Harry and Ron had scoured the entire castle asking people if they wanted to be their dates to the Yule Ball. Ron had asked every girl in school; even the dreadful looking Eloise Midgen, who flatly turned down his offer, looking down at him over her large, off-centred nose.

Hermione's teeth had to be shrunk down; Madam Pomfrey would be shrinking them shortly. Hermione was doing all her homework in the Hospital Wing, unsurprisingly. Harry was sat with her, as she delved through the pages of Charms for the Gifted Witch.

"Professor Flitwick was so kind to give this to me." She said, her voice slightly strained by her abnormally sized teeth. She barely minded that she couldn't attend the Yule Ball that was quickly coming up.

"I still need to find a date." Harry said, worried. He was a Triwizard Champion; it shouldn't have been any harder to find a date than it was to steal from a Horntail.

A group of Ravenclaws chattered noisily as they passed the Hospital Wing.

"Krum still doesn't have a date."

"I'd ask him, but he's turned down every girl who's asked."

"I heard he'll only date someone who speaks Bulgarian."

"Guess that rules out ALL of Hogwarts then."

Harry's mind clicked. "Hermione? Is there a charm in there to translate a foreign language?"

Hermione tutted, peeling her eyes from the pages to look up at him.

"Of course there isn't." She replied casually, before returning to the page. Her eyes widened at the page she was reading. "Actually… there is. This charm allows the caster to speak and understand any language of his or her choice. The incantation is 'Linguista Totalus'. Why do you need a translator?"

Harry hurriedly packed his books away, scrawling the spell messily onto a piece of parchment. "I'll tell you later, bye!" He yelled as he ran off. Hermione sighed before sliding back to her book.

"Ooh, a charm to magnify book pages!"

Harry nervously approached Krum in the Great Hall, mere seconds after casting the charm.

"Viktor," Harry said, hearing deepness in his voice he hadn't recognized before. Krum turned to face him.

"Vat?" He said, his accent hanging strongly.

"I vas vondering if you'd like to be my date to the Yule Ball." Harry asked. Malfoy eyed him with suspicion and confusion.

Clearly, the charm was working, and Harry would have been speaking in Bulgarian.

Krum looked around, before turning back to Harry.

"How did you vind out I vas gay?" He asked, calmly.

"Vell, after hearing you had rejekted every vemale in the skhool, I guessed." Harry replied.

Krum grinned at him. "Sure, Potter. I'll be your date."

"Vanks, see you then Viktor." Harry said, before leaving.

'For once, Hermione's obsession with Charms was helpful for reasons other than getting us out of mortal danger,' Harry thought to himself as he reversed the Charm. "I think I'll buy her a portable bookcase," He muttered to himself as he headed to Transfiguration.