Author's Note: Had this idea for quite awhile now, so I thought I would post it. The hardest thing for me in this story will be to give Bella Donna a fair shake. I automatically hate her because I'm a hard core Romy fan, but I'm hoping that she comes across as a nice girl who just loves Remy too much. Anyways, a lot of the first chapters will be full of French and I hate putting translations after the French sentence (it slows down the pace for me) so all the translations will be at the top after the author's note. Anyways please enjoy!

French Translations:


Bon Dieu—Good God

Le joli garcon—the pretty boy


Elle est ma Tante—she is my aunt

Je sais que tu l'a vole! Donne-le moi!—I know you stole it! Give it to me!



Ma Belle—Remy's nickname for Bella Donna (literally "my beauty")

mari et femme—husband and wife


Je l'aime—I like it

Moi aussi—me too


Pour toujours—forever

Le Diable Blanc—The white devil

J'aime tes yeux—I like your eyes



Bien sur—Of course

It was a normal day.

"Remy LeBeau!" Tante Mattie screamed, her voice breaking the serenity that dawn brought by the bayou of New Orleans. "Bon Dieu, boy, I ain't gonna stop hollerin' til you get over here! Remy!" He could picture his aunt's angry face perfectly in his mind and the Prince of the Thieves Guild smiled. He had managed what many men in the guild thought impossible—he had stolen his aunt's beloved pearl necklace.

It was a normal day for the members of the Thieves Guild that is.

"Etienne," Remy whispered to his younger cousin, a smirk playing on his face. "Looks like Remy be winnin' dis bet." His cousin frowned and Remy could almost laugh at the sight of it. Etienne was only 15—4 years younger than Remy—and yet he still looked so young. The guild teasingly referred to him as "Le joli garçon" something that drove Etienne insane. Remy smirked and held up his Tante's precious pearls.

"Merde," Etienne cursed as he handed over a hundred dollar bill. "Didn't t'ink dat you could do it, Remy." Remy simply smirked.

"Elle est ma tante," He replied simply. "Course, I could."

"Remy!" His Tante's voice was furious now and as both he and his cousin carefully peeked around the corner of the garden wall they were hiding behind, he could see that she had her famous broom in her hand. "Je sais que tu l'a vole! Donne-le moi!"

"Etienne." Remy whispered.


"Tante's got her broom."

A panicked expression filled his cousin's face.

"Merde!" His cousin shouted and instantly Tante Mattie spun around and saw the two of them.

"Remy! I see you, boy!" Remy grabbed his cousin's arm and quickly began to sprint away, his Tante trying desperately to keep up. "Remy! Stop!" The two kept running and running until they were both sure that their Tante wasn't following them. Exhausted, they fell onto a patch of green grass by the a little swimming hole that Remy used to swim in when he was younger.

"Well," A femine voice cooed and Remy opened one eye to see a smug blonde young woman standing over him. "Dis is where yah've been, Remy?"

"Bonjour ma Belle," Remy greeted as sat up and pulled her down into his lap. "Wat' are yah doin' out here?" Bella Donna faked a pout and folded her arms around her chest.

"Yah ain't glad tah see me?" Remy gently pulled her down and placed a gentle kiss on her lips.

"Always glad tah see you, ma Belle." She grinned and kissed him back when Etienne groaned and she chuckled.

"Could y'all just wait for de weddin'?" He hissed and Remy punched him playfully. "Two months from now an' y'all will be mari et femme."

"Madame LeBeau," Bella Donna echoed. "Je l'aime."

"Moi aussi," Remy murmured as he placed a kiss on her forehead. "Didn't t'ink dat I'd like tah get married, mais, I'll be able tah see you, ma Belle, all day."

"Pour toujours." She told him softly.

Remy had known Bella Donna since they had been kids. Together, they had grown up together and often pushed each other to become better at what they did. In those days, they had been unaware of their different status. Remy was Jean-Luc's son and that made him the Prince of the Thieves Guild. Bella Donna was the only daughter of his rival's gang, the Assassins. When they had found this information out, they still hung out together—despite the fact that their families tried to stop them—and eventually Jean-Luc and Bella Donna's dad and they decided that if their children could bury the hatchet, then perhaps they should too.

Remy's father had asked him what he thought about marrying Bella Donna once. Remy knew that he was doing only out of kindness and respect for the son that he now thought of as his own. Truth was, Jean-Luc had adopted Remy and saved him from a life of living on the streets. He had brought what many people called "Le Diable Blanc" into his home and accepted him. Tante Mattie had taught him how to love and smacked anyone who even so much as thought of Remy as his devil counterpart. Remy knew why they called him that—his eyes were red on black, the look of a devil.

"J'aime tes yeux," Tante Mattie had mumbled once. "Dey be a part of who you are, Remy."

He owed Jean-Luc for everything and if that meant he needed to marry Bella Donna then so be it. Bella Donna's father was more cautious though and decided the two should go out on one date before getting engaged. That night, Bella Donna arrived at the LeBeau's estate and everyone held their breath as Remy took her out for their date.

To everyone's relief, they had hit it off. Remy and Bella Donna both agreed to the marriage the next morning. Sure they were young—he was 19 and she was 18—but if it meant ending their long family feud then, then who was he to object.

So, in two months, he and Bella Donna would become man and wife and the two guilds would merge into one.

"Remy," Bella Donna murmured with a hint of fear in her eyes. "Papa wants tah see yah."

"Pourquoi?" Remy asked cautiously.

"Don't know," She replied. "But we'd better go."

"Course," He answered, standing and pulling her up to be beside him. "Etienne, go return dese." He tossed the pearls at his cousin and Etienne's eyes widened in fear.

"No, Tante will kill me!"

"Allez," Remy told him, all trace of joking gone. "Tell her where I've gone an' dat I'll take her punishment when I get back." Etienne stood up and nodded his head.

"Want me to get, Jean-Luc?" His cousin asked. "You got your cards?"

"No need to get him," Remy replied casually. "Et bien sur. Do you t'ink I'm stupid or somethin'?"

He took Bella Donna's hand within his own and began to make the trek across the bayou to where his father-in-law resided. Whatever he wanted, Remy would be sure to do it.

Because there was no way in Hell that he was going to screw up his relationship with Bella Donna.

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