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"Connor, do you have any idea where..."

Connor hastily shuffled his boots off the desk and minimised his screen as Lester walked into the room. The civil servant paused mid-sentence and frowned.

"What were you doing?"

"Hmmm?" replied Connor, swivelling round in his seat. "Oh, nothing much."

"Nothing much isn't what I pay you for," Lester reminded him. "Regardless, you weren't doing nothing, as I distinctly..."

A roar echoed out from the speakers. Connor grimaced as Lester's frown deepened.

"That was just... errr... research," volunteered Connor. "Dinosaur calls. Good be very useful." Another roar erupted into the air. "See, dinosaur calls."

Lester, not convinced, approached the screen, but Connor swung around the block him.

"Temple, get out of my way."

"But..." Connor started, but it was too late. Lester launched forward with surprising speed and determination for one who was use to a desk job. Connor leant back and tried to impress himself into the chair further as Lester turned on him, anger written across his face.


"It's research..." he defended, but trailed off.

"If you don't know more than the director of Jurassic Park, you're fired!"

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