I've read people's story to where they would change the storyline of Yugioh like genderbending, adding Mana and Kisara, etc. I decided to have Yugi and Atem switch places. Now I have read a story like this one called Sealed Away. I promise this will be nothing like that one. In fact, I planned all this out before even knowing its existence, so there is no plagiarizing. Atem's character will be different and so will the storyline. This will start from season and go up from there. If any of you have a story similar to this, LET ME KNOW! I like checking other people's work that's similar to mine ^^. Review please!

3000 years ago in ancient times, there were criminals judged by the Pharaohs who used dark magic known as the Shadow Games. These games not only tested a person's true character, but their soul as well. If one was to fail a shadow game, that person would automatically be given a Penalty Game, a very deadly curse that would live for eternity or shorter. The shortest was a number of months. It was a deadly curse, worse than death.

One day, a brave pharaoh sealed his soul into an ancient puzzle called the Millennium Puzzle. Only until the chosen one solves the puzzle will the pharaoh's soul finally be freed. This chosen one must be one of the pharaoh's choosing while he does not remember anything except his own name given by scholars until his true name would be revealed. Nobody knows who the Chosen One is, but he would soon see his destiny slowly reveal itself.

The bell of Domino High rang loudly for recess and all the boys were running outside to play Basketball. An older teen woke up suddenly by the ringing of the bell. He apparently had slept through the entire class time since the lecture was so boring. The boy had spiky hair that looked like a black starfish and gold bangs that laid on the sides of his face. Many girls viewed him as a rowdy boy or a "bad boy with an attitude" and always sought to date him, though he turned all of them down. His name was Atem Moto.

"Hey Atem!" A random boy called before throwing a basketball in Atem's hand. "Wanna play?"

Atem smirked before throwing back the ball and answered, "you know it! Better than sitting in this dump!" He jumped from his desk and walked on his way out the door to play with the other boys, but stopped when he spotted a small young boy about his size sitting in his desk alone. He had blond hair, round glasses, and seemed to have a small fragile body that made him vulnerable. Adam smirked and slapped the boy's back encouragingly. "Common Hanaski! Everyone's playing outside. You gonna come or chicken out like you usually do?"

"Thanks," Hanaski said with a friendly smile. "But the team I'd be in would lose."

"Someone's chicken!" Adam teased before making chicken wings with his arms. "Bock, boooock."

"It's fine, really. I just don't want to..." Hanaski said before Atem snatched the boy's comic books of Zombire. "HEY!"

"You want these? You have to stop chickening out! You always stay here in the classroom all day and read comic books like a fan-boy geek," Atem smirked with the comic books in the air while Hanaski tried to jump up and reach for them.

"Give those back, Atem!"

"I'll make you a deal. Get some vitamin D, and then I'll give these fan-boy comics back," Atem promised before throwing the comic books to Joey who was on the other side of the classroom. "Here, let Joey show you the way."

"Thanks!" Joey smirked before looking through the comics. "Lame! How about trying being a man for once? Give your first punch." He pointed to his chest before finishing, "right here."

"Yes Joey, you are soooo macho," Atem said sarcastically.

"Hey, I'm just trying to man him up!"

"And a lame job at it too."

"Well then," Joey glared before hanging the comic books out the window. "How 'bout you go fetch 'em?"

"So macho."

"Shut up!"

"Ugh! I hate violence!" Hanaski cried before Atem rolled his eyes.

"No guts, but loud," Joey complained.

"Like you are at a mummy exhibit," Atem teased.


The comic books were snatched from Joey faster than he could count to one. Tea wore a griming scowl toward the boys.

"If they're so lame, then you should give it back," Tea rebuked. "You're the lame ones, picking on the weak!"

"Tea, don't tell me you're going to go through a whole day of lecture. I already deal with that in class," Atem glared. He could NEVER stand Tea, especially when she defended for Hanaski. "And for the record, we weren't picking on the weak. If anything, I was only trying to help!"

"Buck off!"

"Whatev," Atem shrugged before him and Joey left the classroom. "Man, I hate her! She's so freakin' annoying!"

"Forget about it!" Joey humphed before giving Atem a friendly punch. The two guys had been best friends since elementary school. Neither of them were ever seen without the other. "That was sure fun. Man, when is Hanaski gonna take his eyes off the comic books. He's such a nerd!"

"You make a point, but I kinda like him a little, you know? He's not like those nerds who go to conventions and dress like coseplayers. He also likes games. I see him at grandpa's shop every afternoon."

"Man, you're such a nerd when it comes to games."

"I AM NOT!" Atem protested. "How am I a nerd?"

Joey smirked before digging into his friends book bag and dug out a gold box with the eye of Horus on it. There was also inscriptions written in Ancient Egyptian. Joey held the box in the air and Atem glared deeply at Joey before trying to snatch the puzzle box back from the boy.

"Give that back, Joey! It's my memento from Grandpa and if I lose it, he's gonna blow a gasket!"

"He ain't dead yet, Atem, and this just proves my point. You've been at this puzzle for what? Eight years? Man, I'd be selling this thing on Ebay."

"Joey, I'm serious!"

"Fine, fine," Joey gave in finally. He handed the puzzle box back before showing a piece of the puzzle and throwing it out the window and into the moat.

"JOEY WHEELER! I'M GONNA KILL YOU!" Atem shouted before tackling Joey onto the floor and both started rolling around. The puzzle box flew in the air and the pieces scattered everywhere on the floor. Everyone watched and stared at the play fight before Atem pushed Joey against Trudge accidentally. He stared coldly at the boys. "Uh... sorry. We were just playing around. I'll clean this up." Atem started gathering the pieces of his puzzle.

"You know horse play is against school policy," Trudge glared with his arms crossed. Atem nodded before picking up the last piece. "And did I hear that you two were bullying the weak?"

"Huh?" Joey glared questioningly.

"No, Tea was just throwing a fit, because I gave Hanaski a hard time. No big whoop," Atem shrugged before walking on his way down the hall. "Anyways, I'm gonna go outside and find my last puzzle piece that someone, not mentioning any names, threw out the window." He then coughed, "Joey."

"I heard that!" Joey glared. "And you know I was just playing."

"Ass," Atem coughed up.


"Watch your language and I'll see both you boys in class," Trudge smirked before the boys left.

Atem sighed deeply before telling Joey, "I never did like that guy. He walks around like he's the head honcho just because he was hired as the Hall Monitor. In reality, he's the one who picks on the weak. Maybe not by brute, but he finds ways of bartering money. I swear he's more greedy than the Forty Thieves."

"No kidding," Joey agreed. He sighed while staring down at the floor. Atem looked at him like a mind reader.

"Still remembering middle school?" Atem asked before Joey sighed. "That was before. I swear to you, those jackasses are not coming back."

"Why did we even join that gang in the first place?"

"We were stupid, Joey. At least you have a good excuse, having a drunk father who gambles more than I breathe. I was raised by a loving grandfather and I called him an asshole in his face. I feel stupid for agreeing to their terms. In fact, it was my fault for bring you into that mess."

"Atem, don't blame yourself... or at least not just yourself. It was my fault as well. We were both guilty. I'm just glad Triston wasn't around yet."

"I'm just glad we're not in middle school anymore. Puberty is more than I can bare."

"You're telling me. Atem, you're the bestest friend any guy could want."

"Yeah, but... sometimes I... nevermind."


"It's nothing," Atem assured with a smile that hid his true feelings.

After school, Joey and Atem walked several blocks to the game shop owned by Solomon Moto. Atem did have to retrieve the piece of his puzzle Joey carelessly threw into the moat. When they made it to the game shop, the boys met Solomon who put on the biggest smile you'd ever find in an old man. Atem held that same smile, not that he would care to admit it.

"Hey gramps," Joey greeted.

"Hello Joey. How've you boys been today?" Solomon asked.

"Good grandpa, besides Joey throwing part of your puzzle pieces into the moat," Atem glared at Joey.

"Oh common! You're still mad over that?" Joey asked whining.

"Be nice, boys. I'm surprised you're still trying to solve that puzzle. It's been eight years," Solomon said.

"It's the only thing that keeps me occupied during class besides sleeping," Atem teased.

"Nerd," Joey coughed.

"Do you want me to strangle your neck?" Atem glared threateningly.

"Easy there, buddy."

"That puzzle can't be solved. Many have tried and failed. There's a story behind it," Solomon explained before Atem nodded. "Many archiologists have tried to uncover the puzzle and solve it, but died trying. The last person screamed these last words as he was begging for his life, 'Shadow Game.'"

"Creepy," Atem smirked with a huge grin.

"Is it cursed?" Joey asked frighteningly.

"Don't tell me you're scared, Joey."


"Joey's afraid of a puzzle. Joey's afraid of a puzzle," Atem sang teasingly.


"Watch your language, young man!" Solomon rebuked.

"Sorry gramps," Joey apologized with redden cheeks.

"Don't worry, we forgive you," Atem teased while having a strong arm around Joey's neck.

Atem and Joey walked upstairs. Atem was fiddling with the puzzle, still trying to put the pieces together while Joey was on the phone with his mother. Even though Joey was separated from his mom and sister, the teenage boy tried to keep close contact. Joey never returned to his mother and live with her, because of Atem. He was Joey's best friend and was willing to put up with his dad to stay close with him.

"I'm sorry Mom," Joey pitied. His mother was trying to gain money for the operation with Serenity. "Mom... No Mom don't stress yourself out. I'll get the money somehow..." There was pain in his face. He sighed as he mumbled, "Ok. Tell her I love her. Bye."

"How's she doing?" Atem asked his friend.

"Her eyes aren't getting any better," Joey replied in a deep sigh.

"Seems like yesterday we were making mud pies. I wonder if she remembers me."

"Of coarse she does. You crushed on her at five years old," Joey smirked before Atem threw a pillow at his friend.


"You did! Remember the wedding?" Joey reminded. Atem blushed in embarrassment. Him and Serenity had a little puppy dog crush and even had a pretend wedding. Joey was his best man. It was embarrassing, but a cherishing memory.

"I remember that. She's a sweet girl. I cried when she left."

"It took you years to get over her."

"I know," Atem said. "Then we got caught up in the wrong crowd. I'm glad Serenity left with her mother. She doesn't need to be a part of it."

"Even though you don't crush on her anymore, I'm glad you still love her," Joey said, meaning a brother and sister love, not romance.

"I adore your sister no matter what," Atem promised. "I always will. She's like the sister I never had. Joey, if there was any way, I will donate as much as I can toward your sister's operation."

"Thanks," Joey thanked before hugging his friend. They rarely had any fuzzy moments like this, because of their manly pride. "You're still trying to solve that thing? Geez Atem, sell it on Ebay!"

"In your dreams!" Atem refused before pushing Joey onto the bed.

The next morning seemed peaceful. Atem walked with Joey on the sidewalk. They talked and laughed carelessly. They happened to walk by the front of the school where Trudge stood waiting for his prey. He stared at the two boys and smiled deviously. Atem was the first to pick it up. Something told him to run, but he ignored the warning before him and Joey were blocked by the Hall Monitor.

"What the hell do you want?" Joey asked rudly.

"I have a present for the both of you," Trudge smirked. "Follow me."

Adam and Joey had a bad feeling about where this was going. They followed the school Hall Monitor toward an empty lot between the school and the moat. Nobody could see if there was anything going on or not. As soon as the boys came to a halt, Atem felt a jolt of pain in his stomach caused by Trudge's fist. Before he knew it, he was knocked on the side of the head. Barely opening his eyes, Atem noticed Joey trying to protect his friend before getting kicked across the back and punched in the chin.

So much pain was filling Atem's stomach and head. There wasn't much for either of the boys to do or think. They were so hurt, they could barely stand up. Trudge disappeared for a while before returning, with Hanaski? Atem had a bad feeling about this picture. What is Trudge up to?

"What? What is this?" Hanaski gasped in horror.

"I did what I promised. I took care of the bullies that exploited you," Trudge smirked. It dawned on Atem that he was getting beat up for teasing Hanaski yesterday. Were his actions too harsh? Hanaski didn't seem to like the outcome of the situation.

"But... I never asked for this. No, I never asked for you to be my bodyguard!" Hanaski glared.

"Are you happy, Hanaski?" Joey muttered in anger.

"What? Why would I ask for this?" Hanaski asked in shock. "I... I promise I didn't cause this."

"You snake," Atem spat toward Trudge. He kicked Atem in the gut before Hanaski put himself between the boys and Trudge.

"STOP! I THINK YOU'VE DONE ENOUGH!" Hanaski shouted angrily.

"You're protecting these bullies? They exploited you. This is your chance to get revenge. Kick, punch..." Trudge smirked.

"Why would I do that to my friends?" Hanaski blurted out. Atem was shocked by Hanaski's reply. Sure Atem tried to encourage the boy to be more active and tried to help him a little bit, but they weren't exactly friends persay... were they? Atem wasn't sure if what Hanaski said was meaningful or used to protect himself and Joey.

"You call these bullies your friends? You're a weird one. I still demand my payment for being your bodyguard," Trudge demanded. Atem knew there was some bartering behind this mess. Hanaski looked at Trudge in pure horror. "Your fee will be $200."

"B... but I don't have that kind of money," Hanaski whined, trembling in fear and horror.

Trudge chuckled evilly before kicking Hanaski in the gut. After that, the Hall Monitor gave the boy an upper cut. Hanaski fell onto the ground next to Atem's side. Atem shot Trudge a death glare filled with hatred. He could never forgive Trudge for pulling this kind of act.

"Tomorrow, I expect full payment or you will be getting double beating than what these two got," Trudge smirked.

Atem stared at Trudge with hatred and muttered, "kiss my ass you son of a bitch." With that, Trudge took Atem by the throat and banged his head against the brick wall. Blood was oozing from his head before his world blacked out.

It wasn't too long before Atem woke up and found Hanaski by his side curled in a ball panicking and scared. Tears were rolling down the boy's cheeks. Who could blame him? Atem still had a migraine from the hit from Trudge, but it wasn't painful enough to not wipe the tears from Hanaski's cheeks. Hanaski looked up in fear. "Shhhh."

"I'm... I'm sorry I..." Hanaski muttered before Atem put a finger on his soft lips.

"Don't. I know it wasn't your fault. You don't have to tell me. You let me pay Trudge. Don't you dare pay that asshole one cent!" Atem demanded as Hanaski nodded, his lips quivering. "As for this morning. If I was too harsh, I'm..."

"No, you were only trying to help. I know you weren't bullying me," Hanaski said with a small smile. "Trudge is the real bully, not you or Joey. In fact Joey does that to you more than me anyways."

Atem smiled and gave a nod. He got up on his feet with struggle. Hanaski limped home in pain while Joey and Atem walked back to the game shop. They treated their wounds soundlessly while thinking about what Trudge did. Atem looked at how much money he had. There was barely enough to make $200. Joey smiled, leaning against the wall with his arms crossed.

"Trying to keep your word?" Joey asked as Atem smirked with a nod. The blond teen dug into his pocket and revealed his salary. "Here. I can get some more money on my next payment. I'd hate to see that boy getting beaten up again and I feel guilty for thinking he got Trudge to beat our asses."

"Joey, that's for your sister!" Atem glared.

"Serenity has two years before her operation is needed. I've got time. Hanaski needs this more than I do."

"Joey..." Atem muttered, then gave a smile. "Thank you."

"I just wish Trudge could get a taste of his own medicine!"

"Joey, there's nothing we can do, except pay him. It's not like a miracle is going to happen," Atem glared while fiddling with the puzzle. He was so depressed and in pain, he did not notice the pieces that were starting to connect. "I just wish... I don't know."



Atem then noticed the puzzle was close to being complete. His eyebrows raised and started putting pieces in their right place. Joey started noticing this too. His eyebrows rose as Atem started connecting piece after piece.

"I can't believe it. You're almost done with that darn thing!" Joey said.

"Yeah. Glad I didn't sell it on Ebay?" Atem asked teasingly.


Just when there was one more piece missing. Atem started wishing the very wish that had been in his head since he was young. As a young kid, he believed the puzzle would grant you one wish, if completed. Atem was older now and knew that stuff was only in fairy tales. Still, nothing wrong with making a wish before blowing out the candles. Atem closed his eyes and wished, 'I wish there was someone who can help me change and become a better friend to those I don't understand.' The final piece was placed. A glow from the puzzle started showing as Joey's eyes widened.

"Uh Atem, I think your puzzle's acting freaky," Joey said, looking scared. The puzzle glowed brighter and brighter until it engulfed Atem's body.

Atem felt strange. He was no longer hurting from the pains of Trudge. In fact, he felt peaceful. He smiled glowingly, letting the peace take him to sleep. The only thing that could interrupt this peace was the fact that Atem noticed someone was on top of him, holding him. There were arms around his waist, embracing in a tight hug. Atem's eyes snapped open to see a face that was an inch from his face. There were big violet eyes and a face that could match his own. This face, however, was childlike and his eyes were big and bright. This look-alike smiled big and brightly.

"Hey, you're awake! I was wondering when you were gonna wake up, brother!" The boy greeted happily before being pushed off by two strong arms. The boy fell on his back and got back up. "Ow! Not too hard."

"Who the hell are you?" Atem asked demandingly.

"My name's Yugi, or at least I think that's my name is. My memory's a bit of a blur. It was about time you completed the puzzle. Things were getting boring. All I did was just watch you and your friend while twiddling my thumbs. Now that you've completed me, I'm free! Man, this is gonna be so much fun! What should we do to celebrate this?"

"How about you tell me where I am?"

"That's easy, your Soul Room. Still working on mine. It's a maze, literally. Right now, we're in your soul room and it looks awesome."

Atem sat up and looked all around his Soul Room. There were black walls and shelves filled with board games, puzzles, and sports equipment. It was also messy. Atem never was considered the most tidy and this room would be one he wouldn't bother cleaning up anyways. So far, this Soul Room of his seemed like his own dream room. His attention went back to Yugi.

Yugi was on the floor with his legs crossed. He was across from Atem and kept staring at him with that childish grin across his face.

"Would you stop that? You're creeping me out!" Atem glared.

"Stop what?" Yugi asked, his smile disappeared. "I'm not doing anything."

"Smiling. I swear, you're worse than the Joker."

"So, you want me to be all gloomy?" Yugi asked, putting on a teasing frown.

"NO! Just cut the smiling!"

"Geez, you need to brighten up," Yugi said while rolling his eyes. Atem humphed. There were more important things to worry about than this annoying little look-like, like Trudge. If he didn't get paid, Hanaski would get a double beating and all because of Atem's stupid teasing. Yugi raised his eyebrows, and than a bright smile appeared again. "Seems like Trudge needs a timeout."

"What?" Atem flinched. How did Yugi know?

"I'm in your Soul Room. I can read your thoughts. When you daydream, I daydream too. Joey's also willing to give out his money for his sister's operation. That's not right. I have an idea," Yugi smirked before Atem's world went black.

Joey was still blinded by the glowing light from Atem's puzzle. After it faded away, he looked and his friend was gone. It was like he disappeared.

"Atem?" Joey blinked.

Yugi was now inside Atem's body and called Trudge at midnight to meet him over by the school. The Hall Monitor seemed intrigued by Atem's new attitude. It was like it wasn't even Atem calling, but someone else. It didn't matter to Trudge as long as he got his money. Trudge walked to the front of the school in the dark. He looked left and right to find Atem anywhere who claimed he'd pay the money for Hanaski. So far, the boy was not yet to be seen.

Trudge smirked while looking around. Just when he thought Atem chickened out, he heard a voice from behind.

"Hi Trudge!" Yugi greeted with his brightest smile. Trudge gasped in shock.

It was Atem, only different. He seemed so... childish, kinda like Hanaski. Atem NEVER smiled unless it was smirking or something. Trudge also noticed a glowing upside down pyramid around the boy's neck. It had a a glowing tent to it. Trudge smirked deviously thinking 'this doesn't even look like Atem. I'm surprised he's willing to pay for the kid, but seriously? He looks even wimpier than Hanaski!'

"I don't know why you're wearing a school uniform, but whatever," Trudge shrugged. "Where's my money?"

"Right here!" Yugi showed. "I accidentally made it double, $400, but here's the catch. You have to play a game with me."

"And what game is that?" Trudge asked smudgly.

"A Shadow Game," Yugi replied. He quickly snatched Trudge's knife that he carried in his belt. "We'll use this." He walked to the table. "Here's how it works. Stack the money on your hand and use the knife to stab as much cash as you can. The player with the highest amount of cash wins. If you stab your hand, you automatically lose."

"Seems simple enough. Very well. We'll play your little game," Trudge smirked widely. Yugi kept his childish smile.

"Oh, and if you try to cheat, then you get a timeout," Yugi mentioned.

'This guy acts like he's three! Oh well, as long as I get my money,' Trudge thought.

The two played Rock Paper Scissors to decide which one would go first. Yugi went first and got about twenty bucks. Trudge stabbed double the amount. The two kept playing. Yugi would stab less and Trudge kept stabbing more and more dollars. His strength was starting to become stronger. Soon, there was a small amount of cash. Yugi kept stabbing several bucks here and there. Though, for Trudge, he was starting to lose control over his strength.

Trudge glared, knowing he couldn't control his strength any longer and would soon stab his hand. He looked at Yugi with the most devious look anyone had ever seen in the man's eyes. He sought his chance and began to aim the knife at Yugi. Yugi leaped into the air before a third glowing eye appeared on his forehead.

"You did a no-no," Yugi smirked childlike. This smirk, coming from a child, was more scary than even Trudge's evil smirk. "You need a timeout."

All of a sudden, the glowing eye glowed brighter, and then Trudge started seeing money everywhere. His eyes popped dollar signs and chased after random trash and leaves. He was throwing himself at it greedily. Yugi watched with a little chuckle that escaped him.

"Don't worry brother. Trudge won't hurt Hanaski anymore," Yugi promised while looking at the puzzle. His eyebrows rose. He felt Atem banging at the door of his Soul Room. He was angry and annoyed. Yugi started wondering why his brother was acting this way.

"Atem!" A voice cried out. Yugi looked at the front of the school and caught Hanaski running over to him. "I saw everything! I know you're not Atem. Who are you?"

"Yugi, you must be Hanaski," Yugi greeted. "Brother feels guilty for what happened with you and Trudge. He won't hurt you anymore. I think brother's mad since I just took over his body."

"So... you're like a spirit or something?" Hanaski asked. "A ghost who takes over people?"

"No, I just live in the puzzle. Brother finished it, so I'm free."

"What did you do to Trudge?"

"I gave him a timeout. He was being a bully."

Hanaski smiled while looking over at Trudge who was hugging a bunch of leaves and trash. He asked, "Yugi, will you be my friend. I barely have any besides Tea and I think you and Atem are awesome."

"I think you are too. We'll be best friends forever."

The two friends gave each other hugs and walked each other home. Their friendship was only the start. Yugi was able to get home and have Atem rest after their long night. He was angry at the fact he was taken over by an immature ghost. Yugi gave the memories of what happened that night with Trudge to Atem. After finding out, he became impressed, but still furious that Yugi just took over his body without his consent.

The two had a serious talk. Yugi promised no more taking over Atem without his consent. He decided to let the spirit live inside him since it would be mean if Atem didn't let him have a little fun. As long as Yugi took over while Joey and Triston weren't around and didn't act like an immature kid, Atem was okay. There was still one more thing he needed to take care of.

The next day at school, Hanaski walked down the hallway with a proud smile on his face. Tea was at his side since she had known Hanaski since kindergarten. All of a sudden, he was pulled by the back of his collar by Atem's firm grip.

"Hanaski, we need to talk," Atem said glaringly.

"And what is it you need to talk to Hanaski about, huh?" Tea asked in a glaring manner. Her arms were crossed.

"It's about non of your business," Atem replied before dragging Hanaski into a broom closet. He kept dragging the boy to the back of the room just in case Tea wanted to eavesdrop on their conversation. He whispered threateningly, "listen, if you tell anyone about what happened last night, I will make your High School life a living hell."

"I promise I won't tell," Hanaski promised. "Atem, I would never EVER tell. I like Yugi."

"Well, I don't. He's a living ass I have to babysit," Atem told Hanaski. "I don't care if you and Yugi are buddies or not. I don't want him to be an embarrassment to me. He's already making it worse with that stupid smile and hugging. I'll have you keep an eye on Yugi and make sure he doesn't turn my High School life into a living nightmare. He cannot be seen with Joey or Triston and ESPECIALLY Tea. If I find out Yugi is running around the school hallways acting like an idiot, I will bring you to hell and back, I swear!"

"Yugi wouldn't do that or at least I don't think he would. He was only trying to help. I never got the chance to thank you for saving me."

"Whatever," Atem glared.

"Yugi likes you alot. Can you please not be so hard on him?"

"Fine," Atem agreed before letting go of Hanaski's collar and was about to head out the Broom Closet when Hanaski called.

"Atem!" Hanaski called before Atem turned. "Can we be friends? Since Yugi's my friend, I think you should be too."

Atem sighed, then gave into a smile. He looked at the golden pyramid around his neck and answered, "sure. Sorry for being hard on you." His head turned to Hanaski. "Yugi is a good kid and means well, but I get snappy when someone else has to take over my life. I'd like to keep my own even though I have to share it with someone else."

"There's nothing wrong with letting them in your life. Sometimes that's all it takes to understand someone."

"I suppose you're right. In fact, I'll let you and Yugi walk to class. Joey and Triston are late anyways."

Hanaski grinned as the pyramid glowed bright, and then Atem's expression changed. He was now Yugi who held a huge smile.

"Don't worry, Hanaski," Yugi reassured. "My brother maybe harsh sometimes, but he's a softy on the inside. I know deep inside, he loves me just as much as I love him." Yugi, of coarse, was meaning brotherly love since he looked at Atem as his brother.

"I know!" Hanaski agreed before they exited out the Broom Closet. Tea tried listening in on the conversation, which seemed like a threat, but not much was heard. What really shocked her was the fact that Hanaski and Atem were seen running down the hallway holding hands like two little three-year-olds running to the playground. This would be only the start of a beautiful friendship, one that would last a lifetime.