This is my one-shot 'box'. Basically consists of short-ish one-shots that'll be updated when I get an idea. This one is also my first attempt at proper humour, which I normally insert as a deadpan comment in my writing.

Disclaimer: I don't own Primeval. I wish I owned a Rex.

Abby relaxed against Connor as Becker drove them home. The Captain simply left them in peace, though Abby could tell he had some questions to ask them. Fair enough, as far as she was concerned, because she was desperate to ask him some. But not now. Now they were home and safe and in a lovely centrally heated car, which made the atmosphere slightly too warm to be comfortable for the pair that had been stuck in the open for a year.

Nevertheless, she found as they were turning into the all new ARC, she had to shake herself to wake her up slightly and prod Connor, who was dozing.

"Welcome to the ARC, Miss Maitland," said Becker. Abby smiled; it felt good to be around a friend again.

However, as he stepped out the car, Abby heard cursing and frowned as to what could make the normally reserved soldier say such words. She found out a few seconds later, when Becker poked his head back round into the car and stared accusingly at Connor, who was now fully awake and smirking at the outburst.

"Connor! There are scratches all down the side. I'll have to get in someone to repair the paintwork now!" complained the Captain. "You've only been here a couple of hours and already I have to organise repair work."

Abby looked pointedly at her boyfriend, but Connor was frowning, as if in deep thought.

"Hang on! Abby was the one driving!"

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