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Fly On...

Heart of Diamond

Indi: The Hunting Falcon

Chapter 6: Ambush

Indi POV

I didn't even have time to register my cousin's scream before I was thrown backwards. It wasn't far, but I slammed straight into the wall. As my head smacked against it, my vision became blurry and my hearing turned muffled instantly.

I felt myself sink to the ground as one of the guys shouted out. Black. A figure loomed over me. Too tall to be any of my group. I blinked a couple of times and as my eyes adjusted, I focused on the man standing in front of me.

He was dress completely in black apart from the slit in his eyes. He leant forward, his eyes narrowing as if they were studying me.

Instantly, the danger alarms ran through my mind. For some reason I knew this man was an enemy. I let my instincts take over me in my reactions.

In a quick coordinated action, I whipped my hand out in front of me, forcing out as much gas through the pores of my hands before snapping my fingers.

A jet of blue flame erupted from my hand, hitting the man's face in a microsecond. The force of the jet sent him flying 3 metres backwards…

Where he collided with a group of similar black figured people. In fact the whole room was filled with these figures.

They looked like Ninjas.

Ok, this was not cool.

I the ONLY Ninja here.

I was quick to get onto my feet, backing away from the wall. These… ninjas were surrounding us. Chase appeared beside me gripping my forearm, worry in his eyes. "Are you ok?"

I nodded, glancing around. The four of us seemed to have formed a square, settling into a position to fight.

One of the Ninja's stepped forward. With the sliver band around his bicep it was clear that this guy was the obvious leader.

"You have two choices, Independence Ride," The obvious leader said calmly, to the point where I would've classified it as insane. "Give yourself up or face the consequences."

I contained my shock. Me? They wanted me?

"What do you want from us?" Gale snapped.

The leader blinked, his eyes holding even less emotion that Gale even. "You will be disposed of. Independence is to be escorted."

I felt anger rise up in me. I would most definitely not have my best friends 'disposed of'.

"Not on my fluffy winged butt," I snarled back.

A smile twitched across Chase's face.

The leader hesitated for a second. "So be it."

There was a pause. Before they all charged.

My natural instincts took over. While Mum and Dad were away, Iggy, Blaze and Gazzy taught all us kids to fight. Karati, Judo, Combat, Tichi, Ti Kondo… anything. They trained us hard. Dad seemed to know what was going on, but how they kept it from Mum beats me.

Iggy, Blaze and Gazzy were known to keep secrets from Mum though.

I had 2 black soldier guys charge at me. My instant reaction was to slam my foot into the side of the first man's head causing him to smack into the second. They dropped like rocks, but the next ninja was already in their places. He aimed a fist for my head, which I only just missed with a duck. I didn't manage to miss his second hand that slammed into my ribs though.

I stumbled backwards slightly, gasping as my right lung was suddenly winded. I tried to take a deep breathe in only to find a shot of raw pain stab me in the ribs.

I wasn't the only one though. Out of the corner of my vision, I noticed Vel deliver a hand to the face, but she wasn't quick enough to block a blow to her temple. She cried out, stumbling back into the centre of our small square.

God dam it.

They weren't human.

How can that be? I thought all mutants were on the same side?

Use your sword Indi.


I had no time to think, the same black soldier jumped at me again. This time, I swung my foot around under him and knocked him off balance. He grasped my ankle, but I was quick to bring my spare foot crashing into his face, releasing the grip he had on me immediately.

There seemed to be a moment of pausing. The Ninja men backed off picking up the wounded that we had left for them. There numbers seemed to have stayed the same despite the amount of people we had knocked down. God, they must come from some superstore or something, because they just kept coming.

And whoever they were, they defiantly weren't here to help celebrate my birthday.

I did a double check of my own team. Vel had some sort of gash on her forearm, but apart from that she seemed fine. Gale looked like he had a black eye forming. Chase didn't seem to have anything wrong with him, but I knew him better than that.

"Shit," Chase swore.

"Language," I snapped.

"Will you shut up?" Chase growled lowly.

Use the Hunting Falcon.

There it was again. A voice. It sort of echoed in a monotone way.


Yeah, I kinda forgot about my awesome birthday present. I reached and yanked my Hunting Falcon from the sheath on my hip.

The black solider people backed off slightly, glancing at each other with slight nervousness.

No one can defeat Indi the Ninja (Because I was the real Ninja with a sword).

"Bring it," I growled.

They charged.

The first two solider guys ran towards me at full pelt. I didn't hesitate to lash my sword out, slashing it across their chests. They yelped and fell to the ground with their flesh wounds.

Of course, another black solider replaced the two coming at me with a knife. I spared the knife easily with my sword as he tried a blow to my gut. He swung around for another aim this time for my neck, but I threw my sword up, knocking the knife out of his hand. I kicked him swiftly in the chest sending him flying backwards.

I love doing that. It makes me feel so bad ass.

Three more black soldiers jumped into view and I couldn't help but give a groan. I lashed my sword out, slashing it across their chests with one single blow. They yelped and fell to the ground, clutching their bleeding flesh wounds.

There was a sudden cry from right beside me and I turned my gaze to the side, just in time to see Chase collapse to the ground.

My heart leapt to my throat. "CHASE!"

Vel snapped her head around in horror, gazing her unconscious brother, but a black man attacked her and she turned her attention back to the task at hand.

No one hurts my best friend. NO ONE!

Rage built up in me. I felt the blood pounding through me suddenly, the adrenalin running full pelt. I growled, moving to stand in front of my cousin. Gale and Vel move with me accordingly so that they three of us were protecting all angles of Chase.

A black soldier jumped at me, but I drove my sword straight through him.

To my utter disgust, it made a squelch sound.

I didn't even think about what I was doing to be honest. They had hurt my best friend. My right hand guy. And to me that was the biggest sin of all time.

But then it clicked. The moment my sword went straight though the man's gut.

I just killed someone.

Someone who had a life. I had just taken a life.

I didn't have much time to think of anything anymore. I withdrew my Samari sword and attacked the next on coming black person.

Soldier after soldier, I slashed, stabbed, twirled, attacked. I gritted my teeth in anger. No one hurts my best friend. No one attacks and ruins my cousin's house.

The exhaustion started to take its toll on me. My arms were becoming heavier by the second and I felt my legs on the verge of collapsing.

Soldiers jumped at me. One aimed a blow to my rib, but before I could even stop it, he hit the rib in the same spot I was hit before. I cried out unwillingly.

There were too many. Far too many.

"DUCK!" Vel shouted suddenly.

The Gale and I didn't need to be told twice. I jumped down to Chase, covering him protectively, just as Gale did. Vel threw five wired softballs in five blind directions, before falling to the ground. We huddled instantly, shielding both ourselves and Chase from the blast with our bodies.

There was a second of silence.



The explosions drowned out the cries from the mutant ninjas. They drowned out the cracks in the roof and the tumbling of the attic. I felt something hit my head and roll down my back. Dust filled my nose causing me to cough badly. My ears were ringing.

I raised my head, blinking the dust away. The dust had seemed to make a cloud, hiding the black soldiers from view.

I coughed again, gazing round my small group. "Is everyone ok?"

Gale nodded coughing.

"Yes," Vel said softly.

A groan erupted from Chase. My heart leapt to my throat in relief. "Chase."

His head rolled to the side. I coughed again, whipping the debris of Chase's chest, before cupping his face in my hands. "Come on, Chase, talk to me."

"Indi?" Came the weak reply, but it was a reply. I sighed with relief. Vel closed her eyes as if she was giving a silent prey.


I froze instantly. The sound was right beside me ear. Vel's eyes widened. Gale's jaw clenched.

"Enough games," the leader's voice behind me snarled. The barrel of the gun tapped my neck. "Get up."

I stood up slowly. The dust had settled slightly revealing the soldiers that still surrounded us. I gave a sighed. It was no use. There were too many of them.

I caught Chase's gaze and watch his eyes cloud with fear. He tried to sit up, but both Gale and Vel held him down. Chase groaned in protest. "Indi… no."

"Turn around," the leader snapped. I did as he asked. The barrel of the gun was now under my chin.

The strangest thing was though, I felt no fear. Her I was, surrounded by haunting mutants that were apparently against us, with a gun under my chin and I didn't feel any fear. Only anger. Pure raging anger.

"You're going to come with us, Ride," the leader snapped. "Or else…"

The roar cut off his words.

When you hear a Dragon roar, it's unlike anything you could ever imagine. Instinctively you cringe and want to hide. I guess that's what makes Dragons so scary. Scales on the other hand is an exception. She's probably the most terrifying of them all.

Mum had said that Scales wasn't like other Dragons. She was the first of her kind. Bigger, better and had some major growth hormones put in place.

There was a rip from the already half destroyed roof. The black soldiers paused slightly. The leader hesitated, stepping backwards slightly. I took the distraction, to grab his wrist with both hands and snap it. The leader howled, dropping the gun in an instant. I snatched it up, eyeing it for a second. I threw it away, feeling disgusted that I had even held such a weapon.

"GET DOWN!" I shouted to my group, forming our group huddle again.

There was a second rip and the roof was off. The room suddenly filled with a blinding light. I lifted my head slightly, blinking slightly at both the dust and the brightness.

Scales massive head roared. Her giant wings spread and her mouth opened wide revealing her razor sharp teeth. Unfortunately, my dentist couldn't find braces big enough for Scale's teeth, so they were slightly crooked, but hey, like crocked teeth ever stopped Scales. I mean she's epic.

She was furious though. Her eyes didn't have the softness they normally did. They were dangerous. It scared me.

But when she bent down and snatched two screaming black soldiers in her jaws before swallowing them whole… I confirmed that she was beyond furious. She was like a mother bear after her young had been slaughtered. Deadly. Murderous.

The Black soldiers scattered and shouted with fear. The leader, who was clutching his wrist on the floor tried to bark orders, but they were impossible to hear of the shouts of the men and the roars of Scales.

Scales brought one of her thick giant claws into the house, slamming it to the floor a mere meter away from us. She brought her nose down for a split second, nudging me in the back towards her leg, before turning and attacking the black clothed mutants that dared to challenge her.

A ladder. She wanted us to climb onto her back.

"UP HER LEG!" I shouted.

Gale looked at me like I had gone mad.

I pointed to Scales' leg. "GO!"

Gale didn't hesitate a second time. He grabbed Vel and pulled her towards Scales. Vel looked back at her brother. "CHASE!"

"I'VE GOT HIM!" I shouted quickly.

Vel hesitated, but then trusted my judgement and followed my brother. Gale began to climb Scales' leg first, using her scales as hand holds and foot edges. Vel was right behind him.

Scales took care of any of the black ninja guys that tried to attack us. I dropped down beside Chase, pulling him up to sitting. He groaned, falling against me like a ragdoll.

"Come on, Chase," I pleaded. "Get up."

I pulled him to standing, surprised to know that he was using some of his strength to help himself stand. I brought my hand under his armpit as his head rolled onto my shoulder.

I felt his breathe on my neck. For some reason, that gave me strength. Proof that he was alive and that he needed me to get them out of there.

We stumbled towards Scales' claw. I was taking most of Chase's weight, but at least he was attempting to walk. I climbed up onto the foot of Scales dragging Chase up with me. I knew there was no way we were ever going to climb up, but I took the second option of leaning Chase against' Scales' leg. I hugged Chase to Scales' leg, securing him with my arm across his waist.

"GO SCALES!" I shouted at the top of my lungs.

Scales didn't need to be told twice.

With a slight bend of her legs, she sprung into the air. Her gigantic wings whipped out, beating downwards to raise us into the sky. With one single stroke downward, we were 20 metres into the air.

I clutched Chase and Scales' leg tight watching Ella and Louis house become doll house size within seconds. The black solider seemed to be crawling all over it like an ant nest attacking a predator. Smoke was rising from the once luxurious mansion, almost signalling to the world it's falling.

"EVERYBODY HOLD ON!" Vel shouted again.

I groaned. Not again.

Without hesitation or question I ducked my head between my body and Scales' leg. Chase snapped out his wing shielding me…

Hang on…

Chase was what…?

There was just one single explosion, but without even seeing it, I could tell that this was far bigger than the previous ones. Scales roared in slight surprise and her body rocked as she was thrown slightly by the intense heat wave. I gripped her leg tightly so neither Chase nor I fall off.

Even with Chase's wing covering me, the heat rolled over my skin as if coming straight from an oven. But it lasted only a second, before cooling.

Chase withdrew his wing slowly from shielding me. I didn't move for a second, letting the adrenalin that was pumping though my blood fade slightly.

I carefully glanced up at him. Our faces were merely an inch apart from one another. He was watching me, his face guarded and cautious… and of course incredibly tried and in obvious pain. I could see beyond that though. For some reason, I felt as if he wanted to say something, but was almost… afraid.

Scales soured upwards suddenly, causing us all to jump as the sudden momentum that pushed us onto Scales' back. Our connection broke.

That was… weird.

I shook my head, forcing myself to concentrate on the task at hand.

Besides, he was just being a good friend. It was just heat anyway, it wasn't like it was something lethal or…

Drop it Indi.


We both looked upwards. Vel was leaning as far over from Scales' back as she could, trying to see us. She seemed to almost collapse in relief as she noticed us, still alive, clutching onto Scales' leg.

"WE'RE OK!" I shouted back at the top of my lungs. The whooshing sound from Scales' wings was incredibly loud.

Chase winced beside me. "Ouch? Can you tone it down a bit?"

"Are you alright? Where does it hurt?" I said instantly, looking over him carefully.

Chase gave a sigh. "It's…"

"Don't you dare say fine," I snapped. "You're not fine. Far from it."


"You freakin' collapsed in the middle of a battle Chase," I cried exasperatedly. "Unconscious."


"Please, Please," I begged. "Don't tell me…"


I halted my speech, blinking at his sudden shout. Chase never shouted. Ever. He just wasn't one of those people.

I watched him lean his head against Scales' leg, closing his eyes for a few seconds. Talking was making him weak. I watched him take a few heavy breathes before he opened his eyes.

"It's my head, Indi," Chase whispered, his breathe brushing my stray black hairs off my face. "I was going to say, 'it's my head'."

He smiled softly at me, amused by my nervous concern. There was this sudden and weird beating in my chest. I pushed it aside and concentrated on the task at hand.

"Oh," I breathed. I bit my lip. "Sorry."

Chase gave a weak chuckle. "It's ok. Everything's ok."

"For now," I said carefully gazing back at Ella and Louis' torched house.


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