SO, I got bored, and I'm currently ignoring my parents, so I pretty much have to stay in my room cuz it's too hot to leave. I decided to make a fun little Face Book fic. :)

Enjoy and Review!

Kurt Hummel: Is coming back to McKinley!

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Mercedes Jones: AHH! My Boo is comin hoommmee!

Sam Evens: YES! Kurt cum home Kurt cum home!

Kurt Hummel: Sam, do us a fav, and spell out COME...

Santana Lopez: You know Kurt, if you and Sam were together, ud b Kum...

Kurt Hummel: O.o

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Tina C: Yeah, but Kurt and Blaine are together... Klaine!

Kurt Hummel: Blaine and I broke up...

Kurt Hummel: Has gone from 'in a relationship' to 'single'

Kurt Hummel: Sorry, forgot to change it... lol

Burt Hummel: When did THAT happen? Do I need my shot gun?

Kurt Hummel: Kinda...


Kurt Hummel: Cheated on me.

Mercedes Jones: aww HELL NO!

Finn Hudson: Dude! y didn't u tell ME!

Noah Puckerman: As soon as my probe is done he's DEAD.

Sam Evans: one, dude, Puck - who's probing you? LMFAO. and Kurt I'm seriously gonna kick his ass.

Kurt Hummel: Sorry it took so long, had to take my dads gun away from him... and his keys... and start on making him some ribs. Thanks you guys, but it's not necessary, I already got him pretty good...

Noah Puckerman: What did you do?

Kurt Hummel: Every gay guy in a hundred mile radius thinks he has herpes...

Sam Evens: NICE!

David Karofsky: I'd never cheat on you...

Tina C: What?

Finn Hudson: Um... Karofsky? WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU SMOKING?

Burt Hummel: You after my kid David?

David Karofsky: Depends on what you mean Mr. Hummel...


Burt Hummel: Alright kid, spill, why did you threaten my kids life?

David Karofsky: Mr. Hummel, I NEVER would have actually hurt Kurt. I kissed him in the locker room, and then threatened to kill him if he told. But really I am in love with him, and have been since ninth grade...

Kurt Hummel: I go to get water and you COME OUT?

Burt Hummel: ... Well. That took some balls kid...

Brittany Peirce: Kurt likes balls...

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Kurt Hummel: BRITT!

Burt Hummel: Ignoring that...

Kurt Hummel: You're really in love with me, David?

David Karofsky: yeah...

Kurt Hummel: Then you can take me to dinner tonight. Pick me up at six.

David Karofsky: :D You live with Hudson right?

Finn Hudson: Yeah, and I'll cut you if you hurt him.

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Burt Hummel: THAT'S my boy Finn!