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Now I could blame it on how lately I'm totally dissatisfied with how the manga of Naruto is going these days but that would only be a half-truth. In short, I've been lazy and very uninspired. Out of ideas, tired from most of my days at my summer job too but I have done it! Finally there is a newer chapter.

Segue moment! So you know how I just wrote above how I've been dissatisfied with the manga so far? It's been even worse than that. I despise the current Obito/"Tobi" plot twist that Kishimoto has made. People I know has been saying how it was "obvious" that Tobi was Obito and why? Because of how "similar" their names are. Really? I'd hate it if that was painfully the reason Kishimoto did that or he just was as burned out as I was or what. *-shrugs-* Seriously I just don't like it. It wasn't "obvious" at all. Tobi and Obito almost have not even the same moveset as each other, Tobi looked like a grown man attacking Yondaime, and where did his newer techniques come in such of a short period of time. Wasn't the Kyuubi attack months after the Third Shinobi Great War? Just doesn't make sense to me.

And how lame of a way to turn a super-villain? Obito became Mr. I-Want-The-World-To-Be-Under-My-Control because of... Of Rin?! He was that jealous of Kakashi? I just think it's a very silly way to go about it. Pein became bad because of the wrongdoings of Konoha during the second great war, Itachi because of... well Konoha and Tobi actually, Orochimaru because he was just a very power hungry individual. What can he say when he gets killed and go to the big bad villain hell with everyone there? He turned bad because of a girl? What happened to friendship for life, the good and cool Obito? Now he's this shell of a man that claims himself first as Madara and now as Kakashi's deceased friend? If you ask me, he's just playing mind games or truly a crazy fool who doesn't know himself. I still waiting on them saying Obito had a long lost brother who was pissed on what they did to his brother and decided to go bad shit insane.

But I leave that to you guys; you be the judges. If you were down with the whole plot twist and was happy when the secret came out, then more power to you. As for me and others who hated it, I understand your pain.

...Also if you ask me, Kishimoto did somewhat of a bad job actually "explaining" the connection between them anyway but yeah, enough of this.


With Orochimaru And Kabuto Yakushi

"Isn't this interesting? It seems the element of surprise is no longer in our grasps." An ominous sound came out from the man, Orochimaru, in a dim room. The room's poor lighting fit his master's mood, Kabuto Yakushi noted, as he stood behind the man's chair and waited for his next words. "Ku ku ku. It seems we might have to go louder than we thought before."

"To go loud now, master? Orochimaru-sama, are we going to invade the village before the exams?" Kabuto looked over at his master, hoping the man wasn't exactly planning that move. If he was, it would surely be the end of the small run of Otogakure. While Sunagakure was surely a strong pawn, a pawn had no power without a leader, and Orochimaru was now playing "Kage" for both villages. Plus, he couldn't trust much of their forces anyway. If it had been so easy to ambush the former Fourth Kazekage and his entourage so easily before and leave their bodies to rot in the desert without even any suspicion from none of Sunagakure's main key players, maybe they shouldn't had relied on them in the first place.

However, Kabuto digressed and knew it wasn't in his place to even make the call. It was his master's call and he knew in the end the man's intelligence was greater than his stubbornness.

"No, my little Kabuto. We aren't going to invade the village yet." Orochimaru shook his head to make his point come across again, and Kabuto muffled a great sigh of relief. The man however spat in a hiss. "No, it is too troublesome to attack yet. I still need about a week to prepare our forces. We're going to still need to invade in the exams and I fear that Sunagakure's forces won't be enough."

"Are we shipping out your elite guard force, my lord?" Kabuto asked him.

"Of course," The man scoffed, as if he was asked a dumb question. Kabuto almost fell back to a subservient stand. Orochimaru spoke again with, "But they are only to allow me to get closer to my old beloved sensei. To win this war, I'll need the rest of my forces. Not all of my best men, but the heavy hitters. Is Kimimaro's status better than before or is he still bedridden?"

Now Kabuto felt he was asked a dumb question. The detached, but excessively loyal – almost to the point of insanity, Kabuto thought with somewhat of a distaste – Kaguya was bedridden ever since his last venture with the newly named Sound Four. Taking out the Kazekage seemed to be the most the teen could take, as he himself had fell out after the very short battle took place. The disease – one Kabuto has almost never seen before – ate at the boy's body rapidly, as even speaking for long, had the boy spitting up blood. Kabuto could do only so much, as an adept medic could do but he still was nothing like Tsunade, who Orochimaru has wanted on their side more than once before. It seemed to be his status as the Sound Four's elite team leader was completely destroyed, with the twins now being the leader.

However it didn't matter whether or not Kabuto lied and said Kimimaro was all better after his three weeks of daily treatments from medics like Kabuto and the rest back home and that his illness disappeared forever. His master had that glint in his eye again, that stubbornness that rivaled his two former teammates, the one that he still had from his estranged sensei, Hiruzen Sarutobi. Once he set his mind on it, he would try until he had it, just like with Sasuke Uchiha, just like the strive to become immortal, and just like this newer resolve to get Kimimaro to help out again, so his answer didn't matter, but he still put it forth.

"My lord, Kimimaro-kun can barely walk as it is but you know of his great loyalty to us..." Kabuto almost sighed right there, while rubbing his temples. "Great loyalty" was an understatement. Kimimaro worshiped the ground Orochimaru walked on. Kabuto was a big fan himself but not enough to go down to his knees and kiss the man's toes. He did have his own respect. "If he needs to be on standby, I'll fix up a tonic to get him moving again."

"Good. I need him at least to slaughter a good amount of Konohagakure's forces." Orochimaru grinned heavily. The man got his way again, while Kimimaro was sure to be slated a honorable death should it come to it. Kabuto wasn't one to go like that anyway, and neither was his master. "I still might need my other secret weapons back at home, should things go awry. Sad however. Guren and her team would also have come in handy..." Orochimaru pondered for a bit, leaving Kabuto to his thoughts again.

The more he thought this out, the more he knew this war was not in their favor. They barely had Gaara – barely, mind you – in their palms to control, as he thrashed around it in ever so much. He was devoid of any control for himself, much less having control to not kill his own allies. It was obvious the jinchurriki thought nothing of his village and his supposed allies, so he knew without a doubt that Gaara would be more of a liability than an asset. However, Orochimaru-sama didn't think so, and Kabuto couldn't do much else to control the situation now than he could before, so he stayed quiet whenever Gaara was brought up. All he knew his master was counting on was Gaara's infamous demonic transformation and somehow hoping it would stomp out half the village, thought it was probably hoped to be more literal that figuratively.

So what else did that leave them to? The Sound Four and their former leader? Kimimaro was barely ready for battle and Kabuto was even sure he could handle the Sound Four, with the most trouble at best and he was nearly in Kakashi Hatake's level in power, as Orochimaru proclaimed before. This left Kabuto with the empty feeling of not getting to see Konohagakure burn. All he had now was hope.

And hope has always failed him before.

"So what about this newer development we found out now, my master?" Kabuto nearly swallowed a big glob of saliva as Orochimaru's baleful glare gave out to him in the darkness of the room.

"You mean the Baki Incident?" Orochimaru had dubbed a night before that name, already showing his great disgust for Baki's failure. "Oh yes, the little ninja who thinks ruining my plans are beneficial to the village he comes from. Now that I think about it, I suppose it does not matter anymore. Baki failed, yes, but I see why we're still in the game."

"Why, my lord?"

"Do you see any guards around the village more than before?" Kabuto thought about the answer and shook his head 'no'. "Any ANBU on higher levels on patrol? Any doors being kicked down in the night looking for us?"

"None, my lord. My spies haven't even picked that up at all." Kabuto still had a small frown on his face however. He tried his hardest to actually fantom the reason why Orochimaru-sama thought they were still in the clear.

But his lord was near to smiling a big smile. When he could not hold it in anymore, he laughed loudly. "Ku ku ku! Of course not! Konoha doesn't want to show that they know of our plan to invade them, no matter how obvious it is. Or maybe just Sarutobi-sensei and that buffoon, Jiraiya. Their forces, their own forces might not even know! If so, everyone would be tense and the bustle around that accursed village would seem like the bustle around it in war time." Orochimaru jumped up in the chair, in an excitable huff that belonged to a child. "Don't you see, my young Kabuto? Yes, we still have the element, my boy."

"I realize that now, my lord." Kabuto nodded. His face hardened and his black eyes turned into almost deadly slits. "So, should I kick down some doors myself? Find this, this 'ninja', and neutralize him?" Kabuto suggested to his master, brandishing a kunai to make his point come across.

"Why Kabuto! Such fire you have now!" Orochimaru threw his head back in great laughter, shaking the rocking chair up even more than before. Despite amusing him greatly, Kabuto could tell his master was pleased with his readiness and Kabuto did not let go of his kunai. "That won't be needed. We would be making even more unnecessary noise. They already knew I was coming before, they just didn't know when. Seeing how they aren't stomping down the streets now, I know they don't want every ninja knowing either." He knew that was code for he didn't want anybody knowing he was here in the village now and that they should keep their fingers clean from blood before they got the actual chance to spill it.

So Kabuto put away his kunai and banished the thought of killing a stupid kid who was playing ninja and thought back to their constructed but complex plan. So this was it? The plan was to simply allow Gaara to be the fire-starter, and then help him keep the flames burning until nothing was left of Konogakure. It was simply, gutsy... and highly dangerous. However, they were ninjas. They all felt the feeling of taking away a life, and one day feel the cessation of life itself, whether outside or during battle. Kabuto, as a newly 19-year old, wished nothing more but continue his already terrible life. Kabuto however nodded again and resolved that Gaara was the only... "hope" that this plan was going to take off without many hitches for it to fail faster than it took to make it.

Still he thought, with strange amusement, back to that ninja who screwed up Orochimaru-sama's former plan to show Sasuke the power of the Cursed Seal... And he knew of Orochimaru's great anger towards the boy parading around as a former ANBU acolyte. It must have been something else, as the boy manage to subdue his lord long enough to get the team to run, and escape with his life. He even succeeded to wound his master, with several spots of cellular damage on the man's borrowed body. And although the man played it off as if he wasn't in the slightest hurt in any way, wind damage was wind damage.

Wind damage – the most baneful part of any medic's job to heal their patient. Wind damage caused higher cellular decay beyond any of the five elements' grasp of damage and was very tricky to repair sometimes depending on the damage. If it was Kabuto's guess, Orochimaru-sama had been hit with a C-to-B-rank attack – which seemed to impress Kabuto more than before. If he gotten hit by a stronger technique, he would be sure that Orochimaru's currently rotting body would give away easily. It shown degenerative signs before and it even seemed like the wind release technique could have even sped up a little bit of the process. This was one of the main reasons why they were there to turn Sasuke Uchiha.

Speaking of which, he had to admit something about the subject of Sasuke and this other ninja. While they failed to see how Sasuke-kun's true potential was like, Kabuto knew they were also seeing the potential of another ninja, though his lord wouldn't like to admit it. The boy was exactly what the man hated: someone who could openly oppose him, perhaps even scare him.

If the boy was truly trying to just play ninja, he had exceptional toys to play with and if Baki's ashamed report had anything to say about it, the boy was troublesome as well. If it was his call, he would even try to recruit the gutsy play-ninja to their cause if he wasn't truly playing around, but it wasn't his call. In fact, Orochimaru just wanted the boy gone.


Kabuto knew that was coming, but only in due time. "We will be ready, my lord."

"Good. See to it that it happens. I want that village to be burned down to a crisp." Orochimaru's devilish smirk rose again. "Soon the Leaf will burn, and I will have Sasuke-kun's eyes!"

Kabuto nodded again, and fixed his glasses over the bridge of his nose as they shined in the dim room's darkness. "It will be done, my lord." There had work to be done, and the sooner they returned home to prepare for it, the more possible the outcome would be more in their favor.

Stop The Future

Chapter 22, Chunnin Exams Rumble! Part 1

With Jiraiya and Naruto Uzumaki

As he thought it was gonna happened before, Jiraiya chewed him out. He chewed him out, spit him out and stomped him out with some harsh ass sparring for the last few hours. He had him at 4 AM, the earliest the man ever came around, and they have been fighting for hours now. "No clones, no nothing to help you out either", Jiraiya roared at him. Jiraiya was pulling a complete Tsunade in this – punching at him because Naruto pissed him off. The blond haired boy jumped back again from Jiraiya's open palm strike and tried his best to snap in a punch in the man's strong shoulders but the old bastard had none of that. He applied more pressure to Naruto, looking like to completely use his Frog Kata on him, instead of that different blend of styles he used before on him. This meant Jiraiya was completely not holding back. If he wasn't sure Kyuubi's "gift" had him covered, Naruto would be definitely be worried that Jiraiya was going to kill him.

Naruto again watched out for the right hook, and gave Jiraiya his best in the spinning left hook he gave him. Jiraiya pushed the fist away, and kicked Naruto harshly in the stomach. This sent the boy quickly flying back in the air, far away from the legendary ninja. Naruto was sure glad too, as it got him to think of what to fight Jiraiya with.

Naruto realized he wouldn't have much time to think of strategies as Jiraiya came forth flying in with a Rasengan, ready to plow his head in. Naruto would have no time to gather chakra into his palm and counter with his own Rasengan, and so, he used the Substitution Technique and hightailed it out of there. The log, the thing he substituted himself with, was obliterated when it came in contact with the Rasengan – as did all things that came in contact with it. Wooden remains of the log dropped to the ground uselessly and Jiraiya slowly rose up, only to disappear yet again and reappear behind Naruto's blindside.

Naruto quickly crumpled around Jiraiya's fist and chocked a little from the great pain as he struck his stomach yet again and had him flying to a tree. He didn't send him cleanly through the tree like Tsunade-baachan would have, but halfway through, and it fucking hurt like a bitch. It hurt probably more than just going through a tree cleanly and fall through the other side to your back. Still better sending him through a tree face first though. He remembered when Sakura did that once to him, and it hurt even more than a bitch. Stupid Tsunade-training, but he digressed.

He huffed a little, annoyed at what Jiraiya was doing to him. This was plain brutal. The man might have been a pervert and a lazy-ass when it came to some things, but when he was pissed, he was no joke – not at all.

Naruto decided he was gonna move in and attack first, despite Jiraiya being more dangerous when pissed. Naruto quickly made the necessary hand-seals for the Wind Release: Vacuum Bullet technique. As soon as it came to life, and he yelled its name out, it traveled fast to Jiraiya. Surprisingly, Jiraiya stood in place, rock solid, as if he waited for the attack to come to do something at the last moment.

Then Jiraiya did something most curious and very frightening. Doing the dragon hand seal, and then dog and finally bird, Jiraiya called out a technique he didn't know anything about. "Rimenjutsu: Kagami Seken (Reverse Technique: Mirror World)!" And everything went to hell.

His wind release technique, in which he did it at a such a short range, billowed back to him with even more force than before. The concussive and cutting winds became stronger as they stayed in the air, and hit harder and harder. They plunged to his abdomen with great velocity and the technique finally died as he fell back. The winds had carved deep cuts to his jacket, and more through his paper-thin shirt. The most he got hit with had left a big cut in his abdomen, but nothing that was life-threatening – to battle-hardened vets like Jiraiya or lucky ones like himself.

Thanks to Kyuubi's "gift", the cut was gone, and so was most of the pain. He gracefully recovered himself, stood up, dusted himself off and asked Jiraiya politely one question, "What in the blue hell was that?"

Jiraiya looked at him, with a face that was mixed between laughing mockingly at his dazed expression and smacking that said expression off with his fist. "One of my secret technique. The technique I was tempted to teach you too, but not anymore."

"What...?" Naruto truly felt like the dumb kid from before.

Jiraiya sighed exasperatedly and said back, "It's a barrier that reflects, absorbs and deflects the attack and since your attack gets stronger with the more its in the air, its deadliness became even more when my defense came in touch with it."

Naruto finally seemed to get it now and sighed, in an annoyed huff. "Geez, so much for a normal sparring match. You're terribly pissed at me for last night, weren't you?"

"I shouldn't be, boy?" Jiraiya frowned largely. "That stunt you pulled yesterday night was dangerous and stupid."

Naruto knew the talk was gonna come up, one way or another. It was no avoiding it. Whether he got it from Kurenai-sensei or from Sarutobi-jiji, it was gonna come from somewhere.

So Naruto gracefully answered back Jiraiya.

"It had to be done," Naruto said with finality.

"Really? I didn't know you call the shots," Jiraiya mocked him this time with a fake expression of realization. "Cut that shit out of here, kid. You're acting way out of your place."

"'Your place?'" Naruto parroted in an angry fit. "I found Orochimaru, I survived him, I helped you guys get this close and you say this isn't my place?!" Naruto almost felt like roaring at Jiraiya. "I even helped save a fellow ninja from getting beheaded by two people who are at the center of this madness!"

"You could have also potentially been the reason he's in the hospital now!" Jiraiya yelled back to him. "If it wasn't for you, he wouldn't have to worry about protecting you, he would have just dodged the attack! He grabbed you, threw you out of harm's way and got himself hurt badly in the process!"

Naruto shook his head rapidly. "Bull. First, it was my damn clone who was there, not myself-"

"But you think he knew that, Naruto?" Jiraiya glared at him. "To him, you were just a kid way over his head and got in his way. Why did you step in the battle that wasn't yours?" Jiraiya launched an attack at him. Naruto did his best to grab the punch and jump back after planting his feet in the man's chest.

Naruto spoke once more again. "I told you – it had to be done and it was the right thing to do."

Jiraiya roared, "Idiot!" He smashed the head in of the clone Naruto quickly made take his place. He didn't bother trying to find the real Naruto, at least, that's what it seemed to Naruto anyway. Instead he opted to scream to the trees. "You still didn't need to step in at all! It wasn't your battle, it wasn't your fight and it sure as hell wasn't your call!" He then did find the real Naruto, much to Naruto's chagrin, and body-slammed him out of the tree he hid in.

With the impact of the throw, some of Naruto's tools – kunai, shuriken and some of his seals – fell to the ground, all scattered around.

Naruto noticed a lone kunai that laid limp on the ground, and went to crawl to it, but Jiraiya picked him up by the collar of his jacket roughly – damn his small stature. He then looked at the boy with a glare as he held him near his face. "You don't go about your business and do whatever we said you couldn't do. You disrespected your sensei, your leader, and more importantly, you disrespected me."

"Is that it, Jiraiya?" Naruto coldly asked out, not caring at all that he was hanging from Jiraiya's hand. He had enough of this crap, and he was going to set his master straight. "You're mad at me because I didn't follow your orders? I'm a damn adult. Not when you guys want me to be, or anything like that. I am a full fucking adult. And more than that, I'm a helluva of an opportunist. If I can help out any way I can, I will. It wasn't like I was doing this for myself, it was for the village. Maybe you guys – or more importantly, you – forgot I'm an adult because of my short stature or the fact that I'm a genin, but I'm an adult." Naruto then yelped as Jiraiya quickly slammed an open palm strike into his chest and threw him to the ground.

Jiraiya growled out, glaring heavily at him. "You little arrogant little brat. Who in the hell do you think you are? You think you're an adult? You're nothing but a sniveling, disrespecting twat who can't even follow instructions from their commanding officer! How do you think you can even get promoted with that damn attitude? Huh? What do you think these exams are for?!" He grabbed him by the collar, yelling at his face again. "The chunnin exams are for genin are ready to become leaders. Chunnin are leaders of genin, genin are the followers. Genin don't make decisions at all that will affect their team or whatever they were doing. Those roles are for those who are chunin, jounin and higher! Right now, you can't even show me that you can be a damn leader."

"That's not your call though." Naruto grinned a silly grin at him. He grimaced when he was slapped in his face though.

Jiraiya seemed to be hitting his boiling point or already at it. "You got a lot of nerve of telling me what's my call! I'm a damn sannin, I've been through more wars and shitted bigger shits than you, boy!"

"But you sure as hell aren't acting like that though." Naruto growled. "As a leader, you're gonna have to make decisions that get a few people killed to save a whole town, I get that, but that man was going to die if I didn't step in and I could have, so I did."

"But why you? It wasn't your call – you aren't Hayate's leader!" Jiraiya yelled back at him. "What don't you get about that, you fool?! Why did you fucking step in?"

"Those... who abandoned their leader's rules are scum, but those who abandon their teammates are worse than scum." Jiraiya seemed to finally get what he was saying as his eyes widened. "Do you know who said that? It was from Kakashi Hatake, who got it from Obito Uchiha, the very same man who gave him his Sharingan. Obito and Kakashi's father, Sakumo Hatake, who died in disgrace, knew what this phrase meant. If you don't follow rules or complete the mission your leader gave you, you were scum, but if you don't help your teammates out when they are in trouble, you are worse than scum. Nobody seems to understand this. I knew, somewhere in me, felt Hayate-san would be in trouble if no one decided to help him. And so I went to help out."

Jiraiya seemed to stop completely with arguing with him. However, the dumbfounded facial expression he had was replaced by a look of anger. "Don't talk to me like I don't know that quote at all." Jiraiya looked over at Naruto with a lingering glare, until he sighed reluctantly. "While I understand how and why you felt like that – I do – know this: duty comes before anything else, especially if it endangers the entire village. You could have tipped them off, get them to figure out our plan-"

"Whether Hayate lived or not, I knew it wasn't about that. If I could help anyway, I will. Even if I must put myself in danger, I'll help my allies. Besides," Naruto looked back at the older man, "They already know. They figured Hayate was the old man's spy. And if they didn't know then, now they do. You don't see the village burning now, right?" Jiraiya stayed quiet and let Naruto continued. "It's because they aren't planning to yet. They would be outnumbered and we would be all ready. They need the surprise."

"And you figured this out when?" Jiraiya raised an eyebrow.

"Look around you! If they were going to attack, we would already be up in arms now and we wouldn't be arguing like this." Naruto resisted the urge to smack his face. "I know I messed up – really, because you've been telling me this all day – but it had to be done. I was not going to let any of the Sound or the Sand get an upper hand in this war. We have to win and stop them."

Jiraiya looked over him again and found a rebuttal. "You sound like you've been through wars, kid. You sure you aren't some type of spy?" Naruto's flabbergasted and almost enraged look was all Jiraiya needed to laugh a little out loud. "Ahahaha! You shoulda seen the look on your face, kid! Hahaha, priceless... ahhhh..." Jiraiya however cleared his throat after a while and nodded at the boy. "I understand you now, but know this again: if I say don't do it, don't do it. I been fighting ever since I was 6, kid. 6. I don't know how old you were when you graduated and I don't know how far you came from being a dead-last to this apparent super-smart kid whose telling a legendary ninja what's right and what's wrong, but when I say it, I'm telling you for your own safety. I been down the same route you are now, and I gotta tell you, it's not worth losing your life over something you felt was just too wrong to sit down and rest for the night."

Naruto stared at him for almost a minute, before nodding slowly at the older man. "I understand too."

"What you did was dangerous... and it worried people," Jiraiya said softly to him, putting his hand on Naruto's shoulder.

Naruto finally winced and looked down on the ground. "I know." He knew it was not only Kurenai and old man Sarutobi that he had worried...

"You're gonna have to make it up to them one day but today's not the day," Jiraiya sighed, rubbing his fingers through his head. "No, today's the day you gotta go to the hospital and visit the ninja you saved."

Naruto raised an eyebrow. "Not that I'm complaining, but at who's request?"

"There you go asking who gave the orders again..." Jiraiya shook his head. "Me and Sarutobi-sensei call the shots around here... Not to mention the person you saved, wants to see you."

Now Naruto was completely confused. Hayate wanted to see him? For what? They barely knew each other! Actually, they didn't know each other at all. All he did see was Arashi and he was technically his savior. So did he know it was him? "Does he know-?"

"Yeah he does. You didn't think we were going to pull our punches, did we?" Naruto's eyes bugged out. Jiraiya laughed again. "Your expressions are just too hilarious, kid! Cool with putting your life on the line for the village but gets a little flustered when someone you saved wants to see you in the hospital to probably thank you. Hahaha."

Naruto frowned a little. "I didn't think you was going to even tell him that I saved him. I didn't really want anyone knowing."

Jiraiya chuckled a little. "At first he didn't even believe me, but I told him that did he remember you using wind-release techniques against Baki and he remembered your Fuuton: Shippuya technique the most, and I told him that you know that technique. If that didn't help, I also explained your advanced seal clone and your unique transformation. What I didn't know was that you could also use a sword, even relatively okay with it, huh, kid?"

"I told our enemy, Baki, 'I don't do much swordplay but I like to think I can swing a little'." Naruto told his teacher.

Jiraiya snorted in amusement. "Figures you'll say something lame like that."


Jiraiya almost laughed again. "Well, regardless, he's very impressed with you – damn right almost worships your name now – and the man wants to see you in the hospital. Can't you except that?"

Naruto looked away for a minute before sighing. "Yeah, okay. I can."

"Great then, so shut up about it."

Naruto frowned, "So I'm guessing we're gonna go visit him now, right?"

"What makes you say that? Visiting hours don't start until 11am anyway."

"Huh?" Naruto checked the lighting in the sky and frown when he found the sun had been up for a little, not even for an hour. "It looks like it's 6 or 7. What are we going to do in the next 4-5 hours?"

"Why, continue our fight now!" Jiraiya smirked at him.

"Wait, you didn't say-" Naruto's thoughts were never finished as he was thrown at a three.

When he hit the hard tree's bark – face first at that – he knew never to let his guard down on an older, more experienced ninja again like Jiraiya, the Toad Sage, again. "Fuckin' ol' man..." Naruto mumbled in pain in the tree's rough bark. If he gotten splitters in his ass, he would make sure Jiraiya eat a Rasenshuriken, secret coming out be damned!

Jiraiya wasn't the only one who chewed him out and spit on him when they saw him today. Kurenai-sensei did so, and Jiraiya made sure he stopped their training early just so he could get a tongue-lashing from Kurenai-sensei. It wasn't as sexy as it was made out to be sounded as...

That triple-layered genjutsu that Jiraiya feared before yesterday? Naruto gotten the actual warning if he ever did something something stupid like that again. He couldn't actually promise her that, but since he didn't want his ass slapped with a genjutsu today, especially so damn early in the day, he shook his head incredibly fast, agreeing with her until she smiled at him and rubbed his head and congratulated him on saving an opponent. He also got a kiss on his cheek for it, much to his joy at Jiraiya's expression. It was obvious that the perverse old man didn't skip out on Kurenai's beauty at all and was immensely envious about how he gotten a kiss on his cheek, especially for something he just gotten threatened about never doing again. He was tempted to rub it in his face but he thought against it.

The rest of Naruto's day was a little more smoother after that. Kurenai-sensei was asked to join them but she unfortunately – unfortunate for Jiraiya – declined and said she was off to train a newer surprising member of her trainees.

Ino Yamanaka appeared out of thin air that moment, ready for training practice and it took a minute for Naruto to confirm why she was here to be trained by Kurenai. He remembered his raven-haired teacher agreed about a month ago to help Ino get better for the Chunnin Exams, and now it seemed that she was here to help the blond training even on normally off-training days like Saturday, which was today. Ino looked prepared to train too – Naruto could clearly see kunai and needles on her person. He could also take a guess that the things in her other packs were other things that belong to other medics. Naruto didn't much pry at all, the most he gave Ino was a smile, a thumbs up, and left Kurenai and Ino to their devices.

The walk to the hospital – because Jiraiya told Naruto to not waste his chakra on Body Flicker-ing to the hospital, despite both of them having well enough chakra to do so hundreds of times in the hour – wasn't as awkward as he would think it would be. Him and Jiraiya talked – or argued really – like they were doing before all this happened. Like a perverse uncle and his brat of a nephew would do. It was alright. Getting inside the hospital was good too. Much more busy than the last time he came here in the evening for Hinata. Also, that nice receptionist was on the shift again. He really had to get her name.

Jiraiya walked him to the room Hayate stayed in, apparently already being here before. In that little time, Hayate probably was visited by the old man and Ero-sennin. When he came near, he clearly heard the voices inside the room. They belonged to Sarutobi-jiji, and Hayate Gekkou. The one voice he did not recognize or even remember was one belonging to a female.

"How are you doing, Hayate-kun?" The old man had started, as if he had just gotten here.

"Better than I was-", the man took the small pause to cough violently and after it, returned to his words. "-When I gotten here last night, Hokage-sama."

"No doubt there is still pain, my boy." Sarutobi-jiji sounded like he was frowning with the way he said those words. "'Tis a grim sight seeing you like this once again, Hayate-kun."

"Ah, no problem, my lord." The man said with such weak confidence, Naruto almost busted in wincing at them all. However, Jiraiya had a firm grip on his shoulder stopping him from moving at all until it was appropriate to move. "This wasn't as painful as it was before – and less filled with gore, I bet. Heh, I bet I been such a hassle last time-" Another violent cough rocked inside the chest of the very ill man.

"Stop talking so much, Hayate. Save your strength." The only female in the room said to the bedridden man.

"It's okay, Yugao. It's not like I'm going to die from talking now." The man said slowly to his female accomplice. Naruto could have swore he remembered the woman now, but he would be lying. Yugao... it sounded familiar but if he didn't remember her, she didn't play a big part in his life. Regardless, Hayate struggled once again to talk, as he coughed out his next words. "I'll live another day. Nothing like a little pain is going to stop that."

"You are to be commended by your bravery, Hayate-kun. Yes, you will live to see another day, as most of the damage from the wind release technique was repaired. Only now you need is rest, and rest from the battlefield. No more stress yourself out." Naruto could practically feel the old man's beaming smile at the man. It's something he imagined his Hokage would do.

"Yes, Hokage-sama." Hayate nodded adamantly at Sarutobi. And it would be a good rest; the more experienced ninjas couldn't wait for words like that to fly out of their leader's mouths. Naruto figured however, he never could himself rest no matter how much he wanted to – at least not for a while.

"For now, my son, how about I bring in the person who saved your life?" Sarutobi said and that was their cue to walk in after hearing such.

Jiraiya had his hand firmly on Naruto's developing shoulder – developed with both growing muscle and tension. Naruto felt stiff as he walked in the room like a dead man. And everyone's eyes were on him. Hayate, the old man and the girl Hayate knew.

"Hayate Gekkou and Yugao Uzuki, this is Naruto Uzumaki. The boy who saved Hayate." Hiruzen said with pride brimming in his voice.

Hayate looked surprised generally, not even guessing that it was some kid back in the Chunnin Exams that he policed a round at. However, he settled for a general neutral line, seemingly not knowing what to say. Naruto knew the man was grateful, but he was also probably downed by shock and disbelief. Sarutobi gave him a warm and encourage smile, which just made him feel even more awkward with. However, their reactions wasn't even like the woman who sat near Hayate's bedside.

Yugao was the most surprised and shocked out of all of them. He didn't know her and she didn't know him, but she knew of his reputation in the village, both as a troublesome prankster kid who even the ANBU had trouble catching and the wide-known fact that every adult knew in the village that he was the Kyuubi's jailer. Although her look wasn't of hatred and ignorance or anything like a villager or some ninjas had when came to looking after him, her eyes practically scanned him calmly, almost coldly. It was as if she was trying to find out how could a supposed "fresh out of the academy" genin go and save a competent jounin from his fate from an enemy who was also a very competent jounin as well.

"H-How?" Hayate spoke up, breaking the large silence between everyone.

"How what...?" Naruto awkwardly spoke up back to him.

"How did you save me? Why did you come for me? You didn't even seem like genin after you pulled off those moves against Baki..." Hayate said to the boy in front of the bed. "And you... you didn't look like the kid I fought with either."

"That's because I had a good disguise," Naruto replied to the man, a grimace coming to his face. Quickly pulling out a tag that already had the kanji for "blood" on it, he made the technique-specific hand seal for it, and with it, the Blood Seal Clone Technique was done in from of Hayate. "I know it doesn't like him at all, and even a stranger way to call out a clone, but I even created a technique after this to disguise him." Another paper seal, having the kanji for "sustain" on it, came out the pocket of Naruto, and he quickly held it to the blood clone's chest, and pumped out a small amount of chakra into the seal. The paper burned into the clone's chest and then a transformation came forth.

Frankly to be speaking, Hayate dropped his jaw as he almost jumped up as fast as he dropped his jaw. Two boys stood in front of him, and with the help of the original Naruto, turned quickly into the boy he saw yesterday night. Arashi stood there, in everything Hayate seen him in, looking at him with a small frown. Hayate started stuttered hard at him, "N-No way! Then it has to be yo-you! No one else knew ho-how and wha-what that boy looked like but me and Baki that night! You really were there!"

Yugao had gotten over her shock first and almost shouted, "That's- That's the work of fuinjutsu! The s-seal, the kan-kanji! The sacrifice of chakra into the paper seal and everything is too organized for anything else! Why that's-"

"Almost unheard of from a child, eh?" Sarutobi tried to help the stuttering woman. "Yes, Naruto-kun is... a special case. A case that even is a small indicator that he does live up to the legacy of his people."

"U-Uzumaki! That's your last name, right? Naruto U-Uzumaki?!" Yugao almost yelled again in the hospital in disbelief.

Naruto solemnly nodded slowly at the woman. "Yeah... I'm adept in fuinjutsu like my ancestors."

Jiraiya coughed up his first words in the conversation, grinning mockingly a little at the boy. "Well, I wouldn't call you 'adept', but you're alright for a beginner."

Naruto held back his glare. However, Hayate and Yugao looked at each other, easily troubled by the sennin's brazen words. "So it is true... Just like Jiraiya-sama said before... This is... amazing! I'm simply astounded by this... I'm no master of the sealing arts, but if he is a beginner and he's learned such high level fuinjutsu like that from you, Jiraiya-sama, then calling him an adept is something I would truly believe..."

"Um," Naruto started to rub his head, as did Jiraiya, both sheepishly, "I didn't... learn it from Ero... er, Jiraiya-sensei." Naruto decided to hold back on the "ero" stuff, as he knew they would definitely become confused if he said it.

"The brat learned on his own," Jiraiya scoffed loudly, although it was obvious it was playfully. "I had to copy it from him and learn it. Like I said, if he was a master with like I am, it would have been cleaner writing and going about doing that technique. Besides, being adept in fuinjutsu mean you know more than those two seals alone. Up until now, the kid didn't even know anything else in fuinjutsu at all."

Naruto did this time growl at his sennin sensei. "Ah, shut up! My kanji and writing is getting much better now, dammit!"

"Just last week you were struggling to write your name in the ink I lent you, let alone with the small task of making explosion tags I told you to do before." Jiraiya shot him a raised eyebrow, smirking at the boy. "Fuuinjutsu is more than getting paper and some ink, kid. Some shit gotta be drawn elaborately and clearly."

"Not like I didn't know how to do that already! And for the damn record, I could already make explosion tags before I came under your 'wonderful' wing..." Naruto waved the man off, while folding his arms right after and pouting to himself.

"Yeah, but you wrote worse than a brain-dead rat before coming under my wonderful wing," Jiraiya still smirked at him. "That's stuff is important boy, if you wanna actually get on my level of understanding fuinjutsu."

"And where is there, Ero-sensei? Last time I seen it, your handwriting could need some improvements too!" Naruto's rebuttal was as quick as him getting punched in his head by Jiraiya.

"Stop calling me that crap already, you little weasel!" Jiraiya growled out at the boy, reading to punch out the daft brat. "My handwriting is sublime, unlike you, you little swine!"

"Regardless, Naruto-kun did figure out two techniques without your help, Jiraiya." The Hokage interrupted both of the bickering of both student and teacher. Sarutobi seemingly was tired of Naruto being talked down in front of him also, deciding to defend him. "Naruto is already on an excellent path with fuuinjutsu. With you teaching him, his talents will very much grow from what it already started out as."

"Yeah, yeah." Jiraiya decided to stop insulting his stupid student. He did deserve some praise... from time to time anyway. He turned back to the couple... or whatever they were. "Well, there you have your hero. And before you ask, no, we didn't ask him to go after you. No, he decided to take it upon himself to do it. I would have stepped in to stop him if I knew... but I guess it did help that we didn't lose a good ninja in this upcoming war."

"Indeed." Sarutobi added in a small comment. "Were it not for the honorable efforts of Naruto-kun, we wouldn't even know Orochimaru and the Sand were planning some sort of joint-alliance to destroy Konohagakure."

"Then you are who Hokage-sama mention on someone figuring out Orochimaru's plans back in the forest..." Hayate looked at Naruto with newer found astonishment.

"Um, Hokage-sama, permission to speak, sir."

"Permission granted, Yugao-san. Of course you have it. No need to be stiff." Sarutobi smiled a friendly smile at her.

Yugao bowed her head slightly. "My apologizes, Hokage-sama but I am completely... at lost of words," She moved her brown eyes from her lord and to the shorter boy at the front of the bed. The eyes slightly narrowed before becoming straight again. "How is this possible? How could a mere boy save a man from a veteran jounin and even expose a plan about a secret war brooming up?"

"Never underestimate any ninja, Yugao-san. Be it an old man like myself or a young lad like Naruto here," Sarutobi's voice rang around the signs of breaking out in a chuckle. In his eyes, all Naruto could see was pride brim in his pupils. Pride in Naruto and how this plan was already going smoothly so far. "He is gifted and I hope to be around to see more in action."

"Besides, I wish I could be a mere kid sometimes..." Naruto muttered under his breath.

Jiraiya shook his head. "Somehow I don't think that's ever gonna be, kid."

"Yep." Naruto sighed dramatically.

"Thank you, Naruto Uzumaki. Had you not come, I would have died indeed, so I thank you again..." Naruto's eyes widened at the bedridden Hayate Gekkou staring at him with a warm smile and grateful eyes. Yugao also turned to him and also gave him a small, but definitely warmer, smile this time. Sarutobi also tilted his head in Naruto's direction.

"I... it's not, really. Just doing my job..." Naruto nervously rubbed the back of his head, while trying to hold back a big blush. Meanwhile, Jiraiya was trying very hard to stifle away some of his laughter.

"Ahhh kid, you're just too easy to tease! You try so hard to come off like a tough guy but you can't even take praise and gratitude from someone you saved. Priceless shit, I tell you." Jiraiya folded his arms, closed his eyes and shook his head with a grin plastered on his face.

"Shut up, ya old perv!" Naruto blushed both out of embarrassment and anger. Knowing that Jiraiya was dead on why he was modestly and nervously rubbing his head before, made him want to shove his fist in the old man's face. "No one asked you!"

"Sure, sure, kid. I'll let you have your moment without bursting it too much." Jiraiya guffawed loudly at his godson, not paying attention to Naruto's incessant mumbling.

The mumbling did end after a few second when the elderly Hokage started chuckling at the scene. "Well, I think it is time I retire back to my office."

"Yeah, me and the brat are going to get something to eat for the afternoon and then back to training his little ass off for the exams. Don't worry, I won't kill him... today anyway." Jiraiya boasted with a big grin.

The yellow-haired boy rolled his eyes, and went to the door with his master before actually turning to the bed again, "Gekkou-san, I hope you do better then soon."

"Yes, with the treatments I'm getting from my doctors these days, I'll be back on active duty before the war starts. I'll make sure I do that anyway." He grinned at the boy. "I owe you one, kid. I promise I'll repay it back soon."

"Okay then. I guess I'll hold it to you then, ne?" Naruto teased back at the older man.

"And I owe you one, Naruto-kun." Yugao Uzuki walked to the door as Naruto watched her curiously. She bowed her head deeply at him, as Naruto looked at her with some confusion and wonder. "You saved a very important friend of mine from death. Hayate-kun and I have been friends for years and losing him just now, now before this war would have hurted me deeply. I won't forget your help."

"Hahah," Naruto chuckled nervously. "Again, just doing my job, Yugao-san. You don't owe me anything."

She nodded slowly at him. "Yes, I suppose so. Still, I feel like I do, so keep in mind two elite shinobi owe you a favor each."

Naruto slowly nodded back to her after a small pause and then looked at his Hokage who curiously sat down in an empty chair in the room. "Sarutobi-jiji, didn't ya say you was going go back to your office? Why did you just sit right back down?"

Sarutobi smiled up at the boy who he considered like a grandchild to him. "Not yet, my boy. As I remembered, I do have business to take care of with Hayate-kun and Yugao-san. I will be back later and I might even catch up with you and Jiraiya some other time. For now, I would consider this a 'goodbye'."

"Later, old man." Naruto left with a smile, as did Jiraiya, as they both stated their goodbye to their leader.

The man nodded back at them and turned to Hayate as they heard the door shut.

As with Naruto, he kept the smile up for most of the afternoon, at least until he had to spar with Jiraiya again. That just was a whole new level of pain and anguish beyond his wildest dreams. Despite that, everything went better than he actually expected. Kurenai didn't turn his head to mush today, Jiraiya didn't kill him accidentally via brutal training exercises and he didn't even disappoint the Hokage, which seemed like the worse of it all. Even much more, the person he actually saved and his friend, lover – whatever Yugao was to him – were actually grateful and felt in debt to him! Waking up today thinking that today was going to suck, Naruto was happy to find out that that wasn't such the case. So it was a no-brainer that Naruto Uzumaki went to sleep with a smile on his face and dreamed a good dream for once in his life.

Maybe the future wouldn't suck after all.

With Sandaime Hokage Hiruzen Sarutobi, Hayate Gekkou and Yugao Uzuki

"So you have seen the boy, Hayate-kun. Based on what you seen and heard, what do you say about him? Speak as freely as you can." Sarutobi asked the man in front of him from his chair.

"Honestly, Hokage-sama? I don't see why he isn't a chunnin already. Hell, he could be even a shoe-in for some other 'works' like Yugao here," Hayate said with a small frown as he looked up the small cuts on his arms, fingers and naked upper body. "I should be dead, bleeding out already but I'm not and it was because of him. That fuuinjutsu, the transformation, his skills in stealth and in ninjutsu as well. They are all commendable."

"I can scarcely believe it myself, my lord." Yugao added in to her Hokage.

The man brought forth his signature pipe and lit it up. Yugao was not as fond as smoke as the next girl but she ignored it for the sake of actually offending her Hokage. "He is definitely more than meets the eye. Even his current teacher now, Jiraiya, had his doubts about him. At first anyway. If I were to judge myself, he would be chunnin-level as well. However, I couldn't actually promote him as it is now. Only the Chunnin Exams can do that now. I'm even sure I would be... stopped by some people..."

A grim line began to run through both of Hayate and Yugao's faces. Yugao only spoke up. "I suppose it would be because he's the Kyuubi container."

"That he is." Sarutobi nodded quietly in the room's orange lights.

"I much say, he is different than what I thought he would be like. I would think he would be boasting his head up on how he saved someone much experienced than him in combat." Hayate grinned a little. "I know I would if I was his age. He's quieter than I would think. Almost... in his little world, that kid."

"Such a good observation for someone who hasn't had much contact with him." Sarutobi smiled gently at the man laying in the bed. "But yes, I noticed that lately. He seems much more calm and collected and modest than before... sadder than before even. Maybe it's his way of him finally maturing. Or maybe it's something he's thinking about. Sadly, as duties as a Hokage, there's not much days I can even see the boy and I cannot say I'm all too confident I will live the day to finally see him grow completely but he's making his way down a good path. Jiraiya can steer him there but Naruto is mainly the one drive this course of his life these days."

Yugao nodded in understanding. Despite not having much of an opinion of the boy, except knowing he was somewhat of a troublemaker prankster in his younger days, it seemed these days have even shown the boy the harsh realities of life. It was her hunch anyway, but the boy even seemed been struck by some type of problem... Regardless, it wasn't her place to ask anything. Probably for not someone she'll barely see around these days anyway.

One thing did strike her as odd though. "So, Hokage-sama, you said you had business with me and Hayate-kun..."

The old man gave her a very enigmatic smile. As old and mature he was, the man was very mischievous sometimes. Probably as much as Naruto-kun himself. "Yes, about that... Naruto is the topic of the discussion. He is also the main focus of what I'm about to ask you, Hayate and Yugao. Since you so-called claimed you 'owed him one'."

Hayate also could see the mischievous aura the leader was giving off and almost sighed. "What is it, my lord?"

Sarutobi only smiled, leaned in and told them of what he wanted.

The next last days with Naruto quickly fled in and out as the approach of the Chunnin Exams begun. Some days Jiraiya trained him to the brim, while others he could "not be bothered" and decided to push him on Kurenai. Some days she couldn't help and told him to go off his own though. She was seeing the training of Ino and even Hinata too some days, ranging between what she knew in Medic Ninjutsu and then Genjutsu with Hinata.

So most of the countdown days of the Chunnin Exams, he found himself actually hanging in the village. Sometimes he seen Kiba and Sakura (never separated from each other, much to his incessant teasing and their sputtering of denials of anything going on). Unsurprisingly, their third member was never to be found them. Sasuke, around this time, was brought under Kakashi's specific wing. Sakura was still the most unfortunate of them both as she was still in the exams and she didn't get any training whatsoever to help. Luckily, Kiba, Tenten, and her sparred almost everyday once at least to help her keep her skill polished.

So one day, Naruto decided to join in...

Frankly it was just nasty.

Tenten soon found out that Naruto was a wind-release user, and really adept one too, and just blew her damn weapons away, much to her chagrin. She tried a different tactic by fighting him head on with some swordplay, but he surprised her by his decency in swordplay as well. It was a good dance of tango with them clinging their blades together and Naruto constantly blowing kissy faces at her to either lower her morale or make her hold her gut in laughter. She said to him that, "'re cute, but if you thought I wasn't gonna laugh on how ridiculous you looked then, you were sadly mistaken." They shook hands and Naruto went to fight Kiba next.

Kiba couldn't even keep up with Naruto, even when he decided to bring Akamaru that day. Speed and taijutsu was usually what he was good at as well, but Naruto simply took it in good stride. Not to mention his fire techniques were useless on him as he just outran the fireballs from hell anyway. Kiba almost gave in frustration and asked what was the point of fighting someone who was just going to run tracks around him. Naruto smiled sagely to him and said he knew how he felt but sometimes it was actually good going against someone who outclassed him in every way. That way, he could get better. Kiba, instead of actually getting angry, actually nodded and grinned at him. A "Thanks" would be in order, if he didn't actually try getting in a sucker punch on Naruto. Naruto gave him a quick sweep, ignored his angry yells that followed and walked to his next opponent.

Sakura had the most luck actually. Naruto had the gall to actually let her get a shot in and when she took it because he was a dumbass, he nearly flew into three faraway trees and fell unconscious. However, that was the last time he even let her near, as he screamed, "Damn BAA-CHAN!" Sakura almost wanted to headbutt him, in fact she tried, but he explained to her that he wasn't saying it to her. He mumbled the rest of the answer but he made sure he wasn't hear by her or anyone else either on who "Baa-chan" was. Naruto commended her on her fire-techniques, finding that she had more experience throwing around fiery boulder-like fireballs at him than Kiba and her flame shower technique knead chakra so thin that he definitely got pricked a little by them when she shot them at him.

In all, the training session was good for him. Emphasis on him, sure, but them too – he tried to assure him that before seeing all three limping slightly home.

And other than hanging with Shino and Hinata sometimes, and even training with him, every day to the Chunnin Exams start up date was kinda boring...

He thought about actually going to see Gaara and his siblings at first but it was a stupid idea anyway. They were coming back to the village in a few days anyway and well... it wasn't like he could really talk shop and be all buddy-buddy with them since he knew they didn't actually know him truly anyway. His thoughts – the more selfish one – thought of Temari for a second before he banished them. They were already turning sour anyway. In any case, he would start trying to hang with them more after this.

First he would have to beat the crap out of one of his best friends to do it, but it would have to do.

It was one single day before the big day, and after training with Jiraiya in the morning, Naruto decided to go treat himself – as usual – to ramen. A nice surprise he found was one of his favorite people was actually there to talk to him. Iruka Umino sat there, already placing in an order in.

"Iruka-sensei. I didn't think I'd see you here." Naruto said to the man happily, sitting down right next to him. "Hey, Teuchi-ojisan! My usual!"

"Three bowls of miso, shrimp, and chicken each coming up, Naruto." The older man said to Naruto with a smile. Naruto saw Ayame give him and Iruka a small wave of her hand as she came out to greet them shortly before heading back inside the kitchen.

"Naruto, it's been a while." Iruka smiled back at his favorite student. "I barely see you here since both of us are busy these days. You're off training with Jiraiya-sama and I'm most here and there at the Academy."

"How'd ya know I was trying with ero... er, Jiraiya-sensei?" Naruto looked at the man with a raised blond eyebrow.

"Kakashi-san and then your sensei told me when I asked about you." Iruka's dish was there first. A deluxe bowl filled with veggies, beef, and chicken. Iruka's favorite. While it smelled good to Naruto, he wasn't that big of a fan of vegetables. "I gotta say, I'm impressed. How did you of all people get that man to train you personally?"

"Heyyy! Maybe it's just because of my awesome skills, ya know?" Naruto flexed his muscles slightly to emphasis "skill".

Iruka chuckled a little. "Don't ever lose your modesty, kid."

"Ha, eh." Naruto shrugged. "He came to me after he learned about, um..." Naruto trailed off, realized he wasn't suppose to really tell Iruka about Orochimaru and the impending war. So instead, he decided to actually come up with a half-truth. "About my techniques."

"What about them?" Iruka finished sipping on his water and some noddles. "While you're a good ninja, I don't think much warrants much of Jiraiya-sama's attention these days, Naruto."

"My fuuinjutsu techniques actually, Iruka-sensei." Naruto looked unsurprised when Iruka's eyes widened a little. "Yeah, I took up that art."

"That's kinda... surprising Naruto. I would have figured you as a ninjutsu-specialist or something. After all, you were always droning on how you wanted to shoot fire out your ass in the Academy." Iruka said that with a very straight face as he sipped on his food again.

Naruto had the great decency to blush heavily after that. "Yeah, well, ninjutsu is awesome and all but fuuinjutsu is just too cool to give up! Especially when I'm an Uzumaki!"

"Ahhh, so you found out that being an Uzumaki, you can heavily specialize in fuuinjutsu huh? Where you get that from Naruto? Don't tell me you actually paid attention in my class!" Iruka teased the boy.

"Not even in the slightest, Iruka-sensei." Naruto grinned right back.

"But fuuinjutsu, huh? That's a pretty complex art to learn. From drawing stabilization circles on the seal to using ink to draw the biggest of the seal on. Even your handwriting and your drawing affects how the seals work correctly. Things get even more complicated when making even more elaborate seals that require blood and large amounts of chakra to work them." Iruka rubbed his chin in thought, folding his arms as well.

Naruto looked him with a surprised face. "You seem to know a lot about sealing... do you...?"

"Yeah," Iruka nodded to Naruto. "I have some knowledge in sealing techniques. More than most ninjas in this village who only know how to explosion tags work and actually buy their storage seals. However, I know how to make them on the fly, know how to create homemade storage seals in a pinch and etc."

"So what do you actually specialize in, Iruka-sensei? Besides becoming a chunnin, do you actually have things you specialize in?" Naruto asked his teacher, finding actual new information he never knew before or even asked.

Iruka took a minute to actually think it over, as if he wasn't sure himself. "Hmm, while I am very adept in Kawarimi and all the other academy-techniques, I do know some water release techniques and... well I do actually specialize in Barrier Ninjutsu, I suppose."

"Barrier Ninjutsu – I think I only seen a few in my life actually." Naruto commented.

"Really? Where at?" Iruka asked.

"Maybe not seen but read about them." Naruto fixed his last sentence. He was actually referring to when he gotten older but Iruka didn't need to know that. "How useful are knowing them?"

"If you read about them, you should know how exactly how incredibly useful knowing a few are. Reliable, durable and protects against many types of attacks. Not only that but some even can trap enemies inside, leaving them completely to your mercy. With the craziness of any ninja's life, knowing one or two of them are good alone." Iruka told him, while Naruto was finally served his food by Ayame. However, Naruto's eyes never left Iruka at all.

"Hmm... you know, that's pretty awesome... Hey, do you think you can actually teach me one?" Naruto asked his older teacher, leaving the man blinking at him curiously.

The man pondered this for a minute, before actually shrugging. "I see no problem with it. It'll be useful... and it is still very early in the day. Classes are tomorrow too... Let's go then... Well after you eat your ten bowls of ramen for lunch that is."

Naruto smiled weakly, as he crashed down to the bed. What a good week. And by tomorrow, the craziness would begin yet again. Naruto had goals in his head. Stopping Orochimaru and Kabuto, saving Sasuke and now, he was gonna humble two good friends of his, Neji and Gaara. All that, tomorrow...

He could not wait.


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So Naruto is really a jack-of-all-trades now huh? Fuuinjutsu, Ninjutsu, Kenjutsu and so forth. Still not gonna be good with genjutsu, never will be actually. Maybe to dispel them, sure, but not to perform them. He can't beat Lee or Neji in Taijutsu, can't beat Kakashi in Ninjutsu, and his genjutsu is terrible, but he's definitely more solid than he was when he started in Part I of Naruto.

But yeah...

Again, these are the fights for the next few chapters coming up.

Rock Lee vs Temari Of The Sand – First Match
Sakura Haruno vs Shikamaru – Second Match
Naruto Uzumaki vs Gaara Of The Sand Waterfall – Third Match
Sasuke vs Neji – Fourth Match
Shino Aburame vs Kankuro Of The Sand – Last Match

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And now, the technique list!

Reverse Techinque: Mirror World (Rimenjutsu: Kagami Seken) – The history of Reverse Techniques is as small as the people who uses these techniques. Rimenjutsu: Kagami Seken is basically is a reversal technique that absorbs an attack, keeps the momentum of the attack thrown at the barrier, and throws it back at the enemy. It can flip around just about any physical attack to hit the enemy who launched the attack at them. Elemental attacks and physical projectiles are good examples of attacks that can be reflected by the barrier. To do this, a barrier is erected around the user. However, the weakness of this technique is the reversal move cannot reflect taijutsu techniques or reflect against large amounts of high level attacks at once. Another weakness would be how much chakra this uses. This technique very easily can burn a lot of chakra from the user as it constantly drains them of their chakra with every second of the technique being used. While the draining is slow, it all adds up. Works very well against projectile attacks.

Rank: A
Chakra Usage: Depends (drains the user of their chakra slowly)
Technique Class: Defensive
Type/Classification: Barrier Ninjutsu
Hand Seals: Dragon → Dog → Bird
Range: Short-range
Users: Jiraiya, Hiruzen Sarutobi, Minato Namikaze

(This technique was originally in my first fic ever on this site, "The Dark Renegade" which I cannot read without cringing greatly at. It's crap. I hate it personally and the fights are terribly... not interesting at all. Plus it has a pretty – concept-wise – weird lemon. Hah. Anyway, let's go into the technique itself. I expanded on the pros and cons on this technique since I felt I never explained it greatly last time it popped up. Maybe I will bring up other old techniques I had in my old fics and expand on him or bring it up with other people instead. We will half to see though.)

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