with Traci, she offered, but now that I have all of my stuff with me that's not really an option; her house is crowded to begin with. I was thinking of staying at a hotel for a few days; maybe I'll get lucky and find an apartment quick or if worst comes to worst I'll stay with my dad, I haven't seen him in a while anyways." Her tone was still unconcerned. How could she be so relaxed? She was basically homeless, she'd just broken up with her boyfriend and yet she was completely calm about it.

"Are you okay?" He finally looked at her face and allowed her brown eyes to meet his own.

She searched his face before answering, "Actually, yeah. I'm a little freaked out, a little insecure, and it feels weird. I know I'll have my moments of sadness after this but right now I'm invigorated. I feel powerful for being strong enough to let him go and doing it in a way that showed everyone else that I'm okay. I'm okay. Right now I just need to get out of this house with my stuff and get to a hotel," she chuckled lightly.

This woman was amazing. "You can stay with me," Sam suddenly burst. He didn't know where it came from or why he said it but he realized quickly that he meant it. "I have a fantastic pull out couch and I'm a pretty good cook if I do say so myself and it will save you a ton of money in the long run." Was it just him or did he sound a little desperate?

"I don't know, Sam, I just broke up with Luke. I think I need to be alone for a little while." She looked a little uncomfortable and that's not what he wanted.

"Andy, I'm not going to try anything, okay? It's just so you don't waste all of your money on some stupid hotel room. I'm just being a friend here, nothing more." He tried to make his features look more comforting than hopeful but he wasn't sure if he was successful or not.

She observed him more closely this time, a contemplative look overtaking her face. Andy's eyes fell to her box and then traveled over to her giant suitcase before finally landing back on Sam's face. "Okay," she sighed in defeat. "But there are some rules that need to be set and I'll be pitching in for groceries at least." Sam started to object but she held her hand up, letting him know that any objections would fall on deaf ears. "If I'm going to be staying with you until I can find an apartment this is the way it's going to be or I'm hunkering down in a hotel room," she said forcefully.

"Yes, ma'am," he sighed frustratedly.

They both stood silently for a minute longer before she handed him an empty box, "Want to help me finish?" He took the box from her and looked around the room, not knowing which things were hers and which were Callaghan's. "Upstairs, in the bathroom, grab anything that looks feminine; I'll sift through it when you're done and make sure you grabbed the right stuff."

He nodded and started for the stairs. "Hey, Sam?"

"Yeah?" he turned and found her standing right in front of him. He looked down into her eyes and saw them shining in a happy way; they were dancing almost.

"Thank you," she whispered and wrapped her arms around his torso, pulling him tightly to her. A heat swelled in his chest that he only ever felt with her, and the shivers returned.

Dropping the box to the floor, her pulled his hands up to her back, allowing one to bury itself in her hair. He placed his cheek on the crown of her head and squeezed her just as much as she was squeezing him; she fit against him perfectly. "I'm always here for you, Andy," he replied firmly. In response she pulled him tighter, if possible, and together they stayed like that for at least a few more minutes.

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