Manhunt:The End

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"SHIT! SEND BACKUP! WHAT DO YOU MEAN EVERYONES PROTECTING STARKWEATHER!" The cerberus gaurd said as he saw Cash walk towards him with his desert eagle with one bullet left.

A gunshot echoed through the mansion as Cash ran out of ammo in his gun"All thats left is my assault rifle gotta spare the ammo."he thought to himself as he got in the elevator.

A chainsaw busted through the elevator doors causing Cash to nearly go into shock he looked around and saw a metal bar on top of the elavator he jumped and grabbed onto it as he did his assault rifle fell to the ground.

After his pig-man attacker went away from the now destroyed elevator doors he managed to go through the doors right before the elevator fell along with his gun.

He decided to go on he had faced worse and as soon as he started nearing a glass shard the pig-man came out of nowhere and turned on his chainsaw as Cash immediately ran into a bedroom with another glass shard, he picked it up and waited for his attacker to come.

as soon as he saw him he stopped breathing for a while so he couldnt see him when his attacker turned around he stabbed him with the glass he got an elbow to the face as his attacker fled he found a sign that said "Piggsy". "This must be his room." Cash thought.


"Dad im in the courtyard there is a lot of bodies here." his son told him as he looked at the bodies strewn across the front of his fathers mansion.

"Son I told you go away far away!" Starkweather ordered his son

"I'm not leaving you here to die by the hads of a madman!" he said as he picked up a shotgun off the floor with only two shells(Yeah everything there does have low ammo its like the famine skull in Halo

Note:Halo isnt mine either its microsofts i'll get back to the story)

He rushed to the basement of the mansion and to his surprise a can of paint actully fell and hit him on top of the head knocking him unconcious.

Back upstairs...

"SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEL" piggsy yelled as he fell to his death.

"Your turn Starkweather" he said as he walked to the password locked door and tried to get it open by chainsawing it.

"SEND HIM TO HELL GO ON!" Starkweather screamed to his remaining cerberus gaurds they burst through the door and saw Cash running away with the chainsaw he quickly disposed of the cerberus and headed to the door upstairs with an assault rifle and shot the two gaurding the door.

When he tried to open the door it wouldnt open then he remembers it was password locked so he goes back for the chainsaw when he goes back upstairs he chainsaws open the door to see Starkweather shoot at him with a revolver.

Cash dodged the bullet and three more Starkweather only had two bullets left so he had to use them wisely he saw Cash run from one wall to another the other he used up another bullet only one bullet left then he was done.

Back Downstairs...

He heard a bullet echo through the long set of stairs he ran even faster only to reavel a locked door he shot the door open and proceeded up the stairs he heard a chainsaw and Starkweather scream, he reached the door and busted through it

"Cash i made you" he heard his fathers last words before Cash shoved the chainsaw through his head

"NO!" he said as Cash turned quickly to examine the teen with the shotgun he pulled the trigger and Cash soon had a hole in his chest where his heart used to be.

Cash fell dead to the ground as Starkweathers son got the phone and dialed 911.

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