So life is awesome. That is until you come back to school. God Dam it. Life sucks so bad.

I hate school. Topic of the chapter! What is it you hate about school the most? Is it the teachers? Students? Or hell, just school in general?

Fly On...

Heart of Diamond


Indi: The Hunting Falcon


Unknown POV

I stared at the vodka in my glass as it sloshed side to side. I couldn't stop shaking. None of us could. Not that he had many supporters left. There were only 9 of us in the room.

And we weren't here by choice.

We were here by fear.

"Lord Mandock," Dr. Harrison said carefully. "We've waited 15 years. It's… time to act."

There was no answer from the man beside the window. He stood alone wearing a crisp cream suit. He stood in the dark, but you could still see the bald patches on his skull where his skin had been burnt so badly his hair was unable to grow back. You could see how even though his hands were relaxed, the skin around his fingers couldn't stretch. On his right hand his index finger and ring finger had the skin pulled up so much they were now permanently clawed. His left hand had his thumb was twisted 180 degrees, also clawed.

Dr. Mandock was now a monster.

"15 years," Lord Mandock whispered. His voice was deeper and he couldn't say 's' properly. Probably because his throat was scorched by fire. He could hardly breathe when the NMEA pulled him out of the water.

Mandock cleared his throat. The storm outside rumbled over the city that never sleeps.

"Maximum Ride has too many supporters to hit her directly," Dr. Mandock said still facing window. "We attack where it hurts most."

"Isn't she married?" Mr Kelly spoke up.

Dr. Mandock turned around. I couldn't help but shiver at the look of his face.

His right cheek had a thick piece of hot metal thrust through it. The only way they were sure it could heal was to stretch the skin over it. It pulled on his lip up creating a permanent snarl. Not to mention his right eye lid had several layers taken off and was now blood red causing his eyeball to pop out more from his head than it ever had before. Skin stretch marks were also created across his forehead.

Mr Kelly stuttered. "I mean… wouldn't it hurt most to kill him?"

Lord Mandock said nothing for a few seconds. I thought he was going to shoot him. He had done that a couple of times.

"Hitting Fang is predictable," Mandock said carefully. "Who I'm thinking of will be… let's say… a better game player."

He slowly walked over to the projector. When I say walked, I mean limped. Three toes on his right foot were missed and a large hunk of his heel had ripped off. I couldn't imagine how painful that was.

He pressed a few keys on his laptop and a girl appeared on the screen. She was beautiful. Incredibly. She would have to be about 16 or so. She had long curly black hair that was just below her shoulders. Her eyes were a deep brown. Her smile was fake though. It was obvious she hated photos.

I didn't have to be Einstein to know who she was.

"Gentlemen," Mandock said clearly. "This is Independence Ride also known as Indi."

The thunder rolled again outside.

"She is our main target," Mandock said his voice cold as ice.

Slowly and carefully, Dr. Mandock began to stretch his wings. Jet black. His feathers stuck up in all places, but his wings were powerful and massive. Far larger than Max's.

Lightning flashed outside, lighting up the room for a millisecond. For a split second you could see one side of Dr. Mandock's face. His eye popped out and his snarling lips stretched into a devils smile.

Dr. Mandock was the face of everyone's nightmares.


Ok, i admit it, it was a little predictable. REVEIW PLZ!