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Stiles laid his head on Derek's chest and watched the sky through the fire damaged roof as the storm clouds rolled in. Suddenly, Stiles sat upright and said, "I want to go for a walk."

"You need to rest some more until you're healed."

"I am healed though. Nothing hurts. I'm getting bored, Derek."

"I could entertain you," Derek said suggestively.

Stiles laughed and gave Derek a quick kiss on the cheek. "I bet you could, but I want to go outside."

"It's going to rain."


Derek sighed and gave in to Stiles' demand. He took his mate's hand and they stepped out into the forest. Stiles took a deep breath through his nose. "I love this smell," he said. "It smells like you almost."

Leaves crunched underfoot and Derek put his arm around his mate. "Nothing in the world smells as good as you."

"What do I smell like that's so great to you?"

"I don't know the words to do it justice, Stiles."


"You just want to be flattered," Derek said, stopping their walk to nibble and lick at Stiles' jaw.

"Well, flattery gets you far."

Derek inhaled and blew hot air on Stiles' collarbone before kissing him there. "You have a very…untainted smell. Very clean and crisp and refreshing, like the ocean breeze."

"So I smell like a candle?"

Derek chuckled. "No, not like a candle. You smell like home. Like comfort. Like a day spent rolling around in white satin sheets with your mate. You smell amazing and it's just one of the things I love about you."

Stiles blushed. "That's some good flattery, Derek Hale."

"One of my many talents," Derek whispered as he pressed Stiles against the trunk of a tree and kissed his neck.

Stiles was beyond words as he started to press his body against Derek's. He let out a soft 'unh' sound as Derek's hand snaked up his shirt, sending waves of pleasure roiling from his stomach straight down between his legs. His spine curled, trying to get his hips closer to Derek's hand as he started to shake the slightest bit.

Derek pressed his lips to Stiles' with nearly bruising force and started to make rocking circles with his hips against Stiles' warm body. He took the collar of Stiles' borrowed shirt and ripped it away, enjoying the sound of it, the feeling of rightness as he exposed his mate's body. He licked the teenager's chest as the first rain started to fall.

Stiles found the whole experience exhilarating. Something about being out in the woods with Derek kissing him all over his body while thunder rolled over the horizon felt right on a primitive level. They were mates, it was natural. The rain drops hitting his skin felt wonderful and Derek's tongue on his stomach was pure heaven. He looked up to the sky at the lightening as Derek did his cloth ripping routine on Stiles' pants.

Stiles' cry of pleasure was lost in the roll of thunder as Derek's teeth grazed his thighs. He tangled his hand in Derek's dark hair, guiding him closer to where he wanted him. Derek grinned at Stiles' obvious desire and granted his mate's wishes after he had his fun with teasing.

Stiles grabbed at Derek's shirt, wishing that he was strong enough to just rip it away like Derek always did. Derek smiled up at him and stood slowly, removing his shirt and drawing Stiles close to his well muscled chest. Stiles smiled and urged Derek to switch places with him

Derek leaned against the tree watching Stiles work his way down to the growing bulge straining behind wet denim. Stiles slowly undid the zipper, wanting to recreate for Derek the amazing sensations he'd just experienced, but he was a little unsure and of course totally unaware that the way he looked up at Derek was sexier than anything else. Stiles gave his best effort and Derek couldn't have enjoyed it more. He ran his fingers through Stiles' short, brown hair and encouraged him slightly.

Derek lifted Stiles' chin and said, "I love you."

Stiles rose and replied, "I love you too."

Derek wrapped his arms around Stiles, reveling in the feeling of wet skin on skin and breathing in the smell of his true home. He lifted Stiles up and the two became one. Stiles wrapped his legs around Derek's hips and tried to urge him on faster. Derek kept it slow and kissed his mate possessively, loving the moment that was all theirs.

Stiles let out soft moans of pleasure that added to the music of the storm around them, increasing perfectly in time as the storm reached its highest fervor. Stiles let out a ragged cry and the smell of his essence drove Derek into animalistic pleasure. Derek marked Stiles as his for the second time.

The thunder and lightening died out, the rain slowed, as the mates embraced, taking in every smell, every sensation and sight.

Derek gently set Stiles' feet back on the ground and kissed him as they separated. Stiles leaned into Derek's embrace, loving how perfectly he fit there.

"Derek," Stiles said.


"I hope you realize that since you decided to rip my clothes, you get to be the one who has to walk back home naked."

Derek ignored the joke and drew Stiles into a tight embrace. "You called that place home?"

"Home is with you," Stiles said.