High School Life

Chpt 3: Hooking up and misunderstandings

While wind blew passed her neck sending shivers throughout her body, Erasa attempted to heat up her hands with a warm breath. 'The days weather sure did take a turn for the worst. I'm freezing!' The eavesdropping blonde kept her pace at a far distance from her two dark haired friends. They were clueless much to their dismay, but Erasa had great things planned for them.

Videl and Gohan entered the building along with several other teenagers. Before Erasa reached the entrance she came across a window. She used her hand to tame her hair, sighing in defeat she left it as it was and walked in the cafeteria.

Her blue eyes scanned over the lunchroom before landing on her friends, who just sat down at a table in the far corner. Making her way over to them she was unexpectedly stopped by a hand.

"Hey Erasa! We were just wondering if maybe you wanted to sit with us." The blonde took a step back to get a better look at the person without being right in their face. Erasa saw that it had been one of the girls from the cheer squad. Tanya, was her name. Now this girl was one of the sweetest you could ever come across. She had good grades, a pretty face, a knockout body and hadn't seem to let it go to her head.

"Oh, Tanya. Not right now ok. I've actually got something to do." The blonde gave the girl a wink, making her giggle. Tanya was a good friend of Erasa, they usually went shopping together when Videl couldn't. Long before that when Erasa was a cheerleader in junior high was when the two met and they found that they had alot in common. Them both having blonde hair and blue eyes, Tanya's hair being longer, they could pass for twins.

"Matchmaking, I see? Oh you never change! Well maybe some other time then." Tanya replied giving Erasa a hug as she left back to her table. Their friendship wasn't so strong now that they hung out with entirely different people. But Erasa was happy with how things were now with Videl, the way they were two entirely different people kept their friendship so exciting. Thats how she planned for Gohan and her best friend to be, happy.

The young woman had unknowingly reached her destination, so when her friends greeted her she was snapped out of her thoughts. "Hey, you got us a table? Good, it's freezing outside."

"Definately, I had to come sit down before I could even think of getting food." Videl replied earning a gasp from the boy seated next to her. The two girls laughed at his outburst, he was completely off in another world until food was mentioned.

"Wow really? I'm over here scared because I left my lunch capsule in my locker and I know I won't be able to eat the food in class! It's not my fault people don't eat as much as I do and can't handle it." The boy groaned, leaning on his palm in annoyance.

"Well at least we have until after 5th period then we can leave. Don't I just love being a half day senior." Videl said rubbing her hands together in attempt to warm up. Surprisingly the air within the building was chilly, pearing out a nearby window the girl noticed it started to snow.

Erasa noticed this and groaned. "Ah man! I guess I chose the wrong day to wear a dress." Turning her head, she saw her longtime crush approaching, a frown crossed his features when he took a seat in front of them.

Sharpner had been glaring at them for about a minute before he spoke. "How dare you people to just leave me like that! Not cool!" The blonde huffed out before crossing his arms over his chest, his muscles twitching in anger.

Videl muffled a laugh by placing a palm over her mouth. "Oh, be quiet. We did our part! You weren't doing anything!" She said looking at the pouting teenager.

"I too was doing something!" He shouted in response shooting glances at Gohan and Erasa, who agreed with Videl. He was appalled that they'd even think that.

"Yeah, your hair! When was the last time you had a hair cut!" She said jokingly as she ruffled his hair making him gasp. Videl had always done that when he bugged her since they were kids and here they are, seniors in highschoolwith not much changing. However, Sharpner never did like it, his hair was his most 'prized' possession.

"Hey be nice, Vi. Sharpie here has great hair!" Erasa exclaimed. She was the only one of the four to respect the, don't touch my hair rule. After all she was the exact same way when it came to her looks.

Sharpner nonchalantly thanked her and imediately turned back to face Videl. "Thank you. Unlike Videl who doesn't appreciate crap!" He said while regaining his composure.

"Well I'm sorry I'm not intrigued by your hair!" The raven haired girl replied, crossing her arms over her chest. Turning back to the window, her view blocked by a shadowing figure.

As her eyes adjusted to the lighting, Videl looked up to see the face of Angela. Angela was the exact opposite in comparison to Tanya. She took advantage of her good looks by flaunting off her appearance, trying to creep into every boys head she came across. Lucky for the ones who got away, her bright red hair had initially scared off most. Despite being a total snob, Angela was actually very pretty, but was like any other attention hungry whore.

"Ew, look what the cat dragged in! Oh, my bad it's just Videl." she said obnoxiously laughing along with her friends. Although one just remained completely silent standing behind Angela awkwardly.

Videl paid no attention to the red head, making her huff and walk away in response. Normally the girl would stick around and mock Videls every move, like a child. But not today, 'good riddance to ya.' She thought turning to look at her friends. "Wanna go get lunch?"

They nodded their heads, standing up while making their way over to the snack bar. Videl and Erasa each got a chicken sandwich, small fries and a soda. Sharpner got a double cheeseburger, large fries and a large drink. While Gohan got the same as them but doubled, plus a few slices of pizza, chips, ice cream and a salad. He's never had one before, being Saiyan a few pieces of lettuce wouldn't satisfy them so his mother never bothered with it.

After the lunch lady boxed his food, putting them in a bag, she handed Gohan his order. "Man I wish it was 5th period already. I want more food!" He whined as his stomach growled.

"You just got food! So just wait till we get to our table, then you can stuff your face as much as you want." Videl replied while taking a sip of her drink.

She hadn't been looking foward when a 'friend' of Angela's, Candy walked straight into her. This move knocked Videl off her feet, causing a tray of food to spill all over her front. Candy's eyes widened in fear, the girl quickly grabbed a handful of napkins nearby, desperately trying to help the fallen girl. Repeatedly apologizing over and over.

Gohan and the two blondes were speachless, not knowing if Videl was about to kill the girl in front of her or not. The black haired boy lowered himself to the floor to help the girl, who took his hand.

After she was standing back on two feet, Videl blushed in embarassment. Here she was standing in front of a crowded room, the boy she might possibly have a crush on here staring down at her and her being covered in ranch dressing and soda.

Erasa quickly took action and pulled Videl away from any prying eyes, throwing her tray in a nearby trashcan, having lost her appetite. The two were now outside, snow falling down hard on them.

"Nice job. You really do fit in!" Angela exclaimed, giving the stunned Candy a pat on the back.

Candy jumped away from the touch. "It was an accident." She said sternly while frowning at the red head. Candy was a quiet girl, she never spoke unless spoken too and was also very timid. As soon as the words spilled out of her mouth she was trembling in fear.

"Hey you don't talk to me like that, loser!" Angela screamed poking the brunette in the shoulder. Candy moved her glasses up from the bridge of her nose and nodded her head, sitting down.

Gohan looked between the two girls. "It's ok. Videl wasn't even mad."

"Yeah, don't sweat it." commented Sharpner.

Candy blushed at the attention but simply nodded her head. "Ok." Her faint tone came out in a whisper.

Angela noticed the blushing girl and immediately tried to get their eyes fixed on her with meaningless flirting. "Hey Sharpie-poo! Still chasing around that nasty old Videl? Why don't you come over to my place after school, huh?" She said moving her hands up his biceps, winking at him.

Sharpner swiftly pulled his arm back scowling at the girl. "Hah, in your dreams bitch." He snarled.

Angela smirked pushing past him, walking straight to Gohan. "What about you then cutie?" She leaned foward pressing her chest against his arm, grasping it firmly.

"Sorry, but you're not my type." Gohan said, raising his free hand behind his head. The girl quickly pulled away glaring at the two boys.

"You both are such losers!" She hollered, not caring that everyone turned to look at them.

Sharpner put his tray down and looked over at her, laughing. "Seriously, you think you're any better. News flash but Videl is twice the woman you'll ever be in your entire life. Don't come around here acting like you're all hot shit, when literally no one could give a fuck about you! Oh wait, you've already done that haven't you?" He raised a hand against his chin in thought, some people were "Ooo-ing" after his last comment, while others laughed.

Seeing Angela get put in her place was something new. Most girls feared her like a demon, while guys feared her like an illness, which she could probably transfer. If you know what I mean. They avoided getting on her bad side for one reason. Some said because she worked under an evil drug lord that could have them killed. Others thought she was a sociopath, her next 'move' could just be to end your life. They were partially right, but not really. Truth is, their reason to fear her is unknown to them.

Gohan stood there is astonishment, he listened to how highly Sharpner spoke when talking about Videl. The two have known eachother their whole life, it wouldn't be fair if he were to just intrude on that. 'Sharpner's been there for her for so long and it just wouldn't be fair. I'm not even completely sure of my own feelings just yet, he could make her happy. Sharpner's the only guy for her so I guess that's how it'll have to be.'

Angela shrugged her shoulders smugly. "Tell me something I don't know."

Unexpectedly, the blonde walked away in disgust, with Gohan following behind as they made their way out of sight.

"You sure told them." A girl named Rebecca said, rolling her chocolate brown eyes. Her dark colored skin, hidden under baggy jeans and a black jacket. She had black hair, with a solid red streak and was very short. She was the carefree one of Angela's little group, but also the biggest trouble maker.

The proud red head sat down at the table, laughing at how she humiliated Videl. "She deserves it, that bitch needs to be put in her place. She's no better than anyone else. Just because she's Hurcules daughter doesn't mean shit. Don't I feel bad for him, his own daughter is such an ungrateful brat!"

"Well you treat everyone NO better Angie." The shy girl spoke up, but regretted it when Angela glared at her.

"No one asked you Candy!" Angela shouted, slamming her hands on the desk loudly making the girls flinch.

"Anyways, what do you mean by ungrateful brat? How would you know what kind of relationship they have? I um... heard Hurcule is out of town. He almost always is, I doubt Videl sees much of him." Rebecca questioned, throwing her tray in the trash beside their table.

'Her too?' Candys ears perked up at the mentioning of Mr. Satans first name. "Why do you two address Mr. Satan so informally?"

Angela and Rebecca glanced at Candy before looking away, replying. "No reason," The two stood up at the same time, almost walking into eachother. "Coming?"

"I'm not done yet." Candy said.

"We'll see you later than!" They waved back at her before walking out of the lunchroom.

"Your so lucky, Becca!" Angela said, pushing her friend into the wall. She looked around making sure no one was coming. "We can't have anyone getting suspicious and you know that." She whispered harshly.

"Relax, Angie my buddy. Candy has no clue what's going on and honestly do I look that stupid to tell anyone?" Rebecca questioned pointing at herself.

"Yes, yes you do! Now let's go before anyone comes out and starts asking questions." Rebecca's expression dropped as she watched her friend leaving. "Hey, wait up!" She shouted.

Meanwhile Videl and Erasa stepped through the doorway of Orange Star High, snowflakes covering them. The girls made their way down the hall, up the stairs and openened the door to the third floor.

The stain on Videls sweater hardened from the cold air outside making it easier to move in but was no less disgusting to be in. Every one had gone out to lunch so they hadn't crossed paths with anyone yet. Not like they'd get the chance to tell anyone, they knew better to make jokes about her.

Finally they reached Erasas's locker, the blonde opened the lock in a swift turn and pulled out a small pink capsule. "You never can be too prepared." said the girl while winking. After closing her locker the girls walked into a nearby restroom, pressing the cap and throwing the capsule to the floor, a puff of smoke appeared leaving behind a dresser.

Videl smiled over to her friend. "I made no mistake with choosing my best friend." She said pulling out a pair of black sweats along with a matching pullover hoodie, with 'FIGHTER' printed up the leg.

Erasa pulled out something similar, but in pink with pockets. "I know." She replied smugly as the girls walked into the stalls. The only noise came from the shifting of clothing and belts clattering.

Erasa pulled her sweater over her head and smoothed down the wrinkles where 'love' was printed. "Listen, I've been thinking about something. Do you think you'd ever give Sharpner a chance?" She said as she thought. 'Start slow, then go in for the kill.'

The sound of moving stopped all together. "What? Where'd that come from, Erasa? You know all too well I'd never would." She replied opening the door to her stall fully dressed in clean warm clothing, coming face to face with her blonde friend.

The blue eyes of Erasa were filled with tears as she questioned. "Is it only because of me? If I didnt like him would it be any different?"

"No, it'd be the same as it is now. I'd never risk that, dating a friend is a no for me." She said side stepping out out the girls way. Looking into the mirror she noticed her friend start to physically shake.

The young blonde blinked back a few tears, rubbing her arm uncomfortably. "Yeah, but you have ton of guys after you. I only get attention because I'm your friend." Attempting to avoid Videl's gaze she focused her's on the floor.

A pair of black combat boots distracted her most when Videl spoke. "That's not true! You're so beautiful, any guy who fails to notice that isn't worth the time. Therefore you deserve someone worthy, you can do way better than Sharpner."

"You think so?" Erasa asked unsurely while dabbing at her tear stained cheeks with the back of her hand.

Videl pulled her in for a hug. "I know so. Now let's start with names, who can take the heart of my best friend and be deserving of it?" she asked pulling away to give her a genuine smile.

Erasa raised her hand to her chin in thought. 'Time for the kill.' she looked into her friends eyes slowly asking, "How about... Gohan?"

Videl smiled lightly, masking her pain. "Gohan?" she questioned, tilting her head in confusion.

Erasa grinned clapping her hands quietly, leaning on them dreamily. "Yeah, he's a nice guy. Did you see him today? How can a boy be like that and not be cocky? Could you imagine what other girls would do once they find that out?" she replied, the poof of smoke appearing once she recapsuled her dresser.

The black haired girls eyes widened at the thought. "Oh, I could only imagine."

Erasa bent down to pick the little pink object, throwing an airpunch as she said. "Exactly! So I'll be the one to set bitches straight!"

"Erasa!" Videl gasped, laughing lightly at her energetic friend.

The carefree girl looked at her while bouncing up and down in happiness. "What? I'm so pumped!"

Videl looked at her friend and quoted. "Let's get some food in you. You're not you when you're hungry!"

"Kami, I wish I had a snicker right about now!" She exclaimed holding her stomach, exaggerating her hunger. The two were giggling as they walked out of the bathroom, into the hall. Their laughter echoing around them.

When Sharpner and Gohan left the cafeteria, into the stormy weather that beated down on them they were left in an uncomfortable silence. They struggled, not being able to see farther than about fifteen feet in front of them. The once clear day, turned to a foggy storm filled one.

Sharpner was having a difficult time staying on his feet, sliding with every step he took. "What was that about clear skies huh?" He shouted angrily over to the half breed.

Gohan stumbled a few times himself, having been through storms worst then this, he was used to it. "Hey I was referring to rain. Besides a weather man said that not me, it's not my fault he had one job and couldn't even do it right!" He shouted back in defense.

Finally the two reached the main entrance, running inside desperate for warmth. When they left class earlier that mourning it hadn't dawned on them that the weather could change, so they left their thicker jackets in their lockers.

The young men continued their way down the hall trying to get their blood flowing again. Gohan imediately heated back up using his Ki energy. The perks to being a fighter, not that he had much to complain about. He liked the thought of helping people so naturally fighting was his second calling. Not like he had the choice he is part saiyan, a once alien warrior race.

However, he was more focused on another topic that'd been clouding his mind. Earlier he wasn't all too sure he knew what his feelings were for Videl but now his thoughts were all about her. After saying Sharpner was the only guy for her he was thinking how he'd become a better guy for her. He knew all to well he can't change his past, but he could always keep it from her.

But then again, he was also saying how wrong it would be to interfere on what Sharpner and Videl could have. But because Videl liked neither of them made him believe that it was fair game. He was wrecking his brain with all this thinking. 'If only girls were as easily to figure out as math problems, then I wouldn't have to feel so dumb.' This poor kid, finally he knows what it's like to have a average brain.

The silence had been going on for too long so Gohan broke the silence. "That's good that you told Angela off. I couldn't bring myself to do it." 'Starting up a conversation on my own? I'm being social, all on my own!'

Sharpner shrugged. "It's because your too soft."

Gohan looked at him, confusion written on his face. "What's that supposed to mean?" He questioned, holding his hand behind his head.

"What, did the common sense get knocked out of you as a kid?" The long haired male abruptly stopped, causing Gohan to stop as well.

The nervous teen rubbed his neck, "No." was his blunt reply.

Sharpner scoffed crossing his arms. "Seems like it. What's with the scar on your chest?" He questioned again, sounding a lot like Videl.

"It's a long story." He replied.

"I've got the time." He pressured him to continue, sounding exactly like Videl and made the same expressions as well like when she'd interrogate him.

Gohans onyx orbs stared at the floor in thought, where should he start without revealing too much. His mother advised him to not let anyone know too much about his past, especially to a girl. Wouldn't wanna scare them off, we're her exact words.

"How much do you know about the WMA champion from before Hurcule?"

Sharpner look surprised at the sudden change of topic. "Not much other than knowing he had the power to do great things. The dude was insane!" His tone was filled with so much energy, he smiled as he continued on. Gohan watched in amusement, here was the toughest guy around acting like a kid hyped up on loads of candy.

"Other than his apparent, "tricks" he surely could pack a punch. And to know he was about our age when he won! Son Goku was his name, yup Son Go-" At that moment he was knocked with recognition and his eyes opened wide, pointing a finger accusedly at the young man beside him. "Y- You, you're his son!" He exclaimed jumping with excitement.

"Yes," He started proceeding to move on with the story. "He actually got married right after that tournament. You remember Chichi, daughter of the Ox king?" He questioned.

Sharpner looked at him in astonishment. "He married the Ox Kings daughter? Woe, she's a babe!" He exclaimed slapping his cheek in surprise. Recieving a dark glare from the halfbreed from his last statement. He coughed, apologizing for his outburst asking him to continue.

Gohan let it slide "Anyway, when I was about four my father took my to some reunion of his, where my god mother Bulma-" The Black haired boy was cut off, making him groan in frustration.

"Briefs!" Again the blonde teen was left star struck. His mouth opened and closed slowly, somewhat like a fish.

Sighing, Gohan muttered. "Well you apparently know everything."

Sharpner shook his hands in front of him. "Wait, what about the scar?" he asked leaning foward, ready for another story.

"My dads a fighter. I was trained to become a fighter. This just happened to be a little mishap." He replied sounding like it were the most obvious thing in the world.

Sharpner took a step back, holding his chest." You know Martial arts!" He shouted looking astounded. 'Woe nerd boy isn't such a nerd after all.' The blonde thought as he regained his composure.

Gohan simply nodded at this, maybe I gave a little too much information. I have to be more careful with what I say. Eh, not like he'll ever find out about everything, he's just shocked because I know a few famous people and... Know martial arts, yup too much information.'

"That explains why you're so ripped!" He said giving him a friendly slap on the shoulder.

Gohan didn't move an inch, lost in thought. "Thanks?" He said questionably.

"I think this could be the start of a beautiful friendship." Sharpner replied.

The boys continued talking, then the conversation settle on the talent show. "What are you going to be doing for your talent." The blonde questioned.

"You saw my desk breaking talent didn't you?" Gohan said jokingly making the blonde laugh.

"Nah man! You gotta do something cool. If the girls are up for it, we could tear the roof of the place by forming a rocking band." He said trying to convince the confused looking teen, all these metaphors he wasn't understanding.

"Yeah, I guess we could do that." Gohan replied unsurely, making their way around the corner they met with the two girls they had been looking for.

"Hey, we were wondering when you two would show up. The storm has gotten pretty bad, they should just send us home." Erasa's red nose and cheeks caught the boys attention, she had stopped crying for a while now but her facial features threw her under the bus.

"Have you been crying, Rasa?" The brown eyed boy questioned, looking at her intently.

"No, it's just really cold in here, see. Even I changed." She said laughing, avoiding Sharpners gaze.

"You girls must be hungry. I'll give you some food if you'd like." Gohan held his bag out to them. "You too, Sharpner."

"Thanks man." He patted the boys back going in the bag for a burger. "Hey ladies, me and Gohan were just having quite an interesting conversation."

'Oh no Videls going to flip out on me again once she here's this!'

"And we wanted to know if you're willing to form a band. Just the four of us." Sharpner continued, leaving Gohan at ease knowing he wasn't going to say anything.

"Really now?" The four of us? What happened when we were gone?" Erasa questioned, not understanding why the two boys are all buddy-buddy now. She hadn't heard the converstation earlier between Sharpner and Videl. Even Videl was confused, Sharpner was being nice to Gohan when they weren't there? Realization hit both Erasa and Videl, the two girls turned to eachother, immediately knowing what was on the others mind.

"I think I'm going to die." Erasa gasped as she held her head, in denial.

"If you don't want to, then its ok. Anyway we've got plenty of time before March comes around." Sharpner replied, raising a brow at the girl.

Videl looked at him frowning. "That's not why."

Erasa took a quick glance at Sharpner before focussing all her attention on the boy standing across from him. "Gohan, Can I talk to you? Her voice was low, almost uncertain. That changed quickly, she straightened up her posture and a genuine smile spread across her face, lightening the mood.

The boy who was now about stuffing his face with a slice of pizza, looking up after hearing his named. Slowly he swallowed his food, the eyes of both Videl and Erasa starring at him eagerly. A completely uncomfortable aura surrounding them, which grabbed his attention.

Sharpner looked between the two girls confused. "Why couldn't you ju-?" He was cut off before he could even finish.

"Alone." She said bluntly, not even glancing toward the utterly confused blonde.

Gohan had been just as confused as the other boy but he complied, taking Erasa's extented hand as she led him away. The two made their way around a corner when Videl slumped against her locker, sliding down to the floor as she continued to eat her fries. Sharpner sat down alongside her, eating his burger.

"Why so suspicious?" He asked while pointing in the direction their friends took off in.

Videl looked over to the teen, stuffing her face with fries. "She's gonna ask Gohan out." She replied dully, taking a long swig of orange soda. 'Maybe I shouldn't even care, Gohan and I were never together. I couldn't just claim him, he's free to do whatever he wants. Who knows, if I'm lucky he'll say no and confess his overwhelming love for me. Who am I kidding, he doesn't like me and after this we'll never get the chance.'

Sharpner sighed coming to a conclusion on what he had been thinking earlier. "She's never even attempted that with me. I knew she couldn't like me. Oh, well." He understood that relationship could never be.

"Are you telling me you liked her and never said anything!" Videl exclaimed, grabbing his collar pulling him to face her.

Sharpner's brown eyes opened wide. "Woe I never said-"

"She liked you! You idiot!" She shouted throwing his back against a locker, the force making him wince.

He looked at her in shock, his expression quickly changed. "What? Why didn't you ever tell me?" He replied in a panic, standing up to stare down at the girl.

Videl followed suit, slapping the blondes arm. "Because she told me not to!" She shouted, pacing back and fourth between Sharpner and the locker.

"Well, how could I have known whether to like her or not? Damn, love is so fucked up!" He growled under his breath, burying his face in his hands. 'Seriously, you go for one girl and loose another. How could I have been so blind!' He mentally cursed.

With no further question, Videl grabbed his arm pulling him toward the direction where their friends left, abandoning their food. "Hurry before she asks." She quickly cut herself off seeing Gohan and Erasa approach. "Him." She whispered, dropping her grip from around Sharpners arm.

Once the two arrived, Sharper and Videl noticed their faces smiling, their hands holding, and their own hearts hurting. "Hey guys, great news! We're a couple now."


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