Mana POV

Knock! Knock!

Went the door "Mana go get that" said Ethan.

"Of course King Ethan, because I wouldn't want you to waste energy walking 3 feet" exclaimed Mana.

"Yes! You get it!" he said "Ugh" I sighed as I opened the door.

There was stand my best friend, Leaf, with her hands behind her back and her head till tided to the side with a with closed mouth grin.

She walked in with a carefree style; she turned around with her hand on her hip and a bright face. "So~ my mom said we could play" she exclaimed with her bulbasaur creeping up behind her

"Awesome lets go, you got your IPod?" I asked. She held hers up and said "Of course" we ran out but before I shut the door I told Ethan. "Tell Lanna I'm outside if she asks!"

"Yeah yeah sure now shut up this battles a good one."

I rolled my eyes, "He never listens to me when he's watching TV." I exclaimed as I shut the door.

I put my hands in the pockets of my long winter coat and my Eevee curled around my neck. "I'll get the stuff" said Leaf, "K" I told her.

She ran over to my shed, opened it, and got the equipment for our favorite game, Softball. The day rolled on, I had to tell her sooner or later. I grabbed my heart with a sad look on my face.

"Ok you're NEVER like this Mana, what's wrong?" asked Leaf with a serious look on her face. I was still grabbing my heart; I looked up.

"I…I got to tell you something" I said with a sad tone. She dropped her bat and walked up to me "What? You can tell me anything" she told me.

"I'm …Leaving." I replied, her eyes lit up with sadness and said "What? What do you mean?"

"My parents, brother, sister, and I are moving to Hoenn." I said in a sad tone as I looked down.

"Your l-leaving Kanto. Pallet Town. ME?" she yelled. Her Bulbasaur looked at my Eevee crying and they hugged crying.

Then Leaf and I did the same "I-I'll always miss you!" I exclaimed crying "I will too!" she also exclaimed. Our tears were falling like the snow itself. As it turned into night my mom said I had to come inside, so I could finish packing. We would leave tomorrow.

Raini's POV

I was sitting in the car, looking out the window. I was ignoring the fights between Rex and Renee. I sighed. Just then I heard a honk. Dad tried to hit the brakes as it came closer, but it was to late. I blacked out.

When I came too, I saw Rex and Renee crying near my hospital bed. I asked what happened and Rex told me the whole thing.

I started to cry with them. Soon enough May, my best friend, and her mother came in the room. "Raini, are you ok?" she asked, hugging me.

I nodded, crying in her arms. Coraline, Mays mother, asked us if we needed a place to stay. Rex nodded. Picking up Renee, he followed Coraline out to her car.

I followed still crying. Why us? Why them? Why now?

When Rex turned sixteen, we knew he could take care of us now and Coraline let us stay at our old house. Once in awhile, Coraline came to check up on us. I never wanted to go outside again.

If I did I would probably end up like mom and dad. Then I remembered I never even told them I loved them.


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