Harry Potter: Jeweled Lord

Sum: Harry Potter is the elder twin to the boy who lived but he's left at the Dursely's. However slight interference changes everything.

Chapter one

Birth of a Jewel

"I don't like it James, I really don't." said Lily looking at her husband as he placed her eldest son on the doorstep of number four privet drive. "I know love, I don't like it either but you know what Dumbledore said." replied James wrapping an arm around his wife. "I know, I just really don't like it. We're really going to have to make it up to him." replied Lily resting her head on her husbands shoulder before the two disappeared with a crack leaving her eldest son on her hateful sisters door step.

However, if only they had stayed behind for just a few moments longer they would have seen a very odd phenomenon happen. In the middle of the street a figure appeared as if stepping of a fog bank. She was of a normal height, and an advanced age only in her face as he body in a very tight and almost reveling body suit look like that of some one in there twenty's, he blue eyes where covered by round cracked glasses and around her white hair was a light blue cloak. "Mmm, so this is the boy." she said walking up to young Harry.

"Indeed he is," replied a voice to the side, a humanoid form made of shadow, eyes of jeweled green. "The Jeweled lord, or he will be, in time." the voice said. "Time we may not have. Time and Dreadwing are against us." replied the older woman. "Ha, for the master of Positive infinity you doubt our Time. We can send him to any time you choose, give him a head start. After all the time space war is not yet upon us, Dreadwing will not be able to see this move Madrid." replied the voice looking at the old woman as she stroked her chin and a small silver orb floated over to her.

"If I do it the he will see it Kar-ai." replied the old woman now known as Madrid. "Then I will send him to the right people, I will teach him what is needed before the young one is to enter the 'chess' game across time and space." replied the shadowy being moving and picking up the small child. "Do you know what need to be done?" asked Madrid looking at Kar-ai and the child. "Yes, though I don't like what must be done. I will insure that he receives a more then just reward for this, for our sin against him." replied Kar-ai pulling out a black and emerald green orb from the small silver orb. "I know Kar-ai, I don't like using the boy like this either but…." she trailed off letting the sentence hang there. "Don't worry, thing will be different this time." replied Kar-ai as he and young Harry disappeared.

[Madrid, are you sure it's wise to trust him?] asked the small silver orb floating next to Madrid. "Sure, no, I don't even know what Kar-ai is," she started turning away from number four and back to where she had appeared from. "However, his agenda and my own coincide at the moment and so we use each other to get them done. We've both acknowledged that much at least." said Madrid as she and the orb disappeared from few.

{Dimensional rift world / Name: unknown / Ruin class world}

"Lord Kar-ai, welcome back." said a humanoid anthro rat man in a classic ninja combat uniform. "It's good to be back my dear friend." replied Kar-ai his voice sounding more human like as he handed Harry to the rat man. "Take the child to Merlin, tell him that the child is the jeweled lord, he will understand me command." replied Kar-ai as the were-rat bowed taking Harry and leaving in a flash of speed and stealth. "The boy shall be great, that much I do know. What to teach him first though." Kar-ai said to himself as he left the entry of the massive castle he stood in and slowly walked into a large library.

In the largest towering spire of the castle a far different scene was about to take place. As the Ninja were-rat entered the tower proper he knew he was being watched by magical means, his senses tight as a bow's string ready to snap at any second, even if this person watching was an ally. Reaching the top, he gently pushed opened the heavy oaken door that separated the were-rat and child from the being inside.

The room was clearly a workshop of some kind, more then likely attuned to the mystic arts judging by some of the more odd devises with in the large tower space. "Come forward Dashi, you have no need to fear here." called a voice form a desk on the far side on the room, sitting at the desk was a skeleton wearing really fine robes and rings with diamond and emerald in them. "What brings you here Dashi?" asked the Lich turning to face the were-rat. "Lord Kar-ai told me to give this child to you and to tell you that he is the Jeweled Lord." replied Dashi motioning to Harry with his free hand. "Ha, so this is the Jeweled Lord when he was human." replied Merlin standing up and gently taking the child with out waking him.

"When he was human?" asked Dashi as he watched the Lich moved over to a large table with craving in it that made it look like a circuit board. "Oh yes. That's right, you've only just joined us in out mission acrossed time and space. The Jeweled Lord is not human but was born as such. We, Kar-ai and my self that is, found that we was to stay in an abusive home and through an intense emotion induced magical burst, teleported him to an unknown enigma temple and he used what he found there to get revenge. Lord Kar-ai hopes that raising him with that power and in a kind home, that he won't join our enemy, Dreadwing." replied Merlin as he moved about, placing several object in circles around Harry on the table. "I see, so you hope to turn an enemy into an ally." replied Dashi.

"Hopefully, hopefully, we could just be remaking a powerful enemy." replied the Lich as his magic flared activating the runic array on the table forcing the magic into Harry's body, waking this child making him cry out in pain, tears falling freely from his eyes. Once the magic stopped the Lich walked over to the crying child and picked him up, gently bouncing the child in his arms hoping to calm the child, the whites of Harry's eyes having turned pitch black while his already green eyes now glowed with magic being the only signs of the ritual. "Good, the Jeweled Lord is now as he should be." replied Merlin as he calm Harry down from the brief pain he felt. "Now we just have to take time to raise the child." replied were-rat looking at the small child. "We have a long time for that old friend." called Kar-ai from the door way. "Now let's get lunch and see on what we shall teach the boy and see just what timeline we'll be looking at." replied Kar-ai said leading the other three back down the stairs. This is the start of the Jeweled lords story, a humbled but manipulated beginning. A single stone, causing ripples through out time and space, changing the very course of history, for the better or worst this will only be known with and in time as it rewrites itself.