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Pryce raised an eyebrow at the sight of the dragon.

The gym leader had been walking around near the outskirts of the city, training his pokemon for his next challenger, when he saw a dragonite, of all things, standing right outside the ice path.

He wondered why a dragonite would stand so close to a place many dragons refused to enter. A closer look at the dragon surprised him as he noticed the dragonite's wings were bent at an odd angle, most likely having hit something and landing near Mahogany town.

He knew it would be a bad idea to sneak up on the dragonite, so he announced himself. "Hello there!" The dragonite jumped slightly, and faced him, giving the elderly man a quizzical look.

Pryce gave the dragonite a warm smile, trying to emphasize he was being friendly to keep the dragonite's nerves calm. "A dragonite, I see. So where are you from?"

The dragonite calmed down, and gave him a soft growl while pointing a paw towards the ice path. "Ah, just as I thought. You live in the dragon's den don't you?"

At this, the dragonite nodded, but crooned sadly, staring at the cave housing the ice path, a place a dragon was not to tread, lest they froze.

Pryce nodded. So, the dragonite wanted to go home. He supposed the trainers would have to wait for a bit to battle him while he helped the dragonite out.

"I apologize if this is rude, but are you a male or female? …My eyes aren't what they used to be." The dragonite crooned in a soft voice and then a hard voice, raising her left paw during the soft croon.

He smiled. "A lady dragon, then. Do you want to go through here?" The dragonite nodded, but closed her eyes and shivered slightly as a cold wind blew from the ice path.

The dragonite gave a sad moan, and Pryce walked next to her. He unfurled a blue scarf that he was wearing and wrapped it around the dragonite, effectively stopping her shivering.

"That should keep ya' nice and toasty, ok?"

The dragonite gave him a smile, and gave him an embracing hug to thank him. "Now, now you still need a guide. Dragons don't go in there obviously, so I'll guide you to the other side of the cave so you can get home safe."

She nodded as she took his hand.

"Just keep holding my hand, it can get really slippery on the ice."


The two walked through the freezing cave, the dragonite clutching the scarf with her spare paw, occasionally slipping on the hard slippery ice.

The dragonite held onto the old man, using his warm clothes for comfort on her chilled scales, the gym leader lead the dragon around the confusing ice path, trying to reach Blackthorn city.

After some confusing pathways that alone, the dragonite surely would've have gotten herself lost, they reached the mid-point of the cavernous pathway.

"Now, I need you to follow me closely, there are some loose icicles on the ceiling that could fall at any moment." She nodded, gripping his hand a little harder.

They walked a few steps forward before she loudly sneezed, the frigid nature of the place having reached her nose.

Pryce's widened as he tilted his head to look at the ceiling. "Ah- Run!" He shook the dragonite's paw, and pointed up with his spare hand. The dragon gasped as she saw multiple icicles breaking off from the ceiling and falling towards the two of them.

She whimpered, and then took off at full speed, the poor old man still being held by her paw dragged along with her.

''S-st-oo-oooppp!" Prcye cried out as he was carried rag-doll style by the female, icicles smashing into the ground in the spot they were just in.

The dragonite eventually slowed down to a stop, near the ice path entrance to Blackthorn city.

The two took a moment to catch their breath, the dragonite still holding Pryce's hand. "That... was very... risky... but on the bright side... we're almost at Blackthorn."

She gave him a lick on his cheek as she held onto his hand as they slid across the slippery ice, the dragonite managing a smile of happiness as they exited the ice path and the sun greeted them once more.

Pryce smiled happily. "Well, we're back in your hometown. I think you know the rest of the way back, so I'll be seeing you off here."

The dragonite gave Pryce a happy roar of thanks, taking off the scarf he had lent her, and handing it to him.

Pryce laughed. "Oh you don't need to give it to me, I have a lot of spare scarves at home. Besides, it'll keep you warm until your wing is healed. Just tell Claire, she can get you something to remedy that wing of yours."

The dragonite gave him a hug, wrapping the blue scarf around her neck again, prolonging the hug, if perhaps too long. Pryce coughed as she let go. "I'm not going to disappear, you know! You can think of me with that scarf, it'll be a nice souvenir of today."

He sighed as she walked away, her footfalls echoing away till he couldn't hear them. "It'll keep your heart warm too." He chuckled under his breath as he trekked back to Mahogany town.

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