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I am my Father's Son

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Adam's eulogy to his father on the day of Ben Cartwright's funeral

"I am my father's son." Adam's voice rang out over the crowd gathered for his father's funeral. "My father told me that the day I first left the Ponderosa. It is something I've never forgotten." His voice fell silent and then started back up.

"He and I cried together when Inger died - even if no one saw our tears mixing. My heart broke for him when Marie died. He held me when my tears fell for the mother I never knew and he seemed to know - without words- I understood his own feelings for the wife he did recall. When he celebrated his first year of marriage to Savannah -though I was not around - I too shared his joy… " He looked to his baby brother with salt sprinkled in his hair and continued on. "… and though I was not there physically - I celebrated in spirit with him when Little Joe married and I felt the loss -along with him and my baby brother - when Hoss was found dead near a river. The cause of which we still do not know. My father's arms were as comforting to me when I came back with my youngest - Terrance - in tow, as the day he'd given me a hug to reassure me he didn't hold it against me for leaving in the first place." Adam swallowed a lump in his throat as memories holding his father in them rolled by his eyes.

"My father was by my side when I took Stacy to wife." Adam couldn't help but chuckle as he remembered the laugh they'd shared over his sister-in-law becoming his wife after her husband and died and she'd fled to the Ponderosa for protection against a man who had gotten it into his head she was his. "We shared laughs over my stepmother and mother-in-law being the same person. We laughed over leprechauns Hoss saw and worried together over my youngest brother's temper. He told me not to let my education get in the way of my thinking -advice he may have thought I'd ignored but - in truth- has been kept close to my heart. My father was a fighter, a survivor, a man who cared about the land he lived on and the family he raised on it." Adam's voice grew strong once again.

"There are those that say because I left the Ponderosa and didn't come back for a period of time, and left again after remarrying - that I was not a real son to him, that I deserted him. He never made me feel that way." Adam looked down at the grave at his feet and let a tear roll down his face. "I have always been my father's son. He knew that. He knew the spirit of a dream and did not hold it against me. As I've already said Ben Cartwright was a man who loved the land and his dream, but mostly he loved his family. So, Pa, I just want you to know that even though Stacy and I wonder the states - and visit other countries - I know I am your son and am very pleased to have had your hand to guide me growing up. Rest assured that the Ponderosa is in great hands with Little Joe in charge." With that Adam put on his hat and watched the crowds disperse- after a prayer had been said by his youngest brother. He then helped his own wife up to their carriage and repeated - in his head- I am pleased to be my father's son.

*NOTE: Adam telling about his father words to him about not letting his education get in the way of his thinking was in the episode The Savage.