A week passed. A week of secret fucks and wild escapades of lust.

Finally, Krum cracked. "Harry... I don't know iv I'm ready to... let Durmstrang know about me."

Harry looked taken aback. "Are you nervous about what they'd say?"

"I'm nervous about vat they'd DO." He replied fearfully.

Harry nodded in sad understanding. "You can... you can take Hermione. She needs a date. And I'm sure I can find someone in time."

Krum looked at him. "I'm sorry. Vor my cowardice."

Harry smiled weakly at him. "It's alright. I guess we were arrogant as to think either of us was ready to be public."

Krum looked at him. "Are we still going to-"

Harry smiled again, nodding. "Yeah. We'll still fool around. We're not cutting off our private pleasures... merely the public one."

That night was the most passionate night of their lives. Krum was so sensual and manly, Harry was craving his meat, panting like a crazy dog in heat.

Krum and Harry, by the end of the night, were coated in each other's cum, kissing each other with the lust of a thousand men.

At the Yule Ball, Harry and Krum both left the dance hall at 11pm sharp. Hermione smiled knowingly and gave her approval as Krum said his goodbyes and sharply darted in the direction of the Gryffindor common room.

Nobody really noticed, except for a handful of the other Gryffindor boys, or as they preferred to be called, the audience.

The End

I feel like I should apologize for ending it this way but I felt I should make the ending somewhat similar to the real storyline to add some familiarity. Thanks for reading, I know this wasn't amazingly long but this was one of my earlier works. Please review and favourite! Hope you enjoyed it!