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Summary: Season 6 ending the way I wanted it to. Spoilers for the end of season 6. HumanCas later.


The Man Who Knew Too Much

Chapter 1: The Beginning of the End

He knew he couldn't win. It wasn't possible without the souls, but he knew he couldn't go through with it. Not after what Dean had said. He couldn't betray his family like that, but a plan started to form in his head as he stared at Raphael and Crowley.

"Now… you have 2 options. Flee or Die." Crowley said. Cas looked between Crowley and Raphael for a moment before he picked up the blood and tossed it to the demon before disappearing.

He watched, invisible, as the demon and angel preformed the ritual. He wasn't shocked when Dean and Bobby had come and tried to stop the pair from opening purgatory. It took all the strength he had to stop Crowley from hurting the boys, but he had to wait. Couldn't die too soon.

A victorious smile spread over Raphael's face as Crowley shouted the last words at the dog's blood spread on the wall. Nothing happened.

"Hm… Maybe I said it wrong?" Crowley said.

"You said it perfectly." Cas said appearing behind them with the empty jar in his hands. "What you needed was this." He sat the jar on the stainless steel counter and turned to see Dean and Bobby get to their feet.

"Enough of these games Castiel… Give us the blood." Raphael said angrily.

Crowley said, "Game's over… His jars empty." He gestured to the empty jar on the counter. He turned to Cas. "So… Castiel. How'd your ritual go? Better than ours I'll bet."

Cas just stared at them. It was silent for a few moments. It was Dean who spoke first, "You didn't do it… Did you?"

Cas looked at him for a moment before he looked back to the pair standing in front of him.

Raphael looked ready to burst with anger as he pulled out his angel blade. "Big mistake." He shot into motion like a bullet out of a gun.

He knew he wouldn't win. It wasn't possible.

He felt his life slipping away as he lay on the floor. He watched as Raphael disappeared as the angel blade flew throw the air where he stood a millisecond ago.

His last breath left him as Sam, Dean and Bobby got to his side. He closed his eyes and died.

The group left the warehouse and went to the cars still parked in the front. They sat on the cars, not saying a word.

Bright colors filled the sky as sunrise came. A flutter of wings made all of them look up. "He's not dead," Balthazar stated, standing in front of the trio.

"What do you mean?" Bobby growled at the angel.

He rolled his eyes. "I said, 'He's not dead.'"

"But we all saw him die," Sam said, looking over at Dean, who hasn't said a word since he watched his friend die.

"Yes you did. But he's not dead," Balthazar said. "He fell."

"Fell as in…" Sam said.

"Human." A new voice said from behind the group said. The boys turned to see Anna standing behind them.

"And you need to find him. Before Raphael."

"How are we supposed to do that?" Sam asked. "We have no idea where to look."

"I do." Anna said, folding her arms across her chest. "Well, I will… when we get there."

"Where?" Dean asked, speaking for the first time.

"Not where, When." Balthazar said. "The future." He clapped his hands and everything went black.

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