Stop The Future


To erase someone from history, from their present, can have irreparable damage on their future and past.

Naruto Uzumaki was trying to defy the Laws Of Chakra yet again and write another page in the hundred thousand ways chakra can be used.

Years of training to be strong and thereby survive came to their climax, their paragon with this one technique.

The last technique he had.

Shadow Clone.


Sage Mode.

They were all techniques that he expanded on for bigger, badder techniques – bigger, badder forms. His techniques always centered around the idea "Search And Destroy", "Bash And Crash" and "Finish and Diminish". The chakra he poured in those techniques were a lifetime's but none so like this technique.

This huge technique started as a concept, a thought in his head, something he pondered about when he viewed his birthright – his father's scroll. The techniques his father had, the knowledge the Fourth Hokage put on this scroll – all the required skills for the techniques and all of the exercises done to do so. The Flying Thunder God Technique was always one of the techniques he went over. And that's when the training began.

It had taken a week to do the Rasengan, but a year to truly master it to the end. He could easy make a clone, shape the chakra and there was a Rasengan, but he couldn't ever just make a simple one-handed Rasengan without them. His massive chakra could be control and tamed ever so much. And with the natural synch of his original chakra and the Nine-Tails Chakra made controlling the huge amount of godly chakra tumbling in his body next to impossible.

But he knew anything was possible.

And so, he waited, months on perfecting his chakra – and with his clones' help – in order to control it enough for the Rasengan. The clones may did exercises everyday for five months, but he was told his chakra control was still "decent", not "good".

It was a wonder sometimes how much time he had while the world went to disaster. Almost endless time, while he ran from their eyes. From town, to town, to eventually a remote island far from the eyes of the Elemental Countries. He had to even run from his last ally, all to not hear the Uchihas kill him.

Kakashi Hatake and the rest of them stayed in his heads All because of the last two Uchihas.

Which is why every day for the last five years he trained and trained until he became completely strong. Completely strong. And be stronger in areas that he could cover.

Genjutsu he would never be great in, for it took even better chakra control and higher intelligent levels then he already had. It would make him even stronger to be able to use it, but without Kakashi, he couldn't even try to learn.

Medic Ninjutsu he had dabble some in, especially since his chakra control was no longer crude anymore but he had no prowess like the late Sakura Haruno had.

Those two had been his weaknesses and he could probably only fix one later one.

But for now, he worked crazily on chakra control. Two clones might have worked on the occasional wind-oriented technique, here and there with the scrolls he had at hand. Five other clones worked on taijutsu good as well but nothing like how he was with chakra control.

Twelve clones climbed trees in the morning, and himself too. Twelve clones walked up and down the local waterfall in the afternoon, and himself too. Twelve clones balanced a single leaf on their heads in the night, and himself too. Naruto Uzumaki was no joke.

But he still believed it meant nothing to defeat his current problems – Madara Uchiha could bend reality to his will, had the world under flames and Sasuke Uchiha was his right-handed man. Naruto Uzumaki knew he couldn't beat both of them like this. Not like this.

So he started working on The Flying Thunder God Technique after he finished a year-and-a-half's amount of training to do a simple one-handed Rasengan, a Wind Release version and making and throwing a Rasenshuriken when he was in his normal form. His father's legendary move was the thing that made this five years.

The technique demanded his "good" to be "excellent". So he forced more clones to do chakra control exercises.

But when two more years passed, he grinned to his success – Yondaime Hokage Minato Namikaze's most greatest technique did not die with him. There were now two yellow flashes in history.

Naruto Uzumaki could flash from one part of the island, to another in mini-seconds. Naruto's speed that was already excellent already, jumped to newer heights.

It's funny how everybody who he loved had to die for him to become the strongest ninja of his generation now.

But he knew if he went against the Uchiha Armada, he would die as he stood.

So he decided that one more year would be dedicated to such.

And this is what law he was breaking in the usages of chakra, and rewrote a new one.

As the Sage Of The Six Paths wrote.

As Madara Uchiha wrote.

As Minato Namikaze wrote.

As Naruto Uzumaki now written down.

Naruto Uzumaki was official the first ninja to use Space-Time Ninjutsu to the extreme. Five hundred hand-seals, one shit-load of chakra (he joked) and a greater glimmer of hope in him, Naruto's last words in this world was the following.


And the Yellow Flash's son was no more.


A/N: This might lead to a newer experimental story, to which is the classic "Naruto-returns-to-when-he-was-a-kid" story "to fix all his past mistakes".

Past mistakes include:

-Letting Sasuke Uchiha get away to Orochimaru.

-Letting Sasuke Uchiha live when he could have killed him.

-Letting Madara Uchiha capture most of the Tailed Beasts.

-The Alliance Of All Five Main Villages being defeated by Madara Uchiha and his army.

-Seeing all of his friends die by the hands of the Last Uchiha.

Techniques Naruto currently wields

-He can make a Rasenshuriken and throw it without making a clone, though less powerful without Sage Mode activated. And this will not be automatic when he returns back to the past.

-He can do a Rasengan one-handedly, can do the Wind Release: Rasengan one-handedly without any usage of clones. And this will not be automatic when he returns back to the past.

-Possibly variations of the currently Rasengan/Rasenshuriken techniques.

-The obvious Academy Techniques

-Body Flicker Technique

-Weaker Wind Release techniques as his wind affinity will stay the same.

-A medic-jutsu here or two. When he gets his chakra control to "good".

-The "Jikukan Ninjutsu: Hiraishin Senko" or "Space-Time Ninjutsu: Flying Thunder God Flash" technique (but it will probably never be used again as it holds no longer of an usage).

-The ability to use Hiraishin.

-Some ability in Fuinjutsu.

-Some ability in Space-Time Ninjutsu other than the Hiraishin.

Edit: No more power charts!