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The school bell rang and everyone was walking to their classes, so they wouldn't get a tardy. Atem, Hanaski, Joey, and Tea were already in class talking. Joey was bragging about how he beat some random guy in an arcade game. Tea continually rolled her eyes during the whole Joey-being-braggadocios thing. While the class was getting crowded, Ryan happened to have entered the class, carrying something with two hands.

The teacher continually was trying to calm down the class and continued with her boring speeches. She apparently had thought the whole being sealed in a little dolly form of herself was all a dream. The gang decided it was best for that theory to stay that way. As far as they were concerned, everyone in the whole class was better off not knowing the supernatural.

Ryan joined in with his new group of friends with a deep smirk on his face. Atem showed a smile as Ryan cleared his throat, so everyone would face him.

"I have a present for all of you," Ryan said.

"Really? What cha got there?" Joey asked, eying on the covered item Ryan was carrying with two hands.

"How's your hand?" Tristan asked, eying on Ryan's left hand, which held a huge scare from being jammed into the sharp top of the tower when Yami Ryou took over Ryan's body.

"It's healing up," Ryan replied. He then showed a frown. "Don't know how I'm gonna explain that to my parents though."

The friends giggled as Ryan swiped off the cover to the squared item. It was a small display or trophy that held all of Ryan's and his friends' avatars. Joey and Atem were on the very front. Behind Atem was Hanaski and Pado with Pokie floating over them. Behind Joey was Bakura and a castle. Behind Bakura was Tristan and in the back of everybody else was Yugi holding the ten-sided dice in one hand. A title was held at the front of the display was "Monster World."

"It's a memento of our adventure. It's also a reminder of how you free Ryou and I," Ryan explained with a soft smile.

"That's really sweet," Atem replied.

"This way, we'll always remember that no matter how bad things might get, we'll always be together," Ryan said as Tea responded with a smirk.

"Looks like we just found our friendship speech speaker," Tea teased with a smirk up her lips.

"F*** my ass, bitch," Ryan replied with a deep glare.

"Only if you kiss mine."

"Looks like Tea just found herself another asshole, one that's worse than Atem," Tristan smirked.

"I know huh?" Joey chuckled. "I hope you don't get jealous, Atem."

"I'm more worried about Ryan blowing a gasket," Atem smirked as everyone laughed in response.

Ryan returned home that night and looked in the mirror. He wasn't ready to return home to England just yet. The evil spirit still lurked inside of Ryou. Ryan just couldn't take the risk of losing his folks to the evil darkness of the millennium ring. Until the evil was destroyed, Ryan was to be separated from his family, and other friends he refused to let become involve again, like Johnny.

Ryan sighed happily, flopping on the bed on his back, before noticing Ryou on top with his head hung over his brother's face. He gently laid his head on Ryan's left shoulder.

"What's wrong?" Ryan asked, reading that something was bothering his brother.

"What if he comes back?" Ryou asked worriedly. He held onto Ryan tightly with his body trembling. "I can't go through this again."

"I told you, we'll fight him together. Now, gets some sleep," Ryan declared before feeling Ryou nuzzle his face against his neck. He clutched onto his brother tighter and his body trembled more.

"I can't help it!" Ryou cried, muffling his voice into his brother's neck. "I'm scared as hell."


"I can't lose anymore friends. I can't go through this again!"

"RYOU!" Ryan cried out as Ryou popped his head with tears staining his cheeks. Ryan brought his dear brother into his arms and gently laid him on the bed. His left arm hung around Ryou's head, laying on the pillow, while his right hand held Ryou's chin, so their eyes met. Blue eyes met a pair of other blue eyes. "We won't lose anymore friends."

"But..." Ryou muttered before feeling Ryan's thumb pressed against his tender lips.

"No more. If you keep doubting yourself and our friends, than those dark powers will pollute your soul room again. Now, do you want that?" Ryan asked as Ryou shook his head. Ryan laid a gentle kiss on his brother's cheek before whispering in his brother's ear. "Then have faith."

"I'll try," Ryou promised as he rubbed his cheek against Ryan's. A moan escaped his nose as he felt a kiss on his neck and cheek.

"Good night, my sweet brother," Ryan whispered in Ryou's ear. A smile peeped on Ryou's lips as Ryou held his brother tightly in his arms.

"You know something."


"This is one bond that cannot be broken."

TH-THA TH-THA TH-THA TH-THAT'S ALL FOLKS LOLZ. PREVIEW FOR AT-EM-OH: DUELIST KINGDOM: Trouble seems to follow Atem wherever he goes. Seto Kaiba is still in the hospital and it seems that Maxamillion Pegasus wants to gain control over Kaiba Corporation when the Big Five turn against the company and try to kidnap Mokuba. Pleading Atem for help, he sets out to protect Mokuba and the company that seems to be in jeopardy with the President comatose. Though, things become worse when Pegasus realizes who holds the second key and seals Atem's grandfather, Solomon Moto, into Atem's laptop and onto his iPhone. To top it all off, Serenity will go blind by next year if she doesn't get the money she needs for her surgery. Atem, with the help of his friends, must travel to Duelist Kingdom and win to rescue his grandfather, win the money for Serenity, and protect Kaiba Corporation. Though, to win, Atem must find a way to win against the creator of Duel Monsters, Maxamillion Pegasus, who can read the thoughts and feelings of other people. Can Atem win? Can he protect Kaiba Corporation and Mokuba? Will Kaiba ever wake up? More adventures! More shadow games! New friends! More peachshipping and... ATEM'S IN LOVE? DANG! How can Yugi and Atem work out with two girls? Also, where in the world is Atem keeping the key to Kaiba Corp. if it's not around his neck anymore? And do you even WANNA KNOW? Read and find out!

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