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Gold tapped his billiard cue on the ground impatiently, watching the slot machine stop on a cherry. He would've gotten the jackpot if it weren't for that stupid cherry… He wondered what Super Serious Gal would think of him if she knew he was wasting his time at the Celadon Game Corner again. He laughed bitterly and was about to stand up and leave when he noticed a young girl with dark blue hair at a machine not too far away. That hair… He walked over to her and leaned on the slot machine.


She looked up, evidently annoyed that he had interrupted her game. To his disappointment, the girl was not Super Serious Gal at all. He mentally chided himself for even thinking that Crystal would be at the Celadon Game Corner in the first place.

"Yes?" The girl interrupted his thoughts with an irritated response.

Gold attempted to cover up his mistake. "I, uh, noticed you were doing pretty well on the slot machine, and I wanted to, um, watch you? To learn your strategy and stuff." Why can't I talk? he thought angrily. He glanced at the slot machine, and then at the very large bag of coins next to the girl. Wow, she's good.

Despite Gold's apprehensions about his lie, the girl brightened up considerably. "Really? Thanks. Actually, I, um, don't really have a strategy. I mean, I've read all about the slot machines, but experience is something different. I'm Platina, by the way." She smiled, and Gold was momentarily speechless.

"I'm Gold. Nice to meet you, Platina." Where was this formal speech coming from, anyway? Silver's dialogue must have been rubbing off on him.

Platina smiled again, and Gold had to remind himself not to stare. "It might be a bit early, seeing as we have known each other for all of five minutes, but would you like to get a bite to eat? It's nearly dinnertime," she said, looking questioningly at Gold.

He grinned. "Yeah, sure," he said, not remembering or caring that he had squandered all of his money on the slot machines. "Where to?"

As Platina led him out of the game corner and towards a small café, Gold mentally marveled at his situation. At least no luck at gambling means luck in other areas…

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