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Hinata's P.O.V

I'm walking down a road in Konoha looking for Naruto. I've decided that I'm going to tell him I love him .

When I found Naruto he was fighting a memeber of the Aktsuki, Deidara and he is pinning him down.

"Naruto! Naruto!' I yelled running towards him to help. Naruto sees me and starts Yelling at me to run and stay looks at me and suddenly bolts into the stays there shocked that Deidara ran.

I ran forward to Naruto and asked "Are you ok Naruto."

Naruto looked at me and nodded "Um ya I'm fine we need to go tell Granny Tsunade about this."

"Ya your right "I said and we started walking towards the Hokage Tower

Deidara's P.O.V

"Naruto! Naruto!" a voice yelled , I didn't care though. "No , Hinata stay away , run!" The fox boy yelled wait .I know that name . No it can't be . I look up to be sure . Yup it's her , the girl I love.I get off fox boy boy and run but not before looking at her again.

Third P.O.V

Hinata and Naruto were in the Hokage's office and just got done telling her what happened." So the Aktsuki are finally making there move."Tsunade said. "But why did he run away? He was winning and he could take both me and Hinata, but he ran away." Naruto shouted at Tsunade ."Yes , but it was better he did run away."Hinata said queitly. "Ya. I guess." Naruto said queitly. " So what do we do now." Hinata said. "We wait ".Tsunade said in a firm voice looking at Nruto intently to make sure he understood.

Naruto jumped and yelled"But we should go after him since he is close."

"No now sit down Naruto"Tsunade said raising her voice."So we are just goign to let him go !"Naruto shouted "Yes" Tsunade said queitly. Naruto just stormed just shook her head and put it in her hands ."Tsunade I'm going to leave now" Hinata said queitly. Tsunade just waved her hand telling her to go . Hinata walked home slowly feeling tired. When she got home she went to sleep.

Deidara P.O.V

She was there. Hinata with her moon like eyes and long indigo hair that reached mid-back. White carpies and her lavender jacket and ninja sandels. I still remember the first time I saw her.


I was running through the trees for a mission when I heard a chirp. I stopped to see if I could hear where it came from ."Chirp ," there it was again.I run to it . What I see is a bright yellow black belly bird on the ground hurt. I was about to run to it when I heard something. I stop. About 30 seconds later a girl with shoulder length indigo hair came running out with a first-aid kit."Sorry it took so long I had to get this" she said while get taking out bandages."This might hurt," she said while streaching the wing and wrapping she was done she said "All better ." "Hinata!" a loud voice whipped aroundher hair hitting her face ."Coming" she called out she turned back to the bird ."Bye" she said the ran out . I walked out to see the I got there it flew away.

~End Flashback~

Ever since then I have loved her and I intend to take her.

THe end

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