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She remembered those days where she could simply fly around her Reverse world and stare into the bubbles that shown the original world to see how it was progressing.

Not too long ago, she remained alone to fix what he and Palkia would mess up.

She remembered the early days when it was just Giratina and Dialga spending their days trying to find out the secrets and mysteries of the universe their father had created. They would visit the many forming planets thanks to Palkia having left many portals around back then… She recalled how forgetful he was back in those distant early days.

The two of them would normally see just the molten rocks forming into planets, but occasionally they were lucky enough to find a planet with green, flowing grass like the planet their father had personally blessed and had been where he began everything. She and him had no idea of what their abilities meant, death and time…

Like all things –even herself- it was not to last, as the two of them grew distant. She would find Dialga frequently arguing with Palkia, arguments eventually giving way to fights between the two that forced their father to separate them into two separate dimensions, and their memories of the other trio member were erased, as if the two had never met, and with their separate dimensions, were made so that they never would meet again.

Without the company of her younger trio members, Giratina found herself…feeling. But as Mesprit and her trio had not yet been created, emotions were as much a whirl storm of chaos as everything had been before her father's egg had been formed.

She couldn't understand.

Her body would shake when she thought of how they were gone, how she watched as they were sent to their own dimensions. She felt her mind cloud over with thoughts to destroy as she saw Dialga leave her, when she already could not understand the odd warm sensation in her face when the two of them brushed sides, or why his face would be flush with red.

Neither of them knew what the sensation meant, so they left the idea alone. She would come to regret such a decision in the time after Mesprit's birth when she would reflect upon those days as she was now.

Without either of them, she grew what she later found out to be anger and resentment. That anger built into a blind fury that she would give any creature that dared to stare at her a death glare, at which they would flee from her. Eventually her rage and sorrow collapsed in on itself, as she would strike out at everything around her, her violent destruction ruining the many peaceful lands on the original world that resided Mount Coronet. She could not see through her blind fury, and thus couldn't remember much of what she had done, but she did see later on the remnants of her wanton violence and regretted it, even though emotions were a foreign concept to her at the time, control was not.

As such, her father had descended from the heavens and with a voice booming with anger and disappointment that she too was causing devastation in the world like her other trio members. She had caused more actual damage than either of them had done, and was banished to the Reverse World for her violence.

For the longest time, she would destroy much of the Reverse World, until it was left as the vast, half-empty world that it is now.

She did not admonish herself of this, as it allowed her rage to be taken out where it would not hurt others, as she hadn't known it was the mirror of the original world, a distortion world compared to the first. She would occasionally take time to look through the bubbles that showed the world as it advanced without her, and despite having looked into more bubbles than a hundred generations of humans could see if they watched different bubbles from life to death, she still could not find Dialga in any of them. The bubbles saw only the original world, not his dimension.

With Mesprit's birth, she understood her emotions from back then, but it did nothing to alleviate the hollow space in her heart where companionship and love once lived.

She had recently gotten herself involved with humans with some of them being nice enough to help her out despite not knowing her (which had the reaction of her regretting what many lives she likely took in her ceaseless rage so many centuries ago), and one human that dressed similar to how she looked, although he only reminded her of a power hungry- no…

She was reminded of a foolish dragon that deluded herself of seeing her love, and struck out at everything that tried to get in the way of her perfect, unspoiled world. In a way, she did pity him…

After so much time apart, the first thing that he had done was to defile her world, even showing a dimensional rip that displayed Dialga and Palkia having found the other, and resuming their fight. In her many years of solitude, she had learnt her mistakes, and yet the two were still continuing their idiotic and pointless battle that would end the world.

She wouldn't stand for it.

She could count her alternate form's claws on how many times she had left the Reverse World, and his transgression caused her to react by slashing at the bubbles he was in. He had been traveling the world free as a bird after polluting her world and settling his differences with Palkia as if he hadn't done anything!

When she caught him to claim vengeance, he locked her in her world, but after an exhausting adventure, she had caught up with him again near a lake. Again. He didn't even bother to learn what happened to him the last time he went for a drink in a lake.

She made for a surprise attack, and tried to faint him so that she could spend the next millennia telling him how he had dragged her into a human conflict, ruined her world, instigated her eventual banishment with their thoughtless fight from long ago, and broken her heart to force her to have to be teaching him a lesson.

But one of the nice humans she met had stopped her attack.

Ash… Giratina hadn't spent much time learning human language, but she took care of retaining his name in a special place in her memory.

When her father came down to destroy humanity, she couldn't allow one of the humans that helped her to die, and actually teamed up with Dialga to defend against their father. The two would exchange glances at each other throughout the battle, although he seemed very surprised that she came in when she did. She could feel that forgotten flush of red reaching underneath her golden mask after so much time, and see his eyes glimmer as if he was getting flashes of memories of when they were together. They lost against Arceus, but something… she couldn't tell what, but suddenly she and everything else was healed. She came up to see her father was no longer hateful, and after a few words on his part, they left.

After the battle, in her time to rest, Dialga has called for her. The two talked throughout a week, speaking of his memory returning after "Ash" had altered history and they talked of their many, many years since they had last spoken.

With emotions now in control by Mesprit, she knew that he finally knew that they had been in love, as a red flush on his cheeks indicated.

Although the two merely summarized their rather uneventful millennia since then, the two would meet every other year again, then every year, every half year, month, until they met every week to see the other. Occasionally they would speak with Palkia, but he seemed to enjoy the solitude, so they left him be and would speak with him on the chance he was "around."

Giratina and Dialga still did not understood what time and death meant, as those words had no meaning to them. But the deities did understand that they were together.

Together for as long as his heart beated, and never separating, not even in death.