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Chapter 15 Something Wicked

The brothers had decided to set up shop in the warehouse. May as well make sure nothing is happening there, and you don't have to deal with getting a hotel room for 5 people. Bobby and Crystal were on their way after Sam had called them down to find Cas…

Cas heard all this, but he was nowhere in sight of the brothers.

He sat under the beautiful early morning sky on the roof, directly above where the brothers were in the parking lot. They talk much louder than they think they do, so it was no problem hearing them from up there… Cas stretched his legs out in front of him and leaned his head back on the wall and stared up at the sky as he listened to Dean complain about him while Sam was trying to calm him down…

At some points in the conversation, it almost seemed like Sam was defending what Cas had done… he said he was a different person then… Cas was thankful for what Sam was trying, but he knew it was useless. Dean was stubborn as a mule and he didn't forgive easily. Cas sighed and closed his eyes as the sun gradually illuminated the darkness around him.

He felt the air shift around him. He opened his eyes and frowned at Meg standing in front of him with a smile on her face. "Howdy, Clarence," she said, still smiling.

Cas glared at her and stood up and walked past her to the pile of hunting stuff he brought into the building last night and picked up the gun. He heard her walking after him, but before she could get even close to him, he pointed the gun at her and racked the slide,"What do you want?" he asked flatly.

Meg clicked her tongue and said, "Is that any way to greet me?" she asked sweetly. She looked down at the gun in Cas' hands, "Upgrade?" she asked smiling.

Cas said nothing. He was silently weighing the options in his mind of whether or not to shoot her, but a particularly loud argument from the parking lot made Meg turn to the direction of the noise. She turned back to Cas with an evil grin on her face. "They find out your dirty little secret?"

Cas glared at her and said nothing… She must have hung around unseen and listened to their conversation. Meg tilted her head to the side and her eyebrows rose halfway up her forehead, "Cat got your tongue, Clarence?"

"What do you want, Meg?" he asked, the point of the gun never wavering from her heart.

She smirked. "Right to business." She said, "I like it…" she waited for Cas to say something, but when he didn't she said, "fine. The Wanna-Be God has found your little stash." Cas clenched his teeth together and said nothing. "So anytime now, he'll be here for all the power."

She paused to see if Cas would get what she was trying to say, he did of course, he wasn't stupid, he's not going to make any deal with her. She was about to speak again, he interrupted her "Go to hell, Demon Bitch."

She clicked her tongue again and said, "Now now, Clarence, don't be rude." She smirked and she lowered her voice, leaning towards him, "Didn't your parents teach you better?" He raised the gun to point at her head, he had his finger on the trigger and she was gone.

He lowered the gun slightly and looked around for her. "You should be thankful I'm not Crowley." A voice from behind him said. He whipped around and pointed the gun at her again. She was leaning on the wall near the door with a grin on her face. "He's probably a little peeved at you for betraying him…" He was about to pull the trigger, but she disappeared again, this time Cas knew she wouldn't be back.

Cas frowned and sat the gun back on top of the pile of hunters' things and heard the sound of a car driving towards the building. He walked to the edge of the building and peered down the wall to see an old faded blue truck and Bobby and Crystal step out of the vehicle.

He smiled at the sight of her, but stayed on the roof… it's better to stay up here till Dean calms down enough to just ignore his existence. He placed his elbows on the wall and leaned over to watch them. Crystal waited about 3 seconds before she asked where Cas was. He saw Dean and Sam shrug and she tilted her head back and looked around at the treetops and roofs around the building. She locked eyes with Cas and her face split into a brilliant smile and she walked away from the boys without a word.

Cas smiled and leaned against the wall by the door where Meg had been earlier, waiting for her. After a few moments of her trying to find her way, she burst through the door and stepped past where Cas was standing. He smiled and closed the distance between them and wrapped his arms around her waist. "How was your trip?" he asked. It was a long drive, even with Bobby's crazy fast driving.

She jumped then leaned back against him. She smiled and said, "It was long…" she turned towards him, stepping back only enough to look at him without them bumping noses, "Bobby told me about… about the stolen blood…" she frowned and touched his face. "Are you ok?" she asked. Cas nodded and she said, "They have the start of a plan." She said, giving Cas a peck on the cheek before taking his hand and leading them away. Cas had to stop her, to pick up the hunting stuff. She frowned at the gun and looked at Cas disapprovingly. Cas shrugged, but said nothing as he carried it down the stairs to outside…

Cas hesitated for just a second before they got to the doors, but Crystal tugged him forward and said, "Wait till you hear this stupid plan they have cooked up." She said, opening the door.

Turns out their plan was truly idiotic. The brothers and Bobby have decided to summon Crowley and 'interrogate' him… and make sure he's not easily found for when Raphael comes looking for him.

Cas tried several times to convince them not to do something so incredibly stupid, but they wouldn't listen to him. Every time he started to argue with their plan, Dean would say it was all his fault they need him anyway, and if he has a better plan say it. If not shut up and listen.

So Cas could only stand by and watch as they all got the ritual together and set up their 'trap' which wouldn't work even a little bit… but he didn't have another plan. So he stayed quiet.

They decided to wait till night to summon Crowley. They all needed rest before they even tried to do anything else for the day.

They had moved to a new empty building on the outskirts of the other side of town and it was time to summon Crowley… Even though Cas knew it was a bad idea, he was there, pacing back and forth with his arms crossed, waiting for the demon to show up.

It didn't take nearly as long as Cas thought it would for Crowley to show up in the demon trap. He didn't even bring a hellhound with him, which was surprising. "Hello…" he said, "Need something?"

"Where's Raphael?" Dean said bitterly.

"How should I know?" Crowley said, putting one of his hands in his pocket.

"I don't trust him." Cas said bluntly. The demon turned in the direction of Cas' voice, seeing him for the first time.

Crowley laughed and said, "Well look who we've got here. Castiel." He turned to the brothers and laughed looking back at the former angel, "Don't you look…" he hesitated, looking for the right word "Young?"

Cas scoffed and said, "I'd say 'it's been to long' or 'good to see you' but I'd be lying."

Crowley laughed again and turned back to the brothers, "He's funnier now…"

Cas moved to stand by Sam. "Where's Raphael?" he asked, glaring at the demon trapped in front of them.

"What makes you think I know?" Crowley said.

Cas huffed and turned to Sam, "Can't we just kill him?" Sam looked at him and said, "He's not going to tell us anything."

"Well a certain Angel hell bent on ending the world may have contacted me…" He said, dangling the fishhook in front of the group, waiting for them to take the bait.

But that moment never came.

Cas was thrown into the wall and his vision swam in and out from the probable concussion whoever just threw him into the wall gave him. He tried to see who it was… and wasn't really surprised when he saw Raphael winning the fight between the brothers, who were unprepared for an angel surprise attack.

Within half a minute both of them were knocked out and lying lifelessly on the floor. Cas tried to stand, but the world spun and he leaned against it, trying to stop Raphael from destroying the red circle of symbols on the floor.

But he was too weak… he felt blood dripping down his face and start to obscure his vision, he fell to the ground…

Raphael walked over to him and wrapped a hand around his throat, lifting him into the air and choking him. There was nothing he could do, after all, he was only a human.

Darkness was eating at the edge of his sight and his lungs burned with the need of oxygen when a voice that sounded much quieter than it should have spoke up, "We don't really have time for this."

Raphael's hand held on for a few more seconds before Cas fell to the floor and gasped for air, lying on the floor. He looked up at Crowley and Raphael who were looking down at him. "I'll be back" Raphael said and disappeared with Crowley in tow.

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