I've decided this challenge stuff is fun! ;) So here is one more drabble for this week's word. I'd love to hear your thoughts on it.

E/O Challenge word: Chain - 100 words on the dot!

Disclaimer: I own NOTHING!

"Where the hell were you?"


"I can see that. Woah, I can smell that too. At the bar again?"

"Geez Sam, it's like we're fricken married or something."


"Maybe it's late, and maybe I'm mildly intoxicated, but you're acting like a pissed off wife. Heh, that's funny."

"Taking off without telling me where you went is not funny Dean!"

"Just proved my point Samantha."

"I was worried, you stubborn ass."

"You even sound like a chick. Buzzkill."

"You don't think of anyone but yourself."

"Oh yeah? Well, you're the perfect ball and chain, only without the damn paperwork."

Thanks for having a look! :)