A/N: Econtra ordo is Latin for "opposite order" or "reverse order."

Word count: 100 each section.

Summary: E/O CHALLENGE. Drabble word: chain. Dean and Sam Winchester are pressured by Hell and Heaven to accept their destinies. Hurt/comfort/protective boys. Four related drabbles, 100 words each.

Chapter 1 – no halo

Sam remembers getting hit. Soot dark wings, bright lights fill the air all around him.

Then, blackness.

Scratchy bedsheets. IVs. Sam's heart beeps slowly. He's broken now; he can feel it. Dean's by his bedside, but Sam's not alone.

"Time to awaken, Samuel," Zachariah purrs. "Michael needs his Sword. Heal yourself. Throw off the ball and chain of humanity. You don't need it, and you don't need Dean. He's evil. Tainted."

Sam flexes his power. Zachariah and the angels are startled into silence. Then they die.

"He's my brother," Sam whispers. "I need him as much as he needs me."

A/N: Outsider POV of Dean.

The older boy's a beauty, even stressed and worn out as he is. He sits by his brother's bedside day and night. Food's a memory. So is sleep.

"That balloon race is in two weeks," he rumbles wearily. "Albuquerque, remember? I wanna see it, so you better wake up. And I mean soon, Samantha."

The nurses recognize the ties that bind, the chains of family. It's tight, fierce, and demanding. Us against the world.

This time seems like the world is winning.

Smart money says the brother won't wake up. Not ever.

The day after he's brought in, he does.

Chapter 2 is next. It's Dean's turn.