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Chapter One: Food Fight?

One blisteringly hot Friday afternoon at the end of May found Daniel "Danny" Fenton, Tucker Foley, and Samantha "Sam" Manson lounging in Casper High's cafeteria. The three teens were happily enjoying their lunches, talking and laughing about their summer plans like best friends do.

"Man, how am I gonna get Valerie to notice me?" Tucker asked suddenly, shoving a large bite of cheeseburger in his mouth.

Sam cringed. "I don't know, but definitely not like that,"

Danny laughed as Tucker scowled at her. "Seriously, though." He gasped after he choked the bite down. "What am I gonna do? It's like I'm invisible to her,"

"Watch out, Fen-toe-nail!" A masculine shout drifted over the heads of the other students in the cafeteria. The trio looked up just in time to see a large helping of mashed potatoes soaring toward them. Well, really, toward Danny. He ducked quickly, thanking the ghost gods for his quick reflexes developed from his frequent ghost fighting.

The potatoes smacked right into the back of a very beautiful African-American girl's head. She froze. The entire cafeteria fell silent as Danny sat up slowly, his wide eyes trained on the back of the girl's head.

When she whipped around, Tucker gasped. It was Valerie. Her brown eyes were blazing, and she looked as if she could breathe fire.

"Which one of you freaks threw that at me?" She hissed at the trio.

"Um, wrong table, Val," Sam said. She stood and pointed at Dash, who was quickly wiping the remnants of mashed potatoes off of his fingers while his tablemates laughed. "Try down there,"

Valerie's eyes narrowed as they rested on Dash. Dash smirked at her and waved. "I'll kill him," She whispered under her breath. She turned to her tray and scooped up a handfull of peas. Cocking her fist back, she stood and shouted, "Eat peas, jerk!"

"That's quite enough, Miss Grey," A loud, disciplined voice called. Mr. Lancer appeared out of no where, stepping quickly toward her. "If I were you, I would put those peas down. Now."

Valerie obliged, her cheeks burning an impressively dark red. "Let's see," Mr. Lancer said. "Throwing food in the cafeteria? That calls for...three week's detention." Valerie gaped at him.

"But Mr. Lancer, I can't have detention! I have...things to do after school! Plus there's only three weeks of school left!" She shouted.

"Starting today," Mr. Lancer continued as if he had not heard her.

"That's not fair, Mr. Lancer!" Danny said, standing.

"Yeah, it was Dash who threw food in the first place!" Tucker said, standing as well.

"If anyone deserves detention, it's that brickhead," Sam said lazily, pushing her salad around with her fork.

"You three can join Miss Grey after school today."

They fell silent immediately, the boys quickly sitting back down in their seats. Valerie glowered at Mr. Lancer, shot a scathing glare toward Dash, and stormed out of the cafeteria.

"Great. Just great. I had an ultra-recyclo club meeting today. Now I'm going to be sitting in detention with Lancer and Valerie." Sam growled.

"Maybe it won't be so bad," Danny said. "I mean, at least we'll have each other in there. Right?"

"I don't know what you're talking about, this is awesome!" Tucker said, grinning from ear to ear. Danny and Sam stared at him, glancing at each other. "I get to spend time with Valerie! FINALLY!"

Sam rolled her eyes while Danny laughed.

Three hours later, the bell rang, releasing the rest of their classmates. However, while the mad rush that filled the hallways flooded toward the doors, Danny, Sam, Tucker, and Valerie slowly trudged to the library.

"I still can't believe I'm in trouble for this," Valerie seethed mostly to herself. "I didn't even throw the peas!"

"Good afternoon, children," The librarian said when they arrived. They mumbled their hello's and dropped their books on the empty tables. "You're going to be sorting books today, putting returned books back on shelves."

"I'll be checking in often, making sure you four behave," Lancer said, turning to the exit.

A collective groan passed through the four of them. "You two can start with A through L," the librarian pushed a cart crammed with books toward Valerie and Tucker, "while you two work on M through Z." She pushed an equally crammed cart toward Danny and Sam.

The four split up, each heading toward opposite sides of the library.

"This is ridiculous," Sam whispered. "We didn't even have food in our hands."

"Yeah, well, at least Tucker's getting his chance to make Valerie notice him," Danny whispered back. He shoved a book on the shelf and turned to Sam. "It's not that bad, to me. At least I get to do this with you,"

Sam stared at him, blushing. Danny felt heat rising in his own cheeks. "...and Tucker," he added.

She smiled, biting her lip. God, she's beautiful, Danny thought. Her eyes...unbelievable.

He continued staring at her as she sorted the books on the cart. His eyes roved over her pale face, free from any mark or blemish, before moving on to her long neck. He took in her small shoulders, her slender arms, tiny hands. Her stomach, partially revealed in the tank top she wore, was well-toned. Her legs were long and pale as her face. Holy shit, he thought. She's...she's frickin' perfect. Like a frickin' angel.

"Danny?" Sam whispered. He shook his head, before smiling.

"Sorry, daydreaming,"

"Quit spacing out and help me!"

"Sorry! Jeez, don't kill me!"

"Don't give me any ideas, Fenton,"

He chuckled quietly. She flashed a radiant smile, before shoving three heavy books into his arms.

They continued on like this, sorting and whispering, until they realized that it was already past five.

"My mom and dad are probably freaking out right now," Danny groaned, rubbing his sore back.

"Sucks for you. My parents are out of town. Again." Sam's shoulders slumped, before she shook her head and smiled at him again.

Suddenly, Danny's ghost sense went off. He gasped, rolled his eyes, and whispered "Now? Really?"

"Go, I'll cover for you," Sam whispered. "Hurry up, though! I'm not finishing this by myself!"

Danny flashed into his alter-ego, forced invisibility on himself, and floated up above the bookshelves. He hovered there, glancing around for any signs of a ghost.

"I can't see anyone!" Danny whisper-shouted down to Sam.

"Maybe they're invisible?"

"Yeah, maybe -" Danny cut short, spotting the ghost in question.

Desiree was hovering over the desk, staring rather blankly at the wall. The librarian slumped in her seat, completely unconscious.

"Desiree!" Danny shouted, allowing himself to become visible again. The wishing ghost did not react.

"She does not answer to you, droll," A chilling, but familiar, voice drawled from below him. Danny's head snapped down.

Freak Show was leaning casually against a book shelf, smirking up at him. He had Sam in a head-lock; she was growling and lurching at him, trying to get free.

"Let her go!" Danny shouted.

"Danny?" Tucker's voice called from the other side of the library.

"What's going on?" Valerie called.

"It's time to get freaky!" Freak Show shouted. His maniacle laughter filled the air as he snapped his fingers. Desiree raised her hand out before her.

Tucker and Valerie tumbled around the corner, catching sight of the scene. Valerie screamed in shock, while Tucker shouted, "Sam!"

Sam took advantage of Freak Show's momentary distraction with the new arrivals. She seized his arm and bit down - hard. He howled in pain, retracting his arm from around her neck. She stumbled forward, grabbing on to Tucker before she hit the ground.

"Oh, now you've done it!" Freak Show screamed. "Slave! I wish that these imbiciles experience each of their worst fears, together!"

"So you have wished it..." Desiree murmured.

"Danny!" Jazz's voice rang out from the doorway of the library. She rushed toward the group of teenagers, attempting to fish the Fenton Thermos out from her purse.

"...so shall it be."

There was a bang, a flash of white light, and then dark, empty nothingness.

...and that's the end of that chapter.

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