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Chapter 1. Problems.

"No." Vegeta said as he got up and walked away.

"What?" Gohan asked as he followed the older Saiyan.

"No!" Vegeta yelled as he whirled around. "I did not spend two years trying to keep you from visiting that planet only to escort you back there. It's not going to happen."

"It's not like I'll be going alone." Gohan answered annoyed. "You'll be there too. We don't have anywhere else to go."

"There are other planets in the northern quatrain. We can find another planet and stay there for a while." Vegeta answered as he crossed his arms.

"Oh right. We're five Saiyans on the run. They'll welcome us with open arms." Gohan answered as he spread his arms.

"Five guys with tails, a green guy and a girl with natural pink hair are normal on your planet, right?" Vegeta asked sarcastically.

"Humans are open-minded. They'll assume Katy's hair isn't her natural hair color. Most humans will probably think our tails are belts or something. Justin will make a few heads turn but that will be it." Gohan answered. "Humans generally don't care about anything but themselves."

"I agree with Half-breed on this subject." Turles started thoughtfully. "Freeza thinks the planet is destroyed. They'll never even think about searching Earth's part of the northern quatrain because most planets there don't even have living inhabitants."

"Exactly." Gohan said as he nodded a few times.

Vegeta looked at Gohan. "You are not allowed to say anything in this discussion. You don't have an objective view." Vegeta snarled at him.

"You don't have that either." Gohan scoffed. "You don't want to go there."

Vegeta pointed to the couch. "Sit down and be quiet." Vegeta ordered. Gohan frowned at him. "Or we won't go to Earth at all." Vegeta threatened. Gohan put his hands up in defeat and walked back to the gray couch. There he sat down next to Katy. She smiled at him and caressed his cheek.

Raditz got up too. "Planet Earth is a save option." He said as he walked closer to the other two adults. "It might be our only option." He continued.

Vegeta wrinkled his nose. "I'll think about it." He said as he turned away from them. "We have to think about other things like the ship." Vegeta continued as he motioned for the others to follow him.

The others got up. Gohan looked at Raditz. "He's changing the subject. Is that a good sign?" He asked his uncle. The man shrugged and spread an arm. Gohan stared at him for two seconds. "Did you loose your brain in the dungeon?" Raditz snapped.

"Oh right." Gohan said as he gave a quick look at Raditz's broken leg. The boy dived under his uncle's arm and pulled it over his shoulders. Raditz leaned on him as they followed the others.

Vegeta opened a door. "It's a bedroom." He said as he looked around in the room. "Three beds."

"Another bedroom." Turles said as he looked around in the small room he just found. "Three beds."

"Here's a rejuvenation tank!" Nappa exclaimed as he motioned to a room.

"That's great." Raditz answered as he pointed to the room. Gohan nodded and brought him to the room. There were two rejuvenation tanks standing next to each other. A control panel was installed for both of them. Turles opened one tank and Gohan helped Raditz get it in. After this they closed it. Turles looked at the control panel. It took him a few minutes to figure out how it worked.

Gohan leaned against a blue wall and watched as the blue liquid filled the tank Raditz was in. "How long is it going to take?" Gohan asked curiously as Vegeta, Katy, Nappa and Justin walked out the room.

"Ten minutes. He won't mind if we look around while he's healing." Turles answered as he passed the half-Saiyan. Gohan turned around and followed him out the room.

"Three more bedrooms." Vegeta said as he crossed his arms. "That makes it five. That's not enough for us." He complained as Katy and Justin closed the doors of their found bedrooms. Nappa just left his one open and walked to the next door.

"Let's hope this one is a bedroom too." Nappa said as he opened it. The man gasped and walked inside. The others followed him inside. They all made approving sounds as they surveyed the large room. The room had red walls and a gray floor. Small windows were placed around the room so the fighters would be able to see the passing stars and planets.

"This must be the room in the center of the ship." Vegeta muttered as he looked at the three doors leading to this room. "The hallway and the rest of the rooms are set around this room."

Gohan was already walking to a staircase that went to a downstairs floor. The boy walked down and gasped again. "Guys." He yelled as he looked up. "You might want to see this."

The others quickly walked his way. Gohan was the first one to go down and they followed him. Vegeta widened his eyes when he saw what was under the training room.

It was a larger training room. The room had the same color walls and floor but it was at least three times bigger than the other training room. "Just imagine what kind of spars you can have in this room." Turles muttered out loud as he looked around.

"This is amazing." Katy whispered as she eyed the large room. Raditz ran down and gasped too. Gohan looked back at Katy.

"Where did you get that uniform?" Gohan asked curiously as he stepped closer to the female. She looked at her old white and beige armor with a black uniform under it. After this she looked up.

"It's your uniform." She answered innocently.

"Okay." Gohan answered as he shrugged. "I was just curious."

"Now we're on the subject." Vegeta said as he turned around and walked closer to the two teenagers. "Where did you learn to dance like you did back in the hospital?" He asked.

Katy raised an eyebrow. "What? I just danced. Nothing more." She answered uncomfortably.

"You were a little too good." Vegeta answered as he crossed his arms. "You knew exactly what to do. You knew what moves to make. You did everything right."

"I was lucky." Katy answered as she tried to turn away. "Let's go, Gohan." She said as she went to walk away. A hand got a hold of her wrist and she looked back.

"I want to know this too." Gohan said as he tightened his grip on her wrist. "You told me you learned how to dance when you were ten. Why did they teach you to dance like this?" He asked as he eyed her face.

Katy pulled her wrist away from him. "It's none of your business. I just got lucky. That's all." She snarled at them. After this she walked away and stomped up the stairs. Gohan raised his eyebrows. He looked at Vegeta. The man shrugged and walked to the stairs too.

They found Katy sitting on one of the couches in the main room. Gohan fell down next to her. The others sat down too, except for Justin who had to check on the control room. "This ship has five bedrooms, a rejuvenation room, two sparring rooms and a main bathroom." Vegeta counted on his fingers. "Every bedroom has a restroom. There are thirteen showers in the bathroom."

"That's a problem." Raditz said as he moved his leg and jumped up and down. "We don't have enough bedrooms."

"Four of us will have to share a room." Vegeta muttered thoughtfully. "The first couple is obvious." Vegeta started as he looked at Gohan. "The two love-birds will share a room." He continued. The two teenagers looked at each other and shrugged.

"That's perfect." Turles said innocently. "There are separate beds but you can push them together and make a double bed when you're in the mood for intimacy." He suggested.

"Ignore it." Gohan said as he patted on Katy's shoulder. The female frowned in annoyance but decided to listen to Gohan.

"We'll have to fight for our own bedrooms." Vegeta said as he got up. The other Saiyans got up and walked closer to each other. They all stared at each other and clenched their fists.

Katy widened her eyes as a smirk appeared on Gohan's face. The four Saiyans all pulled back a fist as got ready to fight. "Rock, paper, scissors." They yelled as they shook their fists and showed the symbols.

Katy placed a hand on her forehead and sighed. "Ladies and gentlemen. This is a real Saiyan fight." Gohan sneered as he placed an arm around Katy's shoulders. The female giggled. "You forgot about Justin." Gohan mentioned.

"Oh right." Raditz said. "Justin! Get over here!" He yelled as they all pulled back. Justin walked in and raised an eyebrow. "We're playing rock, paper, scissors to find out who is going to share a room with someone. Are you in?"

"Of course." Justin answered as he walked closer and got in the circle. They did the match one time and all showed scissors. Katy and Gohan watched as they tried a second time. Vegeta won this time.

"I have my own room." Vegeta said with a satisfied smirk as she stepped away. They did it a third time and Nappa stepped away in victory.

"Okay. This is it." Turles muttered as he eyed the two warriors opposite him. "Rock, papers, scissors." They showed their hands. Turles stare at the two open hands he and Raditz were holding out. Justin's hand was shaped like a pair of scissors. The boy smirked and stepped away as he fingers snapped against each other.

Raditz and Turles looked at each other. "It could have been worse." Raditz said as he shrugged.

"I guess." Turles answered. "What do you say we test out the training room?" He suggested as he looked at the other warriors.

"I say: Yes." Gohan said as he jumped up. The others agreed and followed them. They entered the smaller training room and went right down to the bigger one. There the five Saiyans started stretching and warming-up. Gohan noticed that Katy and Justin sat down near the stairs. "Aren't you joining us?" He asked.

Katy shook her head. "I'd watch this time." She said as she pulled her knees up to her chest and wrapped her arms around her legs. Justin nodded in agreement. Gohan shrugged and followed the other Saiyans to the center of the room. There they went to stand in a circle.

A smirk appeared on the face of every Saiyan. They stared at each other as they clenched and unclenched their fists. "I've been waiting for this for a long time." Gohan muttered.

"Me too." Vegeta answered as he looked at the half-Saiyan. "Power up, Half-breed. Show us your super Saiyan power." He ordered.

Vegeta didn't have to say this twice. Gohan immediately started powering up. The boy closed his eyes as his new found strength raced through his limbs. The beatings he took in the dungeon, the torture blasts he received, the weeks of being immobilized and the recovery from everything added to the bulk of new strength in his body. Gohan pushed passed his limits and smirked as his hair flickered to the golden state. He touched the super Saiyan strength and then… It was gone.

Gohan opened his eyes as he reached his limit. The boy looked up at his black hair. "Well..." Vegeta said frowning. "What are you waiting for?"

"I can't do it." Gohan muttered as he looked at his hands. "I can't transform. I can't catch it."

"What?" Turles asked worriedly.

"You're probably just over excited." Vegeta sneered. "Calm down and try again. Concentrate." Vegeta said as he stepped closer.

Gohan nodded and closed his eyes again. He clenched his fists as his power shot up. It reached the super Saiyan barrier, passed it, and was instantly pushed away. Gohan stumbled back and landed on his back. He turned on his hands and knees and panted heavily. "What's wrong?" He whispered. "Why can't I reach it anymore?"

A few hours later Gohan was sitting on one of the couches in the main room. He was staring at his hands as several trains of thoughts raced through his mind. After he tried to transform two times, Vegeta told him to forget about it and they trained for a while. Gohan enjoyed the fights since it kept his thoughts off his troubles with the transformation. Now, three victories, two beatings later, half an hour in the rejuvenation tank and a quick shower later, Gohan didn't have any distractions from his problem. Katy fell down next to him and handed him a glass of water and a small towel. Gohan gave her a questioning glance.

"I love the tough guy look but I'm not going to kiss you when you're covered in blood." Katy grabbed the towel and gently pressed it against Gohan's upper lip. She showed the red stain on the towel. "Your nose is bleeding."

Gohan automatically touched the same place and looked at his now red fingers. "Wow." He muttered as he grabbed the towel. "That's odd." The boy sighed and leaned back in the couch. "I don't get it. What is wrong with me?" He questioned out loud.

"Nothing." Katy answered with a shrug. "You're probably just tired or something. Give it some time."

"Maybe it's just supposed to be a one time thing. I can only turn super Saiyan once and then it's over." Gohan mused.

"I doubt that." Vegeta answered as he walked closer. The man fell down on another couch. "A super Saiyan is supposed to be invincible. That doesn't mean he's invincible temporarily. It's means he can't be beaten, ever. You just need the drive to do it."

"It's not like I'm not trying." Gohan complained.

"You're just not trying hard enough." Vegeta answered.

Gohan frowned at the smirking man. "I don't get why you always want to fight me without using our powers." Gohan said, changing the subject. "It's probably because you always win. You just want to have a victory."

"I want to teach you that strength isn't everything. If you lose your power, and you have to fight an opponent, you have to be able to defend yourself. Obviously, I can easily defeat you so you're not a real challenge." Vegeta sneered. "The fact that I always win is just an extra prize."

Katy placed her head on Gohan's shoulder as his arm sneaked around her shoulders. Vegeta watched them for a second. "You'll never pay off your debts now that you lost your job." Vegeta mentioned casually. "You'll be in my debt for the rest of your life."

Gohan looked at him. "You're still going to make me pay for it?" He asked annoyed. Vegeta shrugged.

"I don't see what changed."

"What debts?" Katy asked as she looked up at Gohan.

"Half-breed stayed at the Training Camp for ten years. That camp gave him his own room, as much food as he wanted, fighting lessons from some of the best warriors and several uniforms. That costs money." Vegeta answered. "We had to pay everything when he picked him up. Half-breed has to pay everything back. That was our agreement."

"Funny. I don't recall actually agreeing to something." Gohan muttered.

"How much was it?" Katy asked.

"One year at camp costs three thousand credits." Vegeta answered. "Multiply that by ten and you have quite a debt. The specialists diminished it when they heard I was going to make Half-breed pay it."

"How much do I still need to pay?" Gohan asked as he placed his glass on the table.

Vegeta opened his capsule and opened the box that appeared from the capsule. He grabbed a bundle of papers and looked at it. "Let's see." He muttered thoughtfully. "I still have to add the money you got from the last two months at the war." He wrote something down and played with the papers for a few minutes. Gohan and Katy exchanged glances as they waited. "Ten." Vegeta spoke up.

"Ten credits?" Gohan asked hopefully.

"Ten thousand credits." Vegeta corrected as he looked up at the half-Saiyan. Gohan whimpered and placed a hand on his forehead.

Turles walked in. "Kittycat. I want to train with you." He said as he waved the female over.

"I'm not really in the training mood." Katy answered as she grabbed her own glass of water.

"Then get in the mood. I don't accept no for an answer." Turles answered as he walked closer. "Come on. Get up." He said as he motioned for her to get up.

Katy looked up at him. She shook her head. "Do you want me to stand here all day and bug you?" Turles suggested.

"He will do that. Trust me. I've been there." Gohan whispered to Katy. She pulled a face and got up.

"Fine." She muttered as she followed Turles out the room. Gohan smiled and watched them go.

"Debts. Debts." Vegeta said out loud.

Gohan looked back at him. "What do you want me to do?" He asked annoyed. "I can't really pay you back since I lost my job, remember? Can't you just forget about it?"

Vegeta shook his head and got up. "I guess you'll have to repay me when we get to planet Earth." Vegeta said innocently. Gohan stared at him and jumped up.

"We're going to planet Earth?" Gohan asked as a gleam appeared in his eyes.

"We're going to visit planet Earth." Vegeta repeated affirmatively.

Gohan cheered and jumped up to punch in the air. He raced closer to Vegeta and his tail quickly wrapped around Vegeta's tail to thank him. "Thank you. Thank you. Thank you." Gohan said so fast Vegeta could barely understand it.

Gohan raced away. "I've got to tell Katy." He said as he disappeared.

Vegeta watched him leave as a small smile played around his lips. "Do you think it's a good idea to go to Earth?" Raditz asked as he stepped out of the shadows.

Vegeta took a deep breath. "No. It's the only option we've got. We can't stay in the ship forever." Vegeta answered as he walked away. "Let's just hope the planet is still intact."

**** DBZ **** DBZ ****

Katy was sitting on her hands and knees in the training room. She whimpered and rubbed over her sore head. "Auch." She muttered. Turles landed near her and frowned.

"Oh come on. You want to be treated like a guy so act like it." Turles sneered. Katy frowned at him and slowly got up. She got in a fighting stance. Turles's eyes ran over her ruffled appearance. He'd created several rips in her blue uniform.

"Are you going to stare at me all day?" Katy asked annoyed when he didn't react. Turles got in a stance too. It didn't take Katy long to attack him. She gave a yell and tried to punch in his face. Turles grabbed blocked the attack and grabbed her wrist. He pulled her closer and kneed the female warrior in her stomach.

She groaned in pain and sank through her knees. "Don't get on your knees in front of me, little girl. It can give me wrong ideas." Turles teased as he stepped back. Katy ignored it and fell back on her hands. She used her hands as support as she threw her leg up so she could swipe Turles's legs from under him. The man caught his body with one hand and pushed himself up.

Gohan walked in as Katy and Turles were fighting. He observed their fight for a few minutes. "She's progressing." Nappa mentioned as he appeared next to the young half-Saiyan. Gohan glanced sideways. Nappa was visibly exhausted. His body was drenched in sweat but, since there weren't any fresh wounds on Nappa's body, Gohan knew the man had been training by himself.

"Yes. She is." Gohan answered thoughtfully. "You're very hard on her." Gohan continued as he looked up at Nappa.

"That toughens her up." Nappa answered with a shrug. "We gave the same treatment to you and look how you turned out." Nappa eyed the half-Saiyan in front of him. "The whimpering baby who cried out with every hit is turned into a full-grown super Saiyan. We didn't do too badly."

Gohan rolled his eyes. "The older you get, the more emotional you get. Come on, grandpa. Let's fight." Gohan flew up in the air.

"Grandpa!" Nappa exclaimed as he raced after the half-Saiyan. Gohan widened his eyes and shrieked. After this he shot away. "I'll show you just how young I am!" Nappa yelled after him.

Raditz walked in the room. He was pushed to the right by a flash he knew as Gohan. After this Nappa shot passed him. Raditz raised an eyebrow. "I don't want to know." He muttered as he closed the door again.

The next morning Gohan stumbled to his room. The boy opened his door and closed it behind him. He leaned against the door and closed his eyes. A small moan made him open his eyes. Katy was lying on their bed. They'd shoved two beds next to each other to create one double bed. Her hands were tied behind her back and a cloth was wrapped around her mouth. Gohan watched as the ki-bonds around her wrists sparked.

The boy walked closer to the bed and untied her. She quickly ripped the cloth from her mouth and gasped. "Gohan. Are you okay?" She asked as she eyed his appearance. Gohan's left eye was hardly recognizable as an eye. His lip was bleeding. Gohan's uniform was ripped and burned in several places and wounds and bruises covered his body.

Gohan shrugged. "I'm fine." He answered as he went to get up. The boy winced and sat down again. "I'll be fine."

"Let's get you to the rejuvenation tank." Katy said as she went to help the half-Saiyan up.

Gohan shook his head. "I'm not allowed to use the tank today." Gohan muttered as he played with his tail.

"That's rubbish. We'll just say I forced you. It's not like you can put up a fight like this." She said as she pulled him up. "Come on."

Gohan resisted for a second but gave in pretty quick. They didn't get very far though. After a few minutes they walked into Raditz. The man looked at the rejuvenation room. "Where are you going?" He asked as he narrowed his eyes at the half-Saiyan.

"I am going to heal him." Katy said with a frown. "How could you do this to him? I thought you passed that stage of your relationship."

Raditz shrugged. "Half-breed's been a bad boy during our stay at the hospital. We just needed to remind him of his place." Raditz answered casually. "He's not allowed to use the rejuvenation tank."

"I'm going to get him in it." Katy snarled at him. "Get out of my way."

Raditz frowned. "Do I need to teach you the same lesson?" He asked as he clenched his fists.

"Katy. Let's just go back." Gohan muttered as he tried to walk back to his room.

"No." Katy answered as she released the half-Saiyan. She walked up to Raditz and placed her hands on her hips. "I am not afraid of you." She snarled at him. "Don't think you can threaten me like that."

Raditz smirked at her. "You're acting tough now but I remember how you were when half-breed was sick. I am not allowed to touch you since it would upset the brat but I can punish half-breed for your behavior." Raditz sneered. "I think he's been humiliated enough for one day. What do you say?"

Katy frowned but nodded. "Good. Now it's your turn to do the dishes today. Get going." Raditz ordered. Katy gave a small glance at Gohan, who smiled at her, and walked away.

Gohan silently stepped away from his uncle. "Half-breed." Gohan closed his eyes and stopped walking. The boy turned around as his uncle stepped closer. "Vegeta wants you to take this." Raditz held out a small yellow tablet.

Gohan eyed the tablet and frowned. "No thanks." He said as he shook his head.

"It will heal your wounds." Raditz said as he moved the hand the tablet was in.

"Yes, and it will make sure my Saiyan genes won't make stronger while healing." Gohan answered with a frown. "You've given those things before. I don't like it." Gohan turned around and walked away from his uncle. The man growled in annoyance and followed the half-Saiyan.

"You'd better take it. Vegeta insists." Raditz said as Gohan opened the door to his room. The boy went to close the door but Raditz placed his foot on the ground to block the door from shutting. "Half-breed. If you don't take this I don't know what Vegeta will do." Raditz warned as he held out the tablet.

Gohan eyed the yellow tablet for a second and sighed. After this he snatched it from Raditz's hand and tossed it in his mouth. "Happy?" He asked after he swallowed it. Raditz ignored this and walked away. Gohan shut the door with a bang and fell down on his bed a second later.

Later that day Gohan walked in the general room to get something to eat. Vegeta, Raditz and Katy were sitting at the table too. Gohan tousled Katy's hair. "I was looking for you." He mentioned as he sat down next to her.

The boy reached out and grabbed a plate of food. He knew Raditz made dinner today. "You've been in your room all day." Katy pointed out. "No wonder you didn't find me."

Gohan shrugged and started eating. Vegeta eyed the half-Saiyan. "How are you feeling?" He asked innocently.

"Fine." Gohan answered shortly.

Nappa walked in the room. He was carrying a large chest and dumped it on the ground. "Why didn't anyone tell me there's food?" He complained as he sat down too.

Turles gave a curious glance at the chest and got up. He opened it and widened his eyes. "Where did you find this?" He asked Nappa as he reached down and grabbed a large knife.

"I found it in a closet in the training room." Nappa answered. "It is filled with chests like this one."

"What's in it?" Gohan asked curiously.

"Weapons." Turles answered as he eyed the load of different fighting equipment. "All sorts of weapons." Turles grabbed a large purple contraption. It made Gohan think about a large water gun. The upper side of the gun was of a plastic material and Gohan noticed a liquid splashing in it as Turles moved the gun. The man aimed at the couch and fired. The green liquid shot through the air and a part of the couch was disintegrated the moment the liquid hit it. "Nice." Turles commented as he eyed the gun.

The man placed the gun on the ground and grabbed a whip. "This can always come in handy." Turles said as he placed the whip on the ground.

"All the specialists wear whips around their belts." Vegeta mentioned as Turles grabbed another large sword. "They used it very often. Crimon especially used it a lot."

"O yes." Gohan muttered as he took another bite.

Vegeta looked at him. "I can't imagine Crimon beating up a seven year old." He said thoughtfully.

"No. He threatened with it but he didn't use the darn thing on me until I was nine." Gohan answered. "I'll never forget the first time he used it on me. That hurt."

"Yes. That it does." Vegeta answered with a small smirk.

Turles looked at another gun he was holding. "We can have awesome fights with these things." He said as he looked up. The man aimed the gun at Gohan. "I invite you to come and play with me." He said as he looked through the aiming device.

Gohan rolled his eyes and got up. "I'm in." He said as he placed his plates on a pile and walked closer to Turles. The boy knelt down and grabbed a different gun. Turles was aiming at Raditz now.

"Let's have a family match." Turles suggested as Raditz looked up. The man noticed he was being targeted and he shrugged.

"Fine. It's not like I have anything else to do." Raditz answered as he got up too. Gohan was examining a large black gun while Raditz knelt down to grab his own gun.

"Watch out with that acid." Vegeta warned as he eyed the broken couch. "I don't know if the rejuvenation tank can heal that kind of damage."

"There's only one way to find out." Gohan answered as he handed the gun to Raditz. His uncle smirked and nodded. Turles and Raditz turned around and walked away. Gohan was overcome by a wave of dizziness. He shook his head and placed a hand on his forehead. Vegeta raised an eyebrow as he watched Gohan walk out the room too.

**** DBZ **** DBZ ****

Katy was standing in the large bathroom. She turned the shower on and let the cold water run down her body. The female cringed at the feeling of her wet black dress sticking to her body. She hated to wear wet clothes. It just didn't feel right. But she had to shower with clothing on since the showers were used by everyone and they didn't have any curtains around the showers.

Gohan walked in the room, dressed in a pair of boxers, and went to take a shower too. Katy glanced at him. "You used the acid gun." She stated as her eyes travelled to the burn on Gohan's arm. The boy shrugged as he turned around and faced her.

"It will heal." He answered. "You take a lot of showers." He continued.

"Yeah. We train a lot. I love being clean." Katy answered. "The shower in the hospital was adequate. This is so much better." Katy motioned up to the contraption above her.

"True." Gohan answered as he flinched when the water touched his wound. Raditz walked in the room too. Katy pulled a face and turned her shower off. She waved at Gohan and left the room.

"Why is she always leaving when we come to take a shower?" Raditz complained as he turned on his own shower. "It's not like she's naked."

"Wet clothes aren't very good at concealing someone's body." Gohan sneered. The boy turned around and cleaned his face by throwing some water in it.

"She didn't leave when you came in." Raditz answered.

"That's because he's seen it all." Turles sneered as he walked in too. Gohan rolled his eyes and ignored the comment. "Do you never wonder what those two do in their room? There's a reason they've pushed the beds together."

"The boy is growing up so fast." Raditz said with a mock sigh. "A year ago he was still gagging at the thought of seeing a naked female and look at him now."

"That's my cue." Gohan muttered as he turned off the shower and grabbed his towel. The boy quickly walked out the room before the others could do something about it.

Gohan was just done dressing when Raditz walked in the room. A trail of water drops followed him as the man walked closer to Gohan. "Hey, you haven't done anything with the girl, right?" He asked as he lowered his voice.

Gohan sent him an annoyed glance. "Like I would tell you. The last thing I need is four Saiyans with more evidence to use against me." The half-Saiyan was done pulling on his boot and got up. He went to walk away but Raditz held him back by placing a hand on his shoulder.

"I'm serious, half-breed." Raditz answered as Gohan turned around. "You don't have anything to protect you against certain things. If you're ready, I can supply you with the needed equipment. I promise I won't tell the others."

Gohan eyed his uncle for a few seconds. "I'll think about it. Don't worry though. It really won't happen for a while." He answered with slight hesitation. The boy's tail suddenly lashed out behind him but Gohan didn't seem to notice. The boy gave his uncle a small smile and walked away. Raditz caught a whiff of a certain scent and coughed.

The man raised both his eyebrows. "I wouldn't be too sure about that." He whispered as he watched Gohan walk away.

**** DBZ **** DBZ ****

Gohan was sitting on the couch. His face was hidden behind his hands. They'd been in the ship for two weeks now. The last few days Gohan had felt sick on more than one occasion. The boy was trying to hide it from the Saiyans. He never liked it when they noticed his weaker moments. It became more difficult each day though. The nauseas waves came at the worst times. He never expected it and had to go through quite some trouble to hide it from the Saiyans', especially Vegeta's, watchful eyes.

This time Gohan probably wouldn't be able to hide it. He knew they could walk in any moment and see him like this. Gohan felt drops of sweat running down his cheeks. "What's happening to me?" He whispered as he shook his head. "I've never felt like this before."

Katy ran inside and sat down next to Gohan. She smiled at him and tried to hide behind her boyfriend. "Save me." She muttered. "They're going to force me to spar with them." Gohan looked away. Katy noticed his tensed appearance and sat up again. "Gohan? What's wrong?" She asked. "Are you sick?"

"No. Saiyans don't get sick. I can't be sick." Gohan muttered as he placed his hand on his forehead again.

"Maybe we should ask Turles if he can take a look at you." Katy suggested as she pulled his hand away to look at his face.

Gohan shook his head. "No. I don't want them to know."

"They were right behind me. They'll find out Gohan." Katy answered. As on cue, Turles and Vegeta walked in the room.

"There you are!" Vegeta exclaimed as he pointed at the female. "Don't think you can bail on me. I want to spar and I want to spar now." He said as he stalked closer.

Katy looked up at him. "There's something wrong with Gohan." She answered. "He's not feeling well."

Vegeta chuckled. "Don't even think about using him as a distraction. We're going to spar. Now." Vegeta grabbed Katy's elbow and pulled her up.

Turles eyed Gohan with interest and cupped the boy's chin. "Hold on." Turles said as Gohan pulled away and leaned back. "There may be something going on here, Vegeta."

"I'm fine." Gohan answered annoyed. "I'm just nauseas. I'll get over it."

Vegeta released Katy and looked at the half-Saiyan. He sat down next to the teenager and glanced at Gohan's face. "Have you ever been sick before?" Vegeta questioned.

Gohan frowned. "I'm not sick. I'm just nauseas. You said Saiyans rarely get sick."

Vegeta nodded as a smirk crawled on his face. "I know I told you that. There's just one exception." Vegeta leaned closer to the half-Saiyan and sniffed Gohan's aroma. Gohan sent him an annoyed glance. "And you're definitely it." Vegeta said as he waved his hand in front of his face as if he was trying to get rid of a bad smell.

The man got up and pulled Gohan up with him. "Just stay in your room. Drink lots of water. Stay in your room." Vegeta said as he started pushing Gohan to the room he and Katy shared.

"You've said that already." Gohan commented as he allowed Vegeta to lead him to his own room.

"I know but you can never follow orders. I thought that, if I repeat the order, you might listen to it." Vegeta answered with a smirk. Gohan rolled his eyes as Vegeta's hands pushed against his back again.

Turles noticed what was going on and he walked over to Katy. "I would stay within the boy's reach for a while. Why don't you take care of him?" Turles suggested as he motioned to Gohan's room. "You have to give him water when he needs it and you should make sure he stays in bed. That's very important. He has to stay in bed."

Katy looked at him confusedly. "Why me?" She asked.

Turles's lips curled up in amusement as he eyed the female. "He likes you." Turles explained before he gave her a nudge. "Let's go." Turles sniffed the air and pulled a face. "Damn it. Now I know he's in transition, I can smell it too. It's terrible."

Raditz and Justin walked in the room. They'd spent the last hour trying to set a different course. They had to visit another planet to get food and beverages. Raditz wrinkled his nose. "What's that smell?" He asked.

Vegeta smirked at him as Gohan walked in the room. "Our little boy is growing up. His transitum is about to begin." Vegeta answered before he disappeared in the room too.

"That's just great." Raditz complained. "I'm staying away from that room." He announced as he walked back to the control room. "That scent is too strong and attractive."

"Attractive?" Justin parroted as he followed the older Saiyan. Raditz shrugged as he looked down at the control panel. Justin watched the small lights on the control panel go off and on. "At times like this I'm glad I'm not a Saiyan." He muttered before he walked out the room.

Gohan was now lying in the double bed. The boy's armor and boots were lying on the ground, leaving Gohan in his blue uniform, since they weren't very comfortable to wear in bed. Vegeta placed a bucket of water next to the half-Saiyan. Vegeta held his breath. "I should have known you would smell this good." He complained as he got up.

Turles pinched his nose to protect himself from the scent. "Good thing Kittycat is here," He started, sounding funny because he was still holding his nose, as he gave Katy a small push in her back, "or you would have been in trouble."

Katy looked at Gohan, feeling a little lost, as she sat down on the bed. "I don't get it. Why is that good?" She asked as she looked at the Saiyans. They ignored her question while they prepared the room for Gohan's transition. "Why is that good, Gohan?" She asked as her eyes shot to the half-Saiyan.

Gohan let out a shaky breath. "I don't know. I don't feel so good." He muttered. "I need to learn a lot more about Saiyans."

"I'd be happy to teach you everything," Vegeta said as he placed his hand on the door, "When you stop smelling so good. Good luck." The two adults raced out the room and closed the door behind them.

Katy bit her lip and looked at Gohan. "How are you feeling?" She asked as she grabbed a cloth and dipped it in the bucket with water. She wringed it and patted on his forehead with it.

"I'm thirsty." Gohan whispered before he coughed. Katy nodded and grabbed one of the bottles Vegeta's left in the room. She quickly let the water run in a cup and gave it to Gohan. After this she continued to caress Gohan's forehead with the cloth.

"This is going to be a long week." Vegeta muttered as he waved in front of his face again.

"Do you think it's going to take him a week?" Turles asked as he looked sideways.

"It's going to take him longer than that." Vegeta answered with a nod. Turles scratched his head and followed Vegeta to the control room. There Raditz was telling Nappa about Gohan's condition.

Raditz watched the planets fly by. "His timing is perfect. Two weeks ago we would have been in the hospital." Raditz said as he crossed his arms. "We noticed the symptoms before he went to war. He's been acting weird lately. Why didn't we notice?"

Nappa pulled a face. "He'll be a grown man after this. I feel old." Nappa said as he placed a hand on his bald head.

Vegeta smirked at him. "When was your transition? How many years ago?" Vegeta teased as he looked up at the bulky Saiyan.

"I bet it's been at least forty years." Turles answered as he leaned against the control panel. "You are old."

"You're not exactly fresh anymore either." Nappa answered annoyed.

"Just keep the boy away from me. His scent is more than I can handle." Turles muttered as he tapped on the ground with his black boot.

"Kittycat is taking care of that." Raditz said as he motioned to the room Katy and Gohan were in.

"Good thing she's here. I don't know what would have happened if she wasn't around during his transition." Nappa wondered out loud.

"We would have called a hooker." Turles answered without thinking.

"Yeah right. Remember last time we did that?" Vegeta answered amused. "Look how that turned out." The four Saiyans exchanged glances and all laughed as they remembered that night.

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