Hello, my fellow readers! Welcome to what was previously known as "Talent Show" now called "High School Life." It's pretty self explanatory of what will be going on in this story. Expect Gohan and his friends to be involved in typical high school life such as; Drama, fights, relationships, friendships and so on. This is still DB world so expect a villain ok? Ok!

This is my last and final attempt with rewriting because I'm sure I've pieced it all together. You all may even recieve a monthly update! I hope you enjoy this so lets get on with, High School Life.

High School Life

There were places far worse a teenager could be shoved in. Places like a detention center, an underdeveloped foreign country, the middle of a economic crisis, a war field, but High School was freaking ridiculous. Who would ever think to make an education system, who? Someone who had, at the time, had the best idea ever. Or maybe just wanted a place to put his kids.

It was thanks to that person that the youth was so corrupted. With every generation born and bringing on the next, times began to change. The typical classroom environment consists of every cliche label; jock to geek, Prom royalty to what's-his-name. However, here at Orange Star High, there were tons of labels set to just a person alone.

Videl Satan, the Queen of the entire school. For the fact that she was famous by name. She wouldn't act on it though, as famous as she was; she was decked out in a loose fitting green sweater, a pair a black pants with combat boots. Perfect attire for the winter months.

But today was a suprisingly bright and warm morning, for it being the middle of December. She gently pulled at the collar of her sweater, inwardly cursing at the choice of wardrobe. Dropping the fabric, she took her wrist into her hand and flipped it over to look at her watch.

The morning was going by nice and smooth, as what the police told her. Earlier, after making her rounds about the city, she stopped by the station. She was left with nothing better to do then come straight to school and sit in an empty classroom.

Well minus that one kid that came in and sat himself beside her, in Sharpner's seat. 'Well he won't be too happy about that will he.' She laughed.

Her friends wouldn't get there until much later, or in Gohan's case, much much later. The newest addition to their group, made his way into her thoughts again. Well, yes because he annoyed her to no end. Actually just on the Saiyaman topic, other than that, she would be nice.

She was lucky she had Sharpner, who would never judge her for being mean to the guy. It was almost nice that he was a jerk, but it's nice seeing the kinder-side of him. He made her almost look like an angel.

Then at that moment, students began pouring in along with her friend in question, who began rapping a verse. "Move Bitch! Get out ma seat, get out ma seat, ge-get out ma seat, move bitch!" Sharpner sang along to the music he had blasting in his ears. He bumped his hip hard into the kid, sending him to the ground for his lack of balance.

The blonde was nice enough to grab the guy's belongings and properly set them in his hands. Sitting down, still mumbling the lyrics he growled at the boy on the floor and watched as he scurried away. "Haha, Oh hey Videl."

"Wow. Here I was thinking it would be lovely if you were nice for once but you're a bigger ass than you were yesterday." She replied, rolling her eyes at him.

"I'm tolerable. But hey, it's nice to know you check out my ass, Videl." He replied, winking after removing his earphones, which just made her groan in response.

"Seriously Sharpner? Class hasn't even started yet and you're already hitting on me. Doesn't it get tiring?" She questioned rubbing some sleep out of her eyes when she yawned. "Kami knows It does for me."

"Really, Vi? You're talking to me here. I never get tired of you babe." He grinned at the girl.

"That's an old one Sharpie. You'll eventually get bored of me rejecting you and move on- You know what, you keep doing that." Videl laughed at her lame attempt to joke. "Any idea where Erasa is? She's usually here by now."

"Nah, what about Gohan?" The blonde questioned back.

"So you do know how to use his name. I thought it was nerd-boy, brains or rice-ball. Are you actually taking up the chance to make nice? I'm so proud of you." The young female mocked, making the boy blush.

Over the week from meeting Gohan, Videl and Sharpner were both harsh on him. Videl only wanted to reveal that he was both the Golden Fighter and Saiyaman. But it was only right to be civil with someone who wasn't rude, which Gohan was far from being.

Sharpner on the other hand was just un-excepting of him. Gohan had gained too much of Videls attention with just one look. He didn't want to imagine how things would become if her interest in him continued. The blonde haired boy was jealous, but could you blame him? Not really. "Eh, don't make me go back on my decision, Videl."

"That's just like you, Sharpner. Well, I can't deny the fact that it was fun chasing him around. Honestly, what do I care if he can instantly go blonde? Who am I trying to kid, I actually can't stand not knowing! I'm so sick of-"

Just before she could make her point, Videl was cut off by a happy Erasa. The bubbly girls heeled boots made a clicking noise as they connected with the floor and grew louder as she approached her two friends.

"Hey buddies! How y'all fine people doing this morning?" Erasa asked, putting her bag down as she sat in the chair, facing her friends. The blonde was dressed in a pink lace dressed with a long-sleeved black cardigan thrown over.

"Did you hear? The Golden Fighter is literally all over the news." Erasa unzipped her bag and held out the newspaper, which Videl snatched out of her hand.

"The Golden Fighter, next best thing since Videl Satan. Only ten times better! Agh! I'm super happy he's helping a lot with the city and all, but-" The girl grew infuriated as she read the article.

"He's stealing your thunder?" Erasa implied, raising a brow questionably.

"Who heard thunder? I heard it was clear skies today." The three looked over to the source of the voice. Gohan was taking out a notebook from his backpack when he waved at his new-ish friends.

"Not literally, Gohan. It appears that the Goldfighter is the main hot-shot of the media today. In other words, stealing Videl's thunder. Here take a look. There's even a picture." Erasa said.

"What? No way!" Gohan and Videl questioned in unison, reaching for the newspaper. The two looked at each other, pulling their arms back and laughed nervously.

"Wait, what does it matter to you if they got a picture of him Gohan? Worried they caught him without that ridiculous bucket on?" The girl questioned, her tone was playful but hinted curiousity.

"Well, after a week of not getting his picture. It just surprised me that they could get one at all. Heard he was fast on his feet." Gohan replied nervously rubbing his neck.

"More like on air. The dude's fast to take flight, literally. Makes you question whether the fighters back in the old martial art tournaments were the real deal." Sharpner had been glad for the fiasco over Saiyaman, the hero's inhuman abilities gave good reason that the 'tricks' the old fighters used, were no tricks.

Before he was born, his father happened to be a regular attendee of those matches and filmed a few of them. When Sharpner was born, he was brought up watching them. Eventually those fighters inspired him to become a fighter himself. About seven years ago, the Cell Games made everyone think about them differently, thanks to Hurcule Satan; Videls father. The world had nothing else to believe because Mr. Satan had been the one to put an end to Cell.

The blonde haired teen was a good fighter, his long hair made him seem a little feminine, despite the bulging muscles. He came off as a jock, who had it all. Except, he wasnt. Material things he had, but there was a lot more to Sharpner than meets the eye. People were extremely prejudiced against him because of the friendship he had with Videl. There was always a rumor going around about him and the girl he adored. But Videl always ignored it, so he would force himself to as well.

The rumors disgusted him and made him swear off making friends especially male ones. It hurt that he, himself was a guy. Still, Sharpner would keep up the act they gave him, just to be sure to keep enemies close.

Though shortly after Erasa brought Gohan into their group, he figured the new kid wasn't so bad. First, he repeatedly had to apologize for hitting Gohan with a baseball square in the head on his first day. But he just waved it off without a broken bone, still talking to him in a friendly manner after it happened. If it had been Sharpner in Gohan's place he would have knocked the life out of him, if he lived that is. A dude that could take a good hitting was a dude to keep around, so he might as well except Gohan into the group. He'd just have to be civil, being friends was still unlikely.

Later that day, Sharpner got a tongue lashing, Videl wasn't at all happy with him after that, like what was he thinking. His intention was to scare him off so he wouldn't come around them anymore. He noticed the way Videl watched him upon his arrival at the school and he couldn't hold back from that jealous feeling. She was his, well in his own world she was. He continued to listen to the music that was still playing on his device, all while paying close attention to his friends conversation.

"Not to mention how he avoids me. He clearly knows who I am, but I have not seen or talked to him once. What a coward! Afraid to go one-on-one with Videl Satan. I'm not mad at him it just bugs me how he's doing my job alone. I would love to help if he let me, but after all this is my damn city. Once I get the chief of polices' call everything is taken care of." Videl said as she slumped down in her chair, crossing her arms over her chest.

"He's probably too nervous to confront such a beautiful young woman, Vi." Erasa commented, nice as always.

"More like tomboy, the only beautiful young lady here is you, Rasa." Videl replied smiling at her best friend.

Erasa looked at her friend in bewilderment. "I'm only saying the truth Videl! What do you think Gohan?" She asked the boy who had been trying to avoid them. Being around his mother AND Bulma taught him not to intervene on any type of women interaction, so naturally he attempted to do the same with Videl and Erasa. 'I seriously don't want to deal with a tounge lashing, my poor ears.' Gohan thought, unaware that he was holding his ears and shaking his head.

"Um... V- videls ve-ry bea-pretty." A very unclear reply was spoken by the bright faced Gohan. He looked like a tomato. A cute one though.

"Just pretty, Gohan?" The blonde questioned, winking at the boy.

Videl rolled her eyes at her friend so she saved Gohan from further embarrassment. "Stop torturing the boy Erasa."

Sharpner was about to comment but at that moment, their teacher, Mrs. Chang walked in. Mrs. Chang was light complected and had dark brown curly hair that stopped at her shoulders. She was around her thirties, she had a pretty face but her eyes almost always had bags under them. She had a rocky relationship with her husband of six years, who she had birthed a three year old son from. She was always cranky, which unintentionally led to her taking her anger out on her class.

"Morning class, sorry I'm late. I got caught up in something." A frown was etched on her face, in clear view for the students in the front row.

A jock below was being anything but oblivious when he spoke of the delicate topic Mrs. Chang tried to avoid, but normally brought it upon herself. She always talked about her fights with her husband, so much it was annoying. "Wow Ms. Couldn't you just like make up with your man already?"

"Yeah, you fight with him every day. He sure is putting no use in ya." Another student said as he and his friends snickered. They all stopped when they heard skin connect with wood. They looked back to see Videl, a scowl plasted right on her face.

"Would you all just stop! Mrs Chang obviously doesn't deserve any of your rude ass comments! So shut the hell up!" Videl shouted getting a few 'eeps' from the cheerleaders and the guys putting their heads down in shame. Videl was clearly someone they never wanted to mess with.

"Are you kidding?! I have to deal with your sassy mouth again today, Ms Satan?" Shouted the woman below.

"No." Replied Videl. This normally happened every day, jocks would mock Mrs Chang, Videl would defend her, and Videl always got yelled at. 'I question why I try anymore.' Thought Videl.

"Good. Any way as most of you know the annual Talent Show is coming up! And as for your behavior..." She stopped looking up at the four who just smiled innocently. "You all have to take part in the show. One way or another."

Sharpner laughed because coincidentally he was listening to that song and couldn't help himself. Abrudetly standing from his chair, knocking it over, he grabbed Videls hand singing, "I gonna find ya! I'm gonna getcha getcha! One way or another! Im gonna win ya."

The whole class went quiet, but soon the classroom burst with fits of laughter. Meanwhile, Videl yanked her hand from his, glaring at the boy. Sharpner and Videl had always clashed, Sharpner liked her and she wanted nothing to do with guys. She feared what her father would do. So girly thoughts of dating, getting married and eventually having a family in the future were replaced by thoughts of cats. Lots of them. Maybe a dog or two.

Mrs Chang couldn't help laugh as well. "Sharpner... You should consider singing for the Talent show since all you can do is sing in my class!" she yelled her face getting red.

"Sounds like a plan." He replied calmly sitting back in his seat.

Mrs Chang looked at him in disbelief and went back to her desk looking through her drawers for something. 'Hah probably a gun'.

"So, Videl what are we gonna do for our talent?" Erasa asked.

"Well Erasa there is no 'we' you see. If my job intervenes and I have to fight crime, which I hope happens. I won't have to participate and make a fool of myself." Videl replied proud that she had a job that took 'no' for an answer.

"Oh and Videl," Mrs Chang called out to the crime fighter gaining her attention. "You have no excuse to not show up that night, the chief agreed that you'll be off duty."

That set a bomb off in Videls head. "Ugh, life."

"Oh Calm down it's gonna be fun!" Exclaimed Erasa in her normal happy tone. How someone could always be so happy only Kami knows.

"No, I still have better things to do than this." She replied, laying her head down on the desk, looking up at her blonde friend.

"I can relate to you there. But it's not like it counts for a grade so I'm off the hook." Gohan said getting into the conversation. Videl looked past Erasa and sat up in her seat to look at Gohan.

"You're so lucky!" She groaned putting her face in her hands, her raven pigtails fell toward her face as she looked down.

"Not as lucky as you think, Ms Satan. If you rude kids would stop interrupting me I'd like to discuss this matter with you. With only a week left of first semester I wanted to give you a heads up on all the details on the event." The whole class had silenced allowing Mrs Chang to finish. "The talent show isn't until March, leaving you with plenty of time to screw around and NOT to wait until the last minute! Do as you damn well please, it's your grade. Yes, I said GRADE Mr Son, so looks like you will be joining us after all."

As the last few words left her mouth Gohan whined banging his head on his desk breaking it in half. 'Real smooth Gohan!' He inwardly yelled at himself.

"What the hell?!" Videl and Sharpner yelled simultaneously causing the class to jerk toward the sound.

Gohan chuckled nervously. 'Today is just not my day.' He thought while saying. "Haha... Behold my desk breaking talent."

"How'd you do that? These desks are thick bro!" Sharpner exclaimed hitting his desk to prove a point.

"Gohan, I'm happy your embracing the activity, but did you have to break the desk?" The teacher questioned grabbing a stack of flyers. "Well, I'm in no mood to teach so I'm gonna need you all to take and put up the flyers around school. The talent show is just about 3 months from now. So might as well prepare for sign ups, and auditions. The five minutes that will lower your self esteem and leave you crying." She said passing a few large papers down each row, leaving the students with about ten sheets each. "I take this Talent search very seriously."

In big bold writing, Talent Show was written across and below that was the time and dates for auditioning. "Either way our class has to do something related to the event. So we don't have to be in it, maybe just help back stage or something?" questioned Gohan.

"Well, I suppose, I mean you are going to be doing something. We do need some help, but not much." The older woman replied.

"Seriously, I'm so on board for that! Beats any talent of mine." Videl exclaimed clapping her hands in enjoyment.

Murmers filled throughout the class room, some students questioned if they could do the same as the duo becoming even more irritating to their teacher. "I'm sorry that's far too many people. We have the drama club helping with all that so none of your services are needed. So suck it up, figure it out, and get over yourselves!" Her voice boomed, looking over the students faces she was content to see they all were quiet.

Making her way over to the door, Mrs Chang motioned for them to move on out and put the flyers up. Most students groaned as they grabbed their things and slugged their way out of the room, while others were happy to leave class.

The four were the last to exit the room, waving goodbye to their teacher. "Theres a ladder in the library. Don't go breaking your necks."

Again Sharpner broke out in song referring to the song, Don't go breaking my heart. "I couldn't if I tried." Thankfully he's a good singer, them all being in choir after all.

The woman just glared at them and slammed the door in their faces. How they irked her to no end, yet they had never done anything wrong towards her.

"Gosh, you think she'd get tired with all her nagging. Why is it only us she hates?" Sharpner said breaking the silence between them.

"Seriously, right? I don't understand why Videl bothers trying to help her out, she's evil!" Erasa said using her index figures to make horns above her head, exaggerating the evilness of their teacher.

The group laughed at her gesture as they walked down the hall."Honestly she should be grateful for a student like Videl. Sure she's gone half the time, but she's the only one most willing to defend her." Gohan added while catching the raven girl's eye.

"Why thank you, Gohan. At least someone sees it that way. Unlike all these freaking teachers, who think I just want the attention. Oh sure because I don't already have enough cameras shoved in my face."

Erasa jokingly rolled her eyes at her friend, who was oblivious to her blushing cheeks. This side of Videl was a sight to see indeed, but too bad she couldn't catch on herself. "Hm? Well you might just be off the hook now, with all the buzz about Saiyaman and the Golden fighter."

The girl couldn't contain her fit of giggles when she noticed Videls face heat up. She knew her friend well enough to know she has the two emotions, love and anger mixed up.

"That bucket head, Saiyaman is such a pain. I mean how hard is it to simply say hi? Or at least wait for an invitation, he sure isn't getting one now. That jerk has some nerve, you don't see me acting like a hot shot flying solo. No offense Gohan." Videl said.

"Why would I be offended?" questioned Gohan, who rubbed his neck nervously preparing himself for what he expected to come next.

"Oh, forget I said anything." Videl shrugged her shoulders.

Her three friends stopped abruptly in shock. "Wow, Videl. No interrogation? You're not well aren't you? Must we take you to the nurse?" Sharpner questioned in fear of his crush's well being.

"Oh, Vi! I'm so proud of you! You're letting this silly little thing you have of, Gohan is Saiyaman go? Good, the thought of you becoming crazy was beginning to dawn on everyone." Erasa laughed, giving the raven haired girl a hug, which Videl struggled out of.

"Erasa, you're crazy! Of course I still think that this guy over here is Saiyaman. It only screams the obvious! Now I'm just not going to be as obsessive about it. My life doesn't revolve around you, you know." Videl replied as she eyed Gohans every movement.

'Im in no mood to bicker with his ignorance today. Damn Gohan my life doesn't revolve around you.' Videl repeatedly thought to herself.

"Have you got yourself any proof Videl? Come on I'm a normal guy just like Sharpner. Besides you said you've yet to see Saiyaman in person." Gohan said putting his hands up in defense.

"I don't need proof. Dont you worry I'll have you both figured out soon enou-aagh!"

At that moment, they passed the water fountains but completely dismissed the wet floor sign. Videl had been so caught up in her rant she failed to notice the leakage the fountain had caused and slipped. A blonde haired teen sprung into action and caught his damsel in distress.

"I gotcha babe." Sharpner said holding Videl, who had a scowl rivaling Vegeta's plastered on her face. The girl slammed her elbow into his ribs making him grunt in response. 'Tough love'

"Of course you do." She replied dusting herself off as she continued walking toward the stairs that lead to the second floor. Orange Star high had 5 floors. The first contained the main office, counselors office and a few others as well as the principles. The second floor had few janitor closets, a teachers lounge and the rest was made up of a big rounded library. The other floors were consisted of numerous classrooms that held up 40 to 50 students, a copy room on each floor and other empty rooms.

"Let's just get the ladder than go, alright." Videl said breaking the silence that casted upon them. The four made their way into the library and were out with the ladder, which Gohan was carrying.

"So, where shall we start?" Asked an unusually quiet Erasa.

"Well everyone's taking care of the halls upstairs. Maybe we could put a few in the gym and since we're there we could do the cafeteria as well?" Gohan said looking at his friends who had agreed. Noticing how Videl hadn't even glanced his way. 'Oh great she's mad at me. How can we even be friends if she can't even stand me sometimes?' He thought.

They made it through the halls of the first floor leaving about 20 flyers within the building, not including the ones from floor 3-5. Putting the ladder aside Gohan opened the main entrance and recieved a 'thank you' from the two blondes, but Videl just walked passed him. He frowned a bit but retrieved the ladder and walked out the door Sharpner held open for him.

After walking into the cafeteria they placed 10 more flyers around, the smell of food was intoxicating causing Gohans stomach to make a startling noise. "Gosh, Gohan how can you be so hungry all the time? I'll probably eat what you do in a day in my entire lifetime." Erasa said poking the boys hard belly. "Woe! Your totally toned out!" She exclaimed poking him again.

Sharpner laughed at Erasa's remark. "Come on Rasa, you're dreaming. There's no way." He said glancing over to Videl who walked over to the two.

"Erasa what are you going on about?" Videl asked raising a brow at the girl who repeatedly poked Gohans abdomen.

"Check it out! Gohans got some toned abs!" The blonde said pulling Videls hand over the nervous boys stomach. Let's just say all hell broke loose once Videls eyes had widened.

"Oh my gosh! You can't tell me that this is not who I think he is!" She shouted moving away from the boy to look at the sweatdropping blondes. Videl quickly looked back at Gohan, launching her hands at the hem of his shirt.

Gohan's eyes grew huge. "Videl, what are you doing?" He yelled jumping away from the girl.

"Come on it's a completely innocent move. You're a guy! Now take off your shirt!"

The teen looked frantic as he yelled over at the two blondes standing on the sidelines. "Guys, don't just stand there! Get her away from me!"

Erasa and Sharpner stood there in shock as the witnessed a crazed Videl trying to strip their friend. The long haired blonde made a move to restrain Videl but the pixie haired girl told him otherwise. "Hold on. I wanna see what's under that shirt too!"

Now Gohan had two girls chasing after him, like cheetahs after their prey. "Sharpner! Do something!" Gohan shouted as he left through the exit, the girls hot on his tail.

"Right, I gotta get these flyers up." Sharpner said laughing at what he just witnessed. He picked up the ladder along with the papers and made his way over to the gym.

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