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Have you ever seen a man across the room that you knew is exactly the type of man that always got what he wanted? This is the case for one Edward Cullen. Edward is the type of man that all the women wanted and he knows it. He's 6'2" tall, has reddish brown sex hair, a body built like a god, and a smile that could melt the panties off of any woman. He also comes from money. A true blue blood, his family has been successful with their businesses and investments. Edward travels the world and his bed is never cold. However, lately Edward has been feeling that something is wrong, but he can't quite figure it out. No matter how many women he takes home and beds, or how much money he makes, nothing is satisfying.

On a nice May evening in New York, Edward is enjoying his drink of choice, beer. He has a guest at his place but is not paying attention to her; for his own thoughts are taking over, tuning her out.

"Edward, why don't you come over here and I can wipe that frown away?" Tanya, his newest conquest, is lying in his bed trying to tempt him. Tanya is tall with strawberry blonde hair. She is the type of girl that believes that Edward's best asset is not his smile, but his bank account.

Edward does not hesitate. He knows this woman, like so many others, can make him forget the thoughts that have been eating away at his mind. He approaches and does not take her gently because he doesn't have time for that. Pushing Tanya on all fours, he begins to pound into her like an animal. Edward doesn't have to think when he is fucking her - he just focuses on the relief that comes from his release.

"Uh…yes…right there," Tanya groans.

"You like that? Take it….Fuck!" Edward comes without caring if she's satisfied or not. Tanya is happy to just be in his bed so she takes whatever he'll give her.

This is how it is for Edward. With his financial status, women flock to him, giving him plenty of choices. Eventually, they all leave because he makes it clear that they will never get his money or commitment.

"Tanya, I'm leaving for Seattle in a few hours and I don't know when I will be back." This is Edward's discrete way of letting her know that their time together has ended.

"Okay. Give me a call when you get back and I'll be happy to keep you company again," Tanya offers.

Edward rolls his eyes and waves her off. She doesn't see the dismissal as a bad thing, but he just can't be bothered any more.

Tanya quickly gets dressed and is ready to go. Before leaving, she hopes that she can change his mind. She leans in to kiss him, but he quickly moves out of her reach .Edward knows her game, so he ignores her until she disappears from his apartment. Not willing to admit defeat, Tanya hopes that one day he will call her again.

Edward leaves for his trip to Seattle, not looking back, but his mind is still trying to process what it is he's really looking for.

As he makes his way to the West Coast, another confused soul is "making her way" on the East Coast.

It is a beautiful May morning in New York; the sun is shining, the birds are chirping and everything seems good. Well, that is what can be seen on the outside, but inside one household, the atmosphere is not so wonderful.

"Bella, I don't understand why you have to work at that worthless job. I want my girl to be home when I get here," James says, berating her.

"My job is not meaningless and I like to work. I don't want to stay at home," Bella tries to defend herself.

"Do you not understand? I can't have my future wife's time being monopolized by a silly job when I need you to be by my side." James is not wavering. He is a man who demands nothing less than what he feels is perfection.

Bella just nods and relents for the time being. She begins to wonder if maybe she is nothing better than what James has made her into, a trophy.

Now as you can imagine, Bella is nothing less than beautiful. She is the type of girl that men would do anything just to spend a minute in her presence. She is 5'7" with long, dark brown hair, has a medium build with curves in all the right places, legs that go for days, eyes the color of dark chocolate and she has a smile that makes men fall at her feet. Bella leads an amazing life as it would seem to outsiders, but she prefers simplicity. She's been in a relationship with her boyfriend James for three years and he knows exactly what he has. James is not the best looking man, but he was her first everything, winning her over with his charisma. But she doesn't really know what is waiting out there for her.

"I will be leaving for Scotland in two hoursand I'm not sure when I will be back. I'll call you when I land. I would suggest that you really consider quitting your job." James kisses Bella on the cheek and leaves her alone. He has been trying to get Bella to quit her job since she moved in with him. His idea of having a wife, hoping she will be his soon, is that she is home and does not work. He wants to have someone cooking, cleaning, and popping out kids. He likes to know that everyone is dependent on him.

Bella is his complete opposite. She has spirit but she has lost her fire since she has been living with James.

Great, Bella thinks during another night of playing the good girlfriend to keep James happy and going to sleep without being sexually satisfied. Ugh…oh well, at least he is going to be gone for a while. Bella smiles to herself and follows after James into the bedroom knowing she will soon be free, even if it's only for a short time.

Bella's phone rings, saving her from enduring anymore of the argument James is having with her. She looks down at her phone and instantly smiles knowing her best friend Alice can brighten her day with just a quick hello.

"Hey Alice, what's up?" Bella answers her phone. James gives her a leering look, but she could care less right now.

"Hi, Bella. Nothing really. Just here with Rose getting the dresses fitted. You think you will be joining us soon?" Alice asked, hoping her friend was on her way.

"I'll be there in thirty minutes. James needed me to help him pack." Bella felt terrible for running so late for the dress fitting.

"Okay, but hurry and don't let him hold you up any longer. This fitting really needs to get done. Don't make me send Rose after you because you know what they say about pissed off brides." Both girls laugh while Rosalie gives Alice a look.

Alice knows that James is absolutely useless and that Bella will do anything he asks. She keeps her mouth shut because she doesn't want her friend to feel uncomfortable around her just because of a guy.

Alice, Rosalie, and Bella have been friends since college and are thick as thieves. They became roommates after their freshman year and have never looked back. Alice is a designer who was asked by Rosalie to design her wedding dress, as well as the bridesmaid's dresses. Alice is a small girl, with short brown hair, and has more spunk than a five year old. She can be hyper at most times but downright scary if she's not happy. Rosalie is Bella's other best friend and is considered one of the most beautiful women around. She is tall, blonde, and built up in the right places. Rosalie is marrying Bella's brother Emmett in a few weeks.

After an hour, Bella finally gets to the dress shop and meets her best friends. She finds Rosalie in her wedding dress getting the final once over by Alice. Being a perfectionist, Alice allows no room for error, which is why she is so successful.

"Finally! I thought you would never escape and get here," Alice jokes, but with a hint of truth in her tone.

"You know I had to help him and he wanted some quick going away sex." Bella rolls her eyes. Even though James got what he wanted, Bella was once again left unsatisfied with the mediocre sex. As soon as he is gone, she would get the satisfaction she craved with her stash of toys waiting for her at home.

Her friends could tell she wasn't getting hers. They knew she never did. James was selfish that way. They had bought her a stash of toys and they hoped she was using them.

Bella will never tell her friends that she's unhappy with her current situation. She didn't want them to feel bad for her. Though she had to admit her situation is not so bad, especially when you look at the fact that she lives in a very nice house and is given very nice things. The depressing part is that all of these things come with a price.

"Oh, Bella, you make it sound like a chore," Rosalie comments. "When Emmett and I have sex, it is-"

Bella cuts her off, "Okay, Rose. I know we're friends and all, but I really don't want to hear how great my brother is in bed. Some things should just be left alone."

The girls burst out laughing so loud that the store attendant comes over asking if everything is okay.

"Everything is fine, Jane. I think Bella is ready to try on her dress now," Alice instructs her.

"Certainly, follow me." Jane leads Bella to her dressing room. Before Bella can get her shirt off, she hears Rosalie walk up.

"Bella, all I'm saying is that you should look into different ways to make sure you are satisfied in the bedroom," Rosalie continues her conversation from before she was cut off, the dressing room door between them.

"Thanks, Rose. But I'm not sure James would allow me to get that creative," Bella concludes, knowing that there is no chance in hell she could bring her handcuff fantasy to life without James reading her the riot act.

After the dress fitting, the girls go to lunch at one of their favorite spots on the main strip, Bar American. After they order their meals, the girls start talking about the wedding and that's when Bella realizes what is really bothering her. She can see the happiness that both Rosalie and Alice exude throughout the conversation. Bella wants to feel that way. She wants to be so in love that she can't do anything but smile.

About the same time, Rosalie and Alice realize that Bella has fallen out of the conversation and can clearly see that something is on her mind.

"Earth to Bella. What is going on in that head of yours?" Alice asks, searching her face for clues.

"Nothing. Just thinking about my relationship with James."Bella pauses choosing her words carefully. "I just don't think that what James and I have is really love. He says he loves me, but I think that it's more out of convenience than the real thing." Bella braces herself for the reaction from her friends. She has never spoken about her relationship worries before and is not sure what her friends will think.

Both girls look at her friend like she has a third eye. Neither of them realizes that she is this unhappy. They both figure she likes her life with James, so they never express their true opinion on the subject. This is their chance to finally talk to Bella openly and hopefully not upset her with their comments.

"Do you want to leave him?" Alice asks gently.

"Yes, but I can't. I have nothing if I do. He provides everything since he only lets me work one or two days a week," Bella responds with deep sadness in her tone. This is why Bella insists on working so she can build up some money, in case she ever does get the nerve to leave.

"Are you insane? Listen to you. He lets you? Come on, Bella," Rosalie is never one to hold back her words. She is as upfront and honest as they come, especially when it comes to her friends. She continues. "You are a grown woman! No one can tell you what you can and can't do."

Alice just sits back, trying to think of how she can help or even just comfort her friend. She reaches across the table and gives Bella's hand a little squeeze of reassurance.

"But you have it easy. Not every relationship is like yours or Alice's," Bella begins.

"Bella, are you high?" Bella really did love Rosalie's bluntness. "My relationship is far from perfect, but Emmett and I love each other and we are willing to work at it," Rosalie points out. Rosalie is so riled up that she's ready to take Bella back to her house and pack for her.

Bella sees her point and shakes her head in understanding.

"If you want to leave, you don't have to worry about anything. Come live with me and Jasper," Alice offers. She is hoping that Bella will seriously consider it, but knows that she's stubborn and probably won't accept that easily.

"Seriously, Alice as much fun as that would be, I don't really want to impose. You are a newly married couple and I'd just be in the way." Bella appreciates the idea of living with her friend, but knows that it wouldn't solve anything.

"Whatever. You know we'd be happy to have you. Besides, we'll be on our second honeymoon soon and it will be nice to know we have someone to watch the house while we're gone," Alice points out. Alice told her husband that she wanted to go on a honeymoon every year for their anniversary. Jasper adores her and can't say no, so they are going on their second honeymoon soon.

"Yeah, that does sound tempting." Bella sighs, "I just don't see how he will let me just leave him."

"Again with this shit about him letting you leave. Either grow some balls, Bella, and leave, or stop bitching about your life." Rosalie knew she was crossing a line at this point, but she was just so angry with her friend and how she was acting. It reminds her of her own past way too much.

"Screw you, Rose. I don't need to take this shit from you! My life is not like yours was, so butt out." Bella stands to leave, regretting that she has opened up to them. "I'm out of here."

"Please don't leave, Bella. Rose is just being Rose and you know we both love you. We want to see you happy," Alice pleads.

Bella is out the door before Alice can change her friend's mind. She can't believe her friends would even suggest she leave James. It's not like she has anything better waiting for her. Bella never really sees herself clearly and what she has to offer the world, or that Mr. Right was still out there.

Bella goes home, taking her time and hoping that James has already left for the airport. Disappointingly, he hasn't.

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