Hello. Quick story that doesn't centre on Connor or Becker. *Gasp* I know I was surprised. Enjoy!

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There was a titter of murmurs across the ADD room as Lester's angry voice filled the atmosphere. Or should that be 'furious voice'?

Jess bit her lip and twisted around in her seat, quickly glancing at the leg of the desk, which, as she predicted and feared, was bare. She looked up to see Lester charging in.

"Has one of the dinosaurs escaped?" asked Matt, already up on his feet, prepared for any action. He took in the civil servant's red face and clenched hands and reached out to grab his EMD which he always kept close to hand.


"Not Rex?" Lester sighed, sensing the team leader didn't really have a grasp on the severity of the situation. Turning to the rest of the watching crowd, he lowered his voice.

"Would the owner of the giant dog please remove it from my office before I feed it to the dinosaurs and turn its fur into a small rug?"

Several people sniggered, while others frowned in confusion. Jess, though, meekly got to her feet a d gingerly went forward.

"Is she OK?" she asked.

"She's fine and creating a gourmet lunch out of my sandwiches. Why on earth did you decide to bring it in?"

"Told my sister I'd look after her," replied Jess quietly. "She's on holiday."

"Most people would simply go round to the house once a day and feed it, not bring it into work! Get it out of my office!"

Jess decided to curtail this rather one-sided argument about how to care for a dog and hurried off to claim her dog. Lester watched her go, then returned to view the rest of the room. Connor was smirking, pleased that, for once, he wasn't the cause of the trouble.

"Keep smiling, Temple..." warned Lester, "...and you'll be the one clearing up what it did on my carpet!"

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