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French Translations:



Mon pere—My father

On y va—Let's go

ta mere—your mom

et regardez—and look





Allez vous en!—Go away!

Bon Dieu, les femmes—Good God, women


Bien sur—Of course

Un travail—a job

Pour moi—for me

mon beau fils—my son in law (literally means "my handsome son"

Mon . . . quoi?—my . . . what?



If Remy could come up with one word to describe Bella Donna's dad, it would be this—


The man was as scary as hell itself and wasn't much kinder either. The King of the Assassins was fiercely protective of his only daughter and didn't really trust Remy and/or like him. The few times Remy had even been in the same room with Christophe Bordeaux, his own father had accompanied him and even then, he hadn't been allowed to even meet the gaze of Christophe. Needless to say, Remy was a little curious about why Bella Donna's father would want to actually see him personally.

He and Bella Donna arrived at the Assassin's stronghold within ten minutes. Despite the fact that the two Guilds were hated enemies, they're respective hideouts were within walking distance of each other. He supposed that this was irony, but now that he was getting married to Bella Donna, he knew it would be convenient later on.

"Ah, Mademoiselle Bordeaux!" A young woman with her black hair piled up into a bun and dressed in a professional-looking pencil skirt and white t-shirt exclaimed. Remy could hear from her accent that she wasn't from around here. "Welcome back! And of course, Monsieur LeBeau, it's a pleasure." She nodded her head respectfully towards him. Remy never thought he would ever be treated respectfully by Assassins. A smirk graced his face.

He could get used to this.

"Mon père," Bella Donna began curtly. "Where is he?"

"In the library, Mademoiselle," The assistant replied quickly. "Shall I escort you in?" Bella Donna simply dismissed her with a wave of hand and entered her mansion—a house that had been built during the South's plantation years and had somehow managed to survive the Civil War—and as soon as they had cleared the door, she grabbed Remy's hand and yanked him into a nearby room.

"Belle . . . ?" Remy began cautiously. "Somet'ing wrong?" His fiancée wrung her hands nervously and stared at the carpet before meeting his eyes. She had never shown fear of his eyes and Remy loved her for that. It was one of the many things that made Bella Donna different than all the other girls he had met over the years. They had always shied away from his eyes—not Bella Donna, never Bella Donna.

"Remy," She mumbled. "I jus' got dis awful feelin' dat Père is gonna try somet'ing." He let a small smile grace his lips before pulling her towards him and embracing her. His strong arms encircled her and he felt her relax beneath him.

"I ain't afraid, Bella," He confessed, although it was a lie. He was scared to death that his future father-in-law would try to kill him. He didn't know what he would to do if he had to defend himself against Bella Donna's father. "Remy's gonna be jus' fine. You'll see."

"Promise?" She looked up at him, her blue eyes glistening with tears and he nodded his head. After a few moments, she regained her composure and sighed. "Alright, on y va." Holding her hand securely within his, they entered the library. Christophe was sitting behind a small desk and put his pen down as the door opened. By his left, his son Julien—Bella Donna's brother—glared at Remy. Christophe regarded Remy coldly before warmly smiling at his daughter.

"Ah, Bella Donna," He muttered as he stood up and embraced her. "You look jus' like ta mère." He smiled wistfully and Remy could see how happy his comment made Bella Donna. Her mother had died five years ago and while Bella Donna had recovered from it, Christophe never had. "Et regardez, my future son-in-law."

"Bonjour, Monsieur Bordeaux," Remy greeted cordially, offering his hand to be shaken. "Merci pour invitin' moi."

He didn't shake Remy's hand.

"Julien, Bella Donna," Christophe instead said. "Get gone. Me and Jean-Luc's boy got somet'ing tah discuss." Immediately, Bella Donna's eyes widened in horror.

"Papa, no!" She exclaimed. "Please don't hurt Remy! I need—"

"Hurt him?" Her father echoed. "Who said dat I was gonna hurt him?" Bella Donna's expression relaxed slightly, but Remy could tell that she didn't feel happy about leaving him with her father.

"Mais, Papa—!"

"Allez vous en!" He ordered and Bella Donna's head sunk with disappointment. Her brother grabbed her arm and gently tugged her out of the room. When the door had shut behind him, Christophe sighed. "Bon Dieu, les femmes!" He lit a cigarette and handed one to Remy who dutifully accepted. He had no choice but to go along with whatever Christophe wanted. It was the only way to make sure that he came out of this room alive. "Alors, Remy,"

"Oui, Monsieur?"

"You love my daughter?" Christophe's expression was focused on him now and Remy felt nervous and worried. He had to make sure he said the right things!


No sense in overcomplicating things.

"And you'll protect her?"

"Bien sur."

"And you'd do anyt'ing for her?" Remy saw the strange glint enter into his eyes and Remy knew that he was being set up. For what, exactly, he wasn't sure, but he knew that look.

It was a look that never meant good things for him.

"Anyt'ing." Remy answered.

"Good," Christophe replied. "Cause I've got a job for yah, Remy."

"Un travail?" Remy echoed. "Pour moi?"

"Course," Christophe replied nonchalantly. "Do dis job and I'll accept you as mon beau fils." Christophe pulled out a manila folder out of the desk and opened it. It contained pictures of a girl with a curious white streak running through her auburn hair. Other than that, he couldn't tell too much about her since the photos had been taken at a long distance and were a bit blurry.

"Who's dat?" Remy questioned.

"Your target." Christophe answered matter-of-factly.

"Mon . . . quoi?" Remy was a thief, not an assassin. He knew how to kill sure—every thief did just in case they got caught in a bad situation—but he didn't like the whole business of killing. It was too messy and way less fun than stealing.

"Target," Christophe snapped. "Dis is de fille dat beat Bella Donna a year ago."

Remy had remembered that incident. Bella Donna had been in New York, attending to some Assassin Business when she had encountered the girl—an X-men member—who was also on a mission. Needless to say, the girl had overcome Bella Donna and had won the fight, wounding Bella Donna's pride. Ever since then, Bella Donna had sworn to make this girl pay.

And now Remy would have to go kill her.

Go figure.

"Wat you want Remy tah do?" Remy questioned softly. He didn't want to do this, but it was the only way to keep peace between the Guilds. War would devastate both sides.

"Kill her," Christophe ordered. "And bring me proof. Do dis an' you can join de famille."

Remy nodded.

The deal was done.

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