After team eight got back and told the Hokage what had happened, they left to go tell Hiashi Hyuga that they saw Hinata and she was with the Akatsuki.

"What? This is an outrage! How can she leave? She is the Hyuga heiress and I will get her back," Hiashi declared.

"Yes, and she is also with the Akatsuki right now," Kurenai explained to the angry leader.

"What is that girl thinking, staying with enemy and worrying everyone. Also, why did she leave?" Hiashi asked with his hands in his sleeves.

"Well, that I can answer. It seems that everyone she met when she became a ninja didn't talk to her, were mean, didn't care, or was just rude, so she got tired of us and left for them. These two were two of them that did that," Kurenai explained, looking at her team.

"So these two were some of the culprits? Her own teammates? No wonder. Fine I will get her back no matter what," Hiashi said, shooing them away.

"We're back leader," Itachi said, bringing a blushing Hinata in his arms with him.

"Did something happen on the mission? Did she get hurt?" Pain asked.

"Only hurt emotionally, not wounded, but she does need work with killing," Itachi explained, letting her down but she still clung to his cloak.

"I see. I want to see how strong you really are Hinata. You will show me how strong you are in two ways," Pain said.

"How?" Hinata questioned.

"First, I want to see how well you hold your own against Itachi. Then, the next phase will begin," Pain said as they made their way outside, letting them get into their stances.

Hinata was used to Itachi's fighting more now since she had been training with him. Pain didn't expect her to last longer then 10 minutes before she collapsed, but he was surprised when it did last longer and stopped the fighting.

"Okay, that's enough for physically strong. Now, what about emotionally strong?" Pain asked, amused. He just wanted to mess with Hinata now.

"What do you mean emotionally, Leader?" Hinata questioned, blushing from looking at Itachi.

"I want to see how long you can last before you are tempted to hug or kiss Itachi back. He will kiss you and you must resist for however long your emotions can," Pain explained with a grin.

"W-what? Will y-you be w-watching?" Hinata stuttered blushing.

"But of course, Hinata. Itachi, start," Pain ordered ,watching closely like they were a movie that was so addicting, his eyes didn't move away from their lips.

"Right, leader." Itachi walked closer to her, which caused her to back up, but like the klutz she was, she fell back onto her butt. Itachi followed by keeping her on the floor, now inches apart. He closed the distance by kissing her lips. She resisted him a little bit, but it was killing her to not kiss back because she loved him. 'So it seems like she won't break with just a kiss. Fine, next level,' Itachi thought, smirking into the kiss until he licked her bottom lip, tempting her to open for him, but she couldn't lose.

Pain was watching intensely still. 'To think she could last this long with Itachi. You would think she would break just by the kiss.'

Itachi grabbed her waist and brought her closer to enjoy more of the girl he wanted. She gasped, and after he kept licking her lips to get entrance, she finally gave in, wanting more.

Pain saw that she had given in and was surprised with how well she did. "You two can quit now," Pain said.

Itachi was annoyed that while he was enjoying himself with his girl, leader just had to say something. He waved a hand, shooing Pain away. Pain saw and left with a smile to give them some privacy.

"What's taking so long? I sent a messenger to the Akatsuki a few days ago., Hiashi said.

"We just got word, sir. They said it took a while to find the unknown hideout, but the letter made it safely to the place," a servant replied.

"Good," Hiashi said waiting.

"Pain! Pain! Tobi found a letter. Tobi is a good boy for finding this." Tobi ran, yelling this all throughout the hideout. This caused him to get hit by every Akatsuki member except Deidara, he blew a bomb up in his face.

"Yes, yes, I heard you along with everyone else, Tobi," Pain said, grabbing the letter, reading it. He headed for the same room he saw Itachi and Hinata last.

"What is it this time, Pain?" Itachi asked with an annoyed face, breaking the make-out session he was having with Hinata to go to where Pain was and noticed the note.

"Here. This was what I wanted. Tell me what you think after you read it," Pain said, giving the letter to Itachi and walked off.

Itachi skimmed through the letter and gave it to Hinata to read. She read it and covered her face.

Dear red clouded cloak wearers,

I know you took the daughter of the Hyuga, also known as my are very displeased. I will give you as much money as you want, just give us our heiress back. Everyone was wrong and misses her. This is a disgrace to the family, so let her go.

Sincerely, the leader of the Hyuga clan, Hiashi.

"So what are you going to do?"

"What do you think I'm going to do? Can you get me a piece of paper and pen please, Itachi," Hinata said laughing from reading this stupid letter that her father, thinking that he can just buy her back. Itachi walked out for a few seconds, coming back with paper and pen in his hand and handing it to her.

She wrote.

Dear daughter hater,

After all the ** you and the village put me through, do you think I would just look at this message and say "Oh sure, I believe them like the idiot everyone thinks I am?" Well I don't think so. I'm not going to be like the so called numbskull that everyone calls Naruto, the one I used to love. I enjoy it here more then I ever have there in Konoha, so just leave me alone, Father.

Sincerely, Hinata.

When she finished the letter, she walked to Pain's room to give him the letter to read and to send back to her father.

"Wise decision and nice wording by the way," Pain said, letting a messenger take the letter back to where it once came.

"Sir, we got a message from the Akatsuki," the servant from before said, handing him the letter.

"What is this? Why that ungrateful... fine, she doesn't want to come back and be stubborn. Maybe she'll even get killed by them. Let her do what she wants, I still have Hanabi," Hiashi declared.

"Are you sure about this, sir?" The servant asked.

"Yes, I'm sure. She doesn't want me to save her **, so I will do as she said. We are better off without her," Hiashi replied, walking off to his house.

"Where were we before we got interrupted? Let's pick it up," Itachi said, walking into her room and pushed her on her bed, kissing her more passionately than before. They went like this into the night, together, closely attached by love.

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