Eat the damn Cupcake.

Harper over hears Alex and Stevie talking about her and how her body look's. Depressed on what she hears Harper try's to lose weight, but will she be able to stop when she goes to far. Halex

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( Alex's Room.)

" Why do you hang out with Harper, she weird and Fat, I mean you have a great body and are sexy but Harper's plain looking and has chipmunk cheek's." said Stevie as she looked at Alex who was sitting on her bed.

" Harper does have more body then most girl's and she's not weird." said Alex as she glared at Stevie. Unknown to both girl's said redhead was out side the closed door with a bowl of chip's . Harper frowns and turn's around not wanting to hear the rest of the talk to two skinny girl's where having. As Harper reaches the bottom she see's Max and hand's him the bowl of chip's.

" Max if anyone asks tell them I'm going for a run okay" said Harper as she decide a run would make her feel a little better then she was feeling right now. Walking to her room she try's to think of how her body look's like compared to Alex's and Stevie's perfect body's. It hurt her hearing her friend's talk about her body like that. But she would show them she would lose the weight and never be called Fat again.

( Back with Alex and Stevie.)

" I like how Harper look's . She has real curves and big boob's that we both don't have. We might be skinny but we have no curves like Harper does. I also think her cheek's are cute, I love seeing her smile." said Alex as she looked down at her bed to hide her blush.

" Just admit you have the hots for Harper. That's why you get so defensive when someone talk's bad about her." said Stevie as she rolled her eye's at Alex.

" Fine I have the hots for Harper but if I catch you calling her fat again I'm going to hex you so bad that you wish that you where never born." said Alex as she glared at Stevie. Stevie grinned and raised her hand's in defeat .

" Sorry, okay Harper is not fat just fluffy is that okay to say" said Stevie as she looked at Alex who was back to drooling thinking of Harper.

" Yeah, I like that Harper's fluffy and has huge Tit's" said Alex as she blushed again.

" I don't see why you don't tell her you like her. Since I started going to your school I saw you telling Five girl's to back off Harper and leave her the hell alone." said Stevie thinking of the poor five girl's that had to deal with Alex's wrath.

" I will when I'm ready and when I think she's ready. I... I can't lose Harper she's everything to me and if just being her friend is all I get then I'll be happy with that. Any way she like's people like my brother smart, nerdy and neat. I'm none of those thing's why would she want to date me" said Alex as she frowned.

" She like's GUY'S like that but how do you know what she look's for in a girl. Hmm, I like bad boy's but good girl's. Maybe I'll date Harper. You did say she had big boob's and maybe I could deal with her fluffiness." said Stevie as she smirked. Stevie ducked and missed the pillow Alex threw at her.

" Shut the hell up Stevie don't go near Harper got it, she's my redhead go find your own." said Alex as she threw another pillow at Stevie.

" Hahaha, maybe I will." said Stevie as she stayed on the floor.

"I'm hungry I wonder if Harper made anything to eat today."said Alex as she patted her growling tummy.

" I want food to, let's she what fluffy girl made." said Stevie as she ran to the door. Alex chased Stevie down the stair's . As they reached the bottom they saw Max licking the bottom of a bowl.

" Hey Max what are you eating" asked Stevie as she looked at him.

" Chip's" said Max as he put the bowl in the sink.

" Well are they anymore Stevie and I are hungry to." asked Alex as she looked at her baby brother.

" Nope, I got to go any way . I have to meet a guy in the Wizard world we're going to traded dead lizard's. His has two head's, I can't wait to see it and taste it on my dinner tonight. Oh and if anyone asks for Harper shes running" said Max as he flashed out of the room.

" He's gross " said Stevie as she looked at Alex. Alex nodded her head and went to look for food.

" Hmm, Harper's running, I hope there's not another marathon she lost some weight last time and it took for ever to get her plump again." said Alex as she frowned thinking of Harper running again.

" You really did her being a little big huh, So I could say you like big girl's and big butt's huh" said Stevie as she looked at Alex.

" Yes , you could and Yeah I dig Harper being plump and her fat ass is awesome." said Alex as she looked in the cabinet for food.

" Strange must run in the Russo blood. Your baby bro like's dead lizard bit's on his food, your big bro is a nerd and clean freak snob and you like big girl's." said Stevie as she shook her head at the idea of the Russo's being Russo's.

" Yeah I guess we are but I'm more normal then both my brother's. I've always loved Harper and her being a little more plump is freaking hot to me. So just drop it now okay" said Alex as she gave Stevie a pudding cup.

" Dropped and forgotten , so Justin does he have a girlfriend" asked Stevie as she blushed.

" Yuck , you too what the hell is wrong with girl's and liking my brother he's a dork Stevie and if you date him it's like dating your own brother. He's just like your brother." said Alex as she made a fake sick face.

"Justin is a little less dork then Warren and he's cute. I just want to screw his brain's out" said Stevie as she looked at her pudding cup.

" LALALALALALA, I DON'T WANT TO HEAR THAT, LALALALALALA" yelled Alex as she covered her ear's.

" Grow up Russo" said Stevie as she glared at Alex for making fun of her for liking Justin.

" It was gross, I think I rather eat a whole Lizard then think of you two kissing. I would be like ME kissing Justin or YOU kissing Warren." said Alex as she looked at Stevie.

" Well, fine if you really feel that way then I won't ask him out" said Stevie as she glared at Alex. Alex smiled and stuck her tongue out.

" But since I have all this free time I'm going out with a fluffy red head named Harper" said Stevie as she flashed out of the Russo home. Alex glared at the spot Stevie was standing at.

" I really need to learn how to keep my mouth shut. Dang , how the hell am I going to make Harper not look at Stevie." said Alex to herself as she flashed to her room.

( With Harper)

" I got to run, I got to lose weigh and I'll show Alex and Stevie that I can be thin like them." said Harper as she kept running. She was covered in sweat and was in pain from all the running. Her hair was put up in a pony tail and she was dressed in a black sweat shirt and matching black sweat pant's with white sneaker's.

" I need to make a perfect plan to lose weight. I want to surprise them. Little eating, lot's of working out and major hiding from Alex and everyone else." said Harper as she smiled at her plan.

" Look out world a new and improved Harper is on your way" said Harper as she ran up the hill and looked over Waverly Place.

" And maybe someone will look at me, if I'm skinny. Just maybe I'll finally get asked out on a date. I didn't think I was so fat before but now I guess I am. But not for long" promised Harper to herself. She ran home and said she was skipping dinner because she still felt full from her lunch earlier on that day. Harper went to her room hungry and in pain, but if she wanted to lose the weight she would have to skip some meal's and suffer threw the pain. No pain no Gain ! Will be her new motto for a while now till she's as perfect as Stevie and Alex.

Wizard's of Waverly Place Wizards of Waverly Place Wizard's of Waverly Place Wizards of Waverly Place Wizard's of Waverly Place Wizards of Waverly Place WOWP Wizards of Waverly Place WOWP

Just a little taste of what's to come on this new story. MIGHT BE DONE IN TWO CHAP'S OR THREE WHO KNOW'S